Miss Florence Ch. 03


If you haven’t read part one or two this will make no sense to you. This chapter will conclude the adventures of Tom and Florence.


With our marriage came a new set of issues. Company policy was going to change regarding managers being allowed to marry those under their authority. The new policy was due to go into effect on January 31st. We were married on January first but there were still some who looked upon our relationship negatively.

Our bank was still a family owned entity, one of only 16 left in our state. There were four branches, and though ours was the second largest, it was by far the most profitable. Had fewer loans fail and had a higher customer service rating than any of the rest, not to mention the highest level of reserves on hand. Tom had a knack for making money legally and it showed in the results of his efforts.

Still our marriage created a dilemma for the family who owned it. One of the two sons who would eventually take over wanted to get rid of me, or get rid of Tom, their dad did not want either action. I had worked for the Hanson family my entire life, starting with Gilbert, who had been the present president’s dad. He retired about six years into my employment with his son Paul taking over. Now Paul’s sons were about to take over and while the younger was a good manager, the older could care less about people.

We were at home one evening watching television when Paul called. He greeted me and chatted before asking if he and his wife Lillian could come over. I asked him to give us 20 minutes to change out of night clothes and I’d have some coffee ready when they got here. Arriving was like a family reunion. It had been months since I’d seen them. He and I shook hands, Lillian and I hugged, we had always gotten along well. Paul went right to Tom, shaking his hand, congratulating us on our marriage and then scolding because we had done it on the sly.

They were in the area and wanted to say hi. I brought out cookies and coffee, we sipped and crunched until I broke the silence.

“Paul, you and Lillian didn’t come here to have cookies with us. What can we do for you?”

“You know the shit storm your marriage has caused, at least in our oldest sons eyes it’s a shit storm. Personally, Lil and I think it’s great, you both look very happy together. Florence, you will have been with us 37 years this spring, longer than anyone except me. Tom, you’re my top manager of all four branches. You’ve been smart with which loan applications you bring to the loan board, weeding out the ones that won’t possibly qualify before we even look at them.”

“You know more about the worldwide banking system and crunching numbers than anyone else within our company. Some of your ideas have made our banks millions of dollars. Our dilemma is not you two being together as much as it is Tom being your boss. If you two were equal I could tell the oldest boy of ours to cram it. I could do it as is, but it would create a pissing contest. With most of the local banks being taken over by conglomerates the bank doesn’t need that kind of negative coverage.”

Lillian spoke next. “On our way we had a lot of windshield time, which allowed us a lot of uninterrupted conversation time as well. Our boys will take over eventually, presently Paul and I own 60% of the corporation, the boys each hold 20%. What Paul and I want to do right now is find a way to guarantee they can’t get rid of either one of you. And we think we’ve found one. Paul, why don’t you tell them, lets see what they think.”

“I’m still the president, Lil is still the VP. We can enact promotions or demotions without any input from the boys or the board. What we’re proposing is creating a new position to move Florence into, on a salary scale equal to yours Tom. That will settle it, there will be nothing they can do.”

Tom was as perplexed, as I was. Tom spoke, “There can’t be two managers at the bank, anything with two heads is a freak. There will be nothing but chaos.”

“Paul answered, “Agreed, we aren’t talking about making her a bank manager, we’re talking about creating a position as a trainer of tellers throughout our banking system. Florence would go into each bank on a periodic basis, evaluate areas in need of improvement, and then implement training in those areas. She needs to be equal in pay or those managers will tell her to piss off and change nothing.”

Tom was hesitant, “Florence is planning to retire in less than six months, we’ll just do it now.”

Lillian spoke directly to Tom.

“You don’t want to place your wife in harms way, we understand that, but nobody else understands our system like Flo. I will personally go with Flo on the initial visit to the other three branches and I can guarantee you that not one of those swingin dicks will challenge me. Please excuse my language. Should she encounter resistance she’ll have my cell. If I get a call from her about something like that, heads will roll.”

It was finally my turn to gaziantep grup escort bayan say something.

