Mama Mia Pt. 01

Mama Mia Pt. 01

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This story is a fetish fantasy where many themes get woven together. There are cuckold, incest, bi-sexual, BDSM, and a few other themes all combined. If these themes are not your thing, please just move on. If they are, enjoy!

Like most of my stories it arose from a single incident. In this case it was watching a very hot mom and her even hotter daughter move into the cottage next door to us. I am having a fun week fantasizing about the two and writing this series of stories. The stories are pure fantasy, but a guy can dream, right!


Her body is flawless. She is 21 years old and doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her. She has a smile that melts you and a flirtatious nature that owns you. Her name is Mia and I am going to finally get to fuck her if I can pass the final tests I will face. It has been an incredible 10-day journey of sex and submission and the family that has used and abused me is offering up their daughter as a thank you for my service.

She is currently naked in front of me. Her arms are bound over her head and attached to a hook in the ceiling. Her slender legs are kept apart by a spreader bar that runs from sexy ankle to sexy ankle. Her only other attire is a pair of fuck-me heels.

I did not put her in her current position, at least not directly. Her brother was the one who suspended her and affixed the bar. On the couch her mom and dad sit and wait. Her brother’s girlfriend sits on a bar stool at the counter live streaming the whole scene to her friends. This is not your usual family gathering.

I have been given 10 minutes to preview and enjoy their daughter. I can touch her, but only with my hands, and I cannot enter her. I am shaking with sexual excitement. I have run my hands up and down every inch of her tight body. Her breasts are especially alluring as they are perfectly shaped, firm, and totally natural. She has the flattest, hottest stomach I have even seen in person and her ass is literally flawless. It rises from her thighs and curves back to her lower back in a way that should be enshrined in the perfect woman museum.

David, her dad, announces, “one more minute”

I return my hands to her calves and bring them up her body, enjoying her thighs, her ass, her flat stomach, her perfect breasts. She seems to enjoy my touch. While she is bound and helpless, she is not afraid or reluctant. She has added to my excitement by moaning softly as my hands have caressed her body. I finish by holding her stunning face in my hands and say to her, “I look forward to tonight more than you could ever know.”

She smiles at me, and says, “good luck!”

While that might sound like a funny response by her, it fit the situation. It was now 6pm and I needed to survive until midnight, and if I do, I get Mia for 24 hours as my prize.

What do I have to survive? I have to be a fully pleasing sexual slave to her mom, her dad, and her brother, and especially her brother’s girlfriend. I am actually looking forward to it as her mom is hot, her dad has a strong personality and a top notch cock, her brother is ripped and has a thick cock that demands attention, and Amy, the girlfriend is an evil bitch that I am sure will make me regret my mere existence while also wanting nothing more than to please her. It is a submissive’s dream come true.

I am a submissive and I am equally happy being submissive to men and women. A great cock, or a great pussy are equally alluring to me and I have agreed to this challenge because I am hoping I will get fucked hard, and fucked with even harder, over the next 6 hours. I have already been serving this odd, but amazing family for 10 days. I now have six more hours of concentrated “fun” to endure and Mia is mine to use.

How did I get to this position? It started with Mia and continued with her whole family, but was initially set up by my wife and her lover. Mia flirted, I swooned, and her brother swept in and sealed the deal, while her parents participated fully. It happened quick, it happened hard, and then when the family was joined by Ryan’s girlfriend, it happened even harder. But it started with my wife’s lover, Steve, who I have served as a sissy cuckold for almost 2 years now. Steve got the ball rolling, my wife pushed it along, and the Blaser family has executed the whole plan with near perfect precision. I never stood a chance, but that is exactly how I like it.

The Blaser family was renting the place next to mine in our resort town and I have been acting as the handyman and cottage cleaner for my friends who own it. I recently was asked by wife to move up here for the summer while she stayed so her and Steve could live together in our house. Steve just sold his condo, but the deal for his new place fell through, so moving into our house, where he already spent a decent amount of time as the master of the household, made sense. But in a precursor to what I imagine will be the upcoming divorce, my wife asked me to go to out cottage Uzun porno for the summer. She said she wanted to try being a somewhat normal couple for the summer, or at least as normal as a couple that is fully dominated by the man can be. So now I live up here full time as my job allows me to work remotely.

