Molten Core


The workshop existed in a world of heat and light all its own. Patiently, Eve turned her blowpipe, expertly heating the carefully shaped multicolored layers of molten glass. Her lean, muscled arms held the pipe steady as she twisted it, watching through the glory hole as the glass began to glow faintly inside the furnace. The room was hot enough so that she worked in a ribbed white tank top, with a ragged but well fitting pair of canvas cargos to protect her legs from stray shards. Judging the temperature to be just right, Eve withdrew the glass, twisting carefully the entire time, and placed the rod on an a-frame support. Gloved hands choked up on the spinning pipe, then Eve quickly began the final shaping process. She used a jack and shears to give the piece flutes in the grooves already created by earlier knurling. The overall length and girth of the glass had been determined and achieved earlier, so it was just a matter of smoothing out the edges, then allowing the entire thing to fall, or curve, slightly. When she was satisfied with it, Eve smiled and twisted the pipe some more, waiting for the glass to cool sufficiently before snapping it cleanly off at the wide collar. With gloves, because it was still hot enough to burn her skin right off, she carefully picked up the piece and placed it in the annealing oven to cure. She was pleased with her newest work, and would make a cast mold of it later. She took off the gloves, then wiped at her brow as she turned the furnace down. Just then, a jingling bell announced a visitor in the gallery proper. She walked to a long table along the far wall and watched on a monitor as a tall, well dressed man wandered the exhibited pieces. She guzzled water as she observed him eyeing this piece or that, before wiping the sweat off her brow one last time and heading out the workshop doors. Outside, snow had mounded on either side of the door and along the short path to the gallery. The temperature was easily in the twenties, but after being in the workshop all afternoon and into the evening, it felt like heaven to Eve. She didn’t bother with a coat on the short walk, simply reveled in the way her skin tingled in the cold. She didn’t dally too much, though. Quicker than she would have liked, she was in the gallery’s storage room, making her way into a small break room, then down a short hall to the gallery space. “Welcome to Molten Core,” Eve said. “Can I help you zenci gaziantep escort find something?” He was facing away from her, the line of his clearly expensive, charcoal gray coat only showing Eve that he was tall and broad shouldered. When he turned around, all her senses did a mental double take. He was nearly a head taller than herself. She was looking up into enigmatic yellow eyes. It was an intense, hot look that captured and held her still as a deer in headlights. The coat, open down the front, revealed a black tailored suit over a snowy white dress shirt. The result was a man that packed a significant punch to the senses. There was also a vague sense of recognition, and Eve wondered where she could possibly know him from. He smiled his damn near perfect, cherub’s bow lips and said, “Are you the artist, Miss…?” “Cooper. Eve Cooper. Yes, this is my gallery.” Her throat felt dry as she spoke, despite the entire bottle of water she’d downed in the workshop. She’d automatically presented her hand, and when he took it to shake, she felt her body simply respond. He seemed to hold her hand for a moment longer than was proper or expected, as his eyes continued to bore into hers. “James Stone,” he said, and Eve could have sworn she felt his thumb caress the sensitive skin of her hand. Then, as if a spell had been broken, he released her hand and looked away, around the gallery. Eve took a slow, hopefully surreptitious breath, then turned away, walking behind the sales and display case at the rear of the small gallery. James looked around for another moment, then returned his gaze to Eve, smiling as he said, “I’m looking for a rather unique gift.” Eve sighed inwardly, chiding herself for the mild disappointment. She smiled and said, “You’ve definitely come to the right place. Is the gift for a male or a female friend?” He chuckled softly, holding her eyes as he said, “A woman. I believe you know her. Meredith Hensley?” He smirked. “I lost a bet, and she got to pick her Christmas present.” Eve’s eyes went wide, her lips forming a quiet ‘oh’ sound. “Of course. That’s how I know you. I think we’ve crossed paths at a party or two.” She cleared her throat and looked away before continuing, “Um, what does Jared have to say about it?” James smiled at her apparent discomfort and answered, “Oh, he’s tickled. Says I’m getting my comeuppance. gaziantep zenci escort bayan I think he’s looking forward to the result.” That made Eve laugh momentarily. She leaned her elbows on the display counter and covered her face with her hands, the giggle in her throat making her shoulders shake slightly. Finally, a modicum of propriety returned, and she looked back at him a bit sheepishly. He