Meet Me in St. Louis, Stud Ch. 02

Meet Me in St. Louis, Stud Ch. 02


Rick stepped in unison with my gait, and we made our way to the room I’d purchased for us, for the weekend. We walked quickly to the door, not saying a word about the elevator experience. I took the plastic key card from my back pocket and slid it into the lock, and watched as it lit up a small green circle and made an electronic ‘click’. I opened the door of the room and held it for him. He paused, only for a second, looking at me. Then he stepped inside and I was right behind him.

He stopped several feet into the room and looked around. It was a suite; half of it a bedroom the other half a kitchenette with a full bar. The bed was huge; and I expect he was gazing at it the most. I stepped in closely behind him and wrapped my arms around his middle, pressing my lips to the back of his neck. I whispered, “You and me, Rick. We’re alone and together, and have nothing stopping us from whatever we may decide to do.” I heard you breathe a sigh and then you turned to face me, still encircled with my arms. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Then I moved closer, kissing you on the mouth gently. It seemed for that moment we were both under a spell of sorts.

Despite your maneuvers in the elevator, it seemed that now you’d become somewhat rigid; nervous at our seclusion. My nose came to your chin as we faced each other, and I looked in your eyes and said, “C’mon bro…let’s get a drink over here first.” I stepped over to the bar and fingered the different bottles as I asked you what you’d have. I knew from our many internet conversations that when you drank, it was normally beer. You shrugged, saying you’d have what I was having. I chose the Smirnoff and hoped that there might be some O.J. in the refrigerator. There was. You leaned against the granite countertop on your elbows, watching as I made us each a tall screwdriver. I probably made them too strong. I turned back to you and handed you the drink, holding up my glass to click it to yours.

“To being with you”, I said. As your glass touched mine you replied, “And to being with you.”

I wondered if you might me questioning your judgment at this point, asking yourself how you ever imagined that you’d be able to go through with this. True, I pushed for it; I’d pushed hard and had begun to have nearly the same effect on you as you had on me via our ‘net communications. I was smitten, and wanted you to be as well. I smiled, hoping to ease your mind.

“So…how was that, having a cock in your mouth again?”

“It was…good. It was fucking hot, just doing something so crazy and spontaneous in the elevator like that. I, I just couldn’t help myself when the thought came to me.”

“So, you hadn’t planned that?” That Avrupalı porno right there made me think you might not be as tense with all this as I’d thought. “That’s pretty impressive, Rick. Damn, that’s awesome that you were, that you were that turned on.” Or at least wanted to make that impression, I thought. Hell, who gives a fuck. It certainly wasn’t a time for me to be analyzing.

This was my chance to be with you, finally. And I was planning on making optimum use of our time. I came closer to you again and said, “I want you badly, and I don’t know how long I can wait, babe.” My mouth was only inches from yours, once again. I felt your hot breath and smelled the vodka over the juice scent as you exhaled audibly. Setting down my glass I brought my hands up to your face, touching your head behind your ears. I slid my fingers under your warm hair and pulled you to me, erasing those last inches between us. Our lips met again, harder this time. I pushed my tongue in between your wet lips and tasted you again. I wanted to hold you so strong; to leave no doubt in your mind how much I wanted and needed this.

The counter separated our bodies. After feeling the warm insides of your mouth again, I pulled back and came over to you, taking you back in my arms and pressing my body to yours. I felt a distinctive bulge in your pants as I merged my clothed pelvis with yours. I reached down with one hand and let my palm glide over your hardening shaft, touching you softly there. My tongue delved further into your mouth; my desire growing so strong I could hardly bear it. My words were hot and ardent as I whispered into your open mouth, “Come to the bed with me, baby. It’s my turn. I want to make you come.”

We stepped as one over to the sumptuous bed, and I began unbuttoning your shirt. I let it hang open and admired the peek I was getting at your chest before I pushed it off your smooth shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I then reached for your belt, and deftly unbuckled it. Then I began to unbutton your fly and you stopped me, holding my small wrists in each hand and said, “Now, I’m not getting naked alone…let’s get you undressed too.”

I smiled and said “Oh yeah, please do”, as your hands went to my shirttail and pulled it up. I raised my arms and it came off easily, leaving me bare-chested in front of you. Then your hands went to my jeans, pausing to cup the swelling lump under the denim. You squeezed me, like you had in the elevator. I felt an electric tingle shoot through my whole body, and I was instantly rock-hard. My heart rate increased noticeably, and I let you slide my jeans over my hips. I pulled each shoe off by stepping on the heels Video porno with my opposite foot and lifted my legs enough to make my jeans fall past my knees. I stepped out of them and was now only in a pair of grey boxers, my fully erect dick poking straight at you.