When Mia and her family arrived, I first noticed her Mom. She was likely about the same age as me and like me was fit and energetic. She had a tight body and she was wearing a running top when I first saw her. I am a sucker for a tight body in a running top. Her breasts were a perfect pair of mounds and her ass was top notch too. I eventually learned that David and she were high school sweethearts and were married before they finished college. Ryan, their son, was born their senior year, and Mia a year later. Both David and Julie were accountants, which was very surprising given their personalities. They built a very successful practice as David had personality, Julie had looks, and they both were great with numbers. I would guess many a client signed on when they saw Julie. I would have. Of course, I would have also signed on for David, but that’s just my less than normal self.

I saw David next and he was well built, around six feet tall and moved with an easy confidence. Over the past ten days I have found that easy confidence is almost impossible to say no to. He, more than the more vocal members of his family, was probably most responsible for bringing me in, and keeping me in, as the family submissive. I fell into an easy submission to him and his strong cock and while he has never yelled or openly humiliated me, I have said no to him exactly zero times, including when he and his golf buddies all used me as their post-game bitch. I didn’t hesitate to extend my submission to his friends and I even was pleased that he trusted my submission enough to include his friends.

His son, Ryan, is a bigger, more openly powerful version of his dad. He is easily 6’2″ and built beautifully; not muscle bound, but definitely spends time in the gym. When I first saw him carrying the large cooler like it was a six pack, my perverted mind quickly went to thinking about getting fucked by Ryan. That is the way I work. I see hot mom and think naughty thoughts, and then see ripped son, and think more. It turns out that getting fucked by Ryan was a family affair as his cock is long, strong, and demands attention. His mom, his sister, and his girlfriend are all devoted to it, and it was Ryan’s cock that made me the family fuck toy. He literally fucked any self-respect and manhood out of me, or at least the shred of it that Steve had not already taken.

After admiring the rest of the family, I saw Mia. She walked with confidence; she knew she looked good and wasn’t trying to hide it. She looked athletic in a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt. You wouldn’t think that attire would scream “hot babe” but Mia made it happen. I stared from my back deck as she helped unload the car. After two or three passes, she turned towards me and smiled as she walked by. She was radiant. One more pass and she stopped and said hello. I almost couldn’t say hello back. She seemed to pick up on my awe towards her and winked and said, “we’ll talk more later.”

I went inside and immediately stroked my dick until my hand was full of Mia inspired cum. I took the time to slowly eat it. It was a habit my wife and her lover drilled into me. I was allowed to masturbate, but I was never allowed to waste the cum in a tissue. I always needed to eat it. It was now my regular way.

I had just gotten my dick back in my shorts when there was a knock on the door. I licked my lips to be sure there wasn’t any remaining cum and went to the front door. Julie, the mom, was standing there. I opened and said “welcome.”

“I understand you are the person to speak to if we have an issue next door.”

“That’s right. What is the problem?”

“This might sound silly, but our daughter went to take a shower and couldn’t figure out how to get the shower part to work.”

“Not silly at all. It is a European shower set-up and to be honest that is probably the most asked question I get. All you have to do…”

Julie stopped me with a damsel in distress look and said, “any chance you could come over and show us, I have zero mechanical abilities.”

“No problem.” And we went together. I enjoyed the view from behind as her tight yoga pants and athletic top were just as alluring from behind. As we entered, she introduced me to her family. When she got to Mia I fell right back into my trance. Her eyes just blazed, and her dark long hair gave her a combination of girl next door (literally in this case) and sexy vixen (which turned out to be equally true). I followed Mia into the bathroom, Julie came too, and I showed them the trick, which was lifting a ring that went around the spout that didn’t look like a moving part, until you moved it. The water Öğrenci porno shifted to the shower head and they were back in business.

