Losing the V-Card


“Your first, your worst” is a common adage used to describe losing one’s virginity. For me, it certainly wasn’t the worst. In fact, the elation of finally being relieved of the shameful v-card remains one of the most potent experiences of my life.

After I graduated high school I attended an out-of-state for college and loved it. While I was a fairly good-looking guy and in very good shape at the time, I suffered from crippling shyness with women. Women were mysterious, magical, otherworldly creatures whom you occasionally made small talk with and admired from a distance, but never actually approached.

As a result, I went through my first three years of my higher education where the only relief I got was from my own hand. I was truly in danger of graduating not just high school, but college, a virgin. The prospect was an utterly humiliating one.

Then, on one unseasonably cool and beautiful late August afternoon, I met her. For the purpose of this story, I’ll call her Michelle. She was the cousin of a friend who graduated the previous semester, and he asked me to show around campus. I would come to find out later that Michelle transferred from her former university in order to get as far away as possible from her cruel and bizarre family. While it’s an interesting story, peppered with truths and lies alike, along with a generous helping of her own embellishment, it isn’t especially relevant here.

I would like to tell you that Michelle was a stunning beauty of the first order. That she was the type that turned heads wherever she went. But, she wasn’t. However, Michelle was undeniably pretty, and had the body type I had lusted over for so long – large, full breasts and a big round ass to go along with them. Her build was somewhere between athletic and chubby. Her long, dark hair hung to the middle of her back and contrasted beautifully with her smooth, white and even complexion. Her big, brown and keen eyes always seemed to be hiding the punchline to a funny joke or secret she couldn’t wait to tell you.

We met the day before classes started when I picked her up from her dormitory.

“Hi, Andrew (my name also changed)! So nice to finally meet you.” she said with a beaming grin. We had exchanged several emails over the summer – all very short and casual affairs.

The first thing I noticed was her pronounced Minnesota accent. Having grown up in the Deep South, and having traveled little to this point in my life, it sounded almost alien to me. But, there was something incredibly endearing about it.

Since it was such a beautiful evening we decided to walk to a restaurant near campus. After a few minutes of conversation I noticed something else about Michelle, her charm. At this age, I was often intimidated by and shy around women. However, Michelle she put me at ease, made me laugh and feel as if I’d known her my entire life. She was one of those rare few people you meet from time-to-time that makes you believe that things you say matter. We talked for hours, wandered around campus, hung out in her dorm room and talked about everything from old friends, the type of music we liked, and our favorite movies. I told her about jambalaya, which she couldn’t wait to try, and she told me about lutefisk, which made me want to vomit.

There were no fireworks on that night. Sometime around 1:30 AM she said she ought to get some sleep and I left. I wasn’t disappointed. At this point, it hadn’t quite registered that this girl was actually into me. I reckoned I had simply found Web Tools a cool person to hang out with who happened to be a girl.

Throughout next few weeks this is precisely what happened. Over time, I began to think she may be interested in me, but nothing was to prepare me for such a sudden and wonderful stripping of my virginity that was to come so suddenly. I remember as if it happened yesterday.

It was a Sunday evening and we were both laying upon a blanket on floor watching The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.Earlier that evening she suggested we put a comforter on the floor so we could lay down to watch TV and it still didn’t cross my mind what she may be getting at.

Michelle then rested her thigh upon mine and her arm across my chest. What was about to happen was finally beginning to percolate its way through my mind. I felt her breasts push up against my side. Then, our eyes met and we began to kiss, passionately. Our tongues swirled round one another. I softly bit her bottom lip and she nibbled on the side of my neck sending shudders throughout my body.

She tugged at my shirt and I pulled it off. She did the same with hers. Her magnificent breasts were heaving beautifully but still encased in her bra. At this point in my life, the only breasts I’d ever seen where in magazines or on a computer monitor. We continued to kiss lustfully and sweetly. Our lips embraced, my pulse racing uncontrollably. I felt her rubbing my hard dick though my jeans. I reached around to try unclasp her bra. I didn’t know if I would be successful, as I’d never tried such a thing before, but as luck would have it, I did it on my first try.

