Mark , Beth

Mark & Beth

(A G2S story)

Beth sat watching the two men as they talked, sitting at the booth in the restaurant. One was quite tall, broad shouldered with sandy hair and had a short beard. The other was a little shorter and a lot skinnier, yet he still had an handsome, clean shaven face. The two of them had come in right after she had sat down to eat and ever since she couldn’t help sneaking clandestine glances, noticing little details about them.

Beth was alone tonight, like most nights, having a quick sandwich. With work being so busy she rarely had time for anything else. It had been months since she had any interaction with her friends outside of the occasional Facebook post.

The thought of having dinner with a friend like these two men were doing, seemed so impossible right now. She was jealous but knew that in a few months she would finally be on top of her work load and be able to take some time off. It wasn’t like she was going to be stuck in this job forever, right?

Just keep telling yourself that, she thought, resigned to her probable fate. She turned her attention back to her dinner. A chicken sandwich, with light cheese and sauce on the side.

She took out her phone and checked to see if she had any new emails, her work would probably have sent her something new for tomorrow already.

“Damn, that looks good.” Beth’s head snapped up at the voice. She had been so intent on what she was doing on her phone she hadn’t noticed that someone had walked over to her table. It was the taller and broader one of the two men that she had just been studying.

He was just as tall as she thought from a distance, well over 6 foot, and broad shouldered. He was also the one with the bluest eyes she had ever seen, she noticed now that he had come closer.

“Huh?” she said and had to force herself to keep from smacking her head with her palm in frustration. Out of all the things she could have said when a man this gorgeous walks up to you, she chose to grunt like a cave woman.

She knew it was because he had caught her off guard, coupled with the fact that she was tired and not used to the attention of random, handsome strangers, but still wished the first word out of her mouth was a little more elegant. Might as well go for it.

“Do you want a piece, I could tear some off for you?” she asked, and instantly regretted it. Even toddlers know you don’t take food from strangers and here she was, offering him some of her already chewed on sandwich like a lunatic. This man, and those wonderful blue eyes that looked like they belonged to an ice dragon, was just making her so flustered she was making a dork out of herself.

“Um, I do, but I think I will just order a whole one next time,” he said.

“That would probably be better,” Beth said, happy to be off the hook. “It is the Thursday special, every week.”

“I’m Mark,” he said simply, and smiled while he waited for Beth to give him her name.

“Bethany Moss, but I go by Beth for short, and it is nice to meet you, Mark” she said. She saw over his shoulder that his companion was paying and talking to the waiter. It looked like he was flirting with the man, too.

“Are you here every Thursday? For the special?” Mark asked her and she returned her attention to him.

“I’m here almost every day, now that you mention it,” she said.

“My boyfriend and I just moved here, we might see you around,” Mark said, smiling broadly.

“That would be wonderful,” Beth said and meant it, as it would be nice to meet a new friend and not have to eat alone every night. It took a second for the fact that he had casually mentioned that he had a boyfriend to sink in. She guessed what they always said was true, the good ones were either taken or gay.

Well, she hadn’t been looking for anything like that to begin with, it was only when she got lost in his eyes did she start having naughty thoughts.

Mark’s boyfriend came up to join them. “Hey, I want you to meet a new friend of mine,” Mark said to him. “Paul, this is Beth.” Paul looked her up and down and she felt that he was trying to hold back a sneer. She didn’t like being judged solely on the fact that she was a woman and therefore, not worthy of interest, like a few gay men did, and had a feeling that was exactly what was happening now from Paul.

“Right”, Paul said, dragging the word out unnecessarily. It wasn’t flat out an insult, but the way he played with the word, and the roll of his eyes, made it obvious he was trying to make it one. She brushed it off.

“Yeah, I was just telling Mark what I do. We might see each other here if you two decide to make this a regular spot.”

“Relax Hun,” said the other man. “Mark already has everything he needs,” He slid his arm around Mark’s waist possessively. Beth wasn’t trying to say she would be joining them or anything, but Paul just wanted to make the point she wasn’t welcome anyway.

Just great.

Paul was tugging Mark at the waist to leave, and Beth figured that was for the best, she didn’t want to have Porno any more drama in her life if she didn’t have to, she was much too busy with work for that. “It was nice meeting you,” Mark said, with a smile that seemed to be both warm, and apologetic, on behalf of his rude boyfriend.

