Maria and Her Boys Ch. 17


I am in my late forties now. A cougar or a MILF, I suppose. I lust after young men –boys still of college age and who are eager to be taught by an older woman how to give sexual pleasure. It seems I am still in my sexual peak and my needs are as strong as ever. Its risky and exciting to find new young men, to let them know I am interested and then to seduce them into my bed. Its true that I have had rejections, young men who are faithful to a girlfriend or prefer women of their own age. But young men don’t think of me as an easy lay — they think it’s special, a dream come true to have an older woman paying attention to them.

They keep me motivated for the gym. I work out regularly to help keep them interested. Shapely legs, tight bottom. And my boobs are a nice B or C cup — firm and high since I had them done so that I can be confident without a bra.

Its not just one young man. Since that first boy, Ryan, I’ve become needier and braver. I have enjoyed a number of boys and taught them all before moving on to the next. It makes me sound slutty but, after all, I do have my needs.

And, as it happened, last week I had two different boys in my bed. Well, as I said, Clayton is not really a young man. Not by my standards. Twenty-three is too old now. And he has spent so much time with his girlfriend that he is not really “mine” any more. But he is a wonderful lover – thanks to me – and it felt good to have my sweet Clayton again. When he let his maturity and his confidence shine through, he really excited me by taking charge and doing some of my favourite things to me.

He stayed in my thoughts for the rest of that week. And what if I’d had them both at the same time? Oh yes, I tried that once. It was not as successful as I’d wished for. But whenever I got horny that week, frequently wanting to relieve myself, I couldn’t choose just one. The more I thought about them, the more I wondered if it would be different if I’d chosen to have Clayton and Matthew for a threesome.

It would be heavenly and so decadent to have them both focused on my body and my pleasure. Clayton with his stamina and still knowing his way around my body. Matthew with his powerful, muscled body slamming into me. Both with their thick, young pricks. Clayton sucking my boobs and making me moan as Matthew fingers my vag. Taking Clayton’s lovely penis into my mouth while darling Matthew licks my bottom.

I thought about their dicks and what I would do with them. I would sit between them, stroking them and moaning as they throb so nicely for me. Both of them would have smooth shaved balls and I thought about being on my knees between them. Kissing their throbbing shafts as I fondle their soft, young ball sacks. Wrapping an arm around each, grabbing their butts as I draw them closer so I can kiss and lick those soft pouches. Clayton licking my vag while I hug Matthew. Cumming hard for sweet Clayton, my wetness smeared over his face as I cry out for him to please not stop. Holding Matthew tight all the while, feeling those big, hard muscles as he traps me so I cannot escape from Clayton’s wonderful mouth.

Thinking of so much intense pleasure, I am sure I set a record for masturbation that week. I was dreaming of them fucking me. Clayton was first, because he has the most stamina. Me on hands and knees while I took Matthew’s dick into my mouth. Letting Clayton insert a finger into my tight back entrance while he stroked his lovely manhood in and out of my hot, wet vag. Letting Matthew see for the first time what a slut I really am. I can confess that I was using one of my anal toys for that part of my fantasies.

And rolling over, letting Matthew climbing on top of me and thrust his big cock into me in a single stroke. I was so wet that he met no resistance. His hardness filled me so beautifully as I lifted my legs onto his muscled shoulders. Using the power of his butt and his six-pack to ram so hard into me. I could imagine Clayton listening to me cumming as another boy fucked me with such force. Me stroking his lovely cock as I worked him up to shooting a big load on me.

“Shoot for me,” I heard myself saying as I looked into his eyes. “Shoot on my boobs,” I begged Cayton.

And because I wanted Matthew to experience something wonderful, I told Clayton to wait till my other lover was ready.

“Not yet…” I gasped to Clayton. “Shoot together.”

“I’m gonna cum, now,” I heard Matthew groan as I rubbed my clit furiously.

I wanted them both so badly at that moment. I was alone with my toys but I was desperate for their lovely dicks and their big loads of sticky stuff.

“Shoot it… both of you, shoot… don’t wait…”

I imagined the pulsing of Matt’s cock inside my vag. Thrusting and shooting and emptying his young balls deep inside. Wanting every drop to flood into me, leaving a huge load to ooze out of me.

