More than a Butt Massage


Hello you naughty girls and boys.

This is a story about a butt massage; and who doesn’t love a good butt massage? Of course I know a girl who loves to give butt massages however she doesn’t rub people’s butts; instead she uses her butt to massage other people. But that’s another story for another time.

This story is about Mary and Abe. Mary has been getting these special massages from Abe but she’s about to stumble on something that’s more than she expected. What does Mary discover? Is it more than she can take? Will her butt massages ever be the same? Read on and find out.


Mary and Abe had already been dating for a little while. Actually his name was Abdul-Hameed but he just went by Abe. Mary would on occasion use his full name, when he was in trouble. Sort of a motherly discipline thing, which she found amusing.

They had already had sex several times and were comfortable in their relationship. One of the things she really enjoyed was getting butt massages from him. It started early on when they were still flirting and he had squeezed her ass a few times through her jeans. Then one day while she was lying on her bed he did more than just a couple of squeezes. He kept kneading and massaging her ass, pushing the cheeks together and then spreading them apart, as much as he could in the jeans.

It felt great and they both got something out of it. She wasn’t sure just why he had done it initially. She didn’t really consider her ass to be that amazing. I mean it wasn’t a big ass that drew attention. It was still the ass of a 22-year-old and she didn’t think anything was wrong with it and maybe that was enough. But whatever it was that drew him in, she wasn’t complaining.

A few days later she had asked him for another butt massage and he was happy to oblige. So it soon became a regular thing between them. It also advanced a bit as it wasn’t long before he was giving them to her when she was in her underwear and eventually he was working her naked ass. Sometimes she would just be nude such as coming from the shower and other times he would just pull her pants down past her cheeks and get to work. It was something they both enjoyed and Mary was looking forward to having many more butt massages in the future.

Talking with her friends one day she realized she may have something special. Kristy had a hunk of a boyfriend but from all her talk he never did anything like give her a butt massage. And Jodie’s boyfriend would rub her feet on occasion but Mary much preferred a butt massage to a foot massage. She was the only one she knew getting regular butt massages. And that’s probably what gave her the idea.

The idea she had was to record Abe massaging her bare ass. She wasn’t sure if he would really be okay with that but she also figured he didn’t have to know. It was common for her to be scrolling through her phone while he worked on her. And he would often lose himself in the massage and she would have to nudge him or repeat herself if she asked him a question. So she was confident she could sneak some video of him at work while on her phone.

She did however realize there was a little risk in this game of hers and she wanted a decent shot at a good vid. So what she did was a little tease and denial. She didn’t even realize that ‘tease & denial’ was a thing but that’s essentially what she did. She did a little extra shaking her ass and showing off her tits for a few days, while at the same time making excuses to avoid sex. One time she had to wander the mall because she had told him she had to leave when he wanted to get it on.

But she felt it was worth it. She was quite sure when she asked for a butt massage he would be eager to give her one. That way he would be giving a better performance and better massage and at the same time he was likely to be even more focused on her butt and not her and her phone. And now was the time to put the plan into action.

“Hey babe, how ’bout a butt massage?”

“You bet!”

He wasted no time in coming over to Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort her and reaching under her waist to unfasten her jeans. She didn’t offer much help but she knew it wasn’t necessary. He got a hold of her jeans and underwear and together he started pulling them down and over her cheeks.

“Don’t take them all the way off. Just get to the butt.”

She sensed a little disappointment but again she wasn’t looking to make a porno and if this was something she might share with friends a little modesty was in order. It also put the focus on the butt massage and made it clear that this wasn’t just a part of a night of sex but that the butt massage was in itself something they did. He pulled the jeans and panties combination to just a little below her cheeks and got himself into position.

He was straddling her legs and Mary checked the view on her phone. She had a good shot of herself starting at the shoulder and going down her back to her bare ass. She had all of Abe in the shot as well so it was clear who was doing this. His hands were already beginning to squeeze and knead her buttcheeks.

She also was getting to watch him work his hands on her butt and that was new. It was a thrill to actually see what he was doing and not just feel it. As she watched him move the flesh of her ass around she began to have some appreciation of why Abe might enjoy this so much. And of course it felt really good.

She could also tell he really wanted to do it. There was an extra intensity and his grip felt stronger. This could be one of the best butt massages yet. And it would be a great way to show off to Kristy and Jodie. She kept watching and moved the shot slightly to focus on her butt even if it meant taking Abe’s face out of the picture.