“You too,” Beth replied. Paul had already turned away and had offered no goodbye to her. As the two men moved to leave she saw Mark take something out of his back pocket and drop it on the table in front of her. He did it in such a way, knowing that Paul’s back was turned, she knew he hadn’t wanted Paul to see him do it.

Beth waited until they had left the restaurant before picking it up. It was a business card with Mark’s name and texting phone number on it. She could leave it here and that would be the end of it, or she could take it with her. She looked at the card for several minutes before tucking it into her purse for later.

The next few weeks, Beth and Mark sent enough text messages to fill up a library. She had gotten into the habit of checking her phone the first thing, when she woke up in the morning and several times throughout the day.

Every time she looked, there was something new from Mark. Encouraging messages, chit chat about his day, or just to let her know he was thinking about her. She had shared a lot of her personal history with him too, something she’d never really done with anyone else.

Mark in turn told her about his life with Paul, and how unhappy he was feeling lately. The last few days she noticed a pattern emerging. Mark and Paul had always had problems in their relationship and now it seemed to be coming to a conclusion. Mark finally asked if he could meet with her face to face alone to talk, and Beth readily agreed.

She offered to meet at the restaurant when they had met, but Mark didn’t want to risk running into Paul there and asked to just come to her house.

Right as he came through the door he was already talking, looking a little flustered and frantic. “I need your advice, I just don’t know what to do anymore,” he said.

Beth led him inside and they sat together on her couch. “What is going on?” she asked him, but thought she already knew the answer.

It had to be Paul. He caused nothing but strife for Mark. She had learned what a petty man he was through Mark, and how he was always playing mind games with him.

“It’s Paul, it is breaking my heart but I think he and I are over,” he said, and she could tell he was very upset at the idea. She didn’t like seeing him sad but figured it would definitely be better for Mark in the long run to ditch that creep. It didn’t matter how attractive the twink might be, he wasn’t good enough for Mark, or for most other people, come to that.

“What did he do now?” she asked and fought the urge to not roll her eyes.

“I know he is cheating on me with Chris, this guy he knows from the gym.”

“Look,” he said and showed her his phone. On the screen were a series of text messages between this guy and Paul. She read them but they just seemed like mundane messages about where they were at and what they were doing.

“So?” she asked.

“So at the times he told me he was at the gym, he wasn’t. I checked. This morning I didn’t need to go into work and he was acting strange. Stranger than normal I guess I should say.”

“That isn’t really proof of cheating, you know,” she told him, unsure why she was pushing Mark towards giving his partner the benefit of the doubt.

“Yeah, but what happened next is. I told him I was going to go pick up a few things at the store. I didn’t go, I just drove down the street a block and waited. I just wanted to be alone and away from him.” He took a deep breath and steadied himself from getting to overcome with emotion.

“What happened next?” she prompted.

“I saw the Honda that Chris drives rushing down the street. He parked in front of our apartment and went inside. He didn’t even knock.”

“So when you didn’t go to work, his plan was messed up?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Mark said, gloomily. “He must have called it off and then when I left got Chris to come over fast for a quick fuck. I ended up just driving around for a few hours before going back home.”

“Did you ask Paul why he was there?” she asked.

“You bet your ass I did,” he exclaimed. “He said I must have imagined it, that I was crazy. I know exactly what I saw, and he was lying to me,” he said.

“And you don’t believe that, do you?” she asked.

“No, we ended up getting in a huge fight, it was pretty awful. I knew he was vicious but the things he said to me,” Mark said, and the look of hurt was clear on his handsome face.

Mark was heartbroken, and he’d turned to his best friend, Beth, not knowing who else to go to. He was still new to the area, and hadn’t made many friends yet. All he had was the close friendship he had grown with Beth over the recent weeks.

“I’m so sorry, Hun,” Beth said and pulled him close to hold him. She didn’t know what else to do Altyazılı Porno for her friend. She knew Mark was proud and this had to be a shock to him, even if she had seen it coming.

“Want to teach him a lesson with me?” she asked before realizing she had even said it. The words just came out of her mouth.

“Like smashing his car windows, or setting all his clothes on fire?” Mark asked, laughing bitterly.