Julie said thanks and left. Mia looked at me with a devilish grin and asked me If there were any other tricks she needed to know. I almost choked as so many naughty thoughts surfaced. I played along with her and responded, “I think you likely know most of the needed tricks at this point.”

She approached me, put her hand on my chest and leaned up and whispered in my ear, “I guess we will have to save the other tricks for later.” She then let her hand linger on my chest.

I looked at her and said, “I hope that is a promise.”

She backed away, smiled at me and in a quick and smooth motion took off her t-shirt over her head. She had on a white athletic bra and I stood my ground and enjoyed the view.

“I am betting that will keep you coming back to fix things, but that’s all you get this trip. Thanks again for helping me.” With that she turned and checked the water temperature with her hand. I took one last look at her amazing body and said, “My pleasure.”

She laughed and said, “Good answer.”

She then pushed me towards the door and as I went to exit, she started to take off her bra, but closed the door on me just before I got to see her perfect breasts. My breathing was ragged, and I am sure my face was flushed. I stood in the hallway and gathered myself and then returned to the living room. Julie asked me if all was OK and I said that it was. She said, “that’s good because my daughter can be a handful.”

I replied, “no issues at all, I am glad to help.” When I was actually thinking, “your daughter is an amazing fucking flirt and I want to fuck her in that shower.”

Julie just looked at me, and I swear she heard my thoughts. She, like her daughter, came up to me and said, “we just might need your help again, so don’t be a stranger.” Her look was as sexy as her daughter’s. I was moving from slight hard-on to full hard-on and every mother daughter porn scene I could imagine came flooding into my mind.

I was flustered and mumbled something like “I am just next door if you need me” and fled the house. I got back to my house and slumped against the wall. I was in way over my head with those two ladies and little did I know that was exactly the way they wanted me to feel.

I climbed into bed and started to stroke myself another meal fantasizing about a mother daughter experience. I even jokingly thought that it was my “Mama Mia” session. I came hard and ate my cum. I always enjoyed ending my day with a good ejaculation so I fell asleep easily. It didn’t last.

I woke up around 3am to the sound of a woman being fucked. I heard the banging of a bed against the wall and moans and gasps. I rolled across my bed and realized that the sounds were coming from the bedroom across from mine in the rental house. I thought it was odd as this was not the master bedroom and I assumed it was Julie and David going at it. I peered over and in the dark all I could make out was the silhouette of a woman who was riding a man and riding him hard. I pictured Julie pleasuring herself and her man from the top position, but just about the time my hand made it down to my hardening dick, there was a position reversal and the obvious profile of Ryan was in full view. He started to really pound the woman beneath him from behind. I was simultaneously jealous of this mystery woman and Ryan and I could be happy fucking her or getting fucked by him.

I watched for a while longer and then got the shock of the summer. Ryan finished fucking the shit out of the woman and pulled out and went to the bathroom where I could see the light turn on. This extra light made me duck a bit more behind the curtains in my window and that was good as the woman came to the window and looked out. It was Julie and she was naked. Ryan was just fucking his mom, and she seemed like a very satisfied recipient of his efforts. She stared hard at my window and again I felt like she knew I was there. She ran one of her hands up her own torso and cupped her breast and then pushed it up and started to suck her own nipple. Her other hand found her sex and started to rub herself. I was mesmerized. She just kept staring at my window, almost willing me to appear while she enjoyed her own body.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I moved so that I appeared in the window. She smiled but didn’t stop pleasuring herself. As I enjoyed the show, her son returned and his hands replaced hers on her breasts and soon they were kissing. She whispered into his ear and a moment later she gasped as he entered her from behind. She put her hands on the windowsill while staring intently at me. She wasn’t a passive participant as she was pressing back on his cock with each thrust. They got going in a slow but steady rhythm. She kept her eyes on me the whole time and let her own son fuck her. I no longer cared what she saw and pulled my dick out and stroked it to the same pace as she was getting fucked.

