Master Lord Boutsos Ch. 2

Master Lord Boutsos Ch. 2


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Susan shivered from fright in the warm room. The huge fireplace at the end of the room was roaring with a fire that fully warmed the entire Great Hall of Lord Boutsos’ castle-like estate. She was brought here by her fiancée, who had decided she needed to be trained by a professional Dom. Susan stood in the far end of the room. A naked young female, she judged to be in her twenties, was kneeling with her side to Susan, looking at the floor and remaining silent. The young woman had a lovely body, with small pert breasts, both marked with purple welts. Susan could see the ends of more welts on the woman’s asscheeks. She shuddered from the thought that the same may be in store for her. Susan was sorry that she had agreed to be ‘trained’ professionally and was going to tell the Dom that she was going home.

The door at the side of the Great Hall opened and Lord Boutsos appeared. He wore black leather shoulder straps fastened to a wide belt at his waist with a single strap stretching to a large ring around his huge cock and low hanging balls. He stopped in front of the kneeling slave girl and she crawled to him to kiss and lick his cock and balls. His arousal was evident as his cock stiffened and became hard. It was nearly too thick for the girl to take his cockhead into her mouth, but somehow she managed and a look of pleasure came over both of their faces. Boutsos withdrew his cock from her mouth and it glistened with her saliva. He looked at Susan and grinned deviously as he nodded to the girl. She arose walked to Susan and began to remove Susan’s clothes.

“Stop!” shouted Susan, “I’m not staying! I’m leaving now! Don’t touch my clothes,” she shrieked at the young woman. The girl ignored her and Susan pushed her away. Turning to Lord Boutsos, she tried to slap him and Boutsos grasped both her wrists, holding them tightly. The girl placed restraints on Susan’s wrists and locked them together. Boutsos held his captive as the girl brought a straight chair for her Master. He sat down and pulled Susan across his lap on her belly. The girl placed restraints on Susan’s ankles, spread her legs wide and fastened Susan’s ankles to a spreader bar and to steel rings in the floor. Susan struggled to break free, but Lord Boutsos held her too tightly for her to escape. The slave girl fastened a short chain to Susan’s wrist restraints and fastened the chain to another ring on the floor. Her capture was complete.

The slave girl began to cut away Susan’s clothes with a large very sharp scissors. She cut off everything except Susan’s lacy white panties and matching bra. Boutsos grasped both items in his strong hands and ripped them from Susan’s body in a single stroke. Suddenly, Susan realized that she was naked, bound hand and foot, totally helpless, exposed and vulnerable to Lord Boutsos whims. Her lovely large breasts pointed towards the floor and the slave girl began to rub the nipples and knead her tit flesh. Susan’s breasts were firm and she was especially proud that there wasn’t even a hint of sag to either of them. The slave girl gently pinched pulled and tweaked her nipples while Susan moaned in pleasure. Boutsos could feel moisture from Susan’s pussy gathering on his thigh. He waited until Susan was totally possessed by the slave girls’ attentions as the slave began to lick and nibble at her hard nipples.

Susan sighed and moaned with pleasure even though she had never had sexual activity with another woman. Her initial reaction was to tell her to stop, but when the girl began to lick and suck her nipples, Susan surrendered to the pleasure. She was lost in her lust and did not see Boutsos take up a stiff leather paddle with holes in the leather. A sharp stinging burning pain exploded on her asscheeks as Susan screamed at the painful stroke from the paddle. Before she could finish her first scream, another more forceful blow fell on her other asscheek. She wailed and howled as the blows rained down on her lovely globes. Her ass was turning a deep crimson shade with the holes in the leather paddle causing little circular welts to rise up from her ass flesh.

Susan writhed in pain and twisted her body as she tried to get away, but the restraints held her fast.

Boutsos continued pummeling her ass without letup as she tried to tell him to stop, but the blows fell too fast and she couldn’t stop screaming long enough to speak. Her ass hurt and felt as though it was on fire, when she suddenly realized that Lord Boutsos had stopped spanking her. She tried to speak, but she could only manage a blubbering sound, which was unintelligible. Boutsos gently ran his fingers lightly over her crimson ass and touched the painful welts. His hand drifted toward her pussy, which was totally drenched with her juices. Susan could not believe that she was sexually aroused after she had received and endured all the pain of the rough spanking. “I see you’re appropriately wet in your slut cunt, slave Susan,” Boutsos told her. Susan marveled at Starzbet how soothing his rich deep baritone voice was to her ears. “Later, I shall spank that as well,” he said as he stroked her engorged clit with his finger.