“Just how often are these bank visits supposed to occur? Do I go in unannounced or will they get advance notice so they can try to hide things? If I recommend something will that recommendation be followed up on, or is this all for show and to placate Tom and me? Cuz if it’s for show, I’ll retire now. With Tom’s salary, my profit sharing and what I have in a 401K we won’t suffer, and pardon my French, but we won’t have to put up with your pissant son.”

I was pissed and not done, “To think I changed their dirty diapers, helped teach them how to wipe their little butts and now the little shit wants to cast me out. Where the hell is his loyalty to match mine, I’ve half a mind to say F-it and walk away. Boy, this pisses me off.”

There was a lengthy silence none of us liked, I spoke again. “My apologies, I shouldn’t have gone off the deep end like that. I blame it on Tom, he hasn’t made love to me yet today.”

Paul’s face turned red and his mouth hung open. Lillian laughed and gave me a high five. (We might have fist bumped if we’d have known what the hell that was.) That seemed to break the otherwise tense moment. I looked at Tom and asked what he thought.

“When does it begin? You still haven’t said how often. Will she be reimbursed mileage? If she has to spend a night will she be reimbursed for a room and have a per diem for meals? I want to know my bride will be looked after and compensated for her efforts.”

Paul had answers. “To start with I want her to go in stealth. Very few of those people know her, certainly not the managers. I want her to open a checking account with money we’ll supply. I want her to conduct three or four transactions, create a report copying me and personally giving it to the bank manager. After that it will be based on when we think things need to be looked at, at least once a month I would think. She can continue to float at this branch when she isn’t out, as long as she isn’t at a window full time.”

I spoke directly to Tom, “Hun, it sounds like my inspections will be day trips 99% of the time. I’ll be home each night sweetheart, I just might not be here to make you supper every night. I have a question. If I finish before the end of the day, is the rest of the day mine, or do I have to report somewhere?”

Paul was looking more comfortable now that we seemed to be okay with his proposal.

“Your day is yours once you’re finished. I’ll distribute a letter to each branch letting them know there will be spot inspections beginning in June. Most of them procrastinate and will wait until spring before they do anything. Between now and then you’ll visit each branch, type up recommendations, and get them to me. Together we’ll make a joint first visit with the recommendations.”

Tom and I felt it was something worth trying, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The boys would be taking over the day to day operations beginning June first. Each overseeing two of the four banks. Thankfully ours will be under the younger brother. There was a little more chit chat about Christmas, grandkids, and how their health was holding up before they left.

I knew Tom was horny, but I no longer was.

“Tom, can I give you a blowjob? I know you’re horny, and I was when we came home, but after that conversation I have zero desire to screw.”

Tom asked if I was sure, I nodded. I sucked him slow and deep, the way he liked it. His body was tense when I started but began to relax some as I worked his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. He was moaning, telling me how good I was at sucking his cock. That in turn provided a modicum of enthusiasm for me as I stayed the course, determined to bring my husband to a climax in my mouth.

Tom’s hands were playing in my hair, running his fingers through both sides, gently holding it to stroke into my mouth a few times. His legs were stiffening, his breath was staggered and I could hear his heart pounding in his chest. The head swelled as his shaft widened, I pulled my head back as I felt the cum rising up his dick. My lips were wrapped around the head and when the first shot hit my mouth I was ready. I swallowed his entire load minus a few drops on the corners of my mouth.

I was so proud of myself. It had been the first time I’d been able to take his entire load of hot creamy goodness. I didn’t mind the taste of my lovers cum. In fact, I’d come to view it as a treat no one got but me. Tom’s legs were still shaking as I lay my head on his thigh, sweat was running down his face and chest.

“Baby, you took it all, I’m so proud of you. Would you like me to do you now?”

“Hun uh, I’d rather save it for another night when I feel more like having you wash your face in my pussy.”

As I said that Tom’s cock twitched, some days I wonder if all he thinks about is pussy.

Over the güneyşehir escort bayan next two days we made the decision to accept Paul and Lil’s offer. I let them know by phone, Lil said she’d get the paperwork drawn up and mailed to our home. We didn’t want it going to the bank and someone opening it by accident.

Tom and I went over the contract several times looking for any legalese lingo we may have missed. We found none, the contract was straight forward. My salary would equal Tom’s monetarily, my benefits already exceeded his, I would be reimbursed for mileage using the IRS rate for that year. If I needed to be gone from home overnight all my lodging and meals would be covered. Once I signed the contract a company credit card would be issued to me for official use.

