Mel Meets Rick

Mel Meets Rick

Group Sex

A group of people are performing outdoor exercises. It’s a truly beautiful and serene environment – there is a golden yellow beach not so far off in the distance, the water is still and tranquil and nature surrounds the vacationers – a bright blue sky, clean air, exotic flowers, plants, and trees, the cheerful chirpings of colourful birds. There is chilled out, relaxing music playing ever so peacefully in the background. This would have to be one of the best spa and fitness themed resorts in the world.

Not so far away there is a mysterious man looking upon the fitness group, his gaze fixed with a peculiar intent. The group exercise concludes and the people disperse, off to the many luxuries of the resort that beckon them. Most are older or couples, however there is one really young man amongst them who could almost be mistaken for a boy – he looks out of place and unsure of where he is going to next. This is where our mystery man steps in, from seemingly nowhere, and approaches the boy, two cold drinks in hand.

“Care for a beverage?” the mystery man asks and offers the boy.

Looking up, he replies, “Err, is that alcohol? I don’t really drink”

“It’s a very refreshing and cold drink. You look like you could use one. You seem very uptight; this is a resort after all, let loose a little.”

There is a moment of pause.

“Wait, how old are you?”

Hesitant at first, a reply comes once eye contact is made, “I’m 21. You have to be at least 21 to even be allowed at this resort.”

“Well then, I don’t see a problem here,” he pushes the drink into the boy’s hand.

“Umm, thanks.”

“Hi, my name’s Rick.” With our mystery man’s name now revealed, he extends his hand.

“Hey, I’m Mel.”


So as I give this Rick guy my name, not wanting to be rude, I awkwardly switch the hand my drink is in and shake his outstretched hand. It’s large and meaty and he’s got a strong grip, his hand practically swallows mine.

We start walking, without any clear direction or purpose. “What brings you here, Mel?” he asks.

“Well, I won a competition online for a trip for two to this place, but I didn’t have anyone to take with me. I would have just given it to my parents but they are too busy with work.”

“What a shame. What do your parents do?”

“They are archaeologists. They work together you see, they’re on a job in Australia at the moment, so there was no way they would be back in time to make use of this free resort trip before it expires.”

We’re still walking, but I don’t know where, I’m sort of following his direction. I must seem so small next to this guy, dwarfing my 5 foot 7 frame.

“What an interesting job to work together on. How long have you been here, enjoying it so far?”

“This is only my second day here. This place is really nice, but I don’t really fit in here.” I finally take a sip of the drink he gave me. I don’t usually like alcohol, but this is really nice. It’s sweet.

“You like it?” he raises an eyebrow, expectantly.

“Ah, yeah, it’s quite nice actually.” I realise that I’ve already slurped down half of it. Oh my… My face reddens a bit, the alcohol taking on a slight effect already.

“Good, good. Here, we’ll get some more drinks.” We’re not too far from a bar and are now approaching it. He orders for us both. “One long island iced tea and I’ll have a captain and cola.” He gives the bartender what looks like a hint of a smile and a wink, but I can’t be sure. He hands me the long island iced tea. It’s really nice. The glass is curvy in shape, with a slice of lemon and an umbrella in it at the top and a straw. The drink is colourful as opposed to his, which is dark, and unlike mine it’s just a normal straight glass with ice and a small lime wedge. I suppose he gauged my taste for drinks and ordered me a drink he thought I’d like. This tastes different to the first one, but I like it a lot too.

“So, this is a long island iced tea. What was the drink you gave me before?”

“It was a sex on the beach.” He states this as if it wasn’t strange at all.

I blush in embarrassment. “Oh…” It’s all I can manage to say.

He cuts the silence as we leave the bar and start walking some more. “You seem a bit lost and lonely here, Mel. I’ve been here many times, often by myself, between business trips. I can show you around a bit if you like.”

“Umm, sure, that would be nice I guess.” It’s a bit weird, I don’t usually talk to strangers or make friends, but this guy is really friendly and I may as well make the most of this holiday.

We veer off into a spa section of the resort, less than a minute’s walk from the bar. Each spa is walled off in a wooden style hut, but with a nice view of the ocean, offering openness yet privacy at the same time. “Nothing more relaxing than a good spa, this one here is my favourite,” he tells me as his begins to strip.

