Magic Dress – Yvette Pt. 05

Magic Dress – Yvette Pt. 05


I was feeling really happy. It was a nice day, and I was wearing my favourite dress, swishing along in heels through town with my best friend Kathy. Kathy who is also my wife, and the person who had helped me on my journey to being a woman. I was revelling in my femininity, when the spell was suddenly broken.

Coming towards us was the last person in the world I wanted to see, my ex-wife Jean. What the hell was she doing in this city? I steered to one side, but Jean had stopped. She couldn’t recognise me, surely? She did not know of my transformation, and I felt embarrassed. If she did find out, well I don’t know. She would probably hate me even more. The thing is, I still loved her, but I knew she was not the kind of person who would understand, and I did not want to give her one more thing to hold against me.

No, she hurried across to confront us. “Excuse me, but aren’t you…?”

I said coldly “I’m sorry, you must be mistaken. We don’t know you.”

She said “Maurice…” and started to collapse. We caught her and helped her to a nearby bench. I hurried to a nearby shop to buy a bottle of water. When I returned, she was crying, but took it gratefully.

“This is Jean,” I said to Kathy. “My first wife. Jean, this is Kathy, my wife.”

“Maury, Maury,” she said in between sobs. “If I’d only known…”

She took my face in her hands and said tearfully “You look lovely in that dress, Maury. I still love you and want you to be happy. If you ever loved me, please give me ten minutes to tell me about you and Kathy. I heard you had married and was sorry not to be at the wedding. I’m begging you!”

I said “Shall we go to a coffee shop?” but Kathy said no, this was something we had to do in private. Jean had come by public transport so we took her home in our car. Kathy drove, because Yvette does not have a licence though Maurice of course does.

We got her home and she rallied a little with a cup of coffee and complimented us on the décor. Kathy was sorry for Jean’s distress, and so told our story. Jean said it was wonderful that Kathy had found me, and she sincerely wished us every happiness. She added that she was glad Maurice had found Yvette, and it had been so good for me. She had been very unhappy with the way the divorce went, which she blamed on the lawyers.

“Too right!” I said.

She had been devastated to learn that I had lost my job, which she knew I loved, and was so glad I had it back. However, she had something else to tell us, if she could first use the toilet and get another cup of coffee.

While she was away, Kathy spoke sharply to me. “Listen Yvette! Try to be more like a woman. Show some sensitivity. You can see she’s had a shock. I’m sure she still loves you and wants the best for you. At the same time she’s sorry she lost you, and surprised what has happened. I don’t know how I’d cope if it was me.”

Obviously, Jean mainly wanted the toilet break to repair her makeup. I took the chance to do a quick touch-up on and was sitting more composed when Jean returned.

Jean was also more composed. She sat down, and Kathy said “This is Yvette, my best friend. Maurice at work. Now what did you have to tell us?”

“Nice to meet you, Yvette. You do look lovely, and that dress really suits you. Actually it was the dress I noticed first of all. It was only when I got close that I recognised you, and it gave me quite a shock. You see the thing is, I now live with a man who also likes to wear dresses, and he has one exactly like that.”

Two jaws dropped.

“If only we had known, I think we could have been happy together and have Yvette as a best friend. But I think you two are lucky to have each other, and I’m really fine as I am. In fact, it stops me worrying about Maurice. I really Bostancı Yabancı Escort wish you both all the best, and I hope I can see you sometimes.”

“That would be nice,” said Kathy, looking meaningfully at me.

“Of course,” I said though not enthusiastically.

“Well, actually,” Jean continued, “it’s a bit more complicated than just living together, and you’re probably going to think me a terrible person, but I live with this man and his wife. I discovered I have some lesbian tendencies, so I mainly sleep with the wife. He still has sex like a man, mainly with his wife, but sometimes with me. There, I told you I was a terrible person!”

“I don’t know what to say,” I said. Then I thought of something. “Except I’m sorry I acted as such a dick. I did love you, and I’m glad if you’re happy in whatever way suits you.”

“Thank you!” said Jean with feeling, and she stood up and opened her arms. I went into them, and we hugged and kissed. Then Jean turned and hugged Kathy as well, and said “And thank you for looking after Maurice. I will always love him, but I’m glad he’s got you and Yvette.” My eyes got a bit wet. “Now, if you could call me a taxi, I’ll be off home.”

