Mom’s Best Friend


The clock’s alarm sounded at 7 o’clock and Alice hardly opened her eyes. She almost hadn’t slept at all even though she went to bed early in the evening. She couldn’t take her mind off what happened yesterday, and although she had analyzed the situation from all possible perspectives, it was hard for her to accept she didn’t have answers to all the questions that crossed her mind. She had hoped her husband, Mark, would be next to her in bed, but his place was empty, so she turned to one side, gathered the blanket and hugged herself. She had felt the need to hug someone, to be hugged and caressed, to feel loved and desired. A thrill like an electric current ran through her body when she remembered what happened yesterday. Like almost every Saturday, she had visited her best friend, Susan. They had become friends in college where they had shared the same room on campus and had experienced together as much as possible of a student’s life. Now, after more than twenty years of friendship, they would occasionally recall memories from that time, when they weren’t talking about what had happened in the last week since they hadn’t met.This time they had spent their time close to the pool behind the house, lying on the sunbeds and enjoying cocktails prepared by Tyler, Susan’s boy. He was also the one who served them, like a real bartender, although considering the sun, the heat, the pool, and the fact that he was wearing only shorts, he looks more like a “beach boy” full of muscles. He had just turned eighteen a few months ago and during the summer he was working in a bar Downtown, collecting money for the parties that would come in the fall, when he would be starting his studies at the city’s college.“Tyler, I don’t know how you do it, but you are karataş escort making amazing combinations in these cocktails,” Alice told him after tasting the third cocktail.“Thank you, Alice. All the best to the most beautiful women in my life,” Tyler had replied with a smile.“My dear, there is no need to flatter two old ladies with such beautiful words. Cocktails are enough,” smiled Susan, sipping from her glass.“Just let me know when you want the next one. I’ll be in my room,” Tyler said, heading towards the house.The two women took a long sip from their glasses and lay down on the sunbeds.“I don’t know why, but it seems to me that Tyler has been acting very differently for the past few months,” Susan said, unbuttoning her bra and exposing her large, heavy and still-beautiful breasts. “He is always very careful with me so I don’t miss anything. I’m feeling very spoiled and I’m enjoying his attention, but I don’t understand what is happening to him. I would like my husband to pamper me like this, not my son.”“Maybe it’s because now he considers himself an adult now and he tries to act like one,” replied Alice and taking her friend’s example, she took off her bra. “And who can he test his skills with, if not his mother? By the way, are you sure he can’t see us from his room? It would be quite strange for him to see the breasts of two old women like us exposed.”“Don’t worry, my dear, it wouldn’t be the first time when Tyler saw my breasts,” answered Susan and began to apply sunscreen on her breasts.“You’re crazy! How so?” Alice jumped in fright.“When you have children, such things happen often, my dear Alice. We share the same house and sometimes accidents happen. You learn to live with karkamış escort the thought that your own child just saw you naked in the shower or walked in on you in the room when you were only wearing underwear. After all, what can he see more than a pair of saggy breasts and a big butt full of stretch marks?”“Stop with this nonsense,” replied Alice. “Your breasts are still beautiful, and your ass is still attractive.”“Sometimes I think how lucky you are not to have children. You look almost thirty years old. With these firm breasts and your cheeky ass, you could easily have any man you want. Simon barely touches me anymore. I haven’t felt wanted for a long time. So, although I’m intrigued by Tyler’s change of attitude lately, I’m trying to enjoy all the attention my son gives me, until he will leave home and I’ll be alone,” Susan said sadly.“Come on, my dear, you are a beautiful woman and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your son’s colleagues and friends would think of you as a MILF,” Alice tried to cheer her smiling.Hearing this, Susan almost choked on sipping from her glass and began to laugh loudly.“I would like it to be like that, Alice. All his friends who come to visit are very nice to me, they smile and talk to me politely, but I don’t think any of them have ever thought of me that way. But let me tell you a little secret: a few days after his eighteenth birthday party, Tyler walked in into my room while I was playing alone.”“I can’t believe something like that,” replied Alice. “What happened? How did you react? Why didn’t you tell me until now?”“It wasn’t a big deal. I was under the blanket, he didn’t see anything, but I think he heard the sound of the vibrator, because he smiled, kilis escort apologized for rushing over me and left the room. Obviously, I didn’t talk to him about it afterwards. But if I‘m thinking about it now, after this incident he started to be more careful with me. I didn’t tell you about it because I didn’t give it importance. As I told you, he had walked in over me many times when I was naked.”“If it was any other man, I would have said it was a super-hot situation,” said Alice smiling and sipping from her cocktail. “But since it’s about Tyler, it seems a little bit awkward. I don’t know how I would feel if I were you.”“I considered it just a simple incident and I got over it. Let’s stop talking about this and please don’t try psychoanalyze me like you do with your patients. Let’s talk about something else, please.”“As you wish, closed topic,” answered Alice getting up from the lounger and putting on her bra. “I’ll leave you alone for a bit, I need a visit to the bathroom.”“Please go to Tyler’s room and tell him we need new cocktails,” Susan called after her as Alice entered the house.Still thinking about Susan’s story, Alice opened the bathroom door and saw Tyler naked, turning to face her while masturbating. Being very close to cum, Tyler didn’t have time to stop and out of inertia he fast rubbed his dick just a few seconds more after which he ejaculated strongly directly on Alice’s body. Feeling the jets of hot sperm touching her skin, Alice froze in front of Tyler who couldn’t stop masturbating. Still in a state of shock, with sperm leaking on her face, breasts, and belly, Alice looked mesmerized at the boy’s dick without being able to react. Tyler finally stopped, and realizing what had happened, fell to his knees in front of her, muttering something that Alice couldn’t hear. Alice opened her mouth trying to say something, but she felt the taste of sperm on her lips and trembled. In a state she could not comprehend, a combination of anger, horror and excitement or all of them at the same time, Alice managed to understand the boy’s words.

The clock’s alarm sounded at 7 o’clock and Alice hardly opened her eyes. She almost hadn’t slept at all even though she went to bed early in the evening. She couldn’t take her mind off what happened yesterday, and although she had analyzed the situation from all possible perspectives, it was hard for her to…

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