He glances at me as I just stand there. This prompts me to start taking some clothes off too. Oh shit… Kartal Sınırsız Escort “Err, Rick, I don’t have the right shorts for this.”

“It’s ok, underwear is fine. Stop stressing.” He smiles and gives off a bit of a chuckle. Is he mocking me?

I can feel the effects of the drinks he’s given me – it does make me feel more at ease at least. I take notice of his appearance for the first time now that he is stripped and stepping up to enter the spa. His body is tanned and mostly smooth except for the dark hair on his muscly chest, matching his jet black hair. He is very fit and muscular actually – I find it quite intimidating.

I sense his gaze upon me and nervously I take off my clothes, turning my back to him as I do so. I feel really stupid as I am now in just my underwear, quickly sliding my limp, hairless and pale body into the spa.

The spa takes away the height difference between us at least as I sit on a higher level than him. I’m grateful for it, but now I can see his shoulders above the water, they are really wide and I still feel really small and weird. Hmm, the water temperature is perfect and the bubbles are nice, though – the smell of this place is wonderful too – the sensations relieve some of my tension.

“Ahhh.” He gives off a deep breathy sound of relaxation and pleasure as his body sinks in deeper in the water, his incredibly large arms spread out to either side of him.

I take one last sip, finishing off the drink he gave me, close my eyes and tilt my head back, my entire body, arms included, submerged in the water. I’ve been drunk before, but this is different. I feel dizzy and happy and relaxed, intensified to the extreme. What is it about this place, this spa, that drink…

My mind drifts in and out of streams of thought as I lay there, soaking in the tranquillity, until the precious moment of silence is interrupted by Rick’s deep voice. “Relaxed, yet?”

“Yeah,” I tell him breathily.

“This really is a nice place, and very expensive. I’m shocked absolutely no one came along with you.”

“Well, I don’t know many people. I don’t have many friends – none actually.” I’m surprised that I admit this to him.

“Oh, how come, you are a likeable enough young fellow.”

“School was rough to say the least. Kids used to make fun of me all the time and I became a bit of a social outcast so it was hard to make friends. They used to call me big butt Mel.”

“They did?” he asks me and looks at me with a curiosity that encourages me to go on speaking, so I do.

“Well, I used to be a bit overweight and have a largish butt, or so I was told. People at school made fun of it. But my back has this arch you see and it makes my butt look bigger than it actually is. Oh, well I do suppose it is a bit big, it still is actually. It’s quite annoying. After school I exercised and dieted because I didn’t want to put up with comments like that. I ate practically nothing for a while and would do body squats and skipping exercises, easy to do within your own house – I hate going out in public and running or going to the gym, it’s really uncomfortable. So yeah, I didn’t gain much muscle but I got really slim, actually I probably lost some muscle I think.” I’m rambling now, I better stop talking.

“Hmm, I could give you a few pointers if you like. I know a few things about this.” Obviously he does, look at him – he’s a specimen. “It’s all about calorie intake. The body requires energy to create muscle so diet is crucial and what exercises you do are important. Squats would probably add volume to your bottom if anything, which is quite funny now given the story you just told me.” He gives a breathy chuckle. “And well, different people have different bodies which distribute and remove fat differently. Perhaps your body likes to put fat down there.”

“Wow, you’re really knowledgeable on all this stuff.” I tell him this even though I’m taken aback by the body puts fat down there comment.

“Not really, when you get to my age you pick up a few things here or there.” I just realise now how much older he must be. He looks youthful, but does have an older look about him now that I think on it.

My curiosity gets the best of me. “How old are you by the way?”


“Man, you look good for your age,” I blurt out. I suddenly think of how awkward it is saying that to a guy in a private spa with me.

He isn’t fazed at all. “Thanks, Mel. I think you’ve got a good pair of legs on you, I mean, your upper body could use some serious work, but those exercises have definitely done your legs some good.”

“Oh, thanks… I guess.” It feels like a compliment but at the same time it doesn’t. But he is right after all – I’ve got no arms or chest at all, I look like a little boy compared to him.

“I still don’t buy it. Just because people called you big butt Mel, surely that doesn’t stop you from getting friends.” He interrogates me further. I feel compelled to answer.

