Love to Watch

Love to Watch


I am a person that truly enjoys watching women, especially young women please themselves, and I mean get off or masturbate.

I have enjoyed this for a long time and have seen some really good sessions that I would like to share with you all.

I lived in Brooklyn, NY, as in many cities, buildings and houses are fairly close to each other. Well during the summer it get so hot in the city that those that don’t have air conditioning really suffer. Well that is when not only the temperature is hot but women and those voyeurs like me get even hotter.

I lived on the top floor of a 7 story building, which afforded me a view in all directions and even a block away I also have access to the roof which is flat with a 3 foot high wall around it. I arm myself with a few tricks of the trade, a spotting scope, and video camera, Vaseline and paper towels.

Across the street are 2 buildings that are only 6 stories tall so I can see but not be seen. Well once darkness falls, up to the roof I would go to see the sights. The building opposite mine has many single woman who love to leave their window blinds open or slanted to prevent people below from looking in but give those above an uninterrupted view into and through out their apartment.

That the lady I call Trini she on the 5th floor of the building across from me, I think she is from the Islands and love to dance to calypso music in her panties no bra. I think she dances as a form of exercise for after she done dancing she will Escort bayan normally do sit ups and stretches. This allows me to zoom in on her beautiful body as she lies there with legs open and breast standing at attention with her large fat nipples. Sometime, she will lie there after and talk on the phone, while doing so; she will tease her nipples by pinching and pulling on them. I have seen her as well finger herself to climax a few times lying on the floor of her living room.

Above Trini is a family that has a teenage girl, who is always on the phone and love to look out the window and play with herself, you ask how do I know she is playing with herself, well she would sit in a chair and watch people walking by and when she see young guys she will lean out trying to follow them with her eye’s until there gone then she would sit back in the chair with one and sometime both of her feet up on the window sill with her hands in her panties, in fact one day I was watching her, and she fingered herself when she climaxed the chair she was leaning back in fell over backwards with her hands still buried inside her panties and phone still at her ear.

The building directly behind is only 3 stories and has the kitchen and bedroom windows facing my building, there are curtains at the windows but they are the type that only cover the lower half of the window. The lady always cleans and cooks in the nude; she just had a baby not long ago because I use to watch her with her fat Bayan escort belly doing her housework. She has the fattest nipples I have ever seen, they must be as fat as a mans thumb. Since having the baby she likes to sit in the kitchen and breast-feed the baby and later her man.

The next block in back of my building is really good for viewing; the street has 4 story brownstones, which has to apartments I love to watch. One is this young Haitian girl about 19-21 years who seems to be really into church (she goes to the one on my corner) and always wears below the knee dresses. However, she give some of the best shows, they have no a/c so she thinks because her window is higher than the building across the street from her that no one can see her. She loves to sit in the window as well on her bed that’s next to the window, she too love to play with her pussy as she watches people down below. The windows when covered only have window sheers, which does little to hide for a trained eye like mine. Each night after her shower, she will close the sheers, take off her towel and lotion her body and then lay back onto the bed and allow her pussy to lotion her hands. She also has a boyfriend that come over and it is funny to watch them fucking in the room next the parents room, who has no idea what is going on just on the other side of the wall, I see both the parents and daughter in the same view.

Two buildings down from the Haitian girl, is an older woman who has her bed Escort directly under the window to catch the breeze. Her too thinks that because she on the 4th floor the building across the street is only 3 stories that she will not be seen. Little does she know that on the next block on the roof is a man with a high-powered scope and camera seeing and recording all. I have seen her masturbate for at least 2-3 hours, I got tired of watching her. She would lay there with both legs up, her housedress pulled up over her breast, fingering her pussy while she suck her own nipples.

Then we have my favorite on, which is this Latin lady the building next door, which is 6 stories, she on the 6th and love to use toys. Her bedroom is on the side of the building facing mine, she lays in the bed which is under the window with the blinds tilted in a way that I can see in but below can’t. She will use dildos, vibrators, her hands and have some of the must hottest sex with herself you can imagine. If only I could hear her as well as I see her, I would be in heaven. I once met her at the corner store she seemed so shy and timid. Later that same night she had sex with the corn on the cob that I watched her buy not knowing what she had planned to do with it. I would love to have dinner with her sometime.

The fat lady across from me in the building on the next block always put on a good show either alone or with one of her steady men. She will cook for either one of her men, then as they are eating,

She will get under the table and suck their cocks as they eat, she also will finger or fuck herself with a dildo while sucking them. When she is alone she really gets nasty, she will get on her knees and ride a dildo or even fuck the knob on the foot of her bed.

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