Margaret’s Dichotomy

Margaret’s Dichotomy

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Margaret stood inside the booth surrounded by a myriad of crafts while people around her milled about and perused her wares. She wore a long flower print cotton dress with a high neck line befitting her surroundings at the church fair. The conservative dress, despite the high neck line, did little to hide her huge f cup breasts and her dark areola were somewhat visible through the thin fabric.

Her eyes scanned the crowd and she smiled pleasantly and friends and strangers alike. Under her dress she was bare, forgoing panties and bra as she was want to do. She was a paradox. A well respected church leader and a councilwoman for the county. She held a position within the PTA and was an assistant troop leader for her daughter Kyie’s girl scout troop. She appeared conservative and reserved and in everyday life that was how she lived her life but behind closed doors she was entirely different.

Margaret watched Tyrod as he approached and her eyes soaked in his sinewy beauty. He had been a star high school athlete four years earlier and he still had the lean muscles and grace of one despite his descent to mere mortal status. His focus had always been on football and baseball rather than his studies. His coach had hired Margaret, when she was still just a substitute teacher rather than a councilwoman, to tutor him in math and English. They had gotten his grades and test scores up enough to get him into a division 1 school but his poor study habits had hurt his grades and caused him to lose eligibility. He was back in school and studying hard to get his degree but he was no longer a superstar. It had been humbling, Margaret knew, and it was in all likelihood a net positive for the young man but she, as much as anyone knew what a fall from grace was like.

Margaret had been a champion cheerleader in high school and she’d gone to a small Christian college in the deep south on a full scholarship. Her first year in school had been difficult but her grades were good. Her sophomore year she met Talia and they became fast friends but they couldn’t have been more different. Talia was wild and free. She drank copious amounts of alcohol and slept around with boys she hardly knew. Margaret had never been drunk and she had only had sex with two boys, with whom she’d had long term relationships before they ever did more than kiss.

Margaret’s grades suffered and she was suspended from the squad for drinking while traveling to a competition. She gained a good deal of weight after her suspension from the squad and started sleeping around with numerous boys. While she had managed to graduate, her partying had lasting effects until she hit bottom at 28 when she was arrested for DUI after a serious car crash.

Margaret had gone to rehab and joined the church after hitting rock bottom and that’s where she met her husband. She and Paul had two children and Margaret had been clean and sober for twelve years but she still had one vice.

“Hello Ty,” she said with a bright pleasant smile. Her eyes met his warm brown orbs and held his gaze for a long moment.

“Hey Mrs. B,” Tyrod said happily. His memories of Margaret were fond ones. Her methods of encouragement were somewhat unique but they had been very effective and if he had her with him in college he may have done better his first time around.

“How’s school going?” Margaret asked, continuing with the pleasantries and avoiding what was really on her mind. She had struggled to gain Tyrod’s trust early one and he had put in little work until she found his hot button.

“It’s going great,” he replied proudly. “Straight A’s last semester. Just one more year and I’ll have my degree.”

“That’s great,” Margaret said with genuine warmth and a great deal of affection. “You must have found someone to properly motivate you.” Her eyes quickly darted from his eyes to his crotch and she smiled knowingly as she looked back up at his handsome brown face. In high school he had been concerned with just two things: sports and girls, and Margaret used his insatiable appetite for sex as motivation in school. He got a hand job for each B or better on a test or quiz and for final grades of a B or better she gave him head. It was a strange arrangement but he was 18 at the time and she worked in a different school system so no laws were broken.

Margaret had been married then as well but she and Paul had an open marriage. She was free to sleep with with other men and so was he.

“No, I found my own motivation this time, my future,” Tyrod said. His eyes fluttered from Mrs. B’s gorgeous blue eyes to her soft supple breasts and he felt a familiar tingling between his strong ebony legs. He had loved being with her in high school. She was sexy and adventurous in ways high school girls weren’t and he had thought of her often over the previous few years.

“Well that’s good. I always knew you had it in you,” Margaret said happily. She glanced again at his crotch and her stomach started to flutter. He had, she recalled, a great cock and incredible Uzun porno stamina. Her bottom lip curled inward and she chewed playfully on it as she remembered her present to him after he graduated. They had spent the night together at her place. Paul had been relegated to the guestroom for the night and after Tyrod left in the morning he had spent over an hour licking every drop of semen from her well fucked pussy.

