M and H Ch. 04

M and H Ch. 04


Mari graduated today, the audience giving the group of graduates a standing ovation as they cleared off the stage. The crowd, running down to meet the grads as they exited the area in which they sat in the middle of the school’s football field, was stuffy and slow, too slow for Henry. He had snuck out of the stands and was already waiting for Mari, hoping to intercept her before her family got to her. When she walked across the stage, he got the familiar arousal, noticing she was showing bare legs in strapy, three-inch heels.

When he found Mari amongst the graduates, they collided in an embrace and a kiss. Henry realized why he got that aroused feeling when seeing her move across the stage, even though she wore a shapeless black gown. Underneath it, he could feel no sign of other clothing. By proof of this theory, she had him slip a hand in one of the side holes of gown (which were designed to allow the graduates to reach pockets in clothing underneath), all Henry could feel was soft smooth flesh. They hurried out of the field area and went onto the general campus, they were making a beeline to their favorite hidden spot.

It had been six months since their first experience in the wild. Those six months had been filled with experimentation outdoors. The backyard was a prominent spot, the living room of the small house was too, with the front window open to the world. Away from the home, they generally let a spot cool down for a week or two or three after using it.

The nook in the alleyway was hot for a few weeks after their first attempt there, but after enough time, they went back, actually completing the deed the second time. The park had a few places, but during the warmer days of late spring/early summer, all were too visible. The wooded area off of the freeway was fun, but really vulnerable. You couldn’t hear approaching people until they were right on top of you. They found a spot on the school campus which, when class was in and no large groups of students were around, was nearly perfect, especially for a quickie. And, even though there was the graduation crowd today, they couldn’t hold anything back.

It was situated between two of the larger buildings, a grassy inset. It was about twenty-feet deep and eight-to-ten-feet wide, small trees and bushes and flowers were in the middle of the inset. The back of the inset extended past the two buildings and was fenced in on two sides, with another building on the back of it, meaning that no one went back there unless they wanted privacy. Several larger trees grew around these fences, blocking a direct view of the inset from behind. The fence on the left side (when you entered the front of the inset) was shallowly set, only a foot of space available. This side was also visible to the grads right now, should they turn and look into the inset, who were filing across campus right now. The right side, however, provided about five feet of space, and was practically caged by trees.

On the shallow side of the inset, another couple had the same idea Henry and Mari had. A blonde chick, tanned, toned, with large implants, was bent over, being fucked by some douchey looking guy with greasy spiked hair. Henry and Mari snuck into the five-foot “safe” side. The other couple did watch them, but it didn’t phase their screwing. Henry could only think of the term “amateurs” when seeing them. There was no way those two wouldn’t get caught on that side. Seems as though lust had beaten out logic for them.

Mari unzipped the front of the robe, pillowey flesh exposed, she put her hands on Henry’s head, pulled him close, and they engaged in a lusty kiss.

“Congratulations,” Henry said, in between kisses.

“Thank-you, lover,” Mari returned, as Henry dropped between her legs. She held his head as his tongue went to work and she let out a squeaky moan. His tongue Escort bayan felt so good after a day of being teased by the smooth fabric of the black robe. All throughout the ceremony, every move she took, the black robe would bounce and rub against her, causing little shivers across her body. Now the cool noon-time air touched her bare tummy and breasts, and Henry’s tongue and fingers were building the knots of pleasure inside.

They traded positions, Henry against the wall and Mari in a squat. They moved quickly, wanting to rub one fuck out before anyone noticed the lover birds across the inset. She had the mortar board on, her mouth around him, her head bobbing on him. Henry said, in a voice just above a whisper, “so this must be the skill that earned your degree.”

Mari moaned a “mmhmm”, sending a vibration up his stalk and into his body. He grabbed her arm and stood her up, yanking the robe off and hanging it on a convinent tree branch. Mari’s naked flesh caught the sunlight and glowed softly. She spun around and bent over, emulated the other couple across the inset. Those two were still going, the blonde was being very vocal, which Henry thought was another amateurish trait, it’d just mean they’d be found out sooner.

Henry slide into Mari, she shivered and looked back at him with a smile. He built up speed quickly, partly because of the blonde’s moaning and partly so they wouldn’t be looked for by Mari’s family. The tassel on Mari’s mortar board swung wildly as they fucked, she held back the sounds she wanted to make. Her body holding in so much sexual energy, it only caused the sexual furnace inside her to burn harder.

