Miss James’s Lesson Ch. 03

Miss James’s Lesson Ch. 03

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Miss James stretched her leg up out from the mountain of bubbles and slid her hand down towards her foot. The warm water lapped all over her body, relaxing and reinvigorating her after such an exertive day at work. She had left early from the college; Peter had assured her that he would let them know she was ill. Her mind had been in a daze when she stumbled in through the door and collapsed onto her bed without even removing her cum stained clothing. She had woken up only a little while ago feeling a little stiff in places, and she decided to pamper herself in preparation of the evening’s events. As she lay in the warm soapy water her thoughts strolled back among her memories of what had happened, without doubt the best day she’d ever had at the college. She felt herself getting warmer between her thighs and her nipples start to harden, and she smiled to herself like a child who’d climbed up and gotten to the chocolate biscuits without anyone knowing.

She came back to the classroom in her mind, the place empty but for tables’ chairs and the two of them. It was the way he’d touched her… She saw in her minds eye how she had been utterly powerless to resist him. Up against the door of the classroom he had commanded her body to obey him and it had. She watched now as his fingers invaded her, forcing her onto her toes, finger fucking her hard and fast. She watched the unbridled lust in her own eyes, as her mind abandoned her leaving only an overwhelming need in her body. She watched as her body rose and fell in a staggering climb to unknown heights. An orgasm so powerful she had passed out… Then suddenly she was there, living her memory. Her back was to the door and she stood, forced to her tiptoes, staring into the boy’s deep dark eyes, and she was cumming…

Miss James gasped as her orgasm took her, washing over her body like a wave, making her shudder. She hadn’t even touched herself.

She lay back, languishing in the slippery warmth of her bubble bath. She reached for a glass of white wine that waited patiently on the stand by the tub and took a sip. Her fingers trailed slowly through the soapy water that clung to her body, washing over her nipples and lapping at her sensuous curves. Even though she had been exhausted after the day’s events, her sex was absolutely throbbing at the thought of what was to come, but she still had one minor detail to take care of.

Mike came in tired as usual. He’d had a long day at the office and was looking forward to curling up in bed next to his gorgeous wife of nearly fifteen years. He walked into the kitchen, and found a note waiting for him.

“There’s wine in the fridge, pour yourself a glass and get comfortable, Ill be down soon. AND DON’T YOU DARE COME UPSTAIRS!!!”

“What on earth is she up to?” Thought Mike. He poured himself some wine and went and sat on the couch in the living room taking the bottle with him. The TV was on standby and he kicked off his shoes and reached for the remote to turn it on. Plastered to the remote control was a post-it note telling him to push the play button for the VCR. As he obeyed, the video recorder whirred into life, and onto the 42 inch screen appeared a scene with two women lying on a bed together kissing. Mike smiled. Now understanding what was going on he unbuttoned his shirt collar and allowed him self to relax. He hadn’t seen this video before and vaguely wondered where his wife had gotten it. He sipped the wine; it was strong but very pleasant, one of his favourites. He laid the glass on the coffee table and settled himself in front of the screen. Tonight was going to be a good night.

By the time he finished the glass, his cock was straining in his trousers and he had almost forgotten that he was waiting for his wife. The couple on the screen, one black the other oriental, had started out slow. Lots of kissing and touching each other for what seemed an eternity. The cameraman seemed to follow so many lingering caresses, that Mike felt he must know both women’s bodies as intimately as they did. Just as he was beginning to feel a little bored and wonder where his wife was, the black girl on the bed raised her hand and slapped the oriental girls pussy. It wasn’t a hard slap, but it made her yelp in what seemed part surprise and part pleasure with just a touch of pain. The black girl started to rub her partners pussy vigorously, her fingers pressed over the Asian girls mound moving in fast firm circles. The petite little Asian moaned and yelped again as her pussy was once more spanked. She was on her back her legs spread wide as her partner lay at her side kissing her neck and bringing her off with surprising intensity. Mike couldn’t quite figure out what it was about the scene, but there was something in the way the black girl controlled her partners pleasure; bringing her higher then dropping her down, spanking her and teasing her… something about it got to him and made his whole body itch for sex. As he poured himself another glass of wine, his free mersin escort hand was fumbling with his trousers trying to free his painfully rigid member. He took a sip and quickly took hold of his cock and started stroking. The black girl had now straddled her partners face and was feeding a bright pink vibrator into the girl’s quim while her own pussy smothered the poor little Asian. Mike was lost to the feelings slowly being ignited in his body, and didn’t notice his wife step quietly into the room behind him.