“Nonsense!” replied Kathy. “We’ll run you home. Do you think we could meet your people?”

When we got to their flat, Jean told us to wait. After a few minutes of low conversation, she brought us in. And there stood what was obviously a man in a dress, and what was obviously a pretty woman.

“Hi!” the man said. “I’m Adam, and this is my wife, Eve. Yes really. That’s the reason we went out in the first place. And no, I don’t use a girl’s name. I’m not a woman, I’m a man in a dress. Now this lovely creature in the magic dress must be Yvette, and the other lovely creature must be Kathy. Delighted to meet you both.” He stepped forward and kissed us both on the cheek.

They invited us to stay for dinner, and we shared our experiences which were similar in that both had been triggered by the same dress, but otherwise very different. We didn’t tell the whole story (especially the sex), but it was clear that I had gone much more on the way to being a woman than Adam. He had tried to oblige the women by going on holiday as Barbara, but it had not worked out: he just liked relaxing at home in a dress.

However, Eve and Jean liked to dress him up as a woman with makeup for their own amusement, and called him Dolly, like little girls playing with a doll. They showed us some photographs which were remarkably convincing. Their favourite was one called Sexy Sally with over the top makeup, in a blouse and short skirt, but also with suspenders.

“Yvette,” said Adam, “Do you like dressing up in sexy clothes and makeup?” Of course the answer was yes. “Well,” he said, “You’re welcome to try it here, which would give me a bit of a break. Hey girls, how would you like a new dolly to play with?” They said they would like it very much, and I agreed without hesitation.

It was wonderful. On Saturday after lunch Kathy drove me there. I was dressed lots of costumes and Adam drove me back in the evening. What was best of all was I could wear my gaff. I loved this marvellous invention, secondly only to my beautiful breast forms. It had been difficult to start with, and I had more or less given up, but I had eventually bought a second one which worked better. I tucked my balls away and my cock between my legs and it looked like normal panties with no male bits at all. A lovely flat front. At home I would often just wear it with panties and a bra and walk around in heels admiring myself, but Kathy didn’t like it, and I had rarely worn it since we got married, mainly at the company dinner dances.

Adam would not wear one but Jean and Eve liked me in Bostancı Yeni Escort close fitting sexy clothes. Of course, I was mainly admiring myself from the front, but Jean offered me some padded pants to make my hips and buttocks more round. At last I was able to utter the immortal words “Does my bum look big in this?” and they told me it did. I became the new Sexy Sally. There were a range of other characters including the Office Girl on a Night Out with a fairly tight straight skirt which really needed the bulge hiding. They were delighted with how I looked, and I was rather pleased myself. I would certainly be glad to save Adam the chore.

It was on the third Saturday when it was getting late, and Eve suggested I stay over. They only had two bedrooms, but she and Jean usually slept together, so she said I could sleep with Adam. As she explained, Adam was not gay and had frequent use of two cunts. So, lovely as I was, I was no temptation. They provided me with a nightdress. I would have liked to cuddle, but contented myself with a goodnight kiss on the cheek.

I began looking forward to these times so much that Kathy agreed that I should drive over on Friday night as Maurice and come back Saturday evening without fail. Saturday nights and Sunday morning became our time for making love. During the week I changed into Yvette, so on Sunday she had the benefit of Maurice all day, often not doing much.

Jean sometimes took me out on Saturday, going to the park or just walking around in one of the Dolly outfits. A few times Adam dared to go with me in the slinkiest dress, as he thought I might be safer in male company. Oh God! How wonderful that was, to be a sexy woman accompanied by a man!

I began to have some conflicting feelings. On the one hand, I loved Kathy very much, and was so glad to be married to her. On the other hand I still loved Jean and was jealous of both Adam and Eve for having sex with her. On yet another hand, I wanted Adam to fuck me. Yes I did.

Kathy in her infinite love had promised to support me on my journey, even if it ended with full surgical transformation. She had been wonderful in the way she helped me to explore what it means to be a woman, including dating and sex with men. I thought when we were married that I was satisfied with the experience and did not need more. Being around Adam told me that I did.

+ – + – + – + – +

It told Kathy that slightly missed having some kind of sex as a woman.

“Eve and Jean treat me just like a woman,” I explained. “They don’t bother about me seeing them naked, and I have even been there when they suck off Adam or give him a handjob, and I’ve been jealous. Sometimes lying in bed with him it is difficult to sleep. Do you think I could do something with him?” She was outraged.

