Mable’s Breasts Pt. 10


As graduation day approached, I couldn’t wait for the whole thing to just be over and done with. I was so tired of the boring daily grind of school that, at this point, it was nothing more than a bureaucratic dotting of the I’s to get me through to completion. I had more than enough credits to graduate and was just putting in the requisite time required by the school board.

My workload had been increasing dramatically. Mable was continually adding new clients and that in itself was enough to keep me hopping. What neither of us had accounted for though was the general word-of-mouth being passed around by my enthusiastic clients. I was quickly overwhelmed with work.

Mable and I put our heads together and came up with an equitable employee presentation to bring John in as a junior partner. We wanted to make sure he would be adequately compensated for his efforts as well as add to the general business coffers of Jamble. John was enthusiastic and, as he would be completely at liberty after graduation, was available and more than ready.

We began by taking him along on both types of client meetings, from the first where the initial setup occurred to the monthly maintenance. John was an apt pupil and already had the knowledge and computer experience to get the work done in a timely and efficient manner. He was also very personable which was a tremendous asset as well.

When I informed Mom that I had no intention of participating in the graduation ceremony, and that it felt like a colossal waste of my time, she was completely crestfallen. Moments later, Mable grasped my arm rather forcefully and led me into what was now our bedroom. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” She hissed, her eyes flaring with anger once we were alone. I was immediately taken aback as she had never before expressed even the slightest form of anger toward me.

“What? What did I do?” I stammered, completely at a loss.

“Didn’t you see the look on your Mother’s face just now?” She demanded. “What the hell is the matter with you? Don’t you realize that graduation is not all about YOU? It’s never about the students at all. It’s ALL for the proud parents who’ve spent the better part of their existence wanting the best for their children.”

I nodded thoughtfully as my selfishness suddenly dawned on me. Mom had always said that I would be the first of her family to ever graduate from high school; she herself had never done it, having dropped out in her senior year.

“Oh, my God, you’re right,” I admitted, my face warming with embarrassment.

Mable smiled and I was incredibly relieved to see the anger dissipate from her countenance. “Trust me,” she said, taking me in her arms. “We’re going to make this a fun event for all of us. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Leslie and I have been making plans for several days now.”

I was moderately surprised by Mable’s heightened sense of excitement for my graduation, and I could readily see the pride and enthusiasm in her eyes. So, for as much as I maintained a complete ambivalence about the whole thing, I knew I would be letting both women down if I did not participate wholeheartedly.

Mom would have been there regardless, for John. Beyond the constant sexual attraction, she had for him, she had developed a genuine affection for him as well. After that first date night we spent together, John had managed only one more sleepover. His parents had clamped down on his extracurricular gaming activity as graduation neared, wanting to make sure he had the requisite credits to graduate.

Mom and John managed to supplement any sleepovers with a few afternoon trysts, entertaining Mable and me with loud and passionate sounds of enthusiastic sex from beyond Mom’s bedroom door as Mable and I worked on my client calendar.

On the afternoon of graduation day, the four of us were together at the house. Mom and Mable looked over the graduation program, which enumerated the proper etiquette for picture taking (where parents were lined up to take photographs singly as each student received their diploma, rather than rushing the stage en masse). And as well, listing the time and place for the reception, following the ceremony, for everyone to mingle.

“Are we all going to the reception as well?” Queried Mom with a raised eyebrow.

I shrugged, “I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Yeah, man…we should go,” said John with a wide grin. “Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when we arrive with these beautiful ladies on our arms?”

I laughed and nodded, thinking it might indeed be fun at that to see the looks we would get.

“If you’ll have me as your date,” said Mable, batting her eyelashes rapidly with a flirtatious smile as she slipped her arm around mine, “I would certainly love to go.”

“Then it’s settled,” smiled Mom, tossing aside the program. “We can start with the graduation ceremony and then maybe go out for a nice celebratory dinner somewhere, before dropping by the reception. We don’t have to stay gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları long, just put in an appearance to see what it’s all about.”

John embraced Mom and they kissed lovingly. “I want you to wear something really sexy tonight,” he smiled, his forehead against hers. “I want to hear jaws hitting the floor when they see how beautiful and sexy my date is.”