Miss James had decided that simple but effective was the best way to go this evening. She had selected a pair of sheer black stockings and a bra and thong set, also in black. She wore a pair of heels which brought her a good two inches taller than her husbands 5’9″ and just for fun she added a straight black wig that brushed down past her shoulders, and a pair of black velvet gloves that covered her forearms to her elbows. She smiled to herself as she came into the living room and her saw her husband playing with himself, eyes glued to the television. She knew he’d like the video, but she had better get to him before he showed a little too much appreciation for it.

Slowly Miss James’ walked around the couch her hips swinging with model-perfect rhythm. She stopped in front of him; facing him with her hands on her hips, her legs apart and a very sexy smile on her face.

“You naughty boy,” she said, “you’ve started without me!”

Mikes attention was totally on his wife now. He drank in her presence, his eyes moving up her long slender legs so smooth in those stockings. Her flesh was so pink and tender at the tops of her thighs. He marvelled at the way her thong hugged and outlined her pussy, and how soft her skin looked on her toned slim figure. The black wig stopped just short of her perfectly petite breasts and framed her elfin features such that it made him yearn to kiss her. They had a good sex life together and often played out fantasies, but this was the first time in a very long while that his wife had taken charge. The sight of her like this was having an even bigger effect on him than the movie had.

Miss James looked back at the screen. The black girl was using a big, thick strap-on dildo and pounding her partner, giving her the fucking of her young life, doggy style. She hummed in appreciation and let a velvet-gloved finger draw a line down her belly and slowly start rubbing her pussy through her thong. She was still very wet and her lips were swollen under the soft fabric. She felt as if she could cum right there in front of her hubby. She looked at him, and knew she had to wait a while if her plan was to work, but seeing his face she knew she would have a lot of fun. The movements of his wife’s fingers transfixed Mike’s eyes and he unconsciously began matching her pace with his hand on his cock. His breathing was slow and deep, and she looked back at him, letting her eyes meet his. She knew that she had him right where she wanted him, and slowly without another word, she descended to her knees and took him in her mouth.

Mike knew he was going to cum and nothing could stop him now. She held just the head of his aching erection in her mouth, with her eyes still locked to his. His breathing quickened and he reached his hands to her head. A jolt of pain shot through him as Miss James bit down hard on his cock just below the head and he gasped sharply in surprise, his hands grabbing the cushions either side of him.

“No touching!” came his wife’s suddenly impish voice and she reached out and grabbed his hands holding them firmly by his sides.

Mike’s face contorted; he was ready to burst. He needed release so badly, to feel his wife pump her lips up and down his shaft! As she expertly took him again in her mouth he moaned and rocked his head back. Her lips and tongue stroked over his cock so softly. She took him all the way to the base, deep-throating his shaved manhood and sucking so exquisitely. He felt his stomach muscles start to twitch, as though his whole body would ejaculate his seed when he finally slipped over the edge. His fists clenched but remained firmly pinned against the couch, and he let out another loud moan. He looked down again; her eyes were still locked on him. An impish grin held her angelic features, almost mocking him through a mouthful of cock. She raked her teeth up and down the length of his shaft mixing his pleasure with pain just the way he liked it. His cock twitched and Mike cried out as it exploded, firing a thick creamy load of cum into the back of his wife’s throat. Quickly she moved off him just in time for the second and third jets to splash onto her cheek.