And Clayton, stroking his manhood as he began to explode. His thick shots of hot semen splashing onto my boobs and my tummy. He even shot so hard that some of it landed on my yeni gaziantep escort face and I was in heaven as he made me into a dirty slut for them both. I came so hard. As hard as I’ve ever come from self-pleasure.

I had those scenes in my head for several nights running. I couldn’t help myself and just had to masturbate for ages before I could sleep. Believe me, I came very close to making a booty call – or two. But I was feeling so greedy and wanting both of my sweet boys. And which one would I choose? I guess it was easier just to stick with my toy collection.

Because I am sure that those fantasies will never come true. I am sure that real life could not be as good as that. And I cannot see how I would manage to have both Clayton and Matthew in my bed together. Its not as simple as sending them an invite. They’ll never know how much pleasure they were responsible for.

Nor will they know how those lovely thoughts inspired me to make a special purchase. Lying there and thinking of being licked and fingered in my bottom, I knew I had to do it. For a woman who is into anal pleasure its surely time to have a princess butt plug. So I bought two. They will be delightful to wear at work.

And maybe, soon, I might let Matthew come to my bed and see that I am wearing one for him.


After so much wanting, and so much masturbation, it was a relief to have Matthew in my bed again. This time it was a Saturday afternoon. I’d realised it was foolish to only enjoy him on a week night when we had so little time. Clayton had reminded me of the advantages of a languid, afternoon play. I wasn’t quite ready, yet, to invite Matt to be my Sunday morning lover. I am not sure why — perhaps it still feels right to let things build. I’ll give him his own key soon. Maybe after the next time I catch that nosey neighbour spying on me, showing me looks of disapproval for my young visitors. If only he could know that Matthew is becoming so confident, opening my robe to grab my bum and exposing my hard, aching nipples to the air.

I was almost naked when I opened the door for Matthew. And my heart was pounding, as always. I love boys his age because they remind me, still, of the young men who lusted after me when I was in my early adulthood. But now I am more in control. Not to mention having my own apartment for them to visit — a home court advantage

I always wonder if a young man can hear my heart beat or my excited breathing. My vag was telling me it needed attention. But Matt could not have missed my nipples, so hard and pointy. I let the robe slip off me and, knowing that Matt was watching my tight, firm bottom I led him to my bed.

He is not quite twenty years old. So perfect for me. And with a muscular body I’ll never tire of. We hugged and kissed, groping each other. Though I didn’t need to touch his penis to know he was fully erect for me. I sighed aloud just from feeling his hardness pressing against me. My vag was already wet.

We had so much time that day — at last. But I was as hungry for him as always. And Matthew knew what to do, sucking on my boobs as I moaned for him. All my boys are obsessed with my firm C-cups. I am just as concerned as when I was twenty about being attractive to my lovers. But Matt is always excited by my body. And he knows my boobs are sensitive so he was eager to warm me up with some squeezing and sucking.

“Good boy,” I moaned to him, running my fingers through that blonde hair. “You are so good to me.”

But, of course, I was in charge. Not just in control but ready to order my young man to do whatever I wanted. I’m finding that it’s a huge turn-on to know that I can make young Matthew do whatever I want.

“Finger me,” I murmured. “Fill me.”

It was an order. My sweet young man, less than half my age, knew just what to do. I groaned as he spread my vag lips. I gasped when his finger ran through my cleft. How delicious to have a young man, almost a virgin before I chose him, becoming so expert about my body. He could feel that I was damp and barely paused before he slipped one finger into my opening.

“Oh, fuck… I need this…”

In moments, he had a second finger inside me. This time he was thrusting deep. Soft and gentle but filling me up just as I’d ordered. Matthew is really learning how to handle me with finesse. I grabbed his shoulders and he sucked harder on my boobs as he began to thrust a little faster and deeper with his fingers.

I came at that moment, erupting all over his hand. My hips lifted off the bed to meet his thrusts. I had not realised I was quite so horny. My vag muscles were squeezing around his fingers. And Matt chose that moment to bite gently on my nipples. That was so unexpected and so raw. I almost screamed my orgasm as my body responded to him. My powerful climax overcame my plan for a long, languid sex session.

I rolled over, pushing Matthew’s muscled shoulders to the bed. I needed to ride that young gaziantep yeni escort dick, to be filled more than his thick fingers could manage. Matt understood and he was up to the task. I didn’t even suck him. There was no time. I climbed on top, squatting with my toned legs as I guided his prick into my wet opening.

