Mountain Hiking Trip

“Finally!” I mutter as I slide my backpack off my shoulders, stretching my aching muscles.

“There you are lazy bones!” I hear you calling cheerfully before I see you, you have already started gathering firewood.

I sit down heavily on the soft grass and pull my hiking boots off.

You disappear behind the tent in the direction of the spring. When you don’t return after a while, I decide to come keep you company. I want to call to you to get your attention, but as you come into view, I decide against it…

You’re standing waist deep in the water, small droplets running down your broad strong back, glowing amber in the light of the sunset. I quietly peel my jeans off, watching you, hoping you won’t turn around just yet. I quickly pull my loose cotton blouse over my head and toss my bra over my shoulder as I tiptoe closer.

The water in the pool is crisp and clear. I hold my breath as I gently enter the water, my skin tingling, feeling the sweat of a good day’s hiking wash away as I wade in deeper after you, trying to move only when you move, hoping you still haven’t noticed me behind you.

It is quite cool out and as I move up behind you, I feel the heat of your body in contrast with the air. “I thought I’d join you,” I whisper huskily as I scoop a handful of water and tip my hand to run it down the middle of your back.

“Hmm I was hoping you would,” you say languidly. I know you are smiling, yet you don’t turn around. I quickly step closer and gently put my hands on your shoulders taking care not to touch the rest of your body.

I kiss your warm damp skin but hold your shoulders firmly so you cannot turn around even though I feel that you want to.

“Why is that?” I ask playfully as I ever so gently lean in and let my bare breasts graze the skin of your back, once, gorukle escort twice.

I feel your muscles tense and my nipples become erect as you nonchalantly lean back into my chest. I release your shoulders, gently running my nails down your back. You turn around and trickle some cool spring water over the silky skin of my breasts, gently cupping them in your strong hands, you dip your hands in the water once more, suddenly splashing my chest with a surge of water. You watch my chest rise and fall faster, as the cool water and your strong hands kneading my breasts, stir deeper desires in my blood.

You lean down and lick the droplets of water off my breasts, I gasp at the sensation of your hot mouth on my skin as you gently take my left nipple in your mouth, playfully pinching the other with your right hand. You pull me close, and I feel the hard length of your glorious cock straining against me. I kiss you, gently, teasing, holding your soft sensuous bottom lip between my teeth when you try to break the kiss.

I put one hand on your chest and reach down with the other wrapping it firmly around your throbbing member. I slide my hand slowly up and down its length, feeling the veins beneath the skin, I steer you towards the edge of the pool with my hand on your chest, as I push you up against a flat boulder, I break the kiss and give you a seductive smile. You already know where this is going, I can see it by the lustful glint in your eye.

You move back, pulling me on top of you on the slab of warm stone, still emitting the heat of the sun that is now almost below the horizon. I pull back and start trailing kisses down your chest, almost racing to get to your penis. I bite my lower lip as I admire you from close by. Then I flick the tip of my tongue over the smooth head of altıparmak eskort bayan your cock tracing the ridges slowly. I dip my hand in the water and wrap my cool fingers around your penis and lean down closer, slipping the tip into my warm mouth, loving the way you gasp from feeling my cold hand followed by the warm wetness of my mouth wrapping around you.

You buck your hips up towards me and I suck you in as deep as I can. I feel you throbbing in my mouth, hear you breathing heavily. I moan with desire, my mouth still filled by your cock.

I slide my body up yours and straddle your lap, rocking my hips, grinding into you. I know you can feel the heat that is coursing through my body, the dampness of my pussy against the shaft of your cock. You fondle my breasts, as I kiss you, urgently, pressing my body against yours.

In one smooth movement you swap positions with me, pinning me down on the rock with your hips, I feel your cock pressing against my clit, I tilt my hips, giving you better access to my waiting slit, you press against me, watching my face as you push the head of your penis into me then hold perfectly still, making me squirm, my body begging for you to bury your full length deep inside my velvety folds.

You kiss me hungrily, nipping at my neck, devouring my mouth, and sending chills down the small of my back as you pinch and tug at my nipples with your teeth. Suddenly you slow down, kiss me gently and stand back up whispering in my ear “Come on babe, its already dark, we need to make a fire and cook some food before you completely tap my energy.”

My body is vibrating with need, my muscles are taught, you watch intently as I try to catch my breath and calm down “Okay,” I almost whimper as I prop myself up on my elbows nilüfer eskort bayan and slowly close my legs, trying to hide my obvious disappointment.

I stand in the water, splashing some over my face to calm the flush of blood that rouged my cheeks. Getting goosebumps from the water feeling icy against the burning heat between my legs.

As I turn around to wade back towards camp you let out a tight sigh, grab me around the waist and pull me back “Ahh, fuck it!” you growl as you bend me over against the boulder and ram your still throbbing cock deep inside me. I let out a startled yet satisfied groan as you fill me.

The water is splashing loudly around us with the renewed movement from our bodies. I giggle and say, “Luckily no one can hear us out here.”

“Hmmm, then I’m not fucking you hard enough”.

I moan even louder at the sound of your voice and arch my back to grant you deeper access, pushing back against you with each deep long stroke of your penis inside my wet pussy. The water and my warmth alternating every time you thrust in and out… Making you groan, deep guttural sounds, that heighten the response of my body to yours.

You reach around and play with my breasts, gripping them tight as you pound into me, eliciting more moans from my lips as I feel the friction of you inside me pulling me closer to the edge. You grab my hips, panting as you slam into me, harder and faster. Feeling me clench tightly around your cock, my body writhing beneath yours.

You grunt with pleasure, and ram even harder when I breathlessly pant, “I’m going to come for you baby!”

“Yes, you do that,” you mutter, concentrating on your thrusting as you feel my whole body tighten, then shudder as the tension is released, a sigh escaping my lips.

As you feel my body relax you thrust deep into me one final time, I feel your cock jerking inside me as you release your load of hot sticky cum.

“So how about that fire and dinner?” I purr in post orgasmic bliss as you gently slip out of me.

“Sounds like a wonderful idea,” you chuckle, “Especially after such a great appetiser.”

“Finally!” I mutter as I slide my backpack off my shoulders, stretching my aching muscles. “There you are lazy bones!” I hear you calling cheerfully before I see you, you have already started gathering firewood. I sit down heavily on the soft grass and pull my hiking boots off. You disappear behind the tent in…

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