She stared at me and let out moans of pleasure as all three of us were engaged in a very inappropriate love triangle. It didn’t take me long: my cum exploded from my dick and actually sprayed onto the screen and window. Just a moment later Julie orgasmed as her son slammed his cock into her. His thrusts were lifting her off the ground. He grunted and she moaned. I stood in stunned silence as my dick softened in my hand. Ryan made a last couple thrusts and then pulled out. Julie turned and kissed him. Then she left without looking at me and then only he was standing in my view. He clearly saw me and then nodded at me and left the window too.

I didn’t sleep the rest of the evening trying to process what I saw. That was obviously not a first time between the two, and seemed to be specifically designed to draw me in. It had worked as I had not only masturbated for them, but they definitely were fully inside my head now. I couldn’t help but think that was their intent.

I didn’t really see them for the early part of the next day, but about 2pm there was a knock on my door. I was both relieved, and a bit disappointed that it was David and not Julie this time. He asked if he could come in and I gladly obliged. He sat and I offered him a beer. We drank in silence for a bit, then talked jobs, and life, although all of it seemed like set-up for his real purpose. Finally, we got there.

“I understand we were a bit loud last night and woke you up.”

“It is okay, I can be a light sleeper anyways.”

“Not what you expected to see would be my guess.”

I didn’t answer as I just didn’t know what to say. David just let the silence sit there for a while.

“We haven’t been fully honest with you. I am Steve’s accountant.”

Fuck! Steve, my wife’s lover! A man I have served sexually for three years. Steve made my sissy submissive side a fully active part of me. He fucked my wife, he fucked me, he humiliated me, and I I was about to learn that the Blaser family’s presence was also his doing.

“In passing I mentioned we were renting up here, and after a bit of fitting the pieces together, we determined that you would be our neighbor for two weeks. He has known my family for years, including that we are not the typical family, and planted the idea that we might have a bit of fun with you. Do you realize I have actually fucked your wife, multiple times. She is a great fuck.”

“I did not know that, Sir.” I went immediately into sub mode. My eyes went to the floor, my body language became demure and small.

“Why don’t you come over here and get on your knees. Steve said you give a great blow job and while we discuss how our neighborly relations might play out, I would like to find out firsthand.”

“Yes, Sir.” I moved to the instructed spot and he lifted his butt and removed his lower clothes. I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh and grasped his hardening cock. I squeezed it and stroked it. I looked up at him and like I would with Master Steve, I kept my submissive eyes on him as I lowered my lips onto his cock. I started to bob on his cock sucking hard as I slid my lips back and forth. David moaned.

“Steve wasn’t lying, you got talent.”

I didn’t respond verbally, but I answered by going deep throat on his cock, to the point that I was able to lick his balls. Steve trained me to be a non-gagging, deep throat specialist as he liked it and he always reminded me that nothing says “I am your submissive bitch” like fully impaling your throat on a real man’s cock. I bounced my head in short, highly pleasurable strokes as David’s cock felt the pleasure of this trick I had learned while his ego relished in the fact that I was fully focused on his pleasure. The ridge of his strong cock got squeezed and stroked by my throat. I then slowly pulled off his cock while sucking hard.

“Fuck that was good!” David was truly enjoying my work.

I bobbed five or six more times and then repeated the deep throat experience. This time he grabbed my head and held me while he jack hammered his cock deep into my sissy throat. I think he was amazed I could take it and not gag or choke. Steve had trained me well, and David was the current recipient of my special skills. He released my head and again I slowly sucked my way off his cock. I could taste his pre-cum and as far as I was concerned there is not better taste.

“Let’s slow this down and talk about the next 10 days.”

I eased off and started to lick and stroke his cock, but in a less urgent way so that his climax would be delayed, but his pleasure constant.

“As you witnessed last night, my family has some habits that most families don’t. We are a very close family and that closeness includes sex. My son is really the lead on that as we have never found the end of his sexual appetite. He fucks his mom, and his sister, and his girlfriend almost every day. I too fuck all three of them, but not nearly at the frequency of Ryan. His cock is very addicting for pretty much all women, and men too. He plans to fuck you. I assume your talents go beyond just oral submission?”

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