“Certainly not! You messed up one marriage, don’t you dare mess up Adam’s! It’s an unusual arrangement, but it’s a ménage à trois in a stable loving relationship. Don’t you dare let your little fancies spoil it for them! First of all you had better stop sleeping over, and I will ask Eve and Jean to be a little more discreet.”

I was shocked, but continued.

“It’s not just the sex. In fact what I think I miss is when I was dating or going out dancing with you: being treated like a woman by men. Dinner or dancing which will probably lead to sex, it’s the whole experience.”

She slapped me.

“Selfish bitch! And what about me? Don’t you think I miss it? When was the last time Maurice took me out for a nice evening then came home and gave me a good screwing? When did he last come into the kitchen and grab my tits? When did I last get flowers? All the time I have to tell Yvette how pretty she is, but when does Maurice give me a compliment? I am Bostancı Masaj Salonu glad to give you time as a girlfriend, but remember I am giving up time as a wife!”

It was not easy, but we came to an arrangement. The first and most important was more Maurice, and in fact a sort of dating. Instead of going home to dinner, we would sometimes smarten up and go to a restaurant. (Then come home for a good screwing, of course.) We took some lessons and went ballroom dancing (as Maurice and Kathy) once a week, which finished with Kathy being well fucked.

I no longer stayed over.

In return, Yvette was permitted the occasional sexual adventure. We went out to a club, had a dance and gave some handjobs. We went back to a club we had visited before and found the same two lads who had once fucked us against the wall. This time we told them Yvette was a man, and they said they had sort of guessed, but the one who fucked her had enjoyed it so was happy to do it again.

Our gay friend Simon agreed to take me on a date just as before if we paid for the restaurant, and he did a good job, in the restaurant and bed. He also put us in touch with Cedric, the man who had fucked me before but said he was married, so it could only be the once. It turned out his wife now knew of his preference for anal sex but would not do it herself and was prepared to let him have the occasional release. As he wasn’t really gay, I had been an ideal compromise for both him and the wife.

Kathy was not sure she believed this, so demanded to meet the wife as well. (I did not go.) She turned out to be not entirely happy with the situation, but said it would be better if her husband had a regular relationship with someone nice rather than sneaking around with possibly dangerous people. Kathy decided she felt the same. She suggested once a month, Cedric suggested once a week and we compromised on once a fortnight, where I would be taken to dinner and then spend the night in hotel.

This was much more than sex, it was the whole experience of being dated and desired. Cedric was courteous and considerate, and it was a joy to surrender to him and be filled with cock once again. I loved sleeping in bed with him almost as much. He had a hairy chest, which was delightful. I was just sorry I did not have real boobs, and began to fantasize about at least having that change.

Unfortunately because of work demands on Maurice and Sunday being reserved we had to meet on Friday night, so this meant I lost alternate weekends with Jean and Eve. They had to make do with Adam, but he didn’t really mind.

It may seem strange, but I never ejaculated when with Cedric. He was not interested in my cock, and although I got a bit hard, I was much more enjoying the feeling of being a woman, and anything more would have spoiled it. On the plus side, I was filled with love and passion and spunk for Kathy on Saturday night.

It was on a Saturday at Adam’s when something else happened. After a particularly good session of dressing up, I had had a shower and was in Jean’s bedroom just about to dress. Eve and Adam had gone to the kitchen. Jean came in with some of the clothes and was putting them away, and she remarked “I still love you, you know.”

I felt such guilt for the way I had treated her, and said “I never stopped loving you,” and grabbed her and kissed her, heedless of the fact that I was naked. She responded and before any rational thought appeared we were on the bed and I was in her.

It was a fantastic combination of love and lust. Her sexy body was familiar to me as I thrusted and she held me tight saying “Oh Maury, oh Maury!” Behind me I heard Adam’s voice.

“Maurice, are you…oh.” But I could not stop and did not care. I came in buckets, and she groaned in the old familiar way. It was wrong, but it was wonderful.

We cleaned up, and I dressed and went to find Adam and Eve, who had tactfully withdrawn to the kitchen. “We won’t say anything,” said Eve.

Getting home, I said I had a headache, but made love as usual on Sunday morning. Kathy said nothing.

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