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Holiday times are good for bar staff. People gathering together, enjoying folks they haven’t seen in a while, making new acquaintances, just generally being friendly, and tipping as they go.

My years as a bartender taught me that from Thanksgiving to New Years was my best chance for big cups. And I tried to cover every shift available.

So it was in mid-December. Even though it was a weeknight, companies were holding Christmas parties, so you never knew when the door would open and a group of revelers would swarm in.

The current group was an insurance company who had a nice dinner and drinks party at a nearby restaurant. Apparently, drinks were flowing well, until it ended too soon for many. At that point, about a dozen showed up at my place.

After the initial rush, I was able to converse with a few. They were mostly family people, there without spouses, and some of the flirting between coworkers was obvious, even to me, a stranger. But one couple who sat at the bar seemed unusual.

He was doting, seeming to crowd her as she tried to chat with others. He was 50, balding, over-weight, sort of a slob.

She was alive. I mean, bubbly, talkative, friendly, attractive, well-dressed. The opposite of him.

He made sure to order her drinks, feeding the jukebox for her to play songs, and although she was polite, I caught her roll her eyes a few times when he got too close.

She made sure to ask my name and try to include me as part of the party, rather than a servant, even buying me a drink. She introduced herself as Max and he was Hank. He grunted hello.

“Max, a great name,” I smiled, flirting a bit, always working the cup. Sometimes older women enjoyed teasing younger guys, and she seemed like the type.

“It’s Maxine, glad you like it.”

“It’s unique.”

“Like me!” she and her entourage all laughed, except Hank.

In a tight red dress, Max had a full head of black hair, cut into a Pageboy. The hair circled her pretty face, and her makeup seemed fresh. Bright white teeth and large hoop earrings completed the look. Professional, yet sexy, you knew she was the life of the party.

I turned the sound up and people began dancing, all the women shaking their booties, laughing, while a few guys took the opportunity for a touch or a rub, and a few got giggles in response, from what I could see. Except Hank. He sat, sipping, brooding.

When he finally went to the men’s room, Max smiled at me, leaned in. “Sorry about Mr Cranky. I hope he’s not not too much of a bother.”

“Not for me at all, but, if you don’t mind me saying, I don’t see the two of you together.”

She gaziantep escort bayan ilanları smiled weakly. “We broke up a a while ago. I didn’t know he was coming tonight.”

“Well, if he’s bothering you…”

“Oh, no, nothing like that. He just mopes around depressing the rest of us. He’s harmless.”

“Well, just so you know…”

She patted my hand and mouthed the words, “Thank you” and her red lips looked moist and tasty, like fresh cherries. I smiled and made note that this would not be the last I saw of Max.

The rest of the night passed with glances and smiles on both sides. I made a point of buying them both a drink, so he couldn’t get jealous.

The crowd dwindled, and Max said, “I guess you’ll be out of here soon.”

“I don’t expect anyone else at this hour, so, yeah, I’ll be locking up shortly.”

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Jake. I hope you have a good holiday.”

“Thanks, you to Max, …and Hank.” He grunted. “Stop by again. The first one’s on me.”

“Thanks, I just may.” She gracefully shook my hand, and made definite eye-contact. I stared right back, smiling.

While cleaning up, I braced the ladies’ room door open, and noticed a satchel on the sink. The bright red color told me it belonged to Max. Then the phone rang.

“Hi, Jake? I hate to bother you, but I was there earlier, and I think I forgot something.”

“Hi, Max, yeah, I just found it in the ladies’ room. I knew it was yours by the color.”

“Oh, wonderful! I can’t believe I forgot it!”

Neither could I, seeing the size of it. I wondered if it was coincidence. “Well, now I guess you’ll have to come back to visit me.”

In a quiet voice, she replied, “Unless you can drop it off.”


“Well, it has things I need tomorrow. And I don’t have a car. I’m not far away, and I can make it worth your while. Can you, please?”

I wasn’t sleepy at all anyway, and would have gone for a pre-dawn breakfast, so why not? “Where are you?”

It wasn’t a mile away. She buzzed me on the intercom and I rode up to the third floor. I heard a door click and from the end of the hall, “Down here, Jake.”

There was Jazz playing softly and I could smell incense burning. She had red satin pajamas, like a man’s with separate top and bottom, worth more than my last suit, and red open heels.

“Thanks so much for coming all this way! Please, come in!” She took the bag and placed it on the end table. “Can I get you a drink or something?”

“I don’t want to keep you up if you have to gaziantep eskort bayan work tomorrow.”

She smiled. “I don’t have to be in until noon, if then. I just didn’t know what time your place opened. I’m having a nightcap, but it’s up to you. I have coffee, too.”

“I’ll have what you’re having.” It wound up being a Vodka Martini.