She orgasmed, just the one, but enough to hold her, Henry filled her with his hot cum. She straightened up and he held her trembling body. Her breath was ragged and heavy, she felt him slip out of her, an electric shock of withdraw caused them both to twitch.

Mari slipped the robe on and zipped it up, not bothering to clean herself off, winking at Henry as he noticed. They moved languidly out of the inset, arm-in-arm. A campus rent-a-cop saw them coming out, he gave a knowing but tired look. They scurried away, and as they did, the cop saw the blonde and douchey guy. He sighed heavily and walked over, shouting at them. That couple jumped up, like deer in front of a semi-truck.


Mari and Henry decided to devote a few days towards a staycation. They couldn’t really afford a real vacation, so they would bum around town for a few days. There was a hotel down the street, actually, which had an affordable rate. So, they stayed there, pretending to be a couple on a quick getaway. Unfortunately, the rooms were almost totally checked out because of the graduation, so they had to take a small one-roomer on the top floor. The first night, they went out onto the small balcony of the room, naked, making love high above the lit pool.

During the day, they spent time by said pool or on excursions into town, pretending to be as vacationer-y as possible. The first day at the pool, they wore very conservative swimwear. Henry had some giant (almost comically large) swim trunks on, and Mari had a full one-piece deal. They swam on this day, spending several hours in the water, embracing and moving and exercising. The second day, he had on smaller shorts, and she had a two-piece. Quite practical, covering most of her, bright red, more appealing than the one-piece but still not overtly pervish or sexy.

Now the third day’s swimwear was something.

Henry had on a speedo, about the size of some briefs, but higher cut on the sides, they were tight, dark blue, and subtly outlined his member. Mari had a very tiny bikini on. It was metallic and silver, two small triangles and pieces of string as the top, and a small triangle and pieces of string as Bayan escort the bottoms. He little butt jiggled and shook as she walked next to Henry. She had a yellow, meshy sarong, but had it over her shoulder with a towel. Pretty much every head turned to look at her small round cheeks. Some, mostly male, approved with aroused looks and pervish smiles, some disapproved, mostly the females hanging on the males. But, occasionally, a female head were turn to leer lustfully at her. This, oddly, made Mari more aroused than the male looks.

She tossed her towel on a lounge chair and laid out on it. Mari held up a bottle of tanning oil, waving it at Henry, her eyebrows arching over her sunglasses. He got on his knees next to her stretched out body, she rolled over onto her belly. He dribbled the oil on her, across her back, her butt, and down her legs. His hands moved across her slowly, exploring the divots, hills, shapes, and lines of her back. He squeezed her butt as he moved, running his hands down her thighs, calves, ankles, slowly coming back up, touching every inch of her back, coming up to her shoulders.

She flipped over. Henry drizzled the liquid again, using way too much of it on her front. His hands immediately grasped her breasts, “rubbing” the oil into her skin. He moved down her abs, then touched the insides of her thighs. She let out a small moan and arched her back as the sides of his hands brushed her pussy inside of the silver triangle that covered it. Mari was thoroughly enjoying her massage when a shadow darkened the world around her. Henry stopped.

She slid up the sunglasses and saw Henry looking up at a man in the white shorts and t-shirt uniform of a hotel employee. He happened to be a manager.

“We’ve received several complaints about you two,” he said, his hands on his hips, “several people have mentioned your public displays of affection, and I’m afraid that the management has enforced a ban on the swimming pool area for you two.”

Neither of them said anything. The manager said, “you’ll have to leave the pool area now.”

So, they did, Henry suggesting they just check out and go home, rather than stay another night. So, they walked home, the little blue house was only a few blocks away. Mari slipped the sarong on, for modesty’s sake in the neighborhood, and walked on her strappy three-inch heels. Henry had a button-down shirt on, which he left open, and he carried the duffel bag of clothing and toys they brought to the hotel with them.

Henry groped Mari’s nearly bare bottom as they went, her body still slick and oily from the pool. They got home and Henry tossed the duffel to the couch, once they were inside. Mari was of the mind of just screwing in tub, but Henry grinned, remembering something in the shed outside. He motioned for her to come back outside. They were in the backyard, Mari sitting in a chair in the little love-patio-nook-area. Henry pulled a little blue kiddie pool out of the tool shed, amusing Mari very much. He filled it with water from the hose on the side of the house.

