Mistress Plays Her Way

Mistress Plays Her Way


As I gazed into the sea of faces and watched the expressions change on many of their faces as I spoke, one face captured my attention and I repeatedly returned to it, to see how my words affected him. I could tell that my words had had a profound effect upon him. Many in the room listening to me had been affected, but somehow I felt a connection to this man and found that his attention to all I said was stimulating to me. I loved effecting change and in fact, my speeches were for that purpose, but something about this particular man reached me on a more personal level.

I wasn’t surprised that after all the speakers were finished and it was a time for refreshments and meeting one another that this man sought me out. I was actually looking forward to meeting him and had intended to seek him out if he wasn’t bold enough to approach me. He waited until the group around me had thinned out a bit, but I had kept my eye on him, being sure he didn’t leave thinking he couldn’t get close to me. Somehow I knew that I was supposed to meet him and our meeting wasn’t all about the topic we had all joined together for.

I typically went with my gut instincts with people and in life in general. If I felt something strongly, I went with it and I always went with my first impression as it was always my best indicator of most things. I found that when I went against my first impression, I was sorry.

He smiled confidently, but his movements seemed to be hesitant until I smiled directly at him. Letting him know I welcomed his approach at that time seemed to free him and he readily returned my broad smile and advanced. When he stood next to me, I focused on him as if the others around me had faded into the background and their voices dimmed. I didn’t mean to be rude, but I did intend to give him the attention that my first instincts indicated I needed to give him.

He introduced himself and thanked me for the information I had provided in my speech and the conversation flowed from there. There was no ebb in words or emotions as we spoke to one another and all other’s moved away from us, knowing we were discussing something in-depth. He had waited to approach until I had had enough time to deal with business, but not long enough to have missed me had I had to rush off. I was appreciative of that fact and thought that was what he was doing as I watched him wait for the crowd around me to thin out. He had planned his approach well and had considered more than his motivations and had taken into account the importance of what we were all doing at this meeting.

Within moments I saw him as submissive. He was a professional man, in charge of many people and important business, confident in his position and place in the big scheme of things and yet I could see that he was submissive on a personal level. Or was it that he was submissive in regards to me? I couldn’t tell if he was aware of his submissiveness or how far it went, but it was clear to me that he was submissive.

Knowing he was a submissive man, I wondered if he was also kinky! The two didn’t always go hand in hand. There were those that were submissive and kinky. Yet, I often found submissive people who were not interested in kink, and then there were those who were only interested in the kink because it was the only way they could find a dominant. To be dominated they accepted the kink of the dominant.

Determined to find out more, I asked him to go for a light meal at a local diner where I knew we could talk without too much interruption. He made a condition of paying for the dinner and I smiled and arched an eyebrow in curiosity and to see what effect it had upon him. He added to his condition of paying for the meal an ‘if it is okay with you of course’ and I smiled as my eyes lit up and he could tell that his backtracking had been acceptable terms for me. I think we both knew at that moment that we were creating some terms in which our relationship, business or otherwise, would be based on.

I don’t believe that we ever touched our dinner, as our conversation was more important than feeding ourselves. We were feeding off one another and didn’t need substance for our stomachs. By the end of the evening when we both knew we had to close things out and go our own ways, we had exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and had agreed to meet later in the week.

Two months later and after numerous evenings spent talking by phone, online and often in-person, I allowed him to meet me in my home. My home was my solace, my safety zone and very private and I rarely brought anyone into my sanctuary. My professional life was filled to capacity and my personal time was limited. When I did date or meet with friends, it was typically in a public setting and few got into my inner circle of friends and confidants who were welcome in my home.

Derek had impressed me immensely with his confidence, intelligence and humor. He was a compassionate man who was interested in social change Tipobet and helping other’s, which was my business. I worked in homelessness, women and children’s issues and promoting awareness and legal reform of social issues. He had proven himself in a business sense, but also had proven to me that on a personal level, he was someone I wanted to know much better!

