Me and My Gods Pt. 01 – Mike My God


All the characters that involved in sex scenes are over 18

I was 18 and he was 19 when I first saw him.

He was standing under the sun with her bare chest beside my father.

His body sweats was running on his brown body like drops of chocolate.

My eyes were stuck on him, my mouth was opened and my pussy was wet, at that moment I knew I was in love.


I was 18 and he was 19 when we began to hang out together although all the protests and objections that I got from my friends,

They said he is beneath me, but I thought he is way above me.

They said he is poor but I thought he is rich with his talents.

They said he has no family but I thought he is a god and gods have no families.

They said he is black but I thought black is the royal color.


I was 18 and he was 19 when he said the love words to me.

I couldn’t understand how a god like him can love a normal girl like me.

When I heard the words I felt like flying in the sky, I threw myself under his legs crying, after all he was my god and I was a true believer.


I was 19 and he was 20 when my father held a big party to celebrate my 19th birthday and my graduation from the High school.

Everyone in the town was invited except the one I want.

Everyone said it was the biggest party they attended but I thought it was the dullest party in history.

Everyone said I was lucky to have a birthday party like that, but I thought I’m the poorest girl in the world to celebrate my birthday away from him.

But I was rewarded next day.

Mike rented a tiny room in a cheap hotel to celebrate my birthday with me.

His beautiful face was blushed when I took off my clothes and stood naked facing him, I wasn’t feeling shy, he was my god and I was a true believer.

He was looking at me with hungry eyes and blushed face when he said,

“You are too much for me Jessie,”

I threw myself under his legs and said with cracked voice,

” Me?! Too much for you?! I don’t even know how did you love a girl like me, you are a god Mike and gods should be worshiped,”

He carried my naked body easily between his arms and placed me on the bed, then got on his knees and said,

“I love you Jessie, I will love you till my last day in this world,”

I looked at him while spreading my legs for him and said,

“I’m all yours Mike, you have my heart, my soul and my body, use me as you want, I will follow you to the end of the world, but promise me that you will never cheat on me, you are mine and mine only,”

He replied with tears in his eyes,

“Cheat on you baby! I will be damn if I thought that way; you are the only girl that I want in this world,”

I smiled before saying,

“Let’s stop that drama baby; I was waiting for this moment since long time,”

His face was getting closer to my wet waiting pussy and said softly,

“Aren’t you nervous baby?”

I smiled again and said,

“Never when you are around me baby,”

When his lips touched my clit I felt an electric shock over my body,

When he started licking my pussy my body got on fire.

When he started sucking it, I reached my orgasm.

His mouth cupped my pussy lips and sucked each drop of my juice.

It was nice and soft orgasm, like the ones that I had in my bed while touching myself and thinking about him.

My eyes were still closed when I felt his hot breaths burning my nick, and felt his heavy weight on my skinny body.

I opened my eyes to see his smiling face, and he said,

“Are you ready baby?”

I smiled back and said,

“I’m yours Mike, use me like you want,”

His big thick lips kissed me, while his long thick tongue was traveling inside my mouth.

He was a poor kisser, just like me, I was the first girl he kissed, and he was the first man I kiss too.

It was a journey to explain each other and explain the pleasure of sex.

He bended on one arm and used the other hand to point his dick to my pussy and said,

“Baby, it is my first time, so please if you felt pain at any moment just tell me and I will stop,”

I wrapped his nick with my arms and said,

“Stop talking and get to work,”

He pushed his long thick dick inside me.

When his shaft opened the way to his dick through my pussy lips, my body shivered and quivered.

When he pushed his dick inside me, my moans turned to be soft screams, and he said,

“Baby, are you ok?”

I bite my lower lip and said between my high breaths,

“Ouuuuf, yeaaah, keep going please,”

It was a feeling that I never felt before.

When he pushed more of his dick inside me, my screams tuned to be louder.

“Baby I’m going to push harder, ok,” he said softly

I kept biting my lip and nodded.

Then suddenly he otele gelen gaziantep escort pushed inside me hardly, and a wave of pain hit me in each part of my body.

My screams were loud enough to wake the dead, and when he kept pushing inside me I was about to pass out of pain, but luckily he stopped then pulled out of me.

I inhaled deeply when I felt empty, my pussy felt like and empty room with opened door and windows, and that increased the pain.