“I did. I had it in you too,” he whispered softly, for her ears only. He looked from her eyes to her soft breasts and his big dick started to stir. He’d always loved her pale supple tits. He had been staring at them when she’d had an epiphany on how to make him care about his grades and she’d let him touch them as long as he agreed to pay attention for the rest of their tutoring session.

Margaret glanced around to make sure no one was in earshot and then smile. “Yes you did and if you stop by my house tonight at 10pm you can do it again,” the matronly church wife said with a naughty glimmer in her big blue eyes.

Margaret heard the knock on her door and she glanced at her watch. It was ten sharp and her pulse quickened. She felt a nervous frenzy in her belly and her nipples stiffened. She was still in her long cotton dress and her big nipples stiffened against the light fabric. A surge of wetness flooded her needy sex as she walked quickly to the door.

“I was hoping you’d come,” Margaret said, welcoming him into the foyer of her large farm house. She and Paul lived set far back from a main road in a small midwest town. They owned 300 acres of land but only used twenty, located on the northeast corner, for themselves. The remaining 280 acres and a barn on the west end were leased to a farmer who grew soy and at times corn.

Tyrod stepped inside and they embraced. Margaret’s soft lips pressed tightly against his and her tongue slipped past his full lips. He smelled good and clean with a faint hint of natural musk and she breathed deep, drawing it into her lungs. She had learned over the years that different races of people often had different scents. Tyrod was far from her first black man. In college, after she became more adventurous, she had affinity for black athletes. Her parents had forbid her to have black friends and at first her interest in black boys had been as a way to rebell against them but she quickly learned that she liked their often aggressive nature and strong willed demeanor. She also adored the contrast between her alabaster skin and a dark black man’s shiny, ebony flesh. Tyrod was dark and delicious.

Her hand moved down between his legs and she grabbed hold of his nearly erect dick through his pants. It felt firm and it’s size was as she recalled. He had a freakishly large dick for an 18 year old. He was, at that time, just 5’8″ and a powerful 180lbs and his 9″ dick had appeared even bigger given his smallish stature. He had grown several inches in college but he’d slimmed down ro more of a runners build. His cock felt perfect in her hand and she quickly unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor.

Tyrod’s big dick tented his boxers and he groaned into Margaret’s mouth as she reached inside them and grabbed his hard cock. He grabbed her big round ass and kneaded it while they kissed passionately. She squeezed it hard, milking precum from it as her tongue aggressively toyed with his. He had always been blessed with confidence but unlike most of the black boys and men she had been with he was not domineering or overly aggressive and Margaret was versatile. She liked being both dominant and submissive and the idea of dominating Tyrod and pushing his boundaries appealed to her on several levels.

Margaret lifted his shirt off and caressed his firm, well defined chest. Her lips trailed soft kisses along the nape of his neck and she pushed his boxers down, freeing his big, beautiful dick.

“Get down on your knees,” Margaret commanded firmly. She hiked her dress up to her waist and pulled his lips against her trimmed, hairy cunt. He’d been a reluctant participant in cunilingus when he was 18 but he eagerly lapped at her hard clit bringing her to a quick and powerful climax as she leaned against the wall of the foyer. Her legs quivered and quaked and she clutched at Tyrod’s head until the powerful waves of pleasure subsided.

“Good boy,” Margaret cooed as she released her grip in his head. “Lay on your back.” Her voice was low and raspy and her tone was demonstrably firm and demanding. She felt incredibly comfortable in the dominant role and she shoved him to the floor with a sharp, menacing glare in her eyes.

“Yes Ma’am,” Tyrod replied obediently. He laid on his back with his hard dick throbbing against his belly. The ravenous look in his dark eyes held a hint of fear but his body was on fire.

Margaret straddled his strong dark brown body and lowered herself onto her knees. His warm flesh was smooth against her thick, supple thighs and her dripping pussy left snail tracks on his chest Öğrenci porno under her flowing dress as she slid down until her labia brushed against his turgid shaft.

“Fuck it’s been too long,” the sexy church wife moaned softly. She and Paul had been in a bit of a rut and she hadn’t been properly fucked in several weeks. If she hadn’t been spread so thin she’d have gone into the city to a swingers club they sometimes attended but as a rule she stayed away from bars because of her addiction.