I planned our evening in my home to include any sexual possibility we might agree upon. We had discussed a great deal personally and sexually and I knew that we were evenly matched and could possibly become far more to one another than just friends or playmates. We both knew that there was a sexual attraction between us and knew that our particular kinks were similar and without a doubt, our roles of dominant and submissive were obvious to one another. It all just seemed to flow naturally and our conversations had been very open and detailed.

When we had finished dinner and I went to the kitchen to bring out desert of cherry pie and vanilla ice cream I was presenting on a silver tray, I added a set of hand cuffs to the tray. I watched his face as I set the tray down to the right of him and smiled when he tilted his head in my direction, with eyes large and curious and smiled at me. I had his agreement in that smile and knew that my plans had been accepted, even though he didn’t totally know what I had planned. He trusted me and was willing to accept my dominance.

I took his hair and wound it within my hand and pulled his head fully back and held him firmly there so that I could examine him completely. Blue eyes met brown and curiosity turned to emotional and physical need, expressed clearly in the meeting of our eyes. I bent to kiss his warm and soft lips with a hunger and dominance that only a mistress could project and his whimper told me well, that I had him right where I wanted him to be. As I kissed him and enjoyed the moment, watching him as I delved into his warm and wet mouth, I could see him closing his eyes when he could no longer bear the intensity of my eye’s peering into his own and the emotions my kiss and dominance evoked in him.

I held his head firmly and reached with my other hand to set his desert in front of him. The ice cream was melting over the warm cherry pie and smelt wonderful. Our heightened senses took everything in at once, blending without our being conscious of it all individually, creating a powerful exchange between us. I let loose of his hair and his head lowered a bit, but his eyes followed my every move. I slowly reached for the handcuffs, making sure I soundlessly moved them into my hand. Carefully, I moved closer to him, holding his gaze and nodded at his arms as I moved behind him. He moved his arms behind his back, moving forward in his chair so that I could cuff him. And cuff him I did!

I carried my desert to my place at the table and sat down, Derek watching my every move silently and expectantly.

“Eat!” I ordered as a smile he could not contain or hide from me lit his face. Desert was delicious that evening and I am not talking about the wonderful homemade cherry pie with melted vanilla ice cream! I found great joy in watching this handsome and strong man eat what I had prepared him and upon my orders, without hands or utensils, using only his teeth, lips and tongue.

I enjoyed more that he was submissively doing what pleased me and I determined to see just how submissive he would be with me. I knew that he was getting something out of the exchange of power, but I did wish to set the stage for our power exchange. I, of course, would consider his wants and needs, but I first needed to establish that my wants and needs came first.

When he had finished his desert and had licked his plate clean upon my orders, I knew that he hadn’t wanted to finish the desert as his mind seemed to spin visibly to me, but he did it because I expected him to. Knowing this pleased me a great deal and I smiled at his efforts to make me happy.

“Good job Derek, thank you.” I moved to his side and stood there with him looking up into my face. I knew he was about to speak and put my finger to his sticky lips. “Shhh. No speaking Derek.”

He nodded as I lowered myself to possess his lips, licking the sticky residue of pie and ice cream from his mouth and ending with a deep and delicious kiss. I took his arm and guided him upward to stand tall beside me and looked up into his face as I moved us both away from the table and chair.


Derek knelt before me, head and eyes lowered. I loved the look of him kneeling there before me and was tempted by many things that ran through my mind, but we had important business to attend to before we could go further. It wasn’t that I felt it actually necessary, for it was more a formality in my opinion, but I needed to get his verbal consent to go further.

“Do you wish to serve me Derek?” He started to speak and I bent and held the back Tipobet Giriş of his head by his hair. “I have not given you permission to speak yet Derek.” I knew I was confusing him, but my motivations in using this confusion were honorable and beneficial to the advancement of our relationship as dominant and submissive.