I rolled to lie on my side squeezing my legs, the pain was intense and I could hear Mike worried voice saying,

“Baby, are you ok?”

I managed to shake my head, and said between my high breaths,

“No, I’m not, it hurts baby,”

I was biting my lips with my eyes closed, when I heard Mike footsteps running in the room then returning back to me and I heard him saying,

“I’m sorry Jessie, I didn’t mean to hurt you, please try to drink some wine, they said it will help your body to relax,”

I felt his arm going down my nick and then he lifted my head easily saying,

“Open your mouth baby,”

I struggled to open my mouth as my teeth were stuck together then he poured some wine in my mouth.

He placed me again softly on the bed then lie beside me and I moved my body to hug him.

He was caressing my soft back skin with his big thick hands trying to calm me down.

The pain was vanishing slowly, and I felt that I could finally open my eyes then I struggled to say,

“Hey baby, did I scare you?”

He pulled me closer inside his hug and said,

“Oh hell, I was scared and still scared baby, you are so sensitive to pain,”

I giggled and said,

“Do you mean I’m a spoiled rich pampered girl?”

He said with cracked voice,

“No baby, I mean you are an angel who lives between us,”

I inhaled deeply and said,

“Awwww Mike, you are so sweet.”

He squeezed my body between his strong long arms and said,

“I love you Jessie,”

The love words pushed a gush of adrenalin in my veins, so I managed to sit in the bed and said,

“Will you stay like that all day? We already passed the tough part; now let’s continue what we began,”

He bended on his elbow and said,

“Are you sure?”

I smiled and said,

“I’ve waited for so long time baby, I want to feel you inside me again,”

He stood on his feet then said,

“Ok, but let’s clean that mess first,”

I looked down for the first time to see drops of bloods on my thighs, and on the bed sheets.

Mike returned with a towel and cleaned my thighs and my pussy out of the blood then threw the towel away.

I felt at that moment like a baby who peed on herself and his mom is cleaning him.

I should feel embarrassed, but who can get embarrassed from his god.

When he looked at me, I could see the love in his eyes mixed with hunger to my body.

I lay again on my back then opened my legs for him, and said,

“Fuck me Mike,”

His big dick was full erected when he got on top of my body, and rubbed his full erected dick on my pussy slit.

I felt his hot breath burning my nick, his thick naked body was burning my body, his long thick dick was burning my pussy; the fire was all around me.

I felt his shaft is going through my pussy, and at that moment I wrapped my arms around his nick.

He pushed his dick inside me nicely and slowly and at that moment I wrapped my legs around his hips.

And then I felt full, really full, when his entire dick was inside me.

My body was burning, it was an intense pleasure that I never felt before.

When he began to push harder inside my wet burning pussy my screams were filling the room.

I began to scratch his back with my finger nails, my heartbeats were like a drum, and his heavy weight over my body was giving me hard time.

And then I felt an intense wave of pleasure hitting my body.

My body was moving up and down to meet his thrusts inside my pussy, my legs were trembling around his hips, my screams became wilder than a tigress in the woods, then I heard him groans and saying,

“Ohh fuck, I’m coming baby,”

I replied between my screams,

“Ouuuf oooh fuck, I’m coming too, come in my pussy baby, I need to feel your cum inside me,”

With final thrust I felt his hot thick liquid filling my cunt, while my orgasm was controlling each part of my body reactions.

After 2 minutes of my most intense orgasm in my life, I freed his nick and his hips, as during the orgasm I kept squeezing his body against me.

When he pulled out his dick out of my pussy, his cum leaked out slowly out of me, I extended my hand and took a drop of it.

His creampie was so thick and actually everything about Mike was big and thick.

He was tall, real tall, more than 6.5 feet

He was heavy, more than 200 pounds.

So when he pulled me to his hug after our orgasm, I felt like a feather in the wind.

When he hugged me between his arms my body almost disappeared.

My body felt so relaxed after my gaziantep otele gelen escort intense orgasm

My soul felt safe between his arms

My heart was deep in love to that man.

After a while of silence Mike smiled and said,

“Baby, I have good news,”

I struggled to bend on my elbow to look at him and said,

“Tell me baby, I love good news,”

His smile became wider when he said,

“I joined the town basketball team; they offered me an annual contract with five digits.”