Mom giggled almost girlishly. “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea with your parents in attendance,” she said.

“They’ll only be at the ceremony…and not at the reception,” he said with a wink.

“In that case,” said Mom with an arched eyebrow, “I think I can probably manage a little bit of sexiness for you.”

“Yes,” I agreed with an enthusiastic nod toward Mable. “That little black dress you modeled for me the other day would be perfect.”

Mable laughed, “Perfect?” She retorted, “Perfectly slutty you mean.” When Mom cocked an eyebrow, Mable continued. “It’s a little black, halter-style dress, backless…and shows a fair amount of cleavage.”

“Nice,” said Mom with a smile, “I can’t wait to see it. I have something a little similar, it might be fun to dress a little what alike, don’t you think?”

“I like it a lot,” smiled Mable, “At least I won’t be the only one looking like a tart at the reception.”


It was decided that John and I would go together in Mom’s car, while Mom and Mable would follow in Mable’s vehicle. John and I had to get there earlier to go through the rehearsal process.

The rehearsal was thoroughly boring, but it did save a lot of confusion as we all lined up alphabetically in several rows. About ninety minutes later, we all marched into the auditorium to the strains of the obligatory “Pomp and Circumstance” while flashbulbs strobed from the multitudes of family members in the bleachers along the sides of the room. We flowed in rows to take our seats in our caps and gowns and then sat through several interminable speeches from the school principal to the valedictorian. I kept looking in the bleachers to see if I could find Mom and Mable, but it wasn’t until they announced my name and I was officially handed my diploma and began to walk off stage that I finally saw them both standing in front of the stage, wreathed in smiles, as they both took my picture.

Both women wore the black dresses, as they had planned, but as to showing cleavage, as John and I had proposed, it was difficult to discern in that both women wore short, waist-length, black jackets to make them appear more modestly dressed. Several minutes later, as John received his diploma, Mom and Mable once again stepped forward to record the event with their cell phone cameras.

As the ceremony concluded, we all stood and filed out of the auditorium, once again to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance”. We all mingled together in the parking lot, many of us tossing our caps into the air and cheering loudly. And, of course, John and I were no exception. We hung around and waited, finally seeing Mom and Mable exiting the building and then making our way to them.

When Mable saw me, she rushed to me and crushed me to her, kissing me passionately on the lips and, seemingly, not caring who happened to see it. As our lips parted I could see John and Mom also involved in a prolonged kiss. Then Mom stepped away from John and rushed over to me and embraced me warmly, telling me with tears in her eyes how proud and happy she was as Mable and John embraced with warmth and affection.

John’s parents arrived and the hugging and handshaking continued as a plethora of photographs were taken and we all beamed for the cameras. “Don’t wait up for me,” John admonished as his parents prepared to leave. They smiled, knowing full well he wanted to spend the night at my place after partying heartily.

“We’ve got dinner reservations for six, at the Bellagio, which gives us lots of time to then get to the reception,” said Mom as Mable stepped up and took my hand.

“Should we take both cars then?” Asked John.

“Cars?” Smiled Mom, lapsing into a fairly decent Mexican accent reminiscent of “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. “We don’t need no steenking cars.”

She turned and indicated a long stretch-limo parked ostentatiously at the edge of the parking lot. The driver, in hat and sunglasses, held up a large sign that read “James T. Kirk” in big, bold letters. Several of the other grads oohed and aahed at the vehicle and laughed good-naturedly at the name plaque while pointing my way.

“I suppose I have you to thank for that?” I said, canting an eyebrow at Mom. She smiled, “I cannot tell a lie,” she said, looking contrite with a hand over her heart, then pointing at Mable and smiling, “It was HER idea.”

Mable grinned like a Cheshire cat as she performed a little curtsy. “Couldn’t help myself,” she said as she took my arm and led me to the vehicle. gaziantep escort bayan telefonları The driver leaped forward to open the door for us and we stepped in to complete luxury.

We no sooner settled into the incredibly comfortable seats, Mable and I facing Mom and John, when Mom reached down and took a bottle of champagne from an ice bucket and popped the cork. She poured into long fluted glasses and we all toasted.

“To the graduates,” smiled Mable.

“Jimmy and John,” added Mom.