“Certain things Kartal Suriyeli Escort happened… It all started with this one time after gym class where I was getting changed and someone pulled down my underwear, revealing my dick, which was pointing straight up to the ceiling, a dead giveaway that I was indeed hard at the time. I was teased and humiliated pretty severely for being so aroused and for having what they called a small dick. I mean, it really isn’t that small, it was mainly the angle and lighting in the room and people making up stories, you know.” Why am I telling him all of this? I feel so talkative and unreserved all of a sudden, telling a complete stranger such embarrassing things, but at the same time it’s great to let go and talk about it all.

“That’s rough.” He sympathizes with me. “Kids can be pretty brutal over petty things.”

“Yeah,” I smile at him.

“How big is your dick?” I’m caught off guard as the question takes me by surprise. I am left speechless for a brief moment.

He pauses and waits for a bit, I then stammer “Ahh, well, I-it-it’s. I’ve measured it and it’s about 5 inches.”

“Did you measure it properly? A lot of guys don’t measure it properly.” What the hell is with these questions? Jeez.

“I measured from underneath, from the balls to tip.”

Yeah, that’s wrong. You gotta go from on top, so your measurement would probably be under 5. It’s definitely small, but things could be a lot worse.” Did he seriously just say that – fuck – I feel my face redden with embarrassment. He follows up with, chuckling along the way, “You can still fuck a girl, can’t you? Blue eyed, light brown haired, freckled young boy such as yourself – surely you’ve caught the interest of a few girls.”

I interject, “Man, I hate these freckles on my nose and cheeks. They make me look so young. I’m glad there are so few of them.”

He comforts me in that same strange way again. “It ain’t so bad. Some people are into that, kiddo. Got any sex stories?”

“I’ve got a few, but they aren’t very good.”

“Go on then.”

My head is spinning. Girls at school would usually just look at me and giggle, whispering to each other all the time. And just in general, there’s this weird, awkward vibe whenever I’m around a girl. I get nervous and they seem as uncomfortable as I do around them. The result is I don’t have much of a sex life and very few, really shitty, stories to tell.

“Well? I’m waiting…” Oh, shit, right, sex stories.

By now I’ve totally lost all inhibitions and dive head first into another talkative spree. “There was this one time. I was at this huge house party, so many people were there. There was this cute girl and everyone was extremely drunk. I was so off it – dancing like a moron and stuff and she started dancing with me, soon after she grabbed my hand and dragged me into a room where we started kissing and grinding up on each other, it was really hot. I then got so hard and excited that I came whilst we were dry humping. When I couldn’t get it up again she got bored and left.” He laughs.

“Now that’s a good story. I don’t know what you were on about.” I give a weak doubtful smile, his laughter feeling like jabs to my gut.

I talk on in an attempt to end the laughter. “This other time, for the school formal I scored a pretty good looking date somehow. Everyone had to bring a date, you see. So yeah, I thought things were going quite well. We ate and talked, had really good conversation and we danced and I even gave her a kiss during a slow song as I held her in my arms. I kept working her and took her to an after party, but then she disappeared. I spent the next 15 minutes looking for her. When I finally found her she was with a guy in the year under me and they were fucking like rabbits, so I ran home and tried my best to forget.”

“What a bitch.” I’m glad he agrees with me.

“I know, right. So, yeah, that’s the extent of my sex stories I’m afraid.”

“Fuck me, still a virgin then, huh? You’ve got to get out more.” He’s right.

It’s my turn to ask questions. “You married or got any kids?”

“I used to be married, but not anymore, too busy with work.” He seems so nonchalant about being divorced.

He’s really close to me in the spa now – I’ve only just realised, and now his arm is draped over the back of my neck, his hand resting on my shoulder and chest, making subtle movements that see the tips of his fingers lightly touching my skin – it tingles. What the… Is he fucking gay? Was I not just talking about my past sexual experiences, they were with GIRLS.

Neither of us is speaking at this point. A big strong leg comes into contact with my hand accidentally. I can feel his hot breath on me now, but I am looking in the other direction, away from him – I feel too uncomfortable and I dare not look at his face. This situation, all these sensations invoke a stirring in my loins. What the fuck is going on here? My penis is more than soft, I can feel it move Kartal İranlı Escort and wriggle about in my underwear. Thank god the bubbles of the spa hide this.