I hit his strong bare chest with my bump and said,

“And you kept that all this time,”

He raised his hands pretending to protect himself from my fist,

“Hold on, I didn’t mean to hide but,”

He leaned to kiss me on my lips and said,

“What happened between us was more important than anything else baby.”

I inhaled deeply while listening to his sweet words, then said while moving to lie between his legs,

“Well, I think we will need to celebrate that success baby,”

I then put my hands on his dick saying with wide smile,

“Do you think I can deal with that creature,” I was stroking his dick at that moment.

He put his both hands under his head while looking at me smiling then said,

“Let’s find out,”

I stork his dick between my both hands, then lowered my head to take his shaft between my lips.

It wasn’t a trick or anything like that; I was a disaster in dick sucking, so I was trying to find some way to take it my tiny mouth.

When I took it in my mouth I coughed, and gagged, so I pulled it out again.

His dick was still flaccid, so I decided to stroke it with my hands first.

Luckily Mike was so horny that he didn’t take long time till he got full erected. And all what I could do is to put it in my mouth to make it wet to not hurt my Mike while stroking his dick.

At that moment I decided to dedicate time each day to watch porno, I wanted to know how the porno stars suck and lick dicks; I wanted to please my man.

When Mike’s dick was fully erected he said,

“Can we try something new?”

I replied with no hesitation,

“Use me as you wish for your pleasure,”

He sighed and kissed me on my mouth then said,

“Can we try doggy style?”

I parked loudly while getting on my fours, and said,

“I’m your dog baby, destroy my pussy with your dick,”

Mike got behind me then pushed his dick slowly inside my pussy.

I inhaled deeply and moaned,


He held my hips with his both hands then started to push faster inside me.

It was painful at first, then when he kept pushing faster and deeper the pleasure waived all the pain traces inside me.

My screams were louder than the other time as my pussy was on fire,

“Ohhhh fuck, ouuuf, my pussy, my pussy, you are destroying my pussy, ouuuf,”

He kept pushing and said between his high breaths,

“Is that hurt baby? Do you want me to stop?”

I was biting my lower lips when I screamed back,

“Don’t you dare to stop, fuck me harder, ouuuf, I’m, I’m Coming,”

And then I felt my body quacking, and again the pleasure of reaching my orgasm pushed me to another world,

“Ohhh, I love you Mike, Ouuuuff, aaahhhaa,”

Mike slowed down his thrusts when my orgasm faded away, then he lay on the floor and asked me to ride him,

I got on top of him then lowered my pussy slowly to take his dick inside me,

“Ouuufff, it is so big baby,” I moaned

I closed my eyes till the pain vanished then lowered myself more to take it all inside my tight pussy, and then I started to move my body up and down.

Mike held my hips and started to move my body by his hands, it was easier for me like that,

“Ouuuf Baby, it so deep, it is in my womb, ouuuf,”

Mike wasn’t a talkative man during sex, he was listening to me but with no comments.

I kept moving my body on his dick up and down, while my screams were high to the sky,

“Ouuh daddy, Im coming again, ouuufff, keep fucking, keep pushing, ouuuff,”

I was saying between my high breaths.

I heard a lot about the pleasure of having sex, but didn’t imagine having all of this pleasure.

“Mike I’m coming, ooohhhhhhh,” I screamed.

My body was moving on its own on his dick, I had no control on it at that moment, my body wanted to have more of this dick while enjoying the intense orgasm.

After my orgasm faded away my head collapsed on his hairy chest while his dick was still inside my pussy.

I said while trying to catch some air,

“I will need a wheel chair to go home,”

He giggled and said with a voice full of love,

“I’m so happy baby because I could give you pleasure,”

I kissed his hairy chest with my full mouth and said,

“You are so sweet Mike,”

I then lifted my head again and started moving my body on his dick,

“I like that position baby, let’s do it again,”

He held my hips again and moved my body up and down and said,

“As you wish baby, I’m yours,”

“Ouuuf baby, gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan it is amazing, ouuuff fuck me harder,”

My talks was driving him even wilder, so he started to move his hips faster and harder, that I was scared his dick might tear my womb after he has already tore my pussy.

“Ouuff I’m coming again, oooohhhh,” I screamed

And then my orgasm was taking control again over my body.

When my orgasm subsided, I collapsed again on his chest.

He caressed my soft back skin and said softly,

“Do you want to have a break baby?”