John and I laughed and took big swallows of our champagne as the driver opened an intercom to ask, “Where to, ladies?”

“The Bellagio, please,” smiled Mable as the driver closed the intercom and returned us to our privacy.

“Who’s paying for all this?” I asked, looking from Mom to Mable.

“Mable and I have pooled our resources for tonight, and we are sharing the cost of everything,” smiled Mom, who lifted her glass to Mable. The two women clinked glasses and smiled, obviously very pleased with themselves.

“The driver is ours to command for the rest of the night, from the Bellagio to the reception and back to our vehicles parked at the school,” said Mable. “We kind of thought, what the hell, graduation is a once in a lifetime occasion that really needs to be celebrated.”

All too soon, the ride ended, and the limo pulled into the entrance to the Bellagio. The driver opened our doors and we stepped out. Once out of the vehicle, the women removed their light jackets to leave inside the vehicle.

My jaw dropped to see the deep cleavage revealed by Mable’s dress. Her dress was stunning, as was the woman wearing it. Mom too was positively ravishing and, judging from the look John was giving her, she’d be lucky to keep the dress on during dinner.

We strolled through the opulent casino, John and I resplendent in our three-piece suits with gorgeous women on our arms. A great many men paid a lot of attention to Mable as her breasts swayed provocatively as she walked. I couldn’t wipe the proud and happy smile from my face, I loved it too.

Mom tipped the Maître ‘d and we were led to a beautiful booth with a stunning view of the Bellagio fountains as they moved in choreographed precision to the strains of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

The dinner was wonderful. The evening was perfect. We watched the fountain show and drank two bottles of wine between the four of us. John and I kissed and fondled our dates as we snuggled in the booth sipping an after-dinner sherry.

As we left the dining room, Mable texted our driver with a code and he was waiting for us right outside with the doors opened invitingly. Mom handed the driver the address of the reception, a rather long drive, all the way out to the southeast part of Henderson, to a reception hall that had been rented to host the event.

I snuggled with Mable in the plush comfortable seats, while John and Mom did the same across from us. Mable reached her hand to the lighting console and dimmed the lights inside the limousine to almost nothing. Mom and John were nothing more than dark shadows, and a sense of privacy settled upon us.

We watched the passing lights of the Las Vegas strip through the darkened limo glass as I reached over to slip my hand into the bodice of Mable’s dress to cup and caress her breast. She lifted her face to mine and we kissed. She sighed softly as I pinched her nipple gently, pulling in the way I knew she especially liked.

Mom moaned across from us as they too began to play sensually. Mable’s hand moved over the bulge in my pants and she began to stroke the length of my erection as we continued to kiss.

“God, I want you,” I murmured, my lips close to her ear as she unzipped my fly and reached inside my slacks.

“I want you too, baby,” she whispered, as the tenderly stroked my erection through my briefs. “But I need you to be especially careful of my dress and my hair before we get to the reception.”

I groaned softly, “I can wait until after, but you better stop touching me or I’ll be an aching mess when we get there.”

“I have a better idea,” she whispered, undoing the waist button of my slacks and reaching inside my briefs to release my aching erection. “Just keep your hands away from my hair.” She pulled away from me and slid from the seat, kneeling in front of me. Suddenly her mouth was on me. I couldn’t see her in the darkness, so I just lay my head back onto the headrest and moaned softly as she began to work her magic with her lips and tongue.

I came in less than a minute, sighing her name softly as my first ejaculation erupted into her mouth. She sucked me almost hungrily as I continued to let go, moving her head slowly and teasing the tip of my cock with the tip of her tongue as she lovingly swallowed everything I had just given her.

When I had finished, she gently put my briefs back in place and readjusted my slacks, finishing with a final zip of my fly. gaziantep escort bayan videoları She resumed her seat beside me and crushed her mouth to mine passionately.

“God, I love the way you taste,” she sighed, her voice little more than a soft whisper. “Hopefully that will hold you until I get you home.”

I smiled, “But, what about you?’

“Don’t worry about me,” she murmured with a little laugh, “I’ll get mine later tonight…and you owe me big time too.”

“No, don’t put your hands on me,” we heard Mom say softly from across the limo. “Let me do it all.”

