Married Man Ch. 02

Big Tits

I couldn’t even make eye contact with Daphne the next day. I could see what she was doing. She was trying to get me to look at her and sneak touches on me in front of my wife, my son, and his wife! She tried to get moments alone with me, she even helped me carry dishes to the kitchen after lunch and told me what a great night it was and I know for sure I blushed and looked at my shoes. My wife was in earshot and she is ALWAYS listening.

That afternoon after lunch, my son and his wife went out shopping at the local tourist places. My daughter in law had brought her best friend, Daphne, down to the beach house with us for the 2-week vacation. Everything had been calm for the first couple of days, but last night Daphne found me pleasuring myself and gave me a pity fuck. It felt incredible, but now she was torturing me. Daphne didn’t go shopping.. oh no, she opted to stay behind. I heard her tell my son she planned to have a nap. I overheard my wife say that was a good idea and that she would lay down too. I thought this was fantastic because it gave me some alone time to think about the last 12 hours. I headed out to the garage to check out the car for lack of anything better to do. I was under the hood checking oil and water when I felt a hand gaziantep evi olan escort bayan slip right up between my thighs and around to my cock and balls. I jumped away and turned. There was Daphne looking at me all doe-eyed nibbling her bottom lip.

“Les, Your wife is asleep and everyone else is gone. Let me suck it. Lean back on the car and let me handle the rest.”

What was she playing at?? My cock immediately began to swell because a 20 something girl that’s mostly tits and ass asking to suck your cock will do that to you. She immediately got on her knees and crawled over the 3 feet or so between us and reached out and undid my fly… I watched my cock flop out purple and already throbbing.

She licked the tip and watched it bounce. I heard myself groan and couldn’t help but smile to myself. Daphne sucked the first part of my shaft into her hot, wet mouth stroking my shaft lightly with her fingertips. She swirled her tongue around the head and allowed it to slide under my foreskin and over the slit of my head. My knees buckled and I nearly collapsed. Fucking slut sucked me like her life depended on it. My hips began to jerk involuntarily toward that gaziantep fetiş escort bayan inviting little mouth of hers. She must’ve taken that a cue to drop her head down all the way and begin blowing me in earnest. I let my hands move down to her scalp and slid my fingers into her thick auburn hair while she began to stroke, fondle and ever so lightly massage my heavy sack while her head bobbed up and down rhythmically over me. She licked slurped and sucked and began to moan which caused an amazing vibration straight up my cock and into my balls. I felt my scrotum get tight and hot. I knew I was going to ice this girl in my cum.

I muttered, “Girl, you just don’t know what you do! I’m gonna fucking cum” Her response was only to moan and increase the tempo of her bobbing.

I took fistfuls of that hair and held her head stiffly and began fucking my cock right into her throat, I heard her gag a bit but she never tried to stop it.

We were both moaning and swallowing enjoying the ride.

I lasted longer than I had in her tight little cunt, but only just. I pulled out of her beautiful mouth and started jerking, I was going to cum all over.

Her eyes were bayan gaziantep escort big as saucers and she squealed, “Les, I want to swallow you. Relax back! Let me taste you, please?!”

Who was I to deny her?

“Mmm. You hot, dirty, girl. Sucking my cum out of me. Come do it.”

She crawled back over to the car on all fours and looked up at me, licking those full lips. She sucked my head back into her mouth one final time. Sucking it while her tongue ran light circles on the underside of my shaft in clockwise motions, Flicking her tongue where the head was distended out of my foreskin. Moaning. Using her left hand to stimulate my balls and her right hand at the base of my shaft. Massaging and jerking… Twisting just slightly counter-clockwise.

There were so many sensations, I felt my cock swell and pulse, my balls throbbed and I groaned.

“Baby girl, fuck, I’m gonna come, uhh!”

My cock shot out two good spurts that she swallowed right down her throat and another three lesser shots that she allowed to pool in her mouth.

As she finished and I softened, she allowed me to pull out of her mouth and she showed me my creamy white jizz pooling on her tongue then she wiggled it at me, winked and gulped it down.

“Les, now my belly looks just like my pussy last night. I want more, There is something so incredibly hot about watching a tame man lose control. Feeling him desperately grasp at my hair and use my mouth as his hot wet fuckhole. I know your wife neglects you, but I love how you use me.”

Again, she stood up and left me there, I can only wonder if she is an angel or the actual fucking devil.

I couldn’t even make eye contact with Daphne the next day. I could see what she was doing. She was trying to get me to look at her and sneak touches on me in front of my wife, my son, and his wife! She tried to get moments alone with me, she even helped me…

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