I replied through my high breaths,

“I wouldn’t have a break till I got rid of this creature that between your legs,”

He replied with wide smile,

“I don’t think I would hve an orgasm in that position baby, can we change? or you still need another round in that position?”

I said with no hesitation,

“Let’s have another orgasm so we can change,”

With no other world he began to move my body on his dick faster and harder.

My pussy was no longer that tight, it became wider and slobbery, so it was easy to move faster on his dick.

“Ouuuff it is so deep this time baby, I feel it in my stomach, ouuuff my body is on fire, what did you do to me?”

My talks turned him even wilder as he started pushing even faster and harder, then I screamed,

“I’m coming, ouufff, ohhhhh, baby, Ouuuf,”

Then again I collapsed on his chest.

He caressed my back softly while I was struggling to push air in my lounges.

After a while I managed to release my pussy from his dick and got on my knees and said between my high breaths,

“Put me on whatever position you want baby,”

He got on his knees and said with worried voice,

“Are you ok Jessie? We can stop now,”

I giggled while saying,

“Don’t you dare asking that again.”

He carried my body easily and placed it on the bed again, then lay on top of me.

He bended on his both arms then pushed his dick inside me pussy,

I inhaled again then said,

“Ouuff, I will never got enough of that dick baby,”

I managed to wrap my legs around his hips while he started pushing harder inside me.

His body sweat was dropping on my face and mixed with mine.

His high breaths mixed with my wild screams.

His dick was getting deeper inside me and pushing me again to another world.

His dick was building my orgasm faster than I expected,

“ouuuff baby I’m coming again, fuck me harder, ouufff oohhhh,”

He groaned and said between his high breaths,

“I’m coming too, ouufffff,”

I screamed,

“Lets’ come together, give me your cum, ouuuhhh,, ouufff,”

After another few thrusts I felt that amazing feeling again when his thick hot creampie filled my pussy.

“Ouuuffff, I’m coming baby, ahhhhaahhhha,”

Then I was moving hysterically on the bed under his body.

His hot cum enhanced my orgasm and pushed it to another level, and I felt I was passing out.

The first thing I saw when I returned to life was his worried nervous face.

I struggled to smile and tried to say something but my mouth didn’t help me.

He kissed my forehead softly and said,

“Welcome back baby, you scared me to death,”

I smiled again and said with husky voice,

“I love you Mike,”

He hugged me and said,

“I love you Jessie,”


I was 19 and he was 21 when I threw my body between his arms crying.

Since our first fuck together when he took my virginity, he was fucking me every day.

I used to pick him with my new car (that dad bought me as my 18th birthday present), and hang out together, and our dates always end up with his dick between my legs.

He fucked me in the back seat of my car, in parking lots, and in malls bathrooms, and as a new basketball player he could afford to rent better hotel rooms.

But this time when he closed the hotel room door, I cried on his shoulders,

“Baby, I’m an idiot,”

He caressed my back and said softly,

“Calm down baby, what’s wrong?”

My tears were running on my checks when I said with cracked voice,

“I’m, I’m pregnant baby,”

He stopped caressing my body for a moment then he carried me easily with his both hands, and I wrapped my legs around his hips.

When I looked at his face through my wet eyes, he was smiling and he said with his soft cracked voice,

“Pregnant? Are you sure Jessie? That’s wonderful news,”

I wiped my tears with one hand and said,

“Really Mike, you are not mad of me?”

He hugged me deeply, and said,

“I will never get mad of you baby, ever, but now I’m so happy,”

I released my body from his hug and stood on my feet and said,

“But this will complicate everything baby, you know how much pressure dad is giving on me to go to college after I finished my high school, he wants to send me away of town to be away from you.”

He pulled me back to his hug and said,

“Stay in my hug please, I want to feel your body,”

I smiled and relaxed my head on his chest, when he continued,

“I don’t think he will reject me when I tell him my news,”

I lifted my eyes to look at him and he said with wide smile,

“I finally got a contract to join a team in NBA, my annual contract will be in 7 digits,”

I jumped with joy, and clapped my hands and said,

“Really baby? Our dreams are coming true.”

All the characters that involved in sex scenes are over 18 I was 18 and he was 19 when I first saw him. He was standing under the sun with her bare chest beside my father. His body sweats was running on his brown body like drops of chocolate. My eyes were stuck on him,…

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