Lucky Man Ch. 07

Lucky Man Ch. 07

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Kelly was more turned on than she’d ever been. On the drive home from the club, she couldn’t keep her hands off of Heidi. Maybe it was the tender way she’d been pressed up against her amazing husband, or the way she looked like she just needed to have sex in a really bad way, but she was finding herself severely attracted to her longtime friend.

When they’d gotten home and she’d begun to lead the two of them to their bedroom, Heidi had immediately let go and headed towards her own room. Kelly had hidden her disappointment, but seeing Heidi at the doorway peering lustfully in at them, had been too much for her. She briefly looked back at her husband for consent then, knowing that he’d be more than okay with inviting Heidi to their bed.

Standing, she walked towards the door silently. Heidi looked up at her, a look of quiet confusion mixed with a bit of hopefulness on her face. She reached for her friend’s hand then and took it in her own and turned. Her bare feet fell quietly on the rug as she led her to the bed. Duncan’s cock stood magnificently erect in the bed before them. He’d scooted up against the headboard, but was obviously unsure of what was going to happen.

Kelly headed towards one side of him and pushed Heidi to the other. Quietly, the two of them slid into bed. Heidi undressed quickly and immediately moved to kiss Duncan. He wrapped one arm around the back of her head then, kissing her deeply. Kelly smiled as she saw their tongues dancing. Her pussy was soaked at that moment, she realized, much to her surprise. She leaned in suddenly and joined in the kissing, initiating a slightly awkward three-way kiss before each of the other two turned and kissed her in sequence. Duncan’s kiss was forceful, powerful, and drivingly excited, almost as if he was in a rush. Heidi’s was almost playful, and slightly hesitant. She reached over and grabbed at her friend’s head and caressed her cheek.

Releasing her, she kissed Duncan again as Heidi watched for a second before leaning down and kissing Duncan’s chest. Kelly felt her hair brush against her breasts then, the tickling sensation sending waves of excitement washing over her.

She leaned over and whispered for Duncan to move so that he was flat on the bed. He quickly complied as Heidi kissed down his chest. Her warm lips moved across his pectorals and lower to his ribs.

Kelly rose to her knees then and straddled his face, facing towards his impressively hard cock as if they were going to sixty-nine again. His hands immediately wrapped around her thighs and pulled her pussy tightly up against his hungry mouth. She gasped as she felt his tongue push into her and then across her clitoris.

“You’re so good at that baby,” she moaned. Heidi looked up at her and smiled before returning to kissing Duncan’s stomach. She looked up at Kelly inquisitively, who smiled and nodded, knowing what she was asking.

She watched as Heidi moved lower, slowly and deliberately. Her so-very-kissable lips pressed into Duncan’s stomach, and then lower, towards his pelvic region. He groaned in anticipation and Kelly knew that this would be really exciting for him.

She felt him pull her butt checks apart slightly and run his tongue back towards her ass, but then back forwards to her pussy again. Glancing back down, she watched as Heidi neared his crotch. Duncan’s hips were wiggling, almost desperate to get the sexy blonde’s lips around his frighteningly erect cock.

She watched as Heidi moved lower then, her lips buried in his pubic hair, and then Duncan groaned loudly as she kissed the tip of his cock. She pulled it upright with her hands then, her lips pressed against the tip.

“You’ve got such a beautiful cock, Duncan,” Heidi said. “Thank you for letting me suck it.”

Slowly, Kelly saw her pull it into her mouth, her lips wrapping tightly around it. Heidi pulled her hair to one side with one hand to ensure that Kelly and Duncan could see what was going on. Slowly, she began to pull the fleshy staff into her mouth and didn’t stop at the point that Kelly normally had to.

Duncan was moaning loudly, his tongue having stopped its work on her snatch as Heidi slowly inhaled his immense rod.

“Is she good, Baby?” Kelly asked.

“Fuck yes,” came the muffled cry from between her legs. She giggled and looked back down. Heidi was continuing the slow descent down on her husband’s cock, amazingly taking it almost all the way into her throat before yanking it back out and gasping for breath.

“Fuck,” she groaned, her hips wiggling back and forth in excitement. “I can almost get the whole thing,” she said. She was talking super fast, seeming agitated. It was almost like the act of deep throating him was turning her on. Again, her lips wrapped around the tip and she began to pull the cock into her throat. Kelly leaned to one side to get a better look before climbing off of Duncan completely and moving around to the foot of the bed to watch.