Michelle sat up, grasped the shoulder straps of the bra and removed it entirely. My god, her breasts were beautiful. They hung enormous, yet firm. Her dark pink nipples, about the size of the tip of one’s pinky, pointed slightly upward, barely enough to notice. Her substantial areolas were of an ever so lighter shade of pink, with beautiful goose bumps dotting their landscape. Momentarily, I was but capable of staring and admiration.

“Want some?” she asked.

Before I could answer she playfully swung her tits across my face. The sides of her breast hit my cheek, and then she dragged them across my face, her nipples grazing my lips. When she did this again I opened my mouth to take her nipple into it. She playfully retreated just before I could take it between my lips.

“No?” I asked coyly.

“Yes.” Michelle answered with a devilish grin, and without warning or tease pressed her right breast in my face. I’m not certain what I thought a nipple was supposed to feel like before, but I was surprised with how hard hers were. I kissed it. Nibbled it. Traced circles around it with the tip of my tongue.

“Don’t want to make this one jealous.” she said, removing one breast from my mouth then plopping the other down upon my face. With her nipple between my lips I felt her hand try to somewhat clumsily unclasp my belt and jean’s button. I immediately reached down to offer some assistance, doing the job myself, wiggling my hips to loosen them.

Michelle once again removed her breast from my mouth and I was momentarily disappointed until I saw she was moving down toward my hips. She reached with both hands into my pants, grabbing hold of jeans and boxer shorts alike and forcefully yanked them off me. She spread my legs apart so she could position herself between my knees. She started kissing, nibbling and licking her way up Online Web Tools my inner thigh from right above the knee. My penis was twitching wildly in anticipation. She made her way up my thigh grabbed hold of the base of my dick, opened her mouth, approached it and stopped. Then she began repeating the teasing, nibbling of my other thigh. After what seemed like an eternity, my penis was once more firmly in her grip. I felt the tip of her warm, wet tongue touch that point where the penis and scrotum meet, as she slowly began to drag it to the very tip and back again.

She lightly flicked the top underside of my dick, then softly kissed the head multiple times. I sighed, trembled. This had only just begun but I didn’t know how much more I could take. She opened her mouth and took the head within it, bobbing up and down slowly. Each time she’d take a little more of my penis into her mouth, and tighten her lips as she went back up. Michelle then closed her fingers around my penis so she could stroke me as her lips and tongue rode up and down on my shaft.

I knew I was going to explode if she kept this up. I blurted out, “I don’t wanna cum yet!”

She slowly slipped my penis out of her mouth looking into my eyes while doing so.

“Well then, it looks like you have some work to do, mister.” she smirked and rolled over on her back. Michelle didn’t have to clarify what she meant. I kissed her lips, revisited her lovely breasts, unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off. I nibbled and licked her inner thighs in imitation before kissing her pussy over her white cotton panties and slowly removing them.

A lovely, neatly trimmed bush was revealed to me -well-kept, and not so bare as to look childish or prepubescent. I had fantasized since my young adolescence about performing oral sex on a woman. I’d seen enough porn to know what was done if that could be considered instructional at all. With the maxim a friend once told me about the matter, “Go softer and slower than feels natural at first.” I set to work.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I spread her legs softly and tried to remember the advice of my friend. I placed my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and slowly licked up past her clit and then back again. There was no discernable taste, only the barest scent of soft musk. I did this several times before moving to her clit, taking it softly between my lips and sucking. I heard her sigh and she arched her back. I took this a sign to continue. I wetted two fingers and slid them gently into her pussy, moving them in and out as I licked, sucked on, and lightly flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue.

