Mistress Tanya Ch. 01

Mistress Tanya Ch. 01


This is the first chapter and is a little tedious without any actual sexual situations. Please bear with it. I needed this to set the stage for following chapters. I promise it will get much better.

Also please remember it is only a work of fiction. I welcome critiques both good and bad but if the storyline isn’t your cup of tea then don’t read it. I see so many hateful comments applied to other stories that are totally unnecessary. I will delete hateful responses especially when they are posted anonymously.


As I sat there in the car getting my courage up to go in I thought back to how all of this started. Let me give you a little background.

I am a widower in my mid 40’s. My wife was killed almost 3 years ago in a bad wreck. Some very good investments along with a very large life insurance policy means I never have to work again.

With free time my mind wandered back to some of my earlier fantasies. That fantasy was one of me being under the control of a beautiful, dominant, woman. I had pushed it from my mind after marriage and didn’t go there again but with time on my hands now I started entertaining thoughts of that again.

I placed ads on several online dating sites. I was honest with what I was looking for and got all kinds of responses ranging from friendly to downright insulting. After a lot of deep thought and sleepless nights I answered an ad on one of them from a couple looking for a sub male. This couple was also in their 40’s and consisted of a dominant wife and a submissive husband. I really waffled back and forth. I wasn’t sure about another man being involved. I had never had any thoughts or desire in that direction.

I finally decided, what the Hell, and threw caution to the wind. I figured I could always back out if I got uncomfortable. I wrote a nice letter of introduction and attached several pictures. All clothed and in good taste. After hitting send, I had mixed feelings but was a little excited and anxious to see where it led.

A couple of days later I got a reply. bursa escort Her letter stated that she was intrigued by my contact and my appearance was acceptable. I was to address her as Mistress Tanya from now on. She went on to add that she would like to know more about what I was looking for in a D/S relationship? What my hard limits were? She also wanted to know if I had soft limits? She explained that these would be things I would never do on my own but would if forced. Whoa, she really hit the nail on the head. I was really turned on by being forced to do something I would not normally do. The whole idea of handing over control was really where my submissive mindset lived. She said she eagerly awaited my reply.

I quickly began my answer. I agreed to bondage, limited corporal punishment, tease, denial, CBT to some extent, pegging, prostate milking, ruined orgasms, post orgasm torture, cum eating (my own), pussy worship, and ass worship. I told her that although I would lovingly worship her ass, I was not at all interested in anything to do with scat and that was a hard limit. I also told her that other hard limits would include severe beatings and punishment which resulted in actual injury. The same held true for the CBT. I had no desire to be left with damaged equipment. Breath play was another hard limit for me. I also told her that in no way was I interested in cross dressing or becoming a “sissy”. Pedophilia and bestiality was also completely off the table. I was also not looking to become someone’s servant and maid. My fantasies revolved around sexual situations.

Now it was time to address the elephant in the room. What were my soft limits? Golden showers/urine drinking. Not really something that really excited me but being forced to do so would be somewhat of a turn on. Another soft limit was public humiliation. I could see how being forced to masturbate or expose myself to a group of her friends could be a turn on. Or possibly being the entertainment at a party where they could tease and torment me mercilessly. çanakkale escort Not something I would have thought of on my own, but I could see how I would comply if forced to.

And now I had finally come to the one that bothered me the most. Being in a relationship where another man was involved. This was a hard one for me. Why didn’t I just put it in the hard limit category? For one thing it would probably mean the end of this contact. For another, I just wasn’t sure how I’d react in certain situations. I told her this and more. I told her that I’d never had any male/male contact and had never desired any. I clarified that by saying that I wasn’t sure how I’d react if I was in a hot and heavy session and was ordered to have said contact. For me it was a great unknown and for that reason I put it in the soft limit category. As an extension of this I had to also include cream-pie cleanup scenarios.

I finished up by telling her that this was all I could think of at this time but that if she had anything specific to please ask. After reading back through it and making sure it was ok I hit send. I could hardly wait for her reply.

I didn’t have to wait long. A few hours later I received my reply. There were a couple of images attached but instructions told me not to open them until I was given permission. She opened by telling me that she appreciated my honesty and that with the exception of a couple of additional things there was nothing that was a problem. She did tell me that I would have a safe word at all times and it would be honored immediately. She said she had never peed in a man’s mouth before but that the thought excited her. She also loved to deny a man his orgasm after teasing and tormenting him for days, weeks, and even months. She did say that if we went forward I would be required to wear a chastity device at all times and that only she would decide when, if, and how, I would orgasm. She told me she had been controlling her husband/sub’s orgasms for almost 10 years now and had gotten very didim escort good at it.

She then moved on to the subject of male/male contact. She informed me that it was not a soft limit for her. That if I was taken as her additional sub that I would be sucking cock and eating cum. She said that if I could not agree to do that than we would have to move on to other contacts. Ok this was getting real now. She told me to open the images.

The first was a picture of what I assumed was her husband. He was standing with legs slightly spread. His cock was enclosed in what appeared to be a metal cylinder. I wasn’t sure how it stayed on but it did. His balls were pushed downward by a metal donut that looked to be around 2 inches wide. It was obviously a ball stretching device.

The next image was a side view of the same man on his knees with a cock in his mouth. The caption read, “If you come on board with us, you will be doing this”. We were definitely down the rabbit hole now.

Her note continued with instructions to think very hard before my next response as it would determine if we would continue. If I was in agreement, I would simply reply with “yes”. If not, then no reply was needed. She said that I had 72 hours from the timestamp on her message to reply. If none was received she would take that as a no and move on. She also said there was no going back. No meant no in this case. If I answered in the affirmative, she would send me not only specific instructions on how we were to proceed but also a photo of herself.

Well, I definitely had a decision to make. Since it was getting late I decided to sleep on it. Was I willing to go into something knowing I would be forced to break one of my long held taboos? I honestly didn’t know how I felt. Sleep did not come and I lay there running scenario after scenario through my head. I finally decided that I had hidden many of my desires for years. Some of those I had only found an interest in recently. It was time to stop denying who I was and what I wanted. It was time to try something different and exciting. If I didn’t like it, I could always walk away. I got up, logged in, and typed a one word email. “Yes”. My fingered hovered over the mouse button for a second or two before clicking “send”. I went back to bed and slept like a baby.

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