Suddenly free of pussy, Duncan’s moans of pleasure filled Uzun porno the room as Heidi’s lips slid slowly down his erection. She squinted then as she approached the base, moans emanating from her lips as she forced herself lower. Something seemed to give way and Kelly saw that Heidi had her husband’s dick all the way down her throat.

“Wow,” Kelly said, unable to find any other words to describe what she was seeing.

Heidi gasped for air as she extricated the slobber-coated missile from her mouth, saliva drenching it in a sticky mess.

“How the fuck is she doing that,” Duncan asked. “Oh my God! That feels unbelievable!”

“It helps to not have much of a gag-reflex,” Heidi said, catching her breathe before pulling him into her mouth again. She bobbed up and down on the tip a few times before she began to deep throat him again. Kelly could see that she’d only been able to deep throat him in this particular position due to the way her throat and his penis curved. She saw Duncan lay a hand on her shoulder and then smiled as Heidi reached up and moved his hand to the back of her head. She stayed down on his cock as long as she could before hurriedly extracting it from her lips and throat.

“God that’s sexy,” Kelly said, moving to kiss her friend briefly. “Don’t let me stop you, though.”

Heidi turned back towards Duncan. “You can be as forceful with my face as you want to be,” she informed him with a hint of hopefulness in her voice. “Just let me up for air every once in a while.”

Duncan groaned and timidly pushed on the back of her head. She pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“You can do better than that,” she admonished. “Force that monster down my throat.”

Groaning, Duncan shook his head. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She groaned and looked back again. “If you do it roughly enough, it’ll make me have an orgasm. Don’t hold back, but don’t forget to let me breathe. If I slap your leg three times, that means I’m about to pass out. Otherwise, do what you want with my head.”

Kelly had her hand between her legs, slowly rubbing her pussy with a finger before plunging it in. She looked up in time to see her husband gingerly push down on Heidi’s head. Heidi looked into Kelly’s eyes as Duncan pushed harder the cock going deep into her throat.

“Oh God,” Duncan said. “She’s going to make me come.” Heidi bobbed up and down on his manhood repeatedly.

“Heidi, I’m going to come, stop,” he groaned. She responded by pulling his cock out of her throat and catching her breath. Turning, she looked back at him demurely with a side glance.

“So come,” she said, and pulled his cock back into her mouth while she pushed his hand back to her head. He pulled her roughly onto his dick again in a bit of overzealous excitement and Kelly saw him begin to spasm as his balls lifted briefly again and again, and she knew he was coming. Her fingers were rubbing her pussy frantically, trying to build her own orgasm to a climax.

Heidi groaned in absolute pleasure, her lips wrapped firmly around the base of Duncan’s cock. Kelly knew his excitement factor must have been in the stratosphere at that moment, as he was making guttural noises and speaking unintelligibly.

Heidi’s eyes began to roll back then as her hips and back began to arch and she wiggled around on the bed beside him. Odd moans came from her throat as she continued to swallow Duncan’s gift. Extricating the cock from her throat, she gasped and slapped at his leg and then the bed. Cum was hanging from her lips in a long line back to his cock.

“Fuck, are you okay?” Kelly asked.

“Fuck!” Heidi moaned, “Oh my… Fuck… so fucking…,” She deep-throated him again quickly, and caused another round of intense moaning and bed slapping.

“She’s… she’s having an orgasm!” Kelly said in amazement.

“What?” Duncan asked. “I didn’t even touch her…”

Kelly stared wide-eyed as her friend gyrated on the bed for several long seconds. Finally, the orgasm ran its course and she lay still for a moment.

“Fuck, that was nice,” she said finally.

Kelly grinned widely. “What the hell was that?” she asked finally.

Heidi giggled. “I was really turned on.”

“That was more than turned on, you just came without being touched!”

Heidi nodded. “It happens to me sometimes. I mean, it’s not as nice as an orgasm from a nice hard cock, but it’s still an orgasm.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t touch you,” Duncan said. She shrugged and leaned over, licking the string of cum off of his cock.

“Like I said, I was really turned on and it’s been so long. It’s happened in the past, but it’s only when a guy really takes control of me when I’m sucking his dick or he’s doing… other things to me. It’s something in the submissive part of me that likes being used like that,” she said.

Kelly grinned and moved back up onto the bed. Heidi resumed sucking at his cock then, much to Duncan’s delight. She deep throated him a few more times before Öğrenci porno she turned and eyed Kelly seductively. Moving towards her friend, she leaned down and kissed her stomach.