I could see him gulp and his facial expression became serious. I smiled. “You may speak now Derek. Answer my question honestly and from your heart. Do you, Derek, wish to serve me tonight?”

“Yes mistress!” His words came out in a rush of excitement and emotion. “Yes I do wish to serve you tonight and any other night you choose mistress.”

Again I smiled and eased my hold upon his head. Standing tall and peering into his wonderful eyes, I stroked the top of his head. “Good answer Derek, you please me well and I am sure you will please me further on this night.” I bent to whisper into his ear, his head moving toward my lips in an involuntary and impulsive need to be close to me. “You may follow me to my room. Stand now and walk behind me. When we enter my bedroom, you will walk to my bed and kneel and wait for me to come to you. Do not speak until you are told to.”

As Derek stood to follow me, I could hear his breathing accelerate and I knew his heart must be thumping hard within his large chest and I knew that something else was surely hard and thumping as well.

As Derek knelt at the side of my bed, watching me and waiting for what might come next, I smiled and moved to leave the room, closing the door behind me. I left him there for a number of reasons and didn’t say a word, also for a number of reasons. He was handcuffed and kneeling, thinking whatever he thought and expecting something for sure and it was all of this that I was addressing. How patient was this submissive man I wanted so much more with?

I went to the other bedroom next to the one he was in and through a special mirror I had installed, I watched him as I changed my clothes from the form fitting, black sweater dress I wore, to something far more interesting. I took my time, watching Derek all the while.

He remained in the position I had left him in. After a bit of time, he looked around the room without moving anything but his head. As I attached my stockings, I could tell that his curiosity was turning to concern because I hadn’t returned. There was no instant gratification and I was sure he was wondering what I might be doing. I was also sure he was impatient for me to return.

I had finished dressing and was looking over my cart of sexual instruments and basically wasting time and letting time work on Derek’s mind. I closed the doors on the cart and started to wheel it to the next room where he waited, confused and hungry. I knew he would hear the cart being placed near the closed door and would think I was ready to enter again, but I left the cart there and returned to the mirror.

I sat on a chair and watched my handsome submissive for quite some time, enjoying his confusion. After a while, I lit a cigarette and smiled thinking he was being very patient. Finally I stood to put my cigarette out and slowly return to the cart. Derek had remained just where I had left him and I had made him wait almost an hour!

He heard me moving the cart and as I opened the door, he watched as I slowing moved the cart into the room. The expression on his face was priceless, for he had no idea what was in the cart or what it actually was, but deep down, I am sure he was a bit afraid of what it was and what it might mean to him. He wasn’t fearful of me, that I knew, but still there was an edge to the unknown and I wanted him to question many things in an attempt to bring him emotionally to a certain place and teach him a few things. I smiled thinking that at least I had allowed him to see everything and hadn’t blindfolded him!

As I moved around the cart, he could see that I was in full dominant mistress apparel and he was extremely pleased with what he saw! From the tips of my boots to the straps of leather over my shoulders, his eyes took me in and I could see his cock thickening and growing under his slacks. I could tell that he wanted to speak as I moved around the room and went to a chair across from him, sat and lit a cigarette, crossed my legs and sat watching him through the fog of smoke from my lips. He held back whatever it was he wanted to say, making me even more proud of him, passing my little tests so well.

I sat in silence, while he knelt in silence and took a few more hits off my cigarette. His eyes taking me in, waiting and anticipating, but trying to contain whatever it was within him that wanted to push on and move on to more and better things and wondering why I wasn’t doing anything more. I had to force myself not to smile.

I broke the silence with whispered words he could not hear. Not having permission to speak yet, he wasn’t able to Tipobet Güncel Giriş ask me what I had said and he struggled to figure it out. I smiled as the confusion on his face told me much. Again I repeated what I had said, only this time he was able to hear me and the relief he felt was written all over his face. He quickly responded and started moving on his knees towards me.