Time seemed to lose its meaning as I was so transfixed and fascinated by what I was doing. After what may have been one minute, or five, Michelle involuntarily gasped, “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum! Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

She reached down and firmly gripped a sizable chunk of my hair to hold me in place. I continued doing exactly as I was before, sucking her clit, sliding fingers in and out of her wet, hot pussy. I felt it begin to squeeze around my fingers, and could taste her becoming yet even wetter.

“Fuck! Please don’t stop, don’t stop. I’m gonna cum!” she begged quickly in desperation, her body shaking. Then, as if she received some high-voltage electric shock, her hips jolted skyward, then forcefully back down, the convulsions streaming through her growing stronger.

“Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!” she cried out in ecstasy. Immediately she reached for a pillow Çevrimiçi Web Araçları and held it firmly over her face in attempt to muffle her screams. I kept licking her clit softly, enjoying how her body quivered and shook as my tongue touched it. Soon she put her hand before my mouth to stop me from doing so.

“Oh, my god! I need to rest.” Michelle said in a winded voice and with happy exasperation.

I came up to kiss her and she kissed me back, tenderly, running her fingers through my hair. My still raging erection brushed against her hip and she did not retreat.

“I guess you enjoyed that, too.” she observed with a grin, noticing my still hard dick. A short, awkward, but somewhat sweet silence transpired.

“Well, stick it in me.” she said with a grin.

I positioned myself on top of her and she spread her legs widely. Her pussy was still glistening wet and my penis slid easily and comfortably inside her. As I entered her I felt her convulse and sigh. The warmth and wetness of her pussy gripped my dick, and pleasure shot through every ounce of my being. The soft, slippery depths of her vagina was the most pleasurable thing I had ever felt to that point in my life.

So, I began sliding in and out, trying the best I could to establish a rhythm. I pushed my penis all the way in such that it was completely engulfed by her vagina, and then back out so that only the tip of the head was held between her lips.

“What have I been missing out on all this time!?” I chastised myself mentally. Masturbation was great, but it didn’t come close to the feeling of tight, wet pussy massaging ever square millimeter of my dick as it moved in and out.

Almost as soon as I began, I felt the onset of inevitable orgasm. I tried to hold back. I tried to think of grocery shopping, quarterback ratings, anything. This worked for a few seconds then I began to lose control.

“Oh, god! I’m about to cum!” I announced.

“Not inside, babe, OK?” She cautioned, breathing heavily again.

A few second later I pulled out and jerked myself off to a finish. Michelle reached down and began to massage my balls. Then I erupted. The first shot of cum went well over her head onto the floor behind us. Several subsequent ones hit her chin, breasts and stomach.

“Wow, that’s a lot of cum.” She said in a tone that lacked surprise and was complimentary all at once. I remember seeing a few drops of cum roll off her chin, and roll down her large, heaving breasts before coming to a temporary rest on her nipple.

“That was fantastic!” I yelped out with glee. I moved into hug her, kiss her but she calmly, gently held out her hand in protest.

“I’m kinda drenched here.” she chuckled, making a broad, circular motion toward her body. That wouldn’t have bothered me, but I didn’t push it. “You think may be up for round two later tonight?”

“Round two, definitely. Maybe even three, who knows?” I answered.

She nodded, as pleased and content as if we had some to some mutually beneficial business arrangement. “Mind if I shower off though?”

“No problem.” I answered. She got up and walked to the bathroom. I was fixated by her jiggling and softly bouncing cheeks as she walked toward the door.

We did have sex once more that night, feel asleep, and again the following morning. I never told Michelle she was my first. I concocted some stories of a few fake girlfriends in the past and she never questioned them.

We dated for a few months thereafter. I would later find that there was blackness behind those gleaming eyes. I would see that sometimes easy charm conceals something more sinister. And, I’d go on to have more adventures with her and other strange and beautiful women as the years went by, but that my friends, is another story.

“Your first, your worst” is a common adage used to describe losing one’s virginity. For me, it certainly wasn’t the worst. In fact, the elation of finally being relieved of the shameful v-card remains one of the most potent experiences of my life. After I graduated high school I attended an out-of-state for college and…

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