“Ever had someone lick your pussy?” she asked.

Kelly shook her head. “Never.”

Heidi smiled. “Wanna be my first?”

Kelly grinned and nervously bit her lip. “I think so.”

Heidi giggled and bit tenderly at her nipple, eliciting a moan. Duncan moved around to Heidi’s rear then, and kissed one of her cheeks.

“Ooh,” she said, grinning. “Looks like I’m going to get some attention too,” she giggled.

Slowly, she moved down Kelly’s body, her lips kissing both nipples and then around her breasts. Moving lower, Heidi worked on her stomach then, her lips gently pressing into the pale flesh, wet tongue sliding across and slowly moving ever downwards. Finally, she felt Heidi move into her pubic hair, and all subtlety was lost. Kelly gasped in pleasure as she felt Heidi’s tongue split her pussy lips.

“You dirty whore, lying with a woman in your marital bed!” the thought entered her mind, but only served to excite her even more. “I’m such a whore,” she thought, smiling.

Heidi looked up at her then and grinned. She stuck her tongue out and Kelly realized how incredibly long her friend’s tongue was. Lowering her face, she felt that amazing tongue slide deeply into her before sliding upwards and across her clitoris. She felt Heidi moan into her then and looked down. Kelly was leaning up against the headboard, her legs spread with her friend between them. Heidi, in turn, was on her knees with her legs spread wide. She saw Duncan reach up then and pull her friend’s hips down to where his face must have been, forcing her to spread her legs even farther to reach his face, and more importantly, his lips and tongue.

Heidi arched her back then, drawing upwards slightly as her eyes rolled back briefly. “He’s… so… good at that,” she moaned.

Kelly grinned and nodded. She reached up and grabbed two handfuls of her friend’s hair and pulled her downwards, running her face directly into her pussy.

Moaning, Heidi slid her tongue deeply into Kelly, her own arms wrapping tightly around Kelly’s legs and drawing her tight up against her lips. Her warm mouth practically devoured Kelly’s succulent pussy as Heidi began to moan louder and louder from Duncan’s ministrations.

Pulling her mouth off of Kelly briefly, Heidi turned and looked underneath her at Duncan as she lifted up slightly. “Be careful, I squirt sometimes,” she warned, before turning and lowering her mouth back on Kelly’s cunt.

“Cunt,” Kelly thought, as the thought of the vile word drove her excitement even higher.

“Do you like licking my cunt?” she asked.

Heidi moaned then, her eyes rolling back in her head.

Kelly yanked on her hair then and lifted her up. “Answer me,” she said. “Do you like my cunt?”

Heidi began to moan then, but managed to stammer out, “Fuck…yes…”

Satisfied, Kelly pushed her friend’s face back down into her pussy.

“Cunt,” she told herself. The foul word filled her mind then as her orgasm built.

Heidi’s warm tongue slid deeply into her then, and then back up before she wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked gently. Duncan emerged from beneath her then and lay down on the bed next to her.

Heidi looked up at him. “Would you please fuck me while I eat your wife’s pussy?” she asked.

Duncan grinned and nodded. “Of course. I don’t have any rubbers though,” he warned.

Heidi shook her head and muttered that she was on the pill, and then lifted her hips up. Moving around behind her, Duncan grinned up at his wife as she gasped in pleasure. Heidi’s lips had found her pussy again and were mounting another assault.

She saw him looking down at his cock then, and Heidi began to moan. “He must be teasing her,” she thought.

“Fuck her,” she said, pulling hard on Heidi’s face.

Duncan smiled up at her and mouthed, “I love you,” as he grabbed both of her friend’s hips and thrust forwards.

“OH FUCK!” Heidi moaned. “Holy shit that’s big,” she gasped, her whole back arching upwards and her face wide in surprise.

Kelly giggled and waited for her to lower back down as Duncan paused long enough for her to adjust to the size of his dick.

“You okay?” Duncan asked.

Heidi nodded and slid back down. “Fuck me. Hard.” She groaned as her tongue found Kelly’s pussy again.

Kelly watched as Duncan pulled back on Heidi’s hips, his cock sliding deep into her. Again and again he thrust into her, his hips slapping gently against her friend’s rump, the noise getting louder and louder as he got closer and closer to an orgasm. A loud slapping echoed in their room as she began to moan louder. Her muffled voice sounded as if she were begging for him to make her come. Duncan groaned then, his orgasm almost peaking, and thrust deeply into the girl.