Miss James loved the taste of her hubbies cum and she savoured it on her tongue while he regained his breath. Before he could say anything, she kneeled on the couch straddling him and kissed him hard on the lips, making him taste his own sperm. She felt so devilish seducing her hubby like this and her pussy was mersinescort.asia practically bubbling with juice at the thought of how hot she made him. The kiss went on, there mouths sliding against each other, letting his gooey cum flow back and forth. She held his face in her hands and he sat with his arms around her waist. He felt his passions burning out of control under the guidance of his kinky sexy wife. Then she pulled away and began to unbutton his shirt. A small sliver of cream ran down his chin, and she licked it off before slipping her gloved hands inside the shirt and caressing his chest with her silky fingertips. She circled his nipples and traced over his muscles feeling them twitch beneath her gloved fingers. He loved having his nipples teased, and she could see that every second aroused him more and more, though his cock stayed limp…

“…For now,” she thought.

She slithered lower, feeling her skin tingle as he kissed her soft body as it brushed past his face. She needed him hard again. Once was usually his limit, but she resolved to herself with a little chuckle that she was going to get him up if it killed him.

Miss James raised the glass of wine to her husband’s lips and let him drink. She tilted the glass higher, making him drink faster and faster until it was overflowing from his lips and running down his chest. She giggled and licked at his toned body, tasting the sweet flavour and inhaling the heady scent. She took one of his nipples in her mouth, sucking and teasing him some more. Her hand reached down for his cock and she gently slid her sheathed fingers over his limp member. Mike’s breathing was deepening again. His cheeks were still ruddy from his earlier exertions and his whole body was sensitive to his wife’s touch. He reached instinctively for her head, and felt again the sting of her teeth on his flesh as she bit down on his nipple. Tonight she was in control, and she was going to keep it that way. He moaned in protest, but felt his cock beginning to stir once more.

“God, you horny slut! What are you doing to me?” he sighed.

Miss James gave no reply, but to bite and suck at his nipples even more. He arched his back pushing his chest to her and let out another moan. She could feel his manhood beginning to swell in her hand and she knew he was almost ready.

She pulled off his trousers and underwear leaving him completely naked, and while one hand continued to stroke his nipple, she lifted his cock with the other, and licked him from his balls to his tip. Miss James rolled back her husband’s foreskin and circled her tongue around his head, sucking it tenderly into her mouth and slipping her tongue into the hole. A low groan descended from Mike as he watched his cock stretch and swell between his wife’s lips. The sound of him moaning in pleasure from her ministrations seemed to reverberate in Miss James’s pussy and send a shiver through her body. She hummed on his cock and threw her head into his lap devouring him; sucking him as hard as she could. Licking and grinding her teeth into his cock, almost snarling as she fucked his cock with her mouth pumping her head up and down his now hard seven inches. Mike couldn’t help himself; he grabbed the back of his wife’s head and worked his hips up to meet her lips. Miss James didn’t care anymore; her mind was swimming with lust as she sucked her hubby’s hard sweet cock. Being in control of him like this: bringing him to peaks and throwing him back down at will, feeling him powerless to her desire made her whole body burn. Her eyes were locked to her husband, who sat pressed back into the couch mouth open and torn between crying and cumming. Slowly Miss James brought her passion under control, remembering that she needed him hard for a while longer if her plan was to work. She sank her lips down to the shaven base of his cock one last time taking him into the back of her throat and sucking, her lips pressing into the sticky wetness of his bare tummy, her tongue massaging his cock and flicking against his fraenulum. He moaned a long tortured moan as she held him there, feeling him rock hard in her hot soft mouth. Then she pulled away freeing him and admiring her handy work: her husband red and panting, his cock harder than she ever remembered it and a look in his eyes that spoke of nothing but sex.

When they got into the bedroom Miss James brushed away his advances and ignored his protests, pushing him down onto the bed and dropping to her knees once again. To Mike her tongue felt so good as it bathed his balls in her saliva. They felt so full and swollen and her tongue’s touch was like electricity. Its caress was like silk, making them ring with pleasure. She took one in her mouth and sucked it gently. Mike nearly gagged at the almost painful tingling he felt. His left hand bunched the sheets in his fist, while his right squeezed his nipple hard as he began to pant again. His wife’s velvet glove slid slowly up and down his straining shaft as her mouth engulfed his balls.

“I’m going to cum… Oh God you horny sexy bitch I’m going to cum!”

Miss James ignored him, continuing her assault on his balls, and squeezing his cock as she pumped, watching the big sticky drops of pre-cum forming at his tip and rolling down his shaft.