I Fed-Ex’d it directly to Paul and Lillian. The next day I got a call from Lil thanking me, explaining my salary change would begin on Monday, three days from now.

Now that we could be open with our marriage I was much more comfortable showing Tom affection in public. Nothing lewd, just hugs, or a kiss, a pat on his butt. I had grown fond of walking with my hand in his back pocket. If his arm was around my shoulders it was a given my hand was in his back pocket. He found it affectionate, I found it erotic, my hand on the ass that propelled his yummy cock into the depths of my hot box.

Our town had a fitness center, nothing fancy, but more than adequate. Tom was used to going early mornings two days a week when the weather was cold or exceptionally wet. He asked if I’d like to join him with my first reaction being one of fear. I played fast pitch softball during high school and was fit then, but this was almost 40 years later.

“Honey, I want to go, but I don’t want to be embarrassed. Or embarrass you. I can’t compete with those younger women in the body department.”

“Come with me for two weeks, that’s four visits, then make a decision. Whatever you decide I will honor.”

I’m an early riser as is Tom, I thought what the hell. I can be with him a few more hours a day. First day was horrible. Some super fitness freak chick was pushing me to try this and that, wearing me out and nothing else. Just as I was ready to go and tell Tom to stuff it, a middle aged lady approached me.

“Florence you don’t know me, but I know you, you’ve waited on me at your window for years. I saw you were struggling, let me put your mind at rest. That girl is batshit crazy, she’ll kill you, when all you want to do is tone up. Am I right?”

“I want to please my husband and tone my body, so I can keep up within reason.”

“Is your husband here?”

I pointed at Tom. “Well done.” She muttered. “Meet me here on Thursday, I’ll help you get started on simple things to tone your muscles and strengthen your core at the same time.”

Pulling her aside and whispering I asked, “Will any of this strengthen my kegel muscles, I read that was important for married ladies.”

She smiled at me, “Miss Florence, you old fox, good on you honey. Yes, I’ll incorporate some exercises into a routine. You’ll wow your hunky guy in ways he never imagined.”

Thursday morning we were at the center by 6:00, it gave us time to exercise and still be able to eat breakfast before we left for work. I met Charlie (Charlene) as I was changing. She commented on my silk panties, wondering where I’d gotten them. After telling her, she mentioned she’d be making a trip to town this weekend.

Charlie got me started with simple pain free movements, designed to firm up what was there and help get rid of any cellulite I might be harboring. I was doing enough to increase my heart rate and work up a sweat. Showering with younger women was an interesting experience. Nearly everyone one of them had shaved vaginas. They asked why I didn’t shave.

“I figure if we were supposed to be bare God never would have made us to grow hair. Besides, my husband loves my fur and would be upset if I removed it. I personally don’t know how you can put up with shaving every day, it must itch like hell.”

Charlie cocked one eye, “Your husband likes it?”

“You’d be surprised what your man likes. Men are visual, they need something to titillate their senses. A full, or nicely trimmed bush, will do just that. Do any of you wear garter belts and stockings? Or thigh highs with sexy panties? Those are guaranteed erection tools ladies.”

One of the young housewives asked, “How do you know it’ll work Flo?”

“I’m 54, my husband will soon be 36 and ALL of his attention is on me. He says my sexy undies keep him in a perpetual state of arousal all day.”

Getting dressed another gal commented I always seemed to wear dresses at work or when she’d seen us out. I smiled and told her they provided easy access. Her face turned beet red. Working with Charlie each Tuesday and Thursday began to pay off. I noticed my strength was returning and my stamina had islahiye escort bayan increased dramatically. Tom commented one night after making love he could tell the difference in my body.

There were now 7 of us girls meeting twice a week, when Charlie started me on the kegel exercises they all wanted to do them as well. I wasn’t sure if they were making a difference or not until a Saturday night when Tom had his meat buried deep in my pussy. We were in missionary position, my knees alongside my body hooked in Tom’s arms, me holding on for dear life as he pummeled my hungry cunt. I was squeezing his cock with my vagina as he stroked me, he was moaning constantly, I noticed he was going to cum sooner than normal.