“That feels real good babe.”

“Yes it does!”

She giggled at his response. He really did act desperate for this. But hey, that wasn’t a bad thing, right? She was also enjoying his work. She loved the feel of his hands on her cheeks. Sometimes he would squeeze one cheek and then the other and other times he would squeeze them together. Then he would grip one cheek and pull it and push it in a circle. He would go up and down, side to side, and all around in a never ending dance of hand and butt.

He was doing an amazing job and she came to the realization that while she had been denying him sex for this moment she had in effect been denying herself as well. And now with his hands so involved and the newfound joy of being able to watch him work, she found herself getting wet.

While she didn’t comment on it or make any suggestive moves, Abe may have noticed, for he drew his hand from the bedsheets up through the valley of her legs and cheeks and his hand grazed her pussy as well as her asshole. That sent a shiver through her body. Still, this was about a butt massage.

“I don’t think that’s where your hands are supposed to be. Your hands should be busy with my cheeks.”

He laughed a little at that and his hands went back work. However he did spend the next few seconds closing and spreading her cheeks with more time spent on the spread. She could also tell he was staring into her pussy as he did it. He was doing more than just looking at it, he was thinking about it.

He paused for a moment and barely took his eyes off her pussy as he shuffled backwards down her legs. She knew he was as excited as she was and when he moved she was sure of what was coming next. Still it was a thrill to see him lower his head and kiss her pussy.

“Oh yeah. Do it.”

He probably didn’t need the encouragement. He took a few licks and gave a few kisses and then made his way up the cleft of her ass trailing his tongue over her asshole and beyond. That was dirty and sexy and she was quite sure his tongue had never touched her asshole before. Soon he was back down at her pussy giving light kisses.

She let him continue there for a few more seconds but what she really wanted was to feel his tongue once more on her asshole. On the bed as she was she couldn’t really bring her asshole down to his tongue so she had to get his tongue to go back up.

“Go higher. This is a butt massage, not a pussy massage.”

They both laughed a little but it worked. He slowly moved higher and once again she felt his tongue sweep across her asshole. It felt amazing and reflexively she squeezed her asshole tight. They both had a laugh at that as well. This was new but Mary didn’t want it to end. Abe made another pass with his tongue but he wasn’t as confident as when he licked her pussy.

He was giving it a try however and he leaned in and gave a kiss right on her asshole. After that his tongue circled her asshole and passed over it entirely. However he wasn’t fully committed and she felt his tongue returning to her pussy where he went back to kissing and licking. That would never do. He had started this and he needed to see it through; Mary needed him to see it through.

“Uh uh. No more pussy. Get back in my ass.”

She didn’t usually make such demands but she just had to feel his tongue back on her asshole. She wanted the full experience not just some passing tease. She wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away.

He slowly moved back up and placed another kiss on her dark rosebud. He even made another lick across it. But then he froze. Not only did his mouth stop but she noticed his hands weren’t moving either. They had always been in agreement on all things sexual but she felt he might be thinking this was too much. But she was determined she wasn’t going to miss out. She needed this and needed it badly.

“Abdul-Hameed you get your tongue in my ass right now! Don’t talk about it. Don’t think about it. Just do it!”

She wasn’t really yelling at him but she made it clear she was serious. He may or may not have accepted it as something fun to try, but a second later it was clear he had accepted her command. With her cheeks spread he lowered himself once more and this time she felt his tongue flick back and forth across her dark hole.

It was amazing. She felt a rush and a shiver as if a jolt of electricity was flowing through her and energizing her. She stared at the top of his head willing him not to stop. This was much more than anything she had experienced before. He continued licking and kissing and soon she felt his face pressing deeper against her.

She noticed how in pressing his face deeper she could see wrinkles form above his eyebrows as her buttcheeks pressed back against him. She found that rather amusing and was sure she would remember that later. That’s how he should act. He needed to get his whole face in there. In for a penny, in for a pound.

She let him work at his own pace, enjoying these new sensations. At first her ring had closed reflexively when his tongue had made contact. Now she was trying to flex it herself in an attempt to catch his tongue. She also tried to relax her sphincter and let it open up so she could feel more of him. She worked her asshole as he worked his tongue.