“Fucking hell, Maria…” he moaned as I slipped down.

“Don’t cum,” I ordered as I impaled myself on that wonderful young cock.

The screwing was all for me. I rode him just the way I needed. It was all about my need and my relief. I slammed up and down on that fabulous young cock and made sure I fucked myself and touched everywhere I needed him. Matthew was groping my boobs and even that was all about my pleasure — thrilled to have such a young man so lustful for me, driven to a frenzy by his touch. I came hard, over and over, and left a lovely wet patch on his pubic hair.

Finally, I pulled myself off that shaft and lay down beside him. I was panting hard but it was totally worth it. Being honest, Matthew already knows that I am a slutty older woman. His cock was so big and hard and glistening with my wetness. What a sight. And it made me hungry for more. There was a perfect way to recover from such an intense screwing.

“Lick my butt,” I moaned, already face-down beside him.

Again, I was telling him what to do. It came so easy to give Matt the order to lick my dark little place. Being bossy with my muscly young man gets me so turned-on. And I love having a tongue back there. I was flushed with triumph after my fabulous fuck and still feeling needy and in the mood to make him do something dirty.

“Yes, lick me good…” I told him as he spread my toned butt cheeks and dipped that youthful tongue against my tight hole. “Yes Matt… oh, so good…”

I’ve said before how decadent it feels to lie languidly while a young man, young enough to be my son, licks me back there. Its very erotic to have a boy who is so biddable and eager to please me. Of course, I like to show-off my toned, shapely bottom. But a tongue in that place always feels warm and lovely. I wonder about women who’ve never experienced that pleasure. Sometimes its wonderful foreplay but that afternoon it was a more of an interlude between screwing.

In fact, I was enjoying myself so much, moaning softly for my boy, that I even drew my knees underneath me. Matt didn’t need to spread my cheeks now I was so wickedly exposed, sticking out my bottom for him. Oh my, what a dirty older woman I was. But I was in control, after all. Why should I hold back from more pleasure? I kept moaning as I felt the tip of his tongue pressing inside my opening.

That was a special moment. Somehow, I knew then that I was going to keep my young Matthew. I didn’t have time to reflect on that thought. I was enjoying his tongue far too much. But, looking back, that combination of dedication and obedience changed my thinking. I know that was when my feelings for Matt really changed.

Eventually I had to let his mouth rest. I rolled over and pulled him to me. It was almost as good to be lying in his young, muscled arms. My breathing had returned to normal but I found myself sighing with contentment.

“You are a good boy,” I whispered to him. “You make me feel so good.”

I kissed him again. Strangely, I wanted to see if I could taste myself on his lips. But, of course, I had showered and cleaned myself before he’d arrived. Matt was suddenly feeling chatty, however. I could sense it as he stroked my boobs while he tried to find the words.

“Is that what you used to do? With your ex-husband, I mean?”

“You mean — back there?”

Matthew blushed now, as if caught doing something naughty. He’d done no such thing. I was surprised by his question but not upset. Though I knew I was not quite ready to have that conversation with my young man.

“Yeah, you know… anal sex.”

“I’ve told you, there’s many things that I never did with him. But you’re special.” It was my turn to pause. “So, you want to try anal sex?”

“Ummm, well… I guess… I mean…”

“Don’t be shy. Its natural that young men are curious. Do you like the idea? Is that the sort of porn you watch?”

“I guess. Sometimes… not just that…”

I won’t deny that his question had caused a little tingle inside me. My boy was being so brave. And its been so long for me since those first wonderful experiences with Brady. I had not made a conscious decision to let Matthew screw me in the butt. After all, not even Clayton got to do that.

It was time to distract both of us from that topic. I reached down between us and found his soft, shaven sack. I cupped it gently, feeling the wonderful softness of the bare skin as we talked.

“Tell me about your porn,” I ordered him.

How much porn do young men watch? I don’t know what is too much but Matthew seems to watch quite a lot. Maybe because he doesn’t have a regular girlfriend. The more we talked, the gaziantep yeni escort bayan less shy he became about discussing it. He even told me that his favourite is Asian porn. So I asked him why.

“Because the women are small. White guys look so big next to them.”

“Hmmm… I look small next to you. With your big muscles.”

“I hadn’t really thought about that,” he replied with a shy smile.