“What did you put in my drink?” It suddenly becomes clear to me as I ask the question.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s harmless. You were too uptight, Mel. You do feel great, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah… I do, but…”

“But nothing,” He grabs my face with his other hand and turns it so that I am forced to face him.

He looks directly at me. His face is so rugged, such a strong jawline. His dark, obsidian eyes dominate mine. I try to pull my head away and I move nowhere, he has my head squarely stuck in place, squeezing my cheeks and inspecting my face. I look at him, wondering what the hell he is thinking, bewildered. His hand then slides around the back of my neck, brushing through my hair and taking hold, he draws me in closer to him, his other hand pushing me in at the shoulder end of me, and this is when he kisses me.

My lips don’t move at all – his lips are the only ones moving about. I mumble, through pursed lips, my protest to this predicament and lift both my arms out of the spa and push at his large chest in an attempt to free myself from this beast. Moving my head back away from him is equally as futile as he has the back of my neck tightly gripped. I’m so helpless and weak, there’s nothing I can do. I ball my right hand into a fist and hit his chest a few times and receive no reaction, just more kissing. My penis is now hard for some reason, perhaps it’s the sensations of touch – intensified by the drug he slipped me and the alcohol. I keep trying to stop this, but it’s useless.

I try some more and then I finally kiss him back. I did try – I don’t want this but it’s no use in fighting any further. I’ll give him what he wants – I hope it is over soon. I open my mouth ever so slightly and he massages my lips. He is very deliberate and dominant in where he wants to go with this whole kissing thing, he slips his tongue out here and there, invading between my lips and licking at my own tongue. This is nothing like the way I kissed the girls that I’ve been with before. He’s so into it, so decisive and passionate. I’m flattered by his desire for me – this is so very strange, being kissed by a man, a man much older than me no less.

He no longer needs to forcefully hold me by the neck, my head just stays there, my face pressed up against his, kissing away as he slides his hand down my back – oh god, it feels electric – his hand is so large, it traces the curve of my spine down the arch of my back and slips down into my underwear. He grasps one of my fat round cheeks, caressing and squeezing it whilst we kiss. It feels really nice and sexy as he holds me and without thinking I drape my arms around the back of his neck, pulling myself in closer and tighter. Both his hands are now exploring the entirety of my body. I’m getting really hot and flustered, my face burns and my heart rate has increased.

It keeps going for a good number of minutes, I lose track and then he suddenly lets go – my heart sinks, not wanting it to end.

I quickly snap out of it moments later, shaken up and nervous, I speak in a very cracked and high pitched voice. “I-I’m not gay. This isn’t for me. Sorry.” I edge myself away from him, putting as much distance between us as is possible in the spa.

He smiles and looks at me. I feel sick. “Oh, this isn’t for you? I’m the one that ended the kiss, sweetheart. Besides, you’re more like a girl, which doesn’t make it that gay now, does it?” What the hell is this guy’s deal?

“Err, I-I,” I stutter, struggling to find my words. “Fuck you, man. This is sexual assault!” It was all the courage I could muster. I had to say it.

He is taken aback, shakes his head and looks down for the first time ever. “Alright, alright, I’m sorry. I’ve misread the cues and have come on a little too strong, I suppose. Let’s not get too hasty and involve any form of law suit or anything like that. I sincerely apologise. Hey, look, I’ve got a lot of money. If you follow me up to my suite I’ll make sure you’re adequately compensated.” He has changed the tone of his voice and genuinely looks apologetic.

Hmm. He did say something about him being a business man before. And adequately compensated does sound rather good – I hadn’t even considered filing a law suit. “OK, fine.”

We quickly dry ourselves with the fresh towels supplied at the spa hut and I put my clothes on as fast as humanly possible. Not a word is spoken between us as I follow him to his suite. I can still feel the effects of the drug he slipped. Wait a minute – he slipped me a fucking drug, what does he mean ‘misread cues’. Bullshit!

“Well, here we are, come inside for a short moment whilst I get some money.” Holy shit, this is the most expensive and luxurious suite in the entire resort. This guy is fucking rich. I follow him inside and he enters a different room, closing the door behind him. The suite is so large – it’s majestic, luxury to the nth degree. I’m stunned for a moment, but my head is still swimming with fucked up thoughts. I keep thinking about that kiss in the spa, the way he touched me. It’s so shameful and disgusting, but I think I liked it – Ugh, I just dunno what to think anymore.

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