“Can I take your dress off?” Tyrod asked timidly. Margaret didn’t remember him being so obedient. He’d been fairly defiant as a student and she’d expected a little push back.

“Not yet,” Margaret replied, “I like it better like this.” She lifted her wide hips and reached under her dress, guiding his big, thick dick into her sloppy wet pussy. He slid effortlessly into her depths despite his size and she let out a long low moan as he stretched her wide and filled her to the brim.

Margaret’s eyes rolled back and she clutched at her big, god given breasts. Her vice and her faith often were at odds but she reasoned that if god didn’t want her to fuck he wouldn’t have made it feel so good. Her thick, heavy body rode Tyrod at a fast trot and she felt th familiar tighteness in her belly.

The room filled with her urgent whimpers and loud groans. His big dick touched bottom when she took it to the hilt and she winced in pleasurable pain as the knot in her belly grew tighter and tighter. She glanced at the stairway upstairs and saw Paul naked and erect. His prodigious cock, Tyrod’s equal, jutted lewdly from under his slightly protruding belly and Margaret licked her lips. She had shared several men with her husband over the ten years that they’d been married. Paul was secretly bisexual but she knew that his preference was men and she’d accepted that long ago. If not for his faith he may have married a man but Margaret and Paul loved each other dearly and together they were an incredible pair.

“Oh hey Professor B,”Tyrod said when he noticed Paul with his dick in his hand. He was surprisingly comfortable given the situation but he knew that Paul accepted and sometimes encouraged his wife to fuck other men. He knew Paul was in the guest room the night of his graduation present but he didn’t knew everything that they did together afterward or since.

“Hello Ty,” Paul said tremulously. His wide eyes traveled over Tyrod’s strong muscular body and satisfied smile danced on his lips. Like his wife, Paul had an affinity for black men. He had been raised in a southern community and he’d been brought up Southern Baptist. He’d been around black people his entire life and unlike Margaret, his initial experiences with black boys had not been out of rebellion but rather familiarity. Oddly, despite their shared attractions towards black men Paul and Margaret had never shared a black man. White men, it seemed, were more open to bisex while black men, presumably because of their culture, were either straight or gay with very few open to the other way of life.

“Do you want to join us?” Margaret asked with a playful lilt in her sweet voice. She spoke like a true southern belle, having been raised south of Atlanta. She had moved to the Midwest after college to live with her college roommate because her parents refused to allow a “nigger lover” in their house. They had both died several years later and Margaret never spoke to them again, nor did she attend their funerals.

“Yes Ma’am,” Paul said obediently. He was a true submissive and in the gay vernacular a total bottom. He’d never fucked a man but he’d been fucked countless times in his lifetime.

“Come over her and let me see your pretty cock,” Margaret commanded. Paul did have a beautiful cock. It was long, thick and circumcised with a straight, veiny shaft and a perfectly shaped bulbous tip. She had always been a bit of a size queen and she’d become more of one as she aged. She enjoyed the pain and discomfort of a really big dick and unlike some women, there was, to her, no such thing as too big.

Her mouth opened and she sucked her husband’s cock into her mouth. He fit nicely in her mouth and over the years she’d learned to take it deep into her throat. She loved giving head. It was one of her favorite thingd. The smell, feel and taste of a hard cock, even (or sometimes especially) a salty, sweaty cock was delicious and incredibly erotic. It made her feel alive and strangely empowered.

Paul leaned his heas back and enjoyed his wife’s talented mouth. Her love of giving head was at least in part the secret to their successful marriage. There were times he didn’t feel like fucking and her mouth, and her strap on, gave him more pleasure than cumming inside her warm wet pussy.

Margaret rode Tyrod hard and slurped hungrily on Paul’s big dick. She brought her husband to the brink several times while sucking him and fingering his asshole but she never let him pass the point of no return. Ty, on the other hand never seemed close to climaxing and yet he was rock hard after well over 30 minutes of vigorous fucking.

“Ty Baby,” Margaret cooed, “I need more of your sweet tongue.” She climbed off his big black cock and moved over his handsome face, turning so she could see his big dick in the process. Sitting on a man’s face was, to her, the best position to get oral sex. She had tried women too and while the few she’d been with were fantastic with their mouths she wasn’t really into lesbian sex.

