Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 03

Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 03


When I woke up Saturday morning I was alone. My first thought was that Benjamin had gone home. Then I thought no, he must be in the living room watching television or something. I got up. The chain was still around my waist with the end dangling down to my ankles. I walked naked into the living room.

He wasn’t there. He was in the kitchen, wearing Sal’s robe. I could smell some bacon frying. I knew that there wasn’t any bacon in my refrigerator. I assumed he got it from his own house.

“Good morning Deidra,” Benjamin said as I entered the kitchen. “I was about to come get you. Breakfast is almost ready.”

“Good morning. Did you . . .” I suddenly remembered that I have to add the word Sir to my statements whenever I speak to him. “Good morning Sir. Did you get the bacon from your house?”

“Yes I did.” He looked down at my bare feet. “Go get some slippers on your feet. I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold or something because you didn’t have your feet protected.” He had on his loafers but no socks.

“Yes Sir,” I answered. As I reentered my bedroom I couldn’t help but think that Sal had never cared so much about my health as to order me to put slippers on my feet so that I wouldn’t catch a cold. I smiled.

When I returned I met Benjamin in the dining room; he was setting the table. I asked him how long I had to wear the chain around my waist. I told him it kept hitting up against my legs.

“For this weekend, you are to wear nothing except your slippers and the chain around your waist for as long as you desire to be my sex slave. As I told you yesterday, the chain is a symbol of your sexual slavery to me. If you take it off you will cease to be my sex slave. Do you understand slave?”

“Yes Sir.” I was humbled but I also felt a release in that humility. My heart suddenly surged with joy at the thought that I was his sex slave for the weekend.

“As for it hitting against your legs, that is the price you must pay for the privilege of becoming my sex slave. Hold the end of the chain in your hand if it bothers you.”

“Yes Sir.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Now sit down and eat your bacon and eggs. Afterwards we’ll play a little game I have planed.”

We were both naked; Benjamin had taken off Sal’s robe. He was erect, very erect. I was hot, very hot. He sat next to me instead of across from me as Sal did. Every now and then he would stroke his hard cock while caressing my right thigh, my right breast or groping my pussy.

Other than that, we ate breakfast mostly in silence. Benjamin had gotten his laptop computer when he got the bacon. He was surfing the Internet, reading the news. He explained that he did this every morning while eating his breakfast.

As soon as he finished eating Benjamin turned his chair to face me. I had already finished and was just sitting next to him, watching him. I was thinking that I had only met this man twice and yet, I wanted him in my life. I did not want to go through the rest of my life and never again have sex with him.

He ordered me to get on my knees and suck him off. Dessert he called it. I was more than happy to accommodate him. All during breakfast, while watching him stroke his manhood, I was hoping that he would let me suck his dick when we finished eating breakfast.

He shot his cum into my mouth and onto my face. Its warmth on my lips, chin and cheek was exhilarating. I have never felt that way when Sal shot his load onto me. I just accepted it. But when Benjamin let loose onto my face, it was as though a sovereign was pouring his life blood onto me, giving me his soul and making me a part of him. I suddenly felt like I was royalty or at least among royalty. He was my king, my master and I was his loyal slave.

I wiped his cum off my chin and cheek with my fingers and hand. As I was licking it off my fingers, Benjamin grabbed my wrist and raised my hand to his lips. He put my fingers into his mouth and sucked his jism off of them. Sal had never done that. He always said that it was unmanly for a man to eat cum. I didn’t believe him; I just accepted it.

After, Benjamin ordered me to clean up the kitchen. He said that work must come before pleasure. I demurely mentioned that I had already been pleasured when he allowed me to suck him off. He just smiled.

I went to the kitchen and began to wash the breakfast dishes. Meanwhile, explaining that he had some computer passwords written down in his wallet, Benjamin retrieved it from his gym bag and began to do some accounting work on his laptop.

When I finished he ordered me to go into the living room; he went to the bedroom and retrieved the electric wand. He asked me if I had a yard stick. I answered him that there was a rather thick, meter long ruler in the middle bedroom. He told me to go get it.

After I returned, he commanded me to stand in the center of the living room with my hands interlocked behind my head and my legs spread apart.