My hand was still cupped around his lovely balls. Matt was a good boy to start shaving them for me. I asked and he did that for me. That’s when I knew he was a special one. After that, I found myself thinking about his soft, smooth sack at all sorts of strange moments. But now I had him in my hand and my excitement was rising again. So much for my idea of a slow, languid sex play.

It didn’t help that his hard dick was brushing against my arm as I massaged his young balls. I knew what I wanted and I made a spur of the moment decision. It would be something really special for Matthew. The weight of his balls told me he was full of virile, baby-making stuff. And that day I wanted it — shooting into my mouth so I could swallow it all.

This would be my first time with Matthew. Why did I wait so long? But it didn’t matter right then. Slipping down the bed, I pushed Matt onto his back. He understood and opened his legs so I could kiss his sack and give him some soft licks. The guttural sigh he gave me was a wonderful turn-on. I wasn’t going to deny either of us this time. I licked his balls a little more and then slowly worked up the length of his throbbing dick. By the time I got to the head he was oozing that lovely, clear pre-cum. He wanted it badly. I closed my soft, wet lips around the tip of his shaft and slowly worked my tongue around him.

“Oh, fuck…” I heard him moan.

He was throbbing beautifully as I worked my tongue and my lips down his shaft. Any man gets hard in a woman’s mouth but the young ones really strain and throb — almost bursting with anticipation and need. I played with his balls as I worked more of his length into my mouth. I’d made him wait that afternoon so I knew he would not last long. That made me even more excited to be sucking him.

“I love this dick,” I told him, looking up into his eyes. “So big and hard for me.”

Such a young man in my bed. With his young prick in my mouth. As I lowered my head again, I saw the pre-cum leaking from his hole. It was exhilarating to see him so horny, so needy, and to know I had full control. My obedient young man – and that day I was going to really reward him for being such a good boy. I sucked him deep, cramming as much of that thick, hard manhood as I could into my mouth. I made the perfect little “O” shape with my lips while cradling the soft skin of his pouch. Matt was groaning endlessly as he started to move his hips, like he wanted to thrust into my wet mouth. I could feel his power and I knew that my vag was soaking.

I released him again, holding the base so that his fabulous cock was pointing upwards. Being so close, seeing it throb and twitch, was wonderful. In that moment, a boy’s cock seems to be alive and its so satisfying to know I can tame it. He was glistening with my saliva and the wickedness of my act made me even more turned-on for him.

Matt could not help himself this time, lifting his hips slightly as he tried to force more of his fabulous manhood into my mouth. I did not mind at all. I sucked a little harder, made my lips a little firmer and swirled my tongue as I moved up and down. He was only a few seconds away.

“Stand up for me,” I ordered my young lover. “Here.” And I pointed to the floor.

It was exciting to go to my knees in front of Matt. His prick stood so proud and his power was fully on show. I caught the head of his yummy cock with my mouth — no hands. He was still slick with my saliva and slipped easily between my lips. It was so slutty and so wicked and I was enjoying every bit of it. Reaching around him, I was thrilled by the feeling of his fabulous bottom, feeling his young muscles tighten as I resumed my expert fellatio.

He was thrusting a little from his lust. That was a thrill and it made my job easier as his cock moved with short, quick strokes. He was going to shoot no matter what but I was determined to make it the most incredible experience for his first time.

“Oh, fuck… Maria, I’m gonna cum…”

Only young men think they need to give a warning. But I didn’t need one since the twitching and throbbing of his cock made it obvious. I glanced up into his eyes. They were shut and his face was screwed up. Honestly, I was so hungry for him that I would have sucked his load out of his dick. I grabbed his rock-hard bum a little tighter, to show him that I was in charge — to tell him what I wanted. And my sweet young Matthew cried out with the release of his first orgasm of the afternoon.

The first shot was exhilarating — so powerful and big. I felt the huge pulse of his thick shaft and I was ready. His shaft twitched hard and a jet of his semen blasted across my tongue and flooded my mouth. I can never forget the wonderful first eruption of a young man in my mouth. So much virile stuff that flooded my mouth. And he had enough force that I almost choked — not a good start. It was the full sexual power of a young man. He really was a mouthful and I swallowed it all. I had to swallow before his next shot.

I am in my late forties now. A cougar or a MILF, I suppose. I lust after young men –boys still of college age and who are eager to be taught by an older woman how to give sexual pleasure. It seems I am still in my sexual peak and my needs are as strong…

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