“No, like this,” she said and suddenly kissed him with no warning.

Beth felt Mark’s body stiffen in response to her kiss, shocked into rigidity. But a second later she felt him beginning to respond to her ministrations as most other men would.

Mark’s arms slid around her to pull her soft body against him. She broke the kiss before it could go any further.

“What did you think about that?” she asked.

“I – I don’t know,” he paused. “I like you, and yet I didn’t think I could feel like this with a woman. But to tell you the truth, I have felt something for you, over the last couple of weeks. But I wasn’t sure what it was.”

Mark continued. “I have never, you know, been with a woman,” he said, his eyes downcast. That stopped her until she realized he wasn’t really a virgin, just a inexperienced when it came to the opposite sex.

“Let’s see if I can fix that then,” she said and leaned in to kiss Mark again. Beth slid her hand down and brushed the outside of his pants with her palm, and Mark was shocked to feel his cock was physically responding to the pressure of her touch.

“I think you are going to do just fine,” she said with a sly grin, and gripped his cock though the fabric of his jeans.

Beth unfastened Mark’s shirt and exposed his hairy chest, and Mark’s broad, tanned muscles made her pussy flutter and she knew she was already getting moist for him.

Mark pulled his shirt the rest of the way off and tossed it to the floor. Beth dove on top of him, pushing him to his back on the floor and straddled his body. She felt his hands sliding up from her hips before pausing just beneath her breasts, unsure what to do next.

Taking his hands in her own, Beth guided them the rest of the way up to where she wanted them to be, cupping her large breasts.

He gave them a cautious squeeze and she made a happy noise, then he moved his fingers so he could pinch her nipples through her bra.

Beth took her shirt off and it joined Mark’s on the growing pile of clothes. “Here, let me help” she said. Knowing he wouldn’t have any experience taking off a woman’s bra, she didn’t want him to feel awkward trying to fumble through it on his first time.

As her hooks unlatched her heavy set breasts spilled forward to rest on her chest, and she leaned forward until they were nearly touching Mark’s parting lips, as he gazed up at her.

If she had been lower they would have hit him, and Beth decided it was probably for the best that the first time he had a woman’s breasts to fondle that they didn’t smack him in the face. It would have been too much of a good thing and she didn’t want to scare him away.

Deftly, he caught her nipple in his mouth and held it gently between his teeth. His tongue was hot and it made little circles over the tender nub, sending an electric shock through her body.

Beth realized that even if he had never been with a woman before, he must have done some nipple foreplay with his boyfriends because he knew exactly what he was doing.

Mark continued exploring her breasts with his hands, he squeezed them and pressed them together, and worked her nipples between his lips, alternating from one to the other, not wanting to neglect either one.

She felt him increasing his pressure as he went until he was now biting them softly between his teeth. In any other situation it would have been painful, but right now it only felt incredibly sexy.

As Mark sucked and chewed on her nipples, Beth could feel his cock getting longer and thicker though the fabric of his pants from where he laid underneath her.

He sucked her breasts harder so that her entire nipple was now in his mouth, raked against his top and bottom teeth as he pulled it in and teased it, before switching to the other one.

Beth knew they were going to be sore tomorrow but tonight she didn’t give a damn. He was going to make her sore and raw and she intended to do the same to him. It was time for something more and Beth got off her perch on his waist to lay next to him on the floor.

She took off his belt and tugged down his jeans, and then pulled his lime green and pink, Hugo Boss underwear down to his knees. Once Mark’s gay cock was free of its clothed cage it sprang up like a large, thick and fleshy flagpole. Rock hard, and ready at attention.

Beth gawked at it. She could already tell it was going to be big, she’d felt it stirring in his pants, but this man had one of the nicest cocks she had ever seen. And it had been wasted on Paul, she thought.

Without hesitating another second she reached across and gripped it hard Brazzers at the base and pulled herself down to lick the rigid shaft. She took the spongy pink tip inside her mouth and sucked it profusely.

“Oh, Jesus,” Mark groaned, and when she looked up, she saw he had a wide smile on his face. Beth smiled gleefully, She wanted to make him happy, so happy. And it seemed like this was doing the trick. Licking the shaft to make it wet she tried to get as much of his cock in to her mouth as she could to please him, and considering how long and thick he was, and the moans she heard escape from him, she thought she was doing a rather good job of that.

