Louanna Reconnects with Dad Pt. 02


After the threesome had concluded, Louanna, Devin and her father relaxed in relative silence. Louanna and her father continued to drink heavily, perhaps not ready to fully process that while they had finally reconnected as father and daughter, they had also crossed the line into lovers. Much less that he had filled her with cum, potentially fathering his own grandchild.

Louanna wasn’t sure how long they sat there making awkward small talk, but she was well beyond the buzzed state she had been when things had turned incestuous when Devin whispered to her, “I think it’s great that you and your dad are finally getting close. I think you should at least stay the night, so you don’t lose this momentum.”

“But what if something happens again,” she asked. She knew that her father had more control over her now than ever before and she would do anything he told her.

“He has my blessing. Who am I to deny him what he created?”

Spending the night alone with her father, especially now, was a bit intimidating. But she was drunk a day Devin was sober, so she figured she should trust his judgment.

She walked with Devin into the house wrapped in a towel and not bothering to put her bathing suit back on. She kissed Devin goodbye and by the time he left, her father had come in as well. They stared at eachother awkwardly for a long moment. “So you’re staying the night?”

“Seems like it.”

“We don’t have beds in the other rooms anymore.”


“You can share mine though.”

“If you want.”

There was another long pause.

“I could use a shower,” he finally said.

“Me too.”

He guided her upstairs to the bathroom where he ran the water and turned on the shower. “I know you like it hot,” he said.

She had a funny memory of her father pretending to choke when he came in to use the toilet during her steaming showers and it relaxed her.

He took off grup seks yapan gaziantep escort his towel and she could see he hadn’t bothered putting his swim trunks back on either. As the towel dropped she stood awe. In the hot tub the lighting had been dim and most of the experience was purely physical.

Now, in the bright lights of the bathroom, she saw her father’s naked body in its full splendor. Just as muscular as she now remembered seeing when she spied on him in the shower when she was younger. And his cock, much like her brothers, a swinging work of art that hypnotized her as it swayed.

They stepped into the shower together and took turns getting wet under the shower head. As she stepped into the water for her turn, she heard him utter, “shit.”

“What is it?”

“I should have taken a piss before I got in here.”

She laughed. “It’s a shower. Just go in here. I don’t mind.” She was quite useful to Devin doing the same when they showered together.

Her father thought about it for a moment then grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her to her knees. He grabbed her by the chin and squeezed her cheeks, encouraging her to open her mouth.

“I’ve resisted making you do this so many times,” he said and lifted his cock to rest the head on her lips. Even flaccid, her father’s cock was thick and veined, and nearly as long as her forearm.

Another memory rushed back of a hike they had taken together in the woods. They both had to leave the trail to urinate and for some reason he had chosen to do it facing her, standing very close to where she was squatting and aiming for the same spot she was. She remembered the stream occasionally straying enough to hit her pussy, and feeling drops on her face when he shook off. Now she knew what he had really wanted that day.

With a slight moan, her father grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan let loose and she felt his piss hit the back of her throat. She managed not to choke and let her mouth fill with the golden liquid. When he stopped she took the opportunity to swallow it down and to her own surprise relished the feeling of it flowing into her stomach. Then he let it go again. Give her the chance to swallow every few moments. He was determined for every last drop to end up inside of her and not waste any.

This seemed to go on for a long as if he had been holding it since they were still in the hot tub. She couldn’t believe how much she loved it. After an earlier experience where her brother and his friends had held her down and pissed on her she assumed she would always hate the taste, but she found she was aroused by taking anything into her that her father offered. When he finally finished she licked the last drop and stood up.

Her father then grabbed a bottle of body wash and poured some in his hand. He turned her around and began rubbing it onto her back slowly. Massaging and caressing her as he went. For a moment she almost forgot how sexual this experience was and felt nothing but love and passion. He turned her around and began soping the front of her body, slowing down when he reached he’d breasts. He couldn’t take his eyes or hands off of them for the longest time. She now realized he had always admired them, but this was the first time he could truly appreciate them. He moved his hands down her body and rubbed his hands over her pussy; showing it the same time and attention he had on her breasts.

They switched spots and let the water rinse her as she filled her hands with body wash and began to rub it onto his body. Appreciating every muscle she could feel as she worked her way grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort down. She got on her knees as she worked her way to his flaccid cock. With one hand she washed his sack and the other lathered the soap onto his cock. She felt it fill with blood and grow in her hand. Sitting still she watched it rise and inch closer to her face. She continued to caress his balls and stroked her hand up and down his cock feeling his deep moan reverberate though his member.

She sped up her strokes and he continued to moan.

The sights, feelings and sound continued to increase her hunger and she pulled him forward so the water rinsed the soap from his cock. When it was clean she opened her mouth and hungrily shoved it into her mouth. Loosening her throat she slid it all the way down her throat. Not stopping till her tounge was touching his sack. She held it there and felt his cock tense even more, the tip pressing back against a point somewhere near her vocal cords.

She pulled it out and locked him from his balls to the tip of his shift before rhythmically sticking it in and out of her mouth, occasionally bringing it back to that deep point that drove him nuts.

With one hand she rubbed her clit while the other stroked any part of his cock that wasn’t in her moist mouth. Her father put his hand on the back of her head occasionally shoving his cock deep into her throat. She could feel the roller coaster in his head as one moment she was his lover, and the next a young cum hungry whore that was his to use as he saw fit. “That’s my girl,” he said. And she could tell by the tension in his voice that he was getting close.

She stuck out her tounge and rested his cock on it and she began stroking harder. She suddenly wanted nothing more than the taste of his cum. After a few moments of furious stroking he said, “swallow it all, baby girl.”

She felt his his balls tighten and the cum flow through his cock before the delicious taste spurted onto his tounge. She continued stroking till her mouth was full. She held it in her mouth as she looked up at him, savoring the taste while he caught his breath.

“I hope you have more in you. I’m ready for you to fuck me again,” she said as she turned off the shower.

They stepped out of the tub and toweled eachother off before proceeding to the bedroom.

To be continued…

After the threesome had concluded, Louanna, Devin and her father relaxed in relative silence. Louanna and her father continued to drink heavily, perhaps not ready to fully process that while they had finally reconnected as father and daughter, they had also crossed the line into lovers. Much less that he had filled her with cum,…

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