As Mable and I continued to kiss and caress one another lovingly, we heard John gasp and then Mom moaned deep in her throat as her mouth made wet slurping sounds on his erection. Moments later John sighed aloud and Mable and I smiled with the knowledge that he too was cumming in her mouth.

We were all silent for the rest of the trip until the driver announced softly over the intercom that we were two minutes from our destination.

With the interior lights restored inside the limo, we all blinked at one another adjusting to the light. Mom and Mable both quickly adjusted their hair and makeup in the provided dropdown mirror from the roof of the limo. Both women also elected to wear their conservative jackets to tone down their décolletage.

While John and I had both felt attending the reception would be kind of a fun thing to do with beautiful women on our arms, it was, in reality, nothing of the kind. If I had one major takeaway from the affair, it was how relieved I was to know that I would never have to be confronted with that part of my life again.

From the moment we walked in and were immediately met with a sign-in table attended by our school principal, Mr. Finch and his wife, along with the assistant principal, Mr. Rosashi and his wife, it pretty much set the tone of the evening for us all.

As I signed the book of attendance, Mr. Finch held out his hand to Mable, “Ah, and you must be Mrs. Kirk,” he said with a welcoming smile. “We’re happy you are able to attend.”

Mable smiled and shook his proffered hand, “Thank you very much,” she said, “but I’m not Mrs. Kirk. This is Mrs. Kirk.” She indicated Mom as I stepped away to allow John to sign in. The look of confusion and mild concern was immediate on all of their faces.

Mable smiled and eased the awkwardness by reaching into her clutch purse and taking out several business cards, which she handed out to everyone behind the table. “I’m actually James’ business partner; he was kind enough to invite me along this evening as his date.”

“And I’m with him,” smiled Mom teasingly as she took John’s arm and caused another round of raised eyebrows and confused looks. Fortunately, we were interrupted as several other students arrived to sign in and we all made our way into the reception hall.

A live band was playing on one side of the room, and they actually sounded pretty good. Not many people were dancing though, most seemed to be wandering around carrying their yearbooks to be signed. Many of which came up to me and John for our signatures.

Mom quickly pulled John into the center of the room where several couples were dancing, and they began to gyrate to the music. Mable and I watched amused.

“Want to dance?” Asked Mable, bobbing her head to the beat of the music.

I shook my head, “Not really,” I said, feeling slightly embarrassed. “I never really learned how.”

“That’s a shame,” smiled Mable. “We’ll have to work on that when we get a chance.”

I couldn’t help but notice a small group of girls had gathered together and were eyeing us curiously. I was surprised to see that the group was mostly comprised of what I have always referred to as the A-Team girls, the cheerleaders and student council members, the popular elite.

To my complete astonishment, the group approached and asked me to sign their yearbooks. Strange, I thought, during all of my high school years, none of these girls would ever lower themselves to give me a casual glance and, if they noticed me at all, would more often than not, cast looks of total disdain my way.

“You must be James’ Mom,” said Toni, one of the senior cheerleaders. Mable smiled graciously and shook her head, “Actually his Mom is the one over there dancing with John.” They all gasped and their heads turned almost comically in unison, like a flock of birds, to see Mom dancing with John.

“I’m his business partner and his date for the evening,” said Mable, introducing herself and handing out more of her ubiquitous business cards. The girls looked at one another as if completely incapable of comprehending the words coming out of Mable’s mouth. Once the yearbooks were signed, they politely moved away, several casting looks back as they conversed excitedly.

“Friends of yours are they?” Queried Mable with a smirk.

“Hardly,” I laughed. “They’re what I’ve always lovingly referred to as the A-team. The most popular girls in the entire school. The ones who date the sports heroes. The cheerleaders and student council members.”

“Ah,” smiled Mable, “I should have surmised that from their smug, superior attitudes.”

The band changed tempo with a slow, romantic ballad that Mable and I both immediately recognized as the Dan Fogelberg song, “Longer”. She smiled as she guided me closer to the dancers. “We absolutely HAVE to dance to this one,” she said.

As graduation day approached, I couldn’t wait for the whole thing to just be over and done with. I was so tired of the boring daily grind of school that, at this point, it was nothing more than a bureaucratic dotting of the I’s to get me through to completion. I had more than enough…

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