Margaret lifted her dress over her head, finally revealing her soft doughy body. She was flawed but very sexy. Her tits were big and surprisingly firm for a 40 year old woman. Her tummy was mostly flat but dimpled and soft and she had some stretch marks from her two pregnancies. She had wide hips and a round ass and her pussy was old school with a trimmed but full triangular bush.

It had taken Margaret a lifetime to become comfortable with her body but she finally had and that confidence had made sex even better than it had been before. She motioned Paul to move between Tyrod’s strong legs and she purred softly as her husband began to lick her juices from Ty’s glimmering shaft. She knew that Tyrod was aware that the lips and tongue on his shaft belonged to Paul and she smiled knowingly when he did nothing to stop him. In fact, Tyrod moved his hands to Paul’s thick mane of salt and pepper hair and pulled his down on his hard member as he vigorously lapped at Margaret’s swollen clit.

Her hips undulated on Tyrod’s face smearing her clear, creamy juices all over it. She felt herself building to another powerful orgasm and when Ty pushed two fat fingers into her depths while flicking her taut, rigid bean she erupted. Her juices squirted from her spasming pussy soaking his flesh and the expensive oriental run beneath him.

“Okay boys,” Margaret said breathlessly as she recovered from the ferocity of her climax. She rose to her feet on unsteady legs. “Let’s go unstairs and really get this party going.”

Margaret laid back on her big queen sized bed and spread her legs wide. She beckoned Tyrod to join her and he quickly buried the length of his big delicious cock inside her needy cunt. She closed her eyes savoring the moment and then pulled him down on top of her pale white body. It had been a long cold winter and she had not a hint of a tan making the contrast between them even more striking and erotic.

His hips pumped hard and fast and she clutched at his strong muscular back. Her fingers curled and her painted pink nails dug into his ebony flesh until drops of blood appeared. A loud guttural cry rose from her chest and poured from her quivering lips. Intensenb.. waves of pleasure washed over her and her body tensed until her climax ebbed.

Tyrod groaned and looked back over his shoulder. He’d had his ass licked before but never by a guy. In fact he’d never done anything with a guy, unless you counted jerking off in the same room while watching porn, but he had sometimes wondered what it might be like. He felt Paul’s tongue push into his sphincter and he moaned softly. His hips slowed to a snails pace and he kissed Margaret hard.

Her tongue sank into his eager mouth and je sucked on it as Paul lavished oral attention on his virgin ass.

Paul lapped hungrily at Tyrod’s asshole. His smooth, hairless butt was firm and round and Paul kissed it while caressing his muscular back and strong thighs.

“His tongue feels good doesn’t it Ty?” She whispered in the young man’s ear. Her warm breath caressed the sensitive skin along the nape of his neck and he sighed deeply.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said deep and low.

“Did you like it when my husband sucked your dick?”

“Yes,” Tyrod replied sheepishly, “I’ve never done nothin with a guy before.”

“I want you to fuck Paul,” Margaret purred, “I think it’s hot. Will you do that for me.” She batted her long eyelashes and smiled pleasingly. Her hips undulated under him and she raked her fingernails down his back and moaned wantonly. “If you do his ass, you can finish in mine.”

“Okay,” Tyrod answered quickly. He had only fucked a girls ass once and he loved it. It was dirty and hot and he had wanted to fuck his former tutor’s ass for years. She had a big beautiful butt that was perfect for fucking.

Tyrod pulled out of Margaret’s tight, wet pussy and Paul took his place inside of her. His cock was as hard a forged iron and he handed Tyrod a bottle of lube.

“Use a lot,” Paul said with a big eager grin. He felt the soothing salve of the lube as Tyrod drizzled it into his crack and he moaned like a bitch in heat. He hadn’t had a good fuck with a real warm dick in almost a year and he shook with anticipation.

Ty pushed his fat cock against Paul’s sphincter and a loud groan filled the room. He felt a little resistance but he leaned hard and slipped inside him. His ass was amazing and he eased deeper until their balls touched.

Paul grunted when Tyrod thrust deep and groaned when he pulled back. He sounded like a wounded animal and Ty found a steady rhythm thrusting deep and hard. Their bodies slammed together and Paul’s rigid fuck stick was drilled into his wife’s liquid core.

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