“Oh Fuck! Oh fuck that’s it! Lick me you bitch! Make me cum!!!”

“Now,” thought Miss James. Quickly she pulled away from his cock and picked up a red silk scarf that she’d left rolled up into a narrow strip on the bedside table. Before he knew what was happening she had wrapped the soft piece of cloth around the base of his cock and balls and tied it off in a tight little bow underneath him.

At first Mike felt nothing but fumbling and something soft against his skin. Then, as she finished tying it off the sudden constricting feeling in his groin took hold of him, and his mouth dropped open as he realised what she had done. Within a few seconds his member had swollen up by more than half an inch in all directions. Every vein in his cock stood out like tree roots through the ground, and he looked and felt like his cock and balls were about to explode.

“You evil little…”

“Shhhh, naughty boy!” cooed his wife as she crawled up over his body. “I think your starting to talk far too much. Why don’t I give that mouth of yours something more useful to do?” And so saying she grabbed his face in one hand and kissed him hard on the lips while her other hand teased under the head of his aching manhood.

“I… I’m going to explode,” panted Mike as the kiss broke.

Miss James just smiled and whispered in his ear, “Not until I say so.” Then she continued to crawl forward, until the now soaked gusset of her thong rubbed against his nose and lips. Mike inhaled deeply the sweet scent of his wife’s cunt and opened his mouth to taste her. Miss James pushed herself upright so she was kneeling with his head trapped between her thighs and began to rub her pussy into his face.

Mike snarled as he attacked his wife’s pussy. His mouth was wide and his tongue lashed out at her crotch. She was humping his face with abandon, taking pleasure from his ruddy features rubbing against her mound. He gasped, almost choking on the scent of her, the painful pressure building in his cock merged into the smothering sensations of his wife’s relentless onslaught. Miss James ground her pussy into her hubbies face with no thought of mercy in her mind. She moaned loud and long her hips rocking, grinding her soaking cunt into him through her thong. She rubbed herself hard into his mouth and nose exalting in the power and ecstasy of it. She was taken back to her encounter with Peter: How he’d choked her nearly to death on his massive member and then cum so hard and so copiously over her face. Now as she smothered her husband beneath her, driving his desire to new heights and forcing him to pleasure her, she knew that power: that unbridled self-serving lust and what it was to dominate and be worshiped for it. She fucked his face with her pussy until his arms and legs flailed beneath her body and his cock fired jets of hot sticky spunk high into the air and he cried out into her cunt until he was horse.

Mike could not believe how intense it had been. He had just experienced the most painful orgasm he’d had, and he was still shaking from it. His heart pounded in his chest as his wife took his cock in her mouth again, sucking his cum from it and licking it from his belly and thighs. As she licked up to his chest, she reached for the glass of wine on the bedside table and emptied its contents over his nose and mouth. He spluttered, choking as he tried to swallow and he sat up quickly. Miss James giggled like some infernal schoolgirl and continued to tease his cock and balls. Mike was semi erect, the pressure from the scarf was less now and his manhood was visibly throbbing as it tried to come down from its aroused state. His wife though had other ideas, and the makeshift cock-ring helped to keep him standing even when mike felt he could not go on.

She swallowed Mike’s cock one last time, sucking it steadily into the back of her throat and lovingly massaging it with her mouth. He moaned aloud, an incoherent sound of frustration and joy and exhaustion all combined. He was exhausted and his head buzzed and burned from the alcohol, yet his wife would not let him rest.

Eventually Miss James let her husband’s hard pulsating cock slip from her lips. She stood, towering over him, as he lay exhausted on the bed. She removed her bra, and steadily eased down her soaked thong. Her nipples were like bullets protruding from her petite pink breasts, and her shaven pussy glistened with all the juice it had been bathed in through the night. A thin film of sweat coated her whole body giving her a warm slippery glow in the dim lamplight of the bedroom and Mike’s breaths shortened as he was awed again by her raw sexual power. Miss James moved to stand with her feet on either side of him, her pussy lined up with his cock. Slowly, she sank down until she was squatting so the curve of her bum rested gently on his balls, and her starving pussy had engulfed and devoured his throbbing prick…

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