She loved it, loved all of it. She knew she was making a wet spot on the bedsheets. She was wondering if she would actually be able to cum. It was a different feeling but it was exquisite. She tried a slow grind of her clit into the bed to help her reach the peak. She just needed him to keep going, to keep exploring.

“That’s it babe. Keep going. I want you deeper. I want to feel you inside me.”

She had made similar requests of him before but she had never contemplated his tongue going deeper into her asshole or the idea of having his tongue inside her asshole. But now it was something she desperately wanted. She didn’t just want it, she craved it. She had to have it.

And Abe appeared to be doing his part. She knew this was new for him as well but he kept working his tongue and mouth and pressing his face into her. He had to pull back a few times to catch his breath but he went right back in and went to work. He may not be getting as much out of it as she was, but he wasn’t a quitter.

And then she felt as if his tongue was indeed reaching new territory. She felt the silky softness of the underside of his tongue touch a spot just inside the ring of her asshole. That sent another shiver through her body which she felt in her clit. Now she was sure an orgasm was indeed possible, and she had to have it.

“Oh god baby that’s it. Deeper, deeper. Tongue-fuck my asshole!”

Now he knew he was getting somewhere. He reapplied himself and picked up the pace. He was squeezing her asscheeks hard and after pressing them close about his face he spread them again. He spread them with such force that Mary felt some pain as if he might rip her apart. But it was all worth it if he could drive his tongue even deeper into her.

And he was trying to do just that. He pulled back gasping but it was just a momentary break as he prepared for the final stretch. She could see on his face he was mentally preparing himself and then his face dove back in once more. He tongue speared her asshole and she was sure it was even deeper than before. He tried moving it around and when she felt it was retreating she grabbed at it with her ass. She wanted to hold it tight and never let it leave.

Her slow grinding had turned into wild bucking as she pushed her clit against the bed and held onto his tongue. Her right hand reached behind her trying to find his head. She first grabbed his ear and then the back of his head as she pulled him into her ass.

“Oh god yes. Yes! Yesssss!”

She held him to her. He hadn’t stopped fucking her ass but now her ass was fucking his entire face. If she could have pushed his head up her ass, she would have. She was there. She was at the summit and all she had to do now was let go. With a whispered scream the wet spot on the bed suddenly tripled in size.


She let go of his head as her arms went limp and her face fell into her pillow. That was incredible and while she lacked the strength to act she was savoring the moment. Her asshole and pussy pulsed in unison and she was so very, very happy.

Abe was a trooper. She still didn’t know just how he felt but he knew from past experience not to stop cold. Thus while he pulled his head back to gulp in some fresh air, he soon reapplied his tongue in lazy circles about her asshole as she floated back down from orgasmic bliss.

There were several seconds of silence, maybe even a minute, where she just let herself float and he continued his lazy tongue. Finally she lifted her head. The first thing she noticed was her phone, showing an image of the ceiling. She had forgotten she had been recording the whole event. Once things went from butt massage to his tongue in her ass, she hadn’t been focused on the phone.

Sure she was still watching all the action but the idea of the phone was very distant. Now she was happy she had kept it going and even more pleased that it had captured much more than a simple butt massage. She turned off the video and flipped the phone over on the bed. She still wasn’t sure how Abe would feel about being recorded, and this new development wasn’t likely to make him feel any better about it.

But she was very pleased with him and all he had done. Butt massages were great and there would be more of those but today was something new. She had never had her ass licked before but she was damn glad it had happened today. And she wasn’t sure just how, but she was damn sure it was going to happen again. He was certainly a keeper.

“That was amazing baby. I thought I was just getting a butt massage.”

“Yeah well I think we can agree that was a little more than a butt massage.”

They both laughed.

“Well I think we may need to add that to more butt massages. That was fantastic.”

“Yeah, well we’ll see about that.”

Oh he would see about that alright. She had a taste for it now. She thought to herself he now had a taste for it as well, even if he didn’t like it. She chuckled at her own joke. Yep, it was more than a butt massage and he would be giving her more of his tongue in her ass in the future; the very near future.

Hello you naughty girls and boys. This is a story about a butt massage; and who doesn’t love a good butt massage? Of course I know a girl who loves to give butt massages however she doesn’t rub people’s butts; instead she uses her butt to massage other people. But that’s another story for another…

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