“I am the teacher and you are my student,” he said to me. Starzbet “Today is test day. Every time you answer a question correctly I’m going to delight you with the electric wand. But every time you answer a question incorrectly I’m going to smack your ass, your tits or your pussy with the ruler.”

“Yes Sir.” I could feel the juices in my womanhood heating up in anticipation to what he was going to do to my flesh.

“First question, how far is Orvieto from Rome in centimeters?”

I had heard of Orvieto. I knew it was little municipality somewhere north of Rome. But that is all I knew. “I don’t know Sir.”

The punishment to my ass was quick and hard, two burning smacks to each cheek. I grimaced.

“Next question, what is the weight of the moon in kilograms?”

“I don’t know Sir.”

Again, the chastisement was immediate and hard. But this time he hit my pussy mound twice. I moaned.

The next several questions were similarly impossible for me to answer correctly. Each time I answered that I did not know or answered incorrectly he would smack me. Soon my ass, my tits and my vagina were all on fire. My eyes were filled with tears.

But the following several questions were very easy to answer. He asked me questions like ‘what is five times five’ and ‘how do you spell slave.’ Each time I answered a question correctly he touched my skin with the electric wand. The sensations were ecstatic and left my flesh tingling all over.

For the next thirty minutes or so — it seemed like an eternity — he either smacked me with the ruler or shocked me with the electric wand. Just like the night before he had my emotions on a rollercoaster but I didn’t want him to stop. I yearned for more and yet, I longed for release. I was a slave to my own passions, a prisoner of my own desires.

When the “test” was over, he grabbed the chain around my waist and pulled me into the master bedroom. He lay down in the middle of the bed and ordered me to mount him. I eagerly eased my womanhood onto his dick. I grasped his right thigh with my left hand and began to rub my clitoris with my right middle finger. I rode him like a cowgirl riding a wild stallion.

As soon as I impaled my wet cunt onto his stiff cock he pinched my nipples hard. The entire time I was humping him he held onto my nipples, pulling on them, while thrusting up into me. I was in pain and pleasure, agony and ecstasy throughout the entire fuck session. When my volcano finally erupted it shook my whole body. Just as before, the love making left me a quivering puddle of delight.

I fell onto his chest and began to cry tears of joy. Benjamin stroked my hair and rubbed his hand up and down my back. He whispered into my ear to let my emotions take control of my aching body, to let the passion ripple through my tortured flesh. But his advice was moot. I was too weak and too filled with bliss to do anything except lie on his chest and let the ecstasy run through my body.

After several moments of just lying on top of him, I sat up. Benjamin’s dick was flaccid and rubbing against my pussy. Some cum had oozed out and wet my lips. Ignoring that, I repositioned myself and knelt next to him and started to suck his cock. But he stopped me and ordered me to lie on my back. Then he knelt over me with his penis directly over my mouth; his mouth was over my vagina.

I opened my legs as wide as I could; he licked his jism off my cunt lips. Meanwhile, I took his cock deep into my hungry orifice. I was rewarded with another mouthful of his sweet cream and a tremendous orgasm from the cunnilingus he performed on me.

When we finished he told me that he had to finish his accounting work. He reminded me that work must come before pleasure. He ordered me to strip the bed of its sheets and to wash them and to remake the bed with clean sheets. He also told me to gather up all the sex toys we used and to place them in his gym bag and to return the meter stick to the middle bedroom. Then he asked me to join him in the dining room after the sheets were in the washer and the bed was made with clean sheets.

I asked him what other sex games were we going to play but he just smiled wickedly said that I would find out soon enough.

While performing the domestic chores I couldn’t help but reminisce on my earlier thoughts. Now that I have been introduced to sex with him, I will always want Benjamin in my sex life. I didn’t quite know how I was going to manage that. He said that he only had a six month lease on the house — that’s all he needed to finish the remodeling of his own house. He paid the owner a bonus to allow him out of a yearly lease.

