Lockdown Decision Ch. 06

Without answering Tom loosened her skirt waistband and dropped the zipper. Of course the skirt didn’t move and they both laughed at the failure. Tom bent down a little and encouraged her skirt down with both hands, and Sheona obligingly wiggled her hips to help it drop to the floor. She didn’t step out of the pile of fabric on the floor, waiting to see his next move. Tom looked up at her. She smiled down. “And..?” she enquired. This was a slow burner woman in control – he liked how her professional persona exactly matched the bedroom version. “Internal consistency is strong” he noted to himself, yet dismissed the thought as he was basically at eye level with her pussy, although it was still obscured by a loose blouse and some knickers, he assumed. He ran his nose up from her waist and between her breasts and started kissing her again. He could slow burn too as he matched her desired pace.

Tom was more than aware of his erection now – pushing hard on the fabric of his boxers and through his trousers. He pushed against Sheona, keen for her to feel it as well. It felt great to have his hardness pushing into her lower abdomen. He wondered how she might respond. Perhaps make a grab for it, or loosen his jeans or ask him to take his trousers off. In the end, she continued to kiss him, both her hands over his upper back now and running her hands over his scalp inside his hairline. Pulling him into her, but still no progress on his clothing. He wondered if he could strip her naked before she made any move on him, or perhaps he would take his own clothes off. He might have to if this erection became any more troublesome, Porno and of course he was turned on by the thought of his being naked in front of a partially clothed woman.

Kissing her harder now, Tom turned his attention to her bra strap. He actually couldn’t wait any longer to free these babies. His best intentions of slow burning rapidly receding, he tightened and loosened the strap in one easy move. Quietly pleased with himself (again), he felt the weight of her breasts drop a little against his chest as her bra lost its function. “Oh my” he intoned almost out loud, the heaviness of her breasts catching him a little. “No padding required here” he voiced to himself recalling his half-formed thought from the afternoon. In the moment of release, they both became aware of the quietness in the room. The porn video had stopped. “We didn’t get to see the finale” Tom joked, making proper eye contact with Sheona for the first time. “Well we should make our own finish then” Sheona responded without missing a beat, meeting his gaze.

As Tom went over to close the laptop, Sheona pulled her loose bra down over her shoulders and with one strap down each sleeve out and through the front of her blouse. Voila, braless yet still bloused, Tom was quick to praise the simple yet effective technique. “Nicely done” he managed. He took a moment to take her in, standing in his room, skirt around her ankles, bra dangling from one hand, laughing in his direction. Her breasts promised much, nipples clearly pressing at her blouse fabric, begging him to come over and get involved. She was an extremely sexy painting, Altyazılı Porno adorning his hotel bedroom wall with her fragrance and intelligence and unselfconscious undress only half way finished. He couldn’t wait to continue, his dick pressing its urgent message into his trousers and visibly aroused through the fabric, he approached Sheona, still static against the wall.

“Do you think sex should be illegal for people living in different households during a national lockdown?” The suddenness and semi-crude technicality of her question tickled him. Lockdowns were definitely a part of a policy response to COVID-19 – the group had discussed them in detail earlier in the day. There comes a time in every single man’s life when he reaches a decision point on a particular relationship going to the next level of commitment, or not. And so far Tom had not been able to make that commitment. It wasn’t for lack of very suitable candidates and he was a very attractive, well educated and successful man. But still, Sheona’s question reminded him that sexual partners may be made illegal, illicit and possibly criminal for single people living alone like him. It definitely put a different slant on what they were both doing together now, somehow legitimising her adultery and his fornication. An end-of-days sexual liaison was, well, sexual in itself.

“I think people should make a personal risk assessment and act responsibly in the interests of the greater…”. Sheona stopped him with a motion to unbutton her blouse – the 3rd button released easily and started to reveal the lines of her breasts Brazzers to Tom. “I mean it deserves more attention.” he finished the sentence weakly as he was once again standing in front of her. “These deserve more attention” Sheona motioned around her boobs, making her needs clear to Tom. And how could he refuse such an opportunity. Her husband was a lucky man, helping himself to these on a nightly basis no doubt.

Kissing her with renewed intensity, tongues meeting and retreating over and over again, Tom began to massage Sheona’s breasts through her blouse. The warm soft heaviness of them was making him a little crazy, his dick now fully erect yet trapped inside his clothes. He longed for her hand down there on him, but still she resisted. Running his fingers over her nipples through her blouse still, he was pleased to note them come to attention, pretty fast and hard, the outward ice woman nature of her control was betrayed by her hot physical responses to his touch. He laughed inwardly, quietly pleased with himself, as only a man can be. He stood back slightly and unbuttoned the final two buttons holding the loose fabric of her blouse together. He noted her flat abdomen, some work had been put in there after childbirth he thought. As he bent down to kiss her abdomen and belly button she held his head by the hair and scalp. Did she just let out a little gasp? In any case he continued downwards, seeing her lacy burgundy knickers for the first time. Her knickers were cut high at the sides, his hands on her bare butt cheeks now, his face more or less in her pubic region, he considered the same knickers had been under the professional Dr Carr’s skirt earlier that afternoon, and now here he was, about to be face deep in her pussy. He enjoyed the momentary conflict between his private and professional thoughts, interrupted only by Sheona stepping out of her skirt, finally.

Without answering Tom loosened her skirt waistband and dropped the zipper. Of course the skirt didn’t move and they both laughed at the failure. Tom bent down a little and encouraged her skirt down with both hands, and Sheona obligingly wiggled her hips to help it drop to the floor. She didn’t step out of…

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