Susan was moaning with desire and passion as he fingered her. He brought her nearly to orgasm then stopped as she pleaded for him to continue. Lord Boutsos waited until her desire had sufficiently abated and started to rub her clit again. Once again her juices flowed heavily, drenching Boutsos fingers as she moaned with pleasure. He pulled his drenched hand away from her pussy and wiped the cunt juice on her lips. Susan licked her lips, before she realized that they were coated with her cunt juice. Strangely, it tasted good, much better than she had expected as her fiancée had never done this to her. Boutsos brought more juice to her lips and this time she eagerly licked his hand and her lips clean of cunt juices. Boutsos knew that Susan had only tasted pre-cum from her boyfriend and had always refused to let him cum in her mouth. All that would soon change.

Lord Boutsos spread her asscheeks to reveal her tight rosy asshole nestled between the cheeks. Gently he rubbed it lightly with his fingertip as Susan swayed with pleasure and desire. He dipped his finger in her hot pussy to lube it then slowly shoved it up Susan’s asshole. There was no real pain, just discomfort from the finger entering her virgin asshole for the first time. She wished that he would return to rubbing her clit so she could cum, but also enjoyed Boutsos finger in her ass. He began to swirl his finger around inside her asshole slowly and Susan moaned with passion. She was surprised at how good it felt. Boutsos began to slowly move his finger in and out of her asshole and Susan sighed with delight. Involuntarily, she clenched her asshole when Boutsos inserted a second finger in her ass and was delighted again with the feeling of clenching his fingers in her ass. It felt nearly as good as having her clit rubbed.

The slave girl placed a padded bench in front of Susan’s head and sat down with her thighs on either side of the bench. Her neatly trimmed bush and her pussy radiated her scent. Susan inhaled her pussy fragrance and felt her own pussy twitch with arousal. The slave girl spread her cuntlips and scooted forward to place her cunt against Susan’s lips. “Lick it and suck it until she cums, slut!” Boutsos commanded, “If you refuse or bite her pussy, I shall whip your ass with a buggy whip until you bleed from each welt I place upon your bottom.” Susan was horrified with the thought of licking another woman’s pussy. She had never done that, but she was more fearful of the buggy whip. Her quandary was simple enough, suck the girls’ cunt, or be beaten severely. Her mind raced as she feared either choice, but her nostrils soon filled with the sweet scent of the slave girls’ pussy. Susan’s tongue pushed out to lick between the spread cuntlips.

Again she was pleasantly surprised at the salty sweet taste of the girls’ pussy. Susan began to lick more aggressively making the girl moan with pleasure. Her mouth began to fill with the girls’ juices and Susan had no alternative, but to swallow them. She was mortified at being forced to lick another woman’s pussy, but soon the flavor captivated her and she began sucking enthusiastically. The slave girl moaned and writhed in pleasure as Susan sucked the sweet pussy. Susan’s arousal was also evident as her juices flowed all over Boutsos thighs. Spurred on by the obvious delightful time Susan was experiencing, Boutsos continued finger fucking her asshole and reached under her to rub her erect clit again. Susan roiled in pleasure, matching the slave girl moan for moan as they both raced quickly toward orgasm.

The slave girl began to rotate her hips grinding her cunt into Susan’s face. She grasped her own nipples and started to pull at them as she groaned with passion and desire. Suddenly, the girl erupted with a mighty orgasm that left her shaking with desire and joy. Again and again she would spasm and cum, spewing her cunt nectar all over Susan’s face, mouth and tongue. The girl ceased cumming and lay back on the padded bench, spent and breathing hard. Susan was momentarily distracted by the girl cumming in her mouth, and suddenly realized that Boutsos had stopped rubbing her clit and had withdrawn his finger from her ass. “Ohhhh, no…please don’t stop,” she begged, “let me cum, please…I need to cum,” she begged, but to no avail. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as Boutsos pushed his chair back and let her fall to the floor.

“You don’t receive pleasure until you earn it, bitch!” Boutsos scorned her. He released her wrists from the floor ring, taking time to kiss the slave girl passionately as she lay on the bench. “Thank you, love. You were splendid as usual,” he complimented her. The girl smiled at her Master and mouthed a ‘Thank you’ to him, closed her eyes and tried to recover from her savage orgasm. Boutsos fastened Susan’s wrists to an overhead chain and pulled her to her feet. Susan was sobbing from being denied orgasm, but her cunt, still aroused, flowed copiously with her juices, coating her inner thighs. “Do you want to cum, Starzbet Giriş bitch?” Boutsos asked her. Susan nodded as tears ran down her cheeks. She could feel her pussy twitching with anticipation, but not enough to make her cum.

