Meeting Off Line

Meeting Off Line


We were cyber buddies who decided to take this union off line. Not that I would encourage such behavior. You never know who you are meeting on line. But after 3 months of chatting and talking on the phone, it was a natural next step.

I made the trip and you provided the accommodations.

I knock on the door wearing a red dress and red pumps as was requested.

“Hello. May I come in?” I ask.

“Yes,” you reply. I understand that once inside these walls, I must submit to your desires. I enter.

I put down my bag and follow you into the kitchen. “How may I help you?” I ask. You turn to me and offer me a glass of wine. “Drink this.” I drink it all immediately and you offer me a second glass. “Ok. That first one was so you could relax. Take your time on this one.” I nod acceptance and take the second glass.

I sit down at the breakfast bar on a bar stool. You are arranging food on a tray. Nothing heavy. Fruit and sauces like chocolate and whipped cream. You walk up to me.

“Are you ready?” you ask.

“Yes,” I respond.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir.”


You take my glass of wine and place it on the counter. You open my legs and step in closer. My dress easily rides up and exposing my matching panties.

“Crotch less?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I feel you fingers exploring my mesh panty finding the slit.

“Very good.”

One finger enters my cunt. I gasp. As my mouth opens, your mouth covers mine. Not kissing, talking to me. Asking me how it feels. I just moan. Then another finger. I moan again.

“Is that what you want, baby?”

“Yes,” I moan.

Another finger; three total! Slowly…in…out…in…out…

I try to say your name but your thumb is rubbing my clit.

“You have something to say?”


You Sahabet remove your hands from my cunt.

“How do you taste, baby?”

You put your fingers in my mouth. I suck and lick them clean. You grab me around my waist with one hand. The other one cups my face and this time your kiss me for real. Deep, slow, passionate! I return the kiss.

You back away from me.

“Stand up.” I stand.

You raise my dress and rip off my panties.

“You won’t be needing these!”

With my dress being so short in the front I feel naked. You take my hand and lead me into the bedroom with the fruit and sauces. In the room, wine was already chilling. You place the tray on the dresser and lead me to the bed. Undoing the dress at the shoulder, you let the dress fall to the floor.

“Lay down.”

I climb on the bed.

“I want to pleasure you. But you know that my pleasure is required as well. So, you must please me in return. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

With that you leave the bed and come back with two scarves. One scarf is used to bound my hands to the headboard; the other to blindfold me. My breathing is heavy. I feel your mouth suckling my nipples. Gently at first then much harder. My moaning starts again. You kiss your way down to my slit. Finding my clit and sucking and licking it; tonguing my hole. I feel something entering my cunt. It is cold and firm. Then I taste it. A sweet, gin soaked strawberry. So sweet!

You untie my hands and turn me until my head hangs off the bed. Then I feel it. You near my face. Your cock on my lips.

“You know what I want?”

I nod and instinctively open my mouth. Slowly your cock slides in. Wide open you slide in deeper.

“You know what I wants, Nykki.” Deeper and deeper you slide Sahabet Giriş it in.

“You know how to please me. Please me baby.” Please your daddy.”

Deeper and deeper I feel your cock sliding in my mouth. Trying to find my throat. Deeper, Deeper. You can tell I am gagging but you have a goal. You want your cock in my throat.

“Take it Nykki. Take it all. Don’t you stop! You know where this cock belongs.”

I nod and take more. Finally I feel your body almost against my face as your cock finds its home.

“That’s right baby. Good girl. Now get ready for me to use that throat.”

In…out…in…out…in…You slowly fuck my face; my throat as if it was a cunt. I feel your hands palming my DD tits; holding on for leverage. I hear you moaning your satisfaction. I am so glad I am pleasing you. Then harder, firmer, faster…you fuck my face. Eyes watering; fighting the gag reflex!

“Yes…yes…yes…that’s it. Oh yes. That’s it. Hell yes baby. You are doing daddy very very well. Now daddy is going to cum. You know better than to lose any of it. Correct?”

I nod. My mouth full!

Then you grab a hold of my tits hard and thrust deep into my throat. I feel the pulsating cock explode in my mouth. Pumping all of your cum in me, in my mouth; in my throat! I claw the bed; overwhelmed by the flow. You continue to jerk and cum until it is all gone. Slowly you remove your cock from my mouth. Now semi erect, you hang there so I can clean it up; which I do expertly.

You help me up.

“Very very good baby! You obey well. Now take a break. There will be more to cum.”

“Yes, sir.”

I feel you curl up behind me. Spooning they call it. MMM….

“Hello sir.”

“Hello, baby girl. You were most impressive.”

“Thank you sir.”

“But Sahabet Güncel Giriş we are just beginning.”

You turn me over and I feel you mouth take ownership of my breast.

“Mmmm, Daddy,” I moan.

“Yes baby girl?”

“I like it Sir.” I feel you take more and suck harder. I arch me back. I feel you hand slide under my waist to my ass pulling me in closer.

“I want you, baby girl.”

“Yes sir.” I feel you spread my legs. Your cock expertly finds me cunt; just the head at first.


“Yes baby girl”

I just moan and whimper, more and more; deeper and deeper! Slowly you drive it straight in, all the way; until it could go no further. And you rest it there. Kissing me; talking to me!

“Do you like it baby?”

“Yes…yes,” I whine.” You slide out; slowly…and back in. Just a little more force. I arch my back so you can get deeper. Whispering, pleading for more. But you insist on going slowly. It is driving me crazy.

“Please….Please. I promise you. Anything! Just give me more. I need more. You just smile.

“Aw baby girl. You will get more. You will service me. You will please me.”

“Yes master. Yes.” Harder! Deeper! You take me.

“Tell me baby. Whose pussy is this?”

“Yours,” I whimper.

“Whose?” with more force this time.

“Yours!” I say louder.

This time, with aggressive force, “I asked whose pussy is this?!?”

“Yours!!!” I screamed, “IT’S YOUR PUSSY!!!!!”

“That’s right slut. It is my pussy. Used for my pleasure. Your job is to please me. Pleasure me. Service me.”

“Yes…yes…yes…awww…fuck yes.”

“Mmmm..i knew you would like it. Now I am going to explode deep…deep in your cunt. I am going to feed you my seed and you will take it”

“Yes, Sir. Yes.”

With that, you exploded deep in my cunt; bathing me with your semen. Thrusting, pumping, filling me up. I let out a scream and rewarded you with my orgasm.

After you finished filling me up, you closed my legs to retain the spunk and spooned me. We slept. Rested up for round two.

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