“There! We have a pool!” he announced. Not really paying attention to it as Mari shifted the bikini top open. He moved to her and grabbed her breasts, pushing her to the corner of the love patio, out of sight of almost everything.

He spun her around, pulled the string of the thong out of her butt, and slipped his cock into her oily folds. Her pussy pulled him in, the massage and playful groping had built her up, and she just wanted to get hammered by him. She gripped the fence with one hand and a tree trunk with the other, both objects shaking with the intense fucking Henry was giving, the waves of pressure shot from him, through her hips, into her torso, through her arms, and into the fence.

“Excuse me,” a stern voice said from behind them. They leaped Escort up and turned, seeing a cop standing there. He was in full uniform, badges, gun, radio, mace, and clips. His arms crossed over the tan material, he chewed his gum, “well, well, now this is a problem.”

Henry’s erection didn’t go down, poking out of the speedo. Mari was half behind him, hiding as the cop slowly popped the gum. The cop said, “I think the two of you can guess the punishment for public acts of indecency.”

Henry nodded nervously, he could feel Mari shaking a little behind him, but her face showed almost no fear. Was she excited or scared right now?

“However,” the cop continued, “there are ways by which you can avoid being ticketed or, if I decide to be a real asshole, arrested.”

Henry swallowed hard and was about to ask what, but Mari beat him to it asked the officer, “what do we have to do, officer?”

Henry noticed her voice wasn’t entirely fearful. Fear was there, but her voice was firm and strong. The cop smiled and said, “well, for the first offense, you have to give me a handjob. Second offense, you have to give me a blowjob. Third, you give your pussy. Fourth, your ass. Fifth, I take you in to the station for a party. So,” he stepped forward and pulled his cock out, “your hands look pretty nice.”

Mari stepped out from behind Henry, only slightly reluctant. She looked up at Henry with wide eyes, alert to see his reactions. She gripped the strange officers member. It was thick, about as long as Henry’s, but rough and covered with veins. He was a man of about 40 and you could tell by the leathery skin of his meat and testes. Mari kept the view of her slow stroking open to Henry, her little hand moving the skin of his cock up-and-down the erection.

“That’s nice,” the officer said, “you’ve got some really cute hands, baby.”

She actually blushed, but kept her gaze locked with Henry’s. Henry had his cock in his hand, emulating Mari’s stroking motions on the officer’s dick. She got to a squat beside the cock, moving her eyes up to the officer’s, the solid pipe very near her lips. To emphasize this, she made like she was going to put it in her mouth, but pulled away before it could cross her lips. Her hot breath played across the glans of the erect phallus. The cop stroked her hair and said, “c’mon cutie, no teasing. I want you to make me cum.”

Mari obliged, wrapping her second hand around the turgid tool and pounded it with a double fisting action. She was working his extremely quick, the cop’s weathered face was red, his head thrown back. He suddenly groaned, his thick white cum flopped out of his dick. Mari’s head was right there, the first streamer of sperm landed across her face, laying from her hairline to her chin, she kept her lips pursed closed. The continuing strands landed across her little face, five long rivers mapping the mountains and valleys of her surprised visage. Behind her, Henry had cum, the first two shots of his ejaculation actually hit her back and butt, with the others landing between the two of them.

“Very good,” the officer said, putting his cock back into his pants, “I can see that nothing wrong is going on here. Just don’t let me find you kids out here doing nothing again.”

He put his hand on the side of Mari’s head during this statement, with his thumb on her lips, which she took in a gave a sucking, then a gentle bite. Her eyes were wide and apologetic, looking at him like a scared little girl. She nodded, and as the thumb came out of her mouth, she said in a heavily innocent-ed voice, “we won’t.”

The officer was gone, Mari looked back at Henry, who gave her a wide smile. They’d never considered sexual acts with other people but they both seemed to enjoy it. She wiped her face off in the kiddie pool’s water, dried it with a towel, and said, “anything still there?” She showed him the sides and top of her head.

He held her and gave her a big, deep kiss, “no, my dirty little handjob giving slut.”

She bit her bottom lip, kissed him, said, her eyes radiant, “mmm, let’s go watch a movie baby.”

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