Lord Boutsos placed another padded bench behind her and lowered Susan onto the bench on her back. The spreader bar kept her legs wide apart and her pussy accessible. Boutsos move to his Implements hanging on the Chamber walls. Susan watched in terror as he selected a leather strap two inches wide, fixed to a phallus shaped handle. He brought it to Susan as she lay on the bench and laid the handle on her belly letting the strap hang down over her cunt. Smiling at his captive Boutsos told her, “I shall strap your cunt until you cum, bitch.” Susan couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She pulled at her restraints as though they might release and she could get away, but she knew escape was useless.

“Please don’t do that, Mister,” she begged him.

“Mister…Mister?” Boutsos mocked her, “Don’t you know my name yet, cunt?”

“Mister Boutsos,” she started to say as Boutsos slapped her hard on her tit. She screamed painfully and then dejectedly realized her error. “Please don’t strap my pussy, Master, please” she begged. Boutsos smiled at her when she said Master, knowing that she had taken another step toward total submission. Boutsos laid a silk handkerchief over her eyes to heighten her anxiety to prevent her from knowing when the first of many kisses of the strap would begin. Susan cried openly at being blindfolded and screamed, “No…no…please!” when she felt his hand take the strap handle from her belly. All was silent around her for a few minutes as the only sound was her crying. Soon she felt her nipples being rolled between thumbs and forefingers and she correctly guessed that it was the slave girl. Her sensitive nipples felt heavenly under the caress of the slave girl and Susan moaned with pleasure as the girl played with her nipples. She was so aroused that she felt her orgasm building again deep within her pussy.

Susan was completely enthralled by the young woman sucking her nipples. They had never felt this good before when her fiancée had suckled them. Serene in her composure Susan reveled in the pleasure at her nipples. Suddenly she heard a sharp slap and her cunt was on fire as the strap had landed its first stroke. She screamed so loud that the Chamber resonated from her painful wail. Before she could finish her scream another blow fell flat against her cunt, splattering her juices all about! She tried to speak, but the strap struck hard again, falling flush upon her engorged clit. All through her cunt strapping the young slave girl continued to pleasure her nipples. Susan could scream no more as the strap lashed her cunt relentlessly. Amazingly, she felt her pussy becoming more aroused with each swat from the strap. Her orgasm was building toward release during her tortuous ordeal.

Following a particularly savage blow, Susan shuddered and exploded in a mind numbing orgasm, spewing her cunt nectar everywhere. Writhing in pain she continued to spasm and cum hard even though Master had stopped pummeling her pussy. As her orgasm abated she trembled through several mini after-cums then was still, breathing hard and gasping for air. Susan could feel the slave girl still sucking her nipples as her eyes fluttered open. She hung from her restraints limply and worked hard to catch her breath. Her orgasm was magnificent, more intense than any other

Orgasm she had ever experienced. She was totally spent and exhausted from her ordeal, quietly drifting off to sleep, still enjoying the lips and tongue at her nipples.

Susan awoke to find herself completely restrained. “Good afternoon, Susan, I’m Rina,” said the slave girl who was suckling her nipples when she last saw her. Susan was bound with her wrists tied to the bedposts on either side of her head. Her legs were pulled back and her ankles tied to the same bedposts as her wrists. She was totally helpless, exposed and vulnerable. Her pussy was sore and her ass felt hot and stinging. She felt a thickness in her bowels and correctly concluded that she wore a dildo/butt plug in her asshole. Her nipples were clamped, but not tightly. Just tight enough to make her aware that her nipples had been adorned with the clamps and joined with a short silver chain.

Susan’s lips were dry and she licked at them, but seemingly did not soften them sufficiently. The slave girl dipped her fingers in her moist pussy and rubbed her juices on Susan’s lips. Her lips glistened as though lip-gloss had been placed on them and the salty flavor brought back the realities of where she was. “How long have I been here in this bed?” Susan asked Rina.

“Nearly twenty four hours. You are a real sleepyhead,” Rina replied. Before Susan could ask her next question, Rina supplied the answer, “I’m going to tell Master that you’re awake,” Rina smiled and left the dimly lit room. Lord Boutsos entered the room and examined the restraints to make sure they were secure. Susan pleaded with him to release her, but as usual, Boutsos ignored her. He reached out to feel her breasts and nodded Starzbet Güncel Giriş satisfactorily. Gesturing to Rina to feed her, he left the room. Rina fed Susan some gruel with a wooden spoon. It tasted so bland that it didn’t seem as she was eating at all, but her hunger was appeased and she was at least thankful for that. The slave girl, Rina, began to swab both of the undersides of Susan’s breasts with an alcohol pad. Susan watched in horror as Rina produced a syringe and injected both breasts with a clear fluid.