We sat on the couch and I looked around. “I guess you got rid of Hank.”


“He was banking on you softening up for him. I’ve seen his type. Hoping you’d feel frisky after a night out.”

She smiled. “You’re observant. Luckily, everyone else’s mood overshadowed his. I had fun in spite of him.”

“You should visit more often, I’m tons of fun.”

“I sensed that, too. I’m glad you stopped by.” Her hand was on my knee now. She squeezed. And she whispered, “Thank you,” again, with those cherry lips.

I whispered, “Welcome,” back as she tilted her head. I took the invitation and leaned forward, our lips lightly brushing. It tingled.

We stared for a second, then kissed again, stronger this time, and I felt her hand moving up my thigh and I gasped with anticipation.

She exhaled into my mouth as her hand came to rest on my crotch, slowly kneading me into life.

I wasn’t used to women being so forward, or so mature. It was a new concept with her leading the way, and I liked it. Her body surged forward and she was on me, her body pressing me into the couch.

The kisses were more passionate as I slid my hand up and found her nipple through the satin. She wore no bra, and I was surprised, since they seemed so firm for her age. As she tussled with my belt, I went under her top and the warm flesh was tight.

The belt and jeans were open now and she tried to tug them down. I had to arch my hips and push, and they gave way. My bare ass felt the chill of the fabric and she lowered herself, wrapping her hand around my shaft.

With my head propped on a pillow, I watched as she looked at my cock head, pushing a pube out of the way, then flicking her tongue around the crown. She looked up at me, cross-eyed with my cock so close, and smiled, licking the entire length.

I kicked off my shoes and the pants fell to the floor, as she opened wide and dramatically went down on me, taking my seven inches deep in her throat. She held for a moment, then backed off, slobbering on it with her saliva, almost gagging.

Max did it again and again, staying on me until she almost gagged, coughing me back out until her eyes were glassy. My cock was twitching after a few minutes, gaziantep bayan escort and she had me on the verge. I tried to pull her off, but she struggled to stay on it, jerking me, saying for me to come.

I didn’t want to deny her, and when I had enough, I warned her, “I’m ready!”

She jammed down one last time and I came, and she tried to hold or swallow, I don’t know, but she coughed again, and she gagged, and then she gulped globs of it down, holding on until I was spent.

She grabbed a napkin and wiped herself, getting all the sperm. Looking up at me, she looked so slutty, with her eyes so red. My best blowjob was from a fifty year old!

I pulled her up to me. She seemed shy now, and I kissed her cheek and neck as my hand lifted her top off. We sat up and her firm breasts stood out like a big-titted nineteen year old. They may not have been original but they were spectacular.

I bent her back and went at the nipples, biting, sucking and she squirmed and squealed. My other hand was inside the elastic, tugging down her bottoms. She was shaved bald, another exciting development from Max. I slid a finger into her crease and she squirmed some more.

I bent as she laid back, spreading her and kneeling between her thighs, going right after her, biting and kissing. Her tangy juices made my head swirl and I felt myself growing again.

Max’s head rolled back and forth, and she was whispering something unintelligible as I tried to match her enthusiastic BJ. She sure seemed to be enjoying it by the sounds she made, getting louder, finally screaming out satisfaction.

As she lay gasping, I stood, my cock fully extended, again. She looked up, surprised I was ready, almost frightened. But, she spread for me, raising that pink target for my assault. I held the head to her, and her eyes widened. With deliberation, I began pressing, onward, deeper, and she smiled as I finally came to rest on her.

We began churning, sloshing around, so wet, so juicy. She reached in and teased her own clit, and I took the initiative and turned her around, now on her knees, and entered her again, Doggie. With her face mashed against the pillow, I began again. It was tighter and I was deeper, and I saw her smile as she teased that clit again.

We picked up the pace, with me holding those hips and riding this gyrating half-lady, half-slut, as she groaned and growled. The slap, slap, slap of our flesh meeting, filled the room along with our aroma. I felt my nosrtils flare as I reached my end, and shouted, “I’m gonna come!” and she did, too, bucking wildly until she collapsed.

I laid there as she stood, slipped on those heels and walked away, returning with more drinks, standing proud with those refined boobs thrust forward.

Four hours later, after a nap and another bout in the bedroom, she bid goodbye at her door, saying she’d stop by soon. She never did. I gave her space, and when I saw someone from her company, I casually asked about her. “Oh, Max moved to Chicago? Didn’t you know?” No, I didn’t.

Holiday times are good for bar staff. People gathering together, enjoying folks they haven’t seen in a while, making new acquaintances, just generally being friendly, and tipping as they go. My years as a bartender taught me that from Thanksgiving to New Years was my best chance for big cups. And I tried to cover…

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