Sucking down, she forced even more of Mark’s gay cock into her mouth. Mark was making appreciative groans of pleasure as she worked diligently on his sensitive tool.

She didn’t want him to come until she had a chance to feel him buried inside her, so she stopped and came up to kiss him on the lips.

“I want to do that for you now,” Mark told her. He was a generous lover and enjoyed giving pleasure just as much as receiving it, perhaps even more so. While it was true that Mark was only used to servicing other men, and their hungry cocks, he was currently feeling a little adventurous.

It took Beth a moment to realize that he meant he wanted to go down on her kitty. Since he had never done it before it gave her a thrill to know the first pussy he would ever taste would be hers.

“You want to lick my pussy?” she asked and Mark nodded. “Than let me hear you say it,” she told him. “Let me hear you say you want to taste my pussy.”

“I want to lick your pussy. And I want to taste it,” he obediently replied.

Beth grabbed the hair on the top of his head and pushed his face down between her thighs “Then go right ahead, she’s all yours.”

Beth was still wearing her jeans and Mark popped open the button before sliding down her zipper. He hooked his fingers in the hem and yanked down, hard. Once they were off he returned to face her black lace panties. This was an alien sight to Mark. He was used to hot, prominent bulges appearing once his partner was pantless. But Beth’s groin was totally flat, and showed no hint of a bulge. But he could really feel the heat emanating from her, against his face, and smell her musky feminine scent invade his sense of smell.

Mark pulled her panties aside, and timidly, his tongue touched, for just the briefest moment, her swollen and slick clitoris. Beth knew that her pussy was drenched in her own excitement and he was going to get quite a juicy experience for his first time.

Beth moaned with pleasure when Mark locked his lips down on her swollen clit and his wet tongue began to rapidly flick against her most sensitive spot.

She had been worried that maybe with Mark being gay, he wouldn’t enjoy it, or he wouldn’t have a good idea what to do, but evidently he had enough knowledge stored somewhere in the back of his mind to be doing it so right.

Mark licked at her sex like a kitten at a saucer of cream, and caused Beth’s body to tense and writhe in a building ecstasy. In fact, if he kept doing what he was doing, Beth was going to come very soon.

Her passion was already hot and having this out and proud gay man taking so much delight in her aching pussy was going to push her right over the edge. Like a popping balloon she felt every ounce of stress and tension in her body just flowing in a sudden release.

From deep in her tummy, a pressure poured from her pussy and onto Mark’s probing tongue. She shuddered from the pure force of her climax, grasping Mark by his hair and pulling him harder into her sex.

Wanting even more immediate pleasure, Beth told him, “I need your cock inside my pussy, right now.”

Mark moved up her body, leaving a trail of kisses over her exposed skin along the way until he hovered just over her face and he kissed her gently on the lips.

He was reaching in between them to take hold his cock in his hand. “Help me find the right place, I’m not completely sure what I’m doing,” he chuckled, and blushed a little, feeling embarrassed.

Beth slid her hand down to help guide him into her. His swollen tip brushed past her sensitive clit as they tried to find the right spot together, and another rush of pleasure ran though her. His cock was large, so thick and so hard, she hoped she could take all of him in. She was directly competing against another man now, Mark’s boyfriend, Paul. This experience with her will be compared to that, and Beth wanted to be better than Paul. A better fit for Mark, in more ways than one.

She shouldn’t have worried, because as soon he sank his cock inside her pussy, it felt glorious to him. She let her hands play across his back, digging in her nails as Mark buried his big cock deep inside her.

He may have not been with a woman before, but once he was inside her tight pussy he sure figured it out how to fuck one good.

Once he hit as deep as he could reach, he slowly pulled his cock back out of her pussy until it almost sprang free, before slamming it back in to the hilt in one smooth stroke. Over and over Mark did the same thing, gently sliding out leaving her pussy feeling empty and craving to be filled once more, and then giving it to her in a hard and powerful thrust.

Mark & Beth (A G2S story) Beth sat watching the two men as they talked, sitting at the booth in the restaurant. One was quite tall, broad shouldered with sandy hair and had a short beard. The other was a little shorter and a lot skinnier, yet he still had an handsome, clean shaven face.…

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