“What are you doing to me?” shouted Susan as the needles were inserted, “Don’t drug me! No,” she screamed at Rina. The slave girl smiled and leaned over to kiss Susan’s pussy, waved and left the room. Susan was positive she had been drugged and she felt her eyelids becoming heavy. She closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. Her slumber was rewarded with erotic dreams of being sucked and fucked by unseen entities. She drifted from one erotic dream to another with her attackers and lovers always unseen. Rina appeared in her dream to sit on her face until Susan’s tongue brought her to orgasm and then she disappeared into the mists of the dreams. She felt some one shaking her and her eyelids opened to see Rina standing next to her with an empty syringe in her hand. “What…did…you do to me?” Susan managed to ask.

“Don’t worry, Susan,” Rina began. “I gave you as sedative to let you sleep after your ordeal with the Master. “You won’t become addicted or anything, it just let you get some much needed sleep.” Susan felt aroused as she realized that Rina was lightly rubbing her clit as they spoke. The slave girls’ other hand was very gently needing Susan’s breasts and occasionally squeezing her nipple gently. “Master may want to train you tonight so try to stay awake, Susan,” the slave girl told her.

“Again?” Susan asked, “He just finished training me last night. I want to go home,” Susan declared.

“No, Susan, he didn’t train you last night. Your session was three days ago. You’ve been in this bed for the past three nights,” Rina explained. Susan was dumb struck. In her wildest dreams she never expected to hear that.

Collecting her thoughts, Susan told Rina, “But my fiancée would never leave me here for three days. There must be some mistake.”

“No. There is no mistake. Your fiancée agreed to your staying here until you have been appropriately trained as a submissive,” Rina told her. “Incidentally, did you enjoy your dreams?”

“Why do you ask?” Susan responded.

“Because, sweetie, they weren’t dreams. You were fucked and sucked by several male and female slaves, including me, during the three days you were sedated. You have a very tight and tasty pussy and asshole, love,” Rina added. “No one wanted to waste a perfectly good pussy and asshole just because you were asleep, so we asked Master if we could entertain ourselves and he said yes.” Susan was horrified at having been used like a piece of meat by all these perverse people. “You really had a good time as you will see when you view the tape.” Rina released the restraints and Susan’s first reaction was to rub her wrists, while Rina rubbed her ankles. “I bet that feels better,” Rina said. Susan nodded and warily sat up in the bed. She felt a heaviness, on her chest, and looked down to see her breasts, enlarged at least a cup size and probably two.

“You gave me breast implants?” screamed Susan as she looked at her now huge breasts.

“No, love, we didn’t give you implants. Squeeze your nipple gently,” Rina told her. Susan grasped her nipple between her thumb and forefinger to squeeze her nipple. A triple spray of a thin white liquid came out of her nipple. Quickly, Susan squeezed the other nipple with the same result. Dumfounded she looked at Rina, unable to find words to speak. “You’re lactating, honey,” Rina said with a smile. Your lovely breasts are full of milk, isn’t that wonderful?” said Rina, not really expecting a reply. Susan could only utter a low ‘why’ and appeared totally confused. “Because,” Rina said, “your fiancée asked Master to make you lactate so he could suckle your breasts and you could nurse him,” explained Rina. Susan just fell back onto the bed, astounded. “Put your hands behind your back, Susan,” Rina ordered her. Susan refused, looking about to find refuge. “Susan, please do it or I shall have to call Master and he will make sure you do it very painfully.”

Susan surrendered, remembering her session with Lord Boutsos, and reluctantly placed her hands behind her back. The slave girl placed restraints on Susan’s wrists and locked them together. She lightly ran her fingertips all about Susan’s heavy milk laden breasts. One nipple leaked a bit of milk and Rina quickly licked it away. Her hands fondled Susan’s asscheeks, kneading the lovely globes then felt her cuntlips. Susan’s cuntlips were not wrinkled at all. They were nearly three quarters on an inch long and closed nicely, one upon the other. Rina kneeled in front of Susan and kissed her pussy as though it were her mouth. Susan gasped and twitched as the slave girl’s lips touched her cunt. Rina’s tongue parted the cuntlips near their bottom and she licked up to Susan’s clit as the bound girl moaned in pleasure. The lovely moan suddenly became a shriek as Rina clamped Susan’s cuntlips with a Y chain designed for this purpose. Using the long end of the Y chain as a leash, the slave girl pulled her captive from the room by the cuntlips.

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