I knew that once he moved out I would have no way of keeping in touch with him unless he gave me home address. I was determined to get that as soon as possible. The trouble was that he was secretive with his home address. At least he appeared to be that way whenever I asked him for it; he always sidestepped my questions about it. Also, he Starzbet Giriş always kept is wallet near him.

At other times and for any other information, Benjamin was an open book. All I had to do was ask him and he gave me the information I sought.

The other problem was Sal. I didn’t know how long he was going to allow Benjamin to come over and continue to fuck me. He gave both Benjamin and me Friday evening the impression that this was going to be a weekly affair, something we would all engage in every Friday night. Well, we would continue to do it for a while anyway.

Not only that, last week the threesome was just a Friday night affair. But this week, well Friday was a threesome while the rest of the weekend Sal went fishing, leaving me and Benjamin alone. Which of the two was Sal going to let me enjoy.

The third problem — actually part of the second problem — I didn’t know whether Sal was going to allow Benjamin to come over after he moved back into his own house. Like I said, I wanted Benjamin in my sex life for the rest of my life and I didn’t know if Sal was going to allow that if Benjamin wasn’t living next door.

The sex I had with Benjamin these last two weeks opened a new door for me. Barbara had gotten me interested in reading about bondage and discipline sex. But now Benjamin got me wanting to participate in it. I didn’t want that taken away from me and I knew that Sal would never agree to any B & D stuff. The only thing he ever wanted to do was to screw me and then roll over and go to sleep.

I only knew that somehow I was going to let Benjamin continue to use me as his submissive fuck toy, even if I had to become his personal mistress.

I was also beginning to worry about whether or not Sal was going to invite his friend Sam over to fuck me. Sam is thoughtful and polite but in my opinion he’s also a total bore. If you got an opinion on something he’s got a comment about it. Not only that, he thinks he knows it all. According to him, his judgment is final; no one knows as much as him.

I had no desire to have any kind of sex with Sam, especially after what I had experienced with Benjamin. Indeed, I wondered whether any man could ever satisfy me sexually now that Benjamin has fucked me.

As soon as I finished making the master bed with clean sheets I went around the house picking up the sex toys. When I opened the gym bag to put them in I also checked out the other toys that were in the bag.

Besides the flogger, the wand, the clamps, the blindfold, the handcuffs and the ropes, there was a huge, very realistic looking dildo — I shuddered at the thought of what it would do to my vagina if he rammed it into me without any kind of lubricant — a large vibrator, a leather paddle, some more ropes, more clamps, a set of Velcro ankle manacles attached together by a long chain and finally, a pair of leather hand cuffs, also attached together with a long chain.

Then I joined Benjamin in the dining room. He was still doing some accounting work on his laptop. I sat down next to him and toyed with the end of the chain around my waist. He looked at me and then glanced down at my pussy. He smiled. I opened my legs a little wider to give him a better view of my mound.

For some strange reason at that moment I suddenly felt humbled; I felt as though it were a privilege to sit here next to him. A wave of passion flowed through my veins. I bowed my head down and thought how kind and compassionate he was.

After a moment, he asked me how long before the bed sheets were finished washing. I told him about twenty or thirty minutes. He told me to put them in the dryer as soon as they finished washing. He then returned to the figures in the spreadsheet on his screen.

I continued to sit next to Benjamin for several minutes. Then I went to the middle bedroom and retrieved my electronic book reader. I again sat down next to him and opened it to resume reading a book I had started earlier, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. I was content to just sit next to him and read.

After several minutes he again glanced at me, then at my vagina and then returned to his accounting work. He did that several times before stopping. He saved his work and sat back in the chair.

He asked me if there was anything in particular that I wished to do. I answered him no. We then went into the living room and sat on the sofa together. We were both still naked. We chatted for about an hour or so, mostly about each other.

He use to work as an accountant for a large corporation but after several years there he quit and opened up his own small accounting and tax preparation business. But lately his business has picked up so he decided to turn the master bedroom into an office — it’s a little larger than the other bedrooms — and add another larger master bedroom. At present, he works out of one of the other bedrooms of his house.

As soon as the remodeling on his house is finished he is going to work out Starzbet Güncel Giriş of the old master bedroom; it will have its own entrance. That way, on the rare occasions that one of his clients does visit him it will seem more like an office and not a makeover bedroom.