When he was in front of me, I spread my legs apart and eased myself slowly back into the chair, taking a hit off my cigarette and putting it out in the ashtray on the table next to the chair. Everything I did was done slowly and without taking my eyes from his. I could see his hunger and it thrilled me!

“Come close and smell my pussy Derek!” He moved his upper body forward and put his face and nose next to my pussy and took a deep whiff. His eyes closed as he took in the subtle perfume and my feminine scent blended. I could tell it excited him by his breathing acceleration. I shoved his face into me and rubbed against his face. “You want that don’t you Derek?”

All he could do was nod, for he wasn’t allowed to speak yet. I pulled him with both hands, hard against me and grinded against his face and then shoved his head away from me. “Kiss my boots!”

Derek tried to move back enough to bend to kiss my boots, one and then the other, as I lifted one leg and rested it on his bent back and as I pulled him with my leg towards me, I lifted his body with my other leg so that he rose as he came forward. “Mouth my pussy Derek!”

Through the thin silk of skimpy panties, Derek used his mouth to caress and excite me. He wanted so much to please me. He worked fast with his own excitement and I slapped at his shoulder and told him to go slow. He slowed his pace and started to use his tongue against the silk, trying to slip it against my clit. Again I slapped at his shoulder and told him that I hadn’t told him to do that. Derek paused not knowing what to do and a bit stunned and I slapped at his shoulder again and told him I hadn’t told him to stop. He quickly continued to mouth my pussy through the silk.

I could feel myself growing wet and I wanted so much to move ahead, to go faster and reach a climax I had anticipated for months, but I had to hold myself back because there was a lot more that was important than a climax. “Slip your tongue into my panties Derek! You may act freely, using only your mouth and tongue, but you may enter my panties now.”

Watching him turn and twist and struggle to get beneath the silk and to my flesh made me smile. He was trying so hard and I was quite pleased with what he was actually able to accomplish, because my panties were rather tight. His tongue moved between silk and skin trying to force it through and around so that he could get to my pussy. Trying to keep the silk separated so that his tongue could do more than just get there was a challenge and I knew he was having a difficult time, but he wanted so to do what I ordered and please me, that he was determined and excited.

When his tongue finally lashed against my pussy lips and entered to lick at my clit, I let him lick for a couple of moments, personally wanting him to continue, but not being able to let it continue. I stood with him falling back with a look of surprise and concern over his performance. His expression, vulnerable and unsure tugged at my heart, but I continued.

I took the key to the handcuffs from a strap on my boot and un-cuffed him. I then pushed him onto the carpeted floor, face up and stood, slipping my panties down and off, slowly. Derek lay below me, so handsome. I straddled him and stood there looking at him intensely and gave him a small and slight smile as I lowered myself and moved upward to straddle his face. I rested my pussy on him and moved my hands over my breast and started to gently move against his mouth. Derek hadn’t been told to do anything and laid there as I moved against him, eyes wide with excitement. He watched as I touched myself and took in my every expression, breathing harder against me with his hot breath.

“You may speak freely now Derek.” I smiled because my pussy wouldn’t allow free speech.

He mumbled something against my pussy, giving a vibration feeling for me and surely, frustrating and exciting him at the same time. Who ever said pleasing a mistress was going to be easy? I laughed inwardly. I pushed myself hard against him and backed off a bit as I ordered him to ‘do it’!

He half groaned and whimpered at the same time and I smiled as he used his lips and tongue to work magic on his mistress’s pussy. His excitement grew when I made my own sounds of pleasure and he quickened his pace and now sucked against my clit. I had waited so long for this and yet I couldn’t let it be so simple or so quick!

Derek brought me close to a climax and as my head fell back, I pushed myself away from his mouth as he tried to grab my hips and keep me close and reached with his mouth to continue. He so wanted to please me and continue! I laughed as well as one can when all they want to do is cum and threw his hands off me. As I moved away I lifted his shirt to touch the flesh of his stomach. I then, sat on his stomach, grinding my wet pussy all over him and smiling at him.

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