I’d lowered my legs as we lay in aftermath bliss. His cock was still stiff inside me. I began flexing and loosening my kegels, stimulating his dick enough to get hard again. I had my hands on his ass so he couldn’t pull out. His breathing was getting erratic and his body was quivering slightly.

“Tommy, are you getting ready to cum again?

“Flo, what are you doing to me with your pussy? It feels heavenly.”

“I’ll let you stroke me now, mama needs her pussy filled a second time. Fuck your little toy baby.”

That man found energy I don’t think he knew he had. Dick sliding in and out, skin slapping skin, both of us out of breath and then the rush of climax overtaking us. I yelped as he unloaded, and he grunted like an old boar hog. It was so damn good.

He rolled off and was asleep before I could return with a washcloth. I raised a finger in the air as if I was saying, “chalk up a victory for Florence, that boy is fucked out.”

Life was in a routine we both enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the mornings with the girls at the center. The shit they would talk about was insane. I noticed three of them were sporting a little bit of a muff.

I enquired, “So what’s with the bush girls? I thought your men liked you shaved.”

The youngest one piped up, “So did we, until we started to let it grow and found out our husbands liked, as mine put it, having salad each time he got some pussy. Or as Jenna’s husband says, mumbling in the moss.”

I smiled in their direction.

“Whatever works girls, my goal is to keep his tummy full and his balls empty. I meet him every day when he walks through the door, sometimes I’m dressed, sometimes I’m not. He knows he’s my man and no other dick will ever be inside me.”

Little did I know the impact my naivety was having on those ladies, teaching these supposedly worldly girls how to please their husbands. All of them, shaved or not began wearing thigh highs, or stockings with straps. Two of them ditched thongs every day to boy shorts or silk bikini panties, only wearing a thong when needed to prevent panty lines. I, on the other hand, had finally bought a thong to wear with one of my tighter pencil skirts.

We were all drying and dressing one Tuesday morning when Shirley, a 37 year old, asked me how often we made love.

“Every time Tom has the urge, or if I’m feeling randy enough to pursue it. In our house sex is never off the table unless one of us has health issues. And sometimes it’s on the table. Literally.”

Snickers and laughter filled the room. I don’t think some of those younger girls were expecting such information out of an old spinster. There was a new girl at the center the next time we went. A beauty. Slender figure, enhanced tits too big for her body, a tight ass and pretty face to go along with the long bleached blonde hair.

She was focusing her attention on Tom. No matter where he went, she was there also, making a nuisance of herself. At one point I heard one of the gals tell her Tom was married and devoted to his wife. She commented she’d never met a man she couldn’t get in bed. Tom left where he was and started toward me, she was right on his heels as he snatched me up from my machine, pulled me in tight with his left hand and put his right hand in my hair. He pulled me in tight and Frenched me deeply.

Turning to her he said, “You’ll never know what that’s like, but my wife does. Now, piss off.”

She left, we never saw her in there again. With more stamina and energy, I was eager to do more things. We went to a dance place on the edge of town one Saturday night known for their burgers. There was live band that played a lot of country along with older rock tunes. We braved a dance or two, neither of us danced very good so we signed up for Saturday morning dance lessons. We had a blast, after several weeks we’d learned enough to hold our own, including a line dance or two.

The place was called The Barn, we started going every other Saturday night. It was there Tom encountered a guy who would not leave me alone. Tom was getting us a beer and this guy kept bugging me for a dance. I flashed my wedding rings at him, didn’t phase him a bit.

When Tom returned, the fool had the audacity to tell Tom to have me dance with him. Tom towered over him as he walked around my side of the table. The guys wife must have figured he was about to get his ass pounded because she quickly whisk him away apologizing to us.

In the house Tom hugged me tight. “I can’t take you anywhere without somebody hittin on my little slut wife.”

I was feeling rather sultry as I lowered my voice into not much more than a whisper,

If you haven’t read part one or two this will make no sense to you. This chapter will conclude the adventures of Tom and Florence. ***** With our marriage came a new set of issues. Company policy was going to change regarding managers being allowed to marry those under their authority. The new policy was…

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