Heidi began to come first, however, her back arched and head thrashing around as Duncan slapped against her repeatedly, his cock thrusting deeply again and again as both hands pulled back on the top of her shoulders. As she finally finished coming, he slid out briefly and squeezed the tip of his cock, staving off his orgasm before sliding it snugly back into the blonde’s convulsing pussy. Slowly, he began to thrust into her again, his magnificent manhood sliding into her recently punished cunt, drawing forth more pleasure from her seemingly unending well.

She groaned again and continued to haphazardly slurp at Kelly’s cunt. The blonde began to convulse again then, sliding downwards until she was face down on the bed, whimpering softly as Duncan drove repeatedly into her and forced another orgasm out of her.

Kelly slid upwards then and began to kiss her friend’s lips, suddenly realizing that she was tasting her own juices. The tangy flavor excited her, and she knew that she wanted to return the favor to Heidi.

“Let’s switch,” she said to her friend after she had finally come down from the third orgasm.

Grinning, Heidi nodded and extricated Duncan’s cock from herself. Turning, she lay down with her head at the foot of the bed, Duncan’s cock and balls resting inches above her face as she pulled Kelly into position.

“We’ve never done it in this position,” he said with a smile.

“Doggy-style?” Heidi asked. “You’ve been missing out.” Unable to resist, she licked slowly at Duncan’s testicles.

Kelly slid into place on top of her friend and looked down, staring closely at the first pussy she was going to lick. Heidi wasted no time, her lips quick finding Kelly’s pussy while Duncan stepped back and watched the two women.

Slowly lowering her face, Kelly pursed her lips and tenderly kissed the outer lips of her friend’s cunt. She pushed her tongue into the folds and licked slowly downwards and then back up. Heidi arched her hips up then, to meet Kelly’s tongue and passion took over. Running her tongue deeply into her, Kelly moaned as her friend returned the favor.

“Fuck her while I lick her pussy, Duncan,” she heard Heidi say.

“Oh God,” Kelly said, unsure if she was ready for that much stimulation.

She felt her husband’s immensity slide into her waiting snatch and gasped in surprise. He actually felt bigger in this position she realized. She suddenly felt her friend’s warm tongue slide along her slit and find her clitoris and then felt two lips suck on it and pull gently.

“How the hell is she doing that?” she thought.

Her excitement reached a crescendo then and she felt Duncan begin thrusting steadily into her as her orgasm crashed down. Heidi’s tongue and lips continued their assault on her tender clitoris as her husband thrust deeply into her again and again, her pussy contracting almost painfully down on him. It was more than her tender pussy could take and she arched her hips up and down in pure ecstasy.

She returned to her ministrations of Heidi’s pussy then, greedily lapping at her friend until she could feel her beginning to have another orgasm.

Duncan grunted in pleasure then and began to come, though she realized that Heidi was still sucking on her clitoris. Again and again she felt him shooting deeply into her and still her friend continued to suck at her as her pussy constricted on him repeatedly. Her entire body felt electric, as endorphins flooded every cell.

Finally spent, Duncan collapsed down beside them. Kelly felt Heidi pull her hips down and then felt her tongue press deeply into her and continued to slurp rudely at her.

“God,” Kelly moaned, thoroughly turned on by the thought of her friend eating her out after her husband had just come inside her. The excitement renewed her orgasm then, and she began to come even harder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned, as Heidi slurped noisily down between her legs. Several long minutes later, Heidi finally resurfaced and came back up to where the two of them were resting to slide down on the other side of her husband. Kelly saw her friend’s hands wiping the slime and semen from her face and dipping it into her open mouth.

Unable to speak, the three lay in orgasmic silence in the large bed until sleep claimed all three of them.

Early the next morning, Kelly awoke first and grinned when she looked around. Duncan had both of them in his arms, one around each of them and both were snuggled up underneath his armpits.

She smiled and looked at her friend, seeing her smiling as she slept. The image made her incredibly happy.

She slid quietly out of bed and went to shower.

“We did it!” she thought.

They’d finally taken that gargantuan next step. They’d brought another person into their sex life! The thought excited and scared her all at once. She heard the door open then and saw Heidi enter.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

Smiling, Kelly waved her in. Moving quickly, Heidi entered the shower and quickly kissed her deeply and passionately.

“Thank you so much for letting me take part in that last night,” Heidi said. “I know you guys saw me watching you, but I never expected to be let in to your sex life, even if it was for just a brief moment.”

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