When I told him that I work part time for a temporary service company as a secretary and receptionist he said that he only needs a part time secretary. He even hinted that he might hire me. When he said that, my dreams of becoming his personal fuck toy really took off. But I didn’t tell him that. I just thanked him and told him that he would have to give me his phone number and address.

At that point, he got up and went into the dining room. He retrieved one of his business cards from his wallet. It had his e-mail address on it. But he scratched off his business phone number from it with the comment that he was changing that number. He wrote his cell pone number on it. I thanked him and put the card in my purse, which I keep in the master bedroom.

When I returned he grabbed onto the chain around my waist and pulled me to the center of the living room. He ordered me to get on my hands and knees. He then fucked me doggy style. Although it was vanilla sex, it was still great.

Most of the rest of the weekend was vanilla sex. Benjamin said my ass needed the rest. Saturday night he put the blindfold back on me, ordered me to stand in the center of the bedroom with my hands locked behind my head and my legs wide apart. He then proceeded to rake a dinner fork over various parts of my body. There was no pain involved, just a delicious sensation spreading across my skin every time he scraped me with the fork.

The sensation also filled me with wanting. My pussy — which by the way he scrapped more than any other part of my body — was on fire. I could feel the juices of my vagina flowing hot. My only desire was for Benjamin to fuck me until I was a used up ragdoll.

Late Sunday morning he again shocked me with the electric wand. At first he didn’t want to, exclaiming that my body needed the rest. But I told him that that was from the spanking. He finally agreed and had me lie face up on the bed. He then had me point to the parts of my body that I wanted him to stimulate. Although I pointed to places all over my body, most of the direction was to my vagina, particularly to my clitoris. After, we made love.

Around two in the afternoon Benjamin got dressed and prepared to leave. I was still naked, wearing only my slippers. He had removed the chain from around my waist several minutes earlier. I asked him if he was going to stay gone most of the week as he had done this past week. He knew exactly what I was thinking.

He returned my question with a question of his own, “Why, do you want me to come over here and fuck that pretty pussy of yours again?”

“Yes Sir,” I answered him in a very demure tone. “I would love for you to take me and use me as you will. I would love to submit to you again Sir.”

“What about Sal?”

“He almost always goes with his friend Sam to a local bar on Monday and Thursday evenings Sir. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you came over one of those days Sir.” By this time I didn’t care what Sal thought about my asking Benjamin over to make love to me. He was the one who started this, not me. I was just taking advantage of the situation.

“What if he doesn’t go out with his friend? Do you think he would agree to another threesome other than the Friday night thing we do”

“I don’t know Sir. I’ll have to ask him Sir.” I didn’t want another threesome with Sal and Benjamin. I knew that would come Friday night. I wanted Benjamin alone, just the two of us. Mainly because it would be just vanilla sex if Sal was there; there would be no B & D playing.

Not that there was anything wrong with vanilla sex with Benjamin. It’s just that since he — and Barbara to some extent — introduced me to bondage and discipline sex . . . well I don’t want to go through the rest of my life without it.

“OK, give me a call as soon as you find out. Then we can do our thing together.” He then reached out, lightly pinched my left nipple and tugged on it slightly.

“Yes Sir,” I answered him.

Then he left. There are a few boards missing in the fence separating our two houses. I watched him step over the fence at that spot and go into his own backdoor. I closed my backdoor and leaned against it. I closed my eyes and thought about the events of the past couple of weeks.

The thought that was uppermost in my mind was what joy Benjamin had brought into my life. I cupped my left breast and smiled. I knew that he would be a part of my future sex life, but exactly what I had not figured out as yet. I was just happy knowing that he would be there.

Sal didn’t come home until just after four Sunday afternoon. He only had a few fish with him. He said that he and Sam sold most of the fish they caught to a local seafood store. He cleaned the ones he had and I fried them along with some French fries for our evening meal.

During supper I thought Sal would ask me about my weekend. But he didn’t. In fact, we barely spoke; he was busy reading a sports magazine. He acted as though he never knew that Benjamin and I had spent the weekend together.

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