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The nurse was young enough to be my daughter.

I’m in for day surgery with a urologist. I’m having a cystoscopy. Do you know what that is, readers? It’s a procedure whereby a threadlike catheter with a light and camera on the end is inserted in the tiny hole at the tip of your penis and run through your urethra and into your bladder to have a look around. It only takes a few minutes, depending on what may be growing or floating around in there, but the urgency, burning, and bloody urine goes on for up to two weeks.

A nurse old enough to be my grandmother had prepped me before the procedure—washing my cock, shaving my balls, and applying a numbing agent to my genitalia—calling me honey and sweety and generally infantilizing me, as if she were changing a baby’s diaper.

This younger woman was more straightforward and businesslike, though friendly.

“Hi, Mr. Corbett,” she smiled. “My name is Renee. I’ll be in charge of your aftercare.”

“Hi, Renee,” I said, laboriously lifting my buttocks off the bed. “You can call me Nicky,”

“How are you feeling? Still drowsy from the sedative? Any pain?”

“A little sore,” I laughed. “Just because I feel something doesn’t mean it hurts.”

I shifted my weight again.

“How long will you be keeping me?” I tried not to sound too anxious to leave, but I was.

“Until you pee on your own,” she answered matter-of-factly. “Unless we catheterized you.”

I shook my head. “I don’t wanna go home with a catheter.” The last time they did that I spent three days pissing in bag and dreading getting a hard-on with plastic tube stuck in my pecker.

“You’re going to pass blood for a while,” she explained, as if it was first rodeo.

“I know,” I said cordially. “The burning and urgency die down after a while. The first day or escort gaziantep bayan reklamları two it burns like hell.”

Renee put down her clipboard, folded her arms, and gave me a curious look. I glanced at her plump breasts and sensed her womanhood in prime time. “There might be something we can do to alleviate that.”

I expected her to offer some pain meds.

“Please don’t take offense,” she said, putting up her hands as if to ward off brickbats. “Therapeutic massage of the testicles and prostate can be very soothing.”

I mumbled incoherently at first, averting my eyes, then puled myself together. “I’m game.”

“Super,” she said, acting as if we were transacting an impersonal piece of business. “Let me grab some gloves and a face mask.”

“Are we gonna do this right here?” I was on a mechanically adjustable bed in a recovery room, surrounded by a plastic curtain from floor to ceiling, with a dozen other patients in similar circumstances. We could hear one another’s moans, groans, and flatulence.

“Don’t worry, Nicky,” she said with a throaty giggle. “I won’t let you moon everyone in the place.” She paused, adding, “But some of the nurses could use a little excitement.”

I flushed. She was teasing me and I was embarrassed.

She snapped the gloves on her wrist. “You’re not allergic to latex, are you?”

I said no and watched as she lifted the bedsheet and took hold of the hem of my johnny. I was naked underneath.

“Let’s see those bad boys.”

I watched Renee gingerly lift my balls and turn them over in her gloved hands.

“I’m going to use an aloe-based lotion,” she explained, juggling my sack with one hand while squeezing a tube with the other. “It’s very soothing.”

She applied the lotion to escort gaziantep resimleri my scrotum, testes, and the parineum, that no-man’s land between the junk and ass. It felt warm and moist, as her fingers probed my most sensitive parts. To my surprise, she rubbed and squeezed my penis as well. I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure of her touch wrap me.

“The skin’s a little dry,” she commented, rubbing my cock and balls with a steady rhythm. “This cream is a nice moisturizer.” Then she whispered. “I’ll send a couple tubes home with you.”

Maybe it was the hushed whisper, or her full lips, or the faint trace of minty mouthwash on her breath, close enough to feel warm against my chest. Whatever, my erection sprouted instantaneously.

“Oh,” she gave a surprised chuckle. “Perfectly natural reaction, my dear.”

Somewhat abruptly, she grabbed some wet wipes and cleaned up my crotch. I assumed she wanted to avoid my cock before the shooting starts.

“Let me get some KY jelly and have a look at your prostate.” Renee was all business again. She put the jelly jar on the movable tray on the side of the bed and made a twirling motion with her finger. “Roll over, Nicky.”

I was conscious of her surveying the landscape of my ass, though I couldn’t see her face. Renee put the palm of her hand on one buttock, then the other, and touched the little spot where the top of the crack meets the base of the spine.

“Spread your legs, hon,” she said, keeping her hand on my butt. She was holding my ass in her hands and I loved it. “This is going to feel cold.” She applied goop up and down my ass crack. “Let me know if you’re at all uncomfortable.”

“I’m fine,” I said, unaware that my manhood was returning to full-length stiffness.

When she escort gaziantep bayan sitesi first pushed her forefinger against my anus, I squeezed tight and she withdrew her finger. Then, as she felt me relax and open my butt hole, she reinserted her finger and began to draw circles with her fingertips.

“The prostate is usually the size of a walnut,” she said, spinning her finger around inside my asshole. “But yours is like a tennis ball.”

“Should I take that as a compliment?”

Renee laughed boisterously and actually seemed to quicken her digital probing in my sphincter. A moment later, her steady poking became a rapid jabbing and stabbing. It felt like she was finger-fucking me in the ass. I picked up the aroma of her sweat, deliciously tangy, and wondered if she was wet down below.

Like a locomotive slowing down, she finished pegging me and turned her attention to my hardening cock.

“You should release that pressure.”

She handed me a wad of tissue and handed them to me. To my shock and delight, she grabbed my cock from behind and started pumping. My throbbing cock erupted with wave after wave of hot, white semen splattering the sheets and my naked groin, the tissues hopelessly overwhelmed.

Hovering over me, her bra cradling her breasts visible, as I looked up at her longingly and breathed in her scent. “Feel better, Nick?”

I nodded, as she chuckled, wiping my cock and balls and ass clean.

Then she said nonchalantly, “I’ll call your wife as soon as you pee for me.”

She gave me a plastic urinal, which looked like a big gravy boat, and as an extra bonus held the tip of my dick between her thumb and forefinger as I whizzed. She even gave it a tap and wiggle.

She handed me the plastic bag into which I had stuffed all my clothing. “Get dressed before your wife gets here. She’s on her way.”

I thanked her and she gave me a wink and a slight wiggle of her hips as she put my chart down and disappeared into the catacombs of the hospital.

I came a second time under the shower, jerking off with Renee’s face in my mind’s eye, as my wife, Vera, made dinner. I suppose Renee molested me, in a way, except that I loved every minute of it.

MASSAGE MESSAGE The nurse was young enough to be my daughter. I’m in for day surgery with a urologist. I’m having a cystoscopy. Do you know what that is, readers? It’s a procedure whereby a threadlike catheter with a light and camera on the end is inserted in the tiny hole at the tip of…

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