was distracted, and Eve realized that when she had leaned on the counter, her top had gaped at the neck, dipping low to reveal quite a bit of creamy white cleavage. Clearing her throat, Eve straightened, and found herself once again caught in that golden stare, only this time it was significantly hotter. “So,” she said, feeling her cheeks warm at his continued stare, “did she give you a specific item to look for, or is that up to you?” “Actually, it’s up to you,” he said, a wicked smile turning his face into a sinfully beautiful thing. “She said I should ask the artist what her favorite was. So, Eve? Tell me. What’s your favorite?” Now her cheeks were well and truly flaming. She swallowed, her eyes drifting all over the gallery. It didn’t help. Everywhere she looked, her eyes landed on examples of her work. Eve designed, created and sold her own custom line of glass dildos. There were big ones, small ones, rippled ones and studded ones, curved ones and ramrod straight ones. They were highlighted in cases and on shelves all over the room. There wasn’t a single place Eve could look and not see beautiful, colorful, obviously sexual pieces of shaped glass. “Um. My favorite?” She didn’t know why she was so flustered. People asked her that question all the time. She could always answer with a straight face, but this man had her babbling. “Yes, Eve. Your favorite.” He waited patiently. Eve had an answer. She did. She just suddenly felt extremely bashful about sharing it. What was it about this man that made her want to sit up and beg? Taking a quiet breath, she once again tried to dispel the ever increasing sensuality threatening to turn her into a stuttering idiot. Looking down into the display case she stood behind, she pointed at a rather fanciful piece. It was a slightly curved column, perhaps five or six inches in circumference, that had been twisted into tight, even ridges the entire way up. The head of the glass cock was decidedly gaziantep zenci escort penis shaped and significantly wider than the column. The overhanging lip promised a smooth ledge that quite delightfully massaged just the right spot. Her cheeks felt as if they glowed when she said, “Th-this one.” Eve heard James take slow, measured steps to the display case, then saw his hand come to rest mere centimeters from hers. His index finger lengthened, then trailed a sizzling line down the length of her thumb before gently tapping the glass just over the piece she’d indicated. “That one there?” he asked. She’d gone mute. Turning her eyes up to meet his, she gulped and nodded slowly. James leaned in over the display case, his eyes seeming to touch every curve and plane of her face. Eve wasn’t aware of turning her face up, of parting her lips on a soft exhale as he came closer. She was entirely entranced by this incredibly enigmatic and sexual man. “Eve,” he said softly. His breath trailed over her parted lips, and she shivered. God help her, but she wanted this man. She wanted him right now. Eve didn’t think she could want him any more strongly, but he surprised a gasp out of her when he said, “Show me why it’s your favorite.” She blinked, her mouth opening and closing as if to say something. The quickly deteriorating voice of reason in her head told her she should be incensed. Instead, Eve felt her core pulse, delivering an instant gush to wet and prepare her to comply with James’ very unorthodox request. James moved then, trailing his fingertips up her arm, across her shoulder. Cupping the nape of Eve’s neck, he tugged her to him, avoiding her lips by mere centimeters to trail his mouth across her cheek and to her ear. He whispered, “I want you to… demonstrate… for me, Eve. I want to see for myself why this particular cock is your favorite.” Eve moaned softly, her entire body quivering in response to his words. Her eyes fluttered as his lips continued to caress the skin just beneath her ear, his hand gently massaging the back of her neck. James continued, “How about it, Eve? Will you fuck your naughty little cunt for me with that piece of art?” Eve gasped at his crude language, then moaned as his teeth grazed her overly sensitive skin. She knew she was lost to him. Closing her eyes and giving in to the dark arousal burning through her veins, she said, “Yes.” Her head tilted up and away, arching her neck in invitation, offering herself to this man who had complete control of her. “Yes what, Eve?” James applied pressure to his nibble, drawing a plaintive mewl from Eve. “Yes, I’ll… fuck myself for you.” Eve was almost a little dizzy at the concept, but there was little more she wanted at that moment than to surrender herself to James. She felt more than heard the low, growling chuckle.

The workshop existed in a world of heat and light all its own. Patiently, Eve turned her blowpipe, expertly heating the carefully shaped multicolored layers of molten glass. Her lean, muscled arms held the pipe steady as she twisted it, watching through the glory hole as the glass began to glow faintly inside the furnace.…

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