“Your turn, stud”, I said as my hands returned to your pants. I unzipped, and then pushed them down just as you’d done to me. You stepped out of your leather loafers and slid your legs out of your pants. Your cock was like a length of bulging muscle, only held back by the tight fabric of your boxer briefs. I took you in my arms again, crushing our bare chests together and pulling you down with me onto the bed. More kissing. Our hands roamed over one another; the heat of our mutual ache rising fast enough to make me aware of the sweat forming on various parts of my charged body. I pushed you onto your back and moved in tightly against you, attaching my mouth to your neck for a moment. I knew I couldn’t leave a mark, and I wouldn’t. But I sure as fuck wanted to! I sucked lightly at that spot on your neck before I began to move down your body.

My mouth found one of your hard nubs and I suckled it instinctively, determined to taste you and experience you just as I’d imagined with every post I’d answered yours with in our sexual role playing. I wanted to feel everything we’d written about, well, everything that was possible. As I sucked on your small hard bump of a nipple you groaned, letting me know that you liked it. I heard your voice, soft and breathy, saying “Oh Curt…yeah man, that’s so nice. Your mouth is so nice. Go down, Curt.” There was almost a pleading quality in your voice. I began moving down again, trailing my tongue along the rift that separated your abs. As I reached the elastic of your underwear, I looked at you and saw as you watched me. I knew you wanted to see me take you into my mouth.

“Do you want me to suck you, babe? You want your slut to blow you and make you come?” I smiled, wanting you to know that if you echoed those words back to me it wouldn’t hurt my feelings in the least.

“Yeah, Curt…suck me, slut. You’ll be my cumslut for real now, babe. Pull it out and suck it till I shoot.”

I pulled at the waistband of your shorts with both hands, pulling them off in one movement after you’d raised your ass up off the bed. I flung them to the side and marveled, as we were now face-to-cock. The same cock I’d stared at on my monitor as you yanked it, letting your fist slide up and down the whole length of it; pumping it to the webcam as I watched and jacked myself; you always determined to shoot big for me. Now, I could smell you. My mouth watered as I hovered an inch above your cock. You grasped the base with you hand and aimed it at my mouth, saying again for me to suck you.

I opened my lips and covered the swollen purplish head with my mouth, and then pushed forward, feeling you slide in and fill my mouth with your man-ness. I wanted to gasp; I was so amazed. You groaned again, much more loudly than before as I engulfed your dick with my mouth. I felt your hand touch my head, holding it lightly as I began to slide my mouth up and back, slicking your fat cock with my saliva. I reached for your balls, and fondled them gently while my sucking became more ambitious. With each movement of my head I felt you jerk ever so slightly, and I knew I was pleasing you well.

My hand rolled your balls as I sucked greedily at your meat, wanting so much to taste the prize I would win. Your hips rose slightly, and at that time my hand left your balls and went farther down between your legs. I found the small opening that lay waiting for me. I touched its puckered surface. It was smaller than my fingertip. I gently pressed against it as I sucked on your throbbing cock harder. I didn’t attempt to push it inside you yet; my mouth was too busy just yet to lube my finger. But I kept pressing it against you, knowing that it was an incredible sensation.

Your other hand went to my head now, and you became a little more intense about holding my head there. I sensed that you were close, and worked your cock with my mouth, my lips squeezing the velvet shaft, my cheeks sucking inward against you. Your voice was getting stronger as you moaned, and before I was ready to be finished, you said you were coming.

“Oh fuck…” That was all you managed before you sucked air into your lungs and held it as your churning balls released and I felt the warm fluid I craved splashing into my mouth. The first shot spurting onto my tongue, the second hitting the back of my throat. It tasted so good, and I couldn’t help moaning as your dick got off in my mouth. I swallowed eagerly, not wanting to stop even when there was no more ejaculate. I savored the taste of you, wanting to soak up all your flavor; wanting to leave nothing behind. Your semen was more intoxicating to me than I’d imagined. I wanted to taste you more! I made a soft whining sound as you pried me from your sensitive softening dick. I released you, and lay my head on your tummy, feeling it rise and fall as you breathed heavily.

When you caught your breath you rewarded me verbally as well, saying that it felt so incredible; how you loved the way my mouth felt on you. I could only agree, and say that my mouth was yours, any time you wanted it.

“Anytime, stud. Fuck, I probably loved it more than you did!”

I kissed your warm skin and lay my cheek against you, feeling satisfied through your satisfaction.

You chuckled and said, “I seriously doubt that. That was one hot blowjob, stud!”

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