Marked Ch. 01

Marked Ch. 01


Three months ago before he contacted her she was an innocent untouched by any man. She had questions about herself and why she had never dated before. Was it normal to be this horny all the time? Was she a slut because she masturbated every night and sometimes used a vibrator and had broken her virginity by doing so?

Those questions and others were going through her mind one evening when she saw a message from a former high school classmate on her cell phone. She was 21 and he was 22 they had barely spoken in the last five years. They texted back and forth a bit and it wasn’t long before he asked her out.

A few days later when the day of the date came she was nervous but also excited as she did her make up and put on a cute dress. She knew he had to have changed since high school; she sure had. He picked her up and they drove to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner on the way he said that he Starzbet always thought of her to be the one that got away since they never dated in high school. She admitted she felt the same. He showered her with complements during the meal and asked a bunch of questions that made her blush.

They were both very aroused and he barely made it to the car before asking if she would like to sleep with him in the back of his SUV. They drove to an abandoned lot with no lights and as they started undressing he told her that he liked it rough. She said that from some of the erotica she had read the rough stuff and BDSM stuff turned her on the most. Taking that as consent he pulled off her bra and forced her mouth onto his wide 6 inch cock.

She panicked slightly every time he gaged her as this was her first time for anything sexual and he knew that. She finally sat up after almost puking on his thick Starzbet Giriş cock.

“Come on bitch you can do better than that,” He said forcing her head back down as he began to roughly group and squeeze her breasts.

“Oh babe that feels so good, but I need you in my cunt! I am dripping,” she says.

He pulls her dress the rest of the way off and takes of her thong with his teeth as he positions his rock hard dick over her opening. She moans out in pleasure as he stretches her virgin pussy. He waits just a moment for her to adjust before he starts humping her as hard as he can thrusting himself in all the way to the base. As he thrusts he tightens his hands around her breasts and kisses her in between moans.

“I am going to cum” he says all too quickly rolling off her.

“Swallow it all,” he says forcing his pulsing dick into her mouth.

After he finishes Starzbet Güncel Giriş he says, “That was amazing. Now we better get you cleaned up so I can take you home.”

Since they both live with their parents they check into a small motel to get cleaned up.

The second they enter the room he picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist as he pushes her up against the wall and begins to kiss her hard pushing his tongue in and out of her mouth. She can feel him getting hard against her waist as he hikes up her dress while they make out. He plunges two large fingers into her pussy and begins to finger fuck her until she is screaming out his name.

As she comes on his fingers he says it is time for a shower. He turns the water on and tells her to get in and kneel. She complies. Water drips down her face as he rearranges her so that she can suck his cock while he washes her hair. A she stands up they both look down at her breasts which show black and blue finger prints from her first man handling. He traces the marks and says I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. She replies that she will sport the marks proudly. They make her his.

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