Little Heifer Gets Used

Little Heifer Gets Used


Note: Everyone depicted in this story is aged over 18. The “Little Heifer” is 39 IRL. Uma Thurman was 23 in Pulp Fiction if you’re looking for an age to put the other women at for your imagination.


The leather of the car seat sticks a little to my bare arse. My cunt is already a little wet, when I got into the back of the luxury sedan, I had been instructed to wear a garter belt and fishnets with red shoes with a gold stiletto heel, but no knickers.

You pulled my short black bodycon skirt up so my arse and cunt were uncovered against the leather of the car seat, and put the seat-warmer on, making them uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

My tits are bound in a reverse tension cross-chest harness under a white shirt, my areolas and nipples clearly visible through the thin silk of the shirt. My tits sway and jolt with the movement of the car, letting out milk with the more severe movements, resulting in the shirt sticking to them and further accentuating them.

You have connected my lead, a thick bronze-coloured chain, to the back of the passenger seat using a climbing carabiner, around my throat is a dark brown leather collar.

I am a little apprehensive, but you have already taken me once this evening, forcing my torso over the back of the couch and pumping my cunt full of your cum to help calm my nerves.

We arrive at our destination, a garish chrome-and-black home that is starting to look a little dated. As I get out of the car, I note the leather seat is darkened with my moisture and the remnants of your cum.

At the front door to the house, we are greeted by a young woman in a scant white teddy. The front of her knickers have ridden up a little and the lips are Betturkey clearly visible. I wonder if she may be of Asian descent, she has a short black bob that reminds me a little of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

We follow her in, you leading me by the chain and I start to feel out of place. This girl is obviously more experienced than I, she carries herself gracefully and is very much at ease with her state of undress in front of new people.

We enter a gaudy entertainment area and in front of us are two men having a conversation. Between them on her knees is a woman is sucking the cock of one, and wanking the other with her hand. Like the girl who answered the door, she’s in a white lace teddy that leaves little to the imagination. You put your hand in the small of my back and guide me into the room.

“This is the new one, I take it?” a man asks you, indicating in my direction with his head.

You nod once in response.

“May I?” he asks. I look at you questioningly as you hand the lead to him. I do not protest as he unbuttons my shirt, letting loose my huge tits. He rips the shirt down to my elbows behind my back, effectively trapping my arms.?

“Nice,” he says, squeezing my right tit between his hands and watching as milk pours out. I involuntarily cum a little as my body is put through its paces, inspected like a used car or a washing machine.

He lowers his mouth to my tit and draws in a long suck. It is a welcome relief of tension and I groan a little, surprising myself. He moves to the other tit, then stands up and grabs hold of my collar. He pulls it downward and I follow, kneeling with my arms still caught in my shirt behind my back. He holds Betturkey Giriş the leash wrapped around his hand many times, keeping my face at the height of his crotch. With his other hand he loosens his trousers and his engorged cock springs out of them, hitting me in the face.

“Go to work,” he instructs. I take his cock in my mouth and start bobbing rhythmically, straining against the leash still held in this hand to get my lips down to the base of his cock and my chin hard against his balls. I can feel my tits still leaking as the oxytocin floods my system.

“Oh we’ve got a heifer,” I hear another man say. I stop for a moment to lick my lips and

note you’ve moved to a nearby bar, leaning on it with one arm, a drink in your other hand, looking relaxed as you watch proceedings.

The first man grabs my collar and pulls me to my feet, and he pulls my skirt down and I step out of it. The move reveals my almost bald cunt to the room, my clit is already enlarged, sitting out slightly from my labia major. I cannot hide my wantonness.

The two men in front of me now push me back a few steps until my butt is against a table, and then pick me up and place me on it.

The first man with his erect cock still out forces my thighs open and shoves three fingers into my cunt.

“Is this what you want?” he asks, rhetorically at this point. I cannot protest.

Without much hesitation, he shoves his thick cock into my cunt, and returns his lips to my nipples, giving me cum as I feed him milk. It doesn’t take long – so turned on by fresh meat it is only a couple of thrusts before he ejaculates into me, grunting with satisfaction. He grabs my face: “That’s the first Betturkey Güncel Giriş of many, lovely. I hope you’re prepared.”

He steps back from between my legs and I feel cum run out of me and down the edge of the table. The second man pushes me further back and I lie back against the top of the bar, my tits spreading to either side of my torso. He pulls my legs up onto his shoulders and using the cum of his friend as lube, starts to fuck my arse with his fingers.

I can already feel his cock against my arse before it’s even out of his trousers so I know I’m in trouble. It’s only a few minutes in and he penetrates my arse with his cock, stretching me impossibly wide as the head goes in. I involuntarily let out a scream and muffle it with the back of my hand.

He reaches around and slaps each of my tits back in towards my torso while he pumps his cock into my arse, sending explosions of sensations through my body. I can hear the slap of his balls on the back of my arse as he uses his full body weight to dive into me.

“She’s very tight,” he says between pants, presumably at you but almost absently, as though to himself. You sip a drink, and say nothing. I am vaguely aware one of the naked servants at the event has knelt before you to suck your cock. I know you will fuck her face and hit the back of her throat without compassion or consideration.

I yell again as the second guy nears climax, his cock swelling then shooting a final load into my relatively inexperienced arse, making both my holes drip with cum.

Sweat rolls down his face and he slaps my tits one more time. “You magnificent fuckcow,” he says, before withdrawing, putting his cock away, picking up his drink and motioning “cheers” in your direction.

I lie on the table for a moment, letting the cum of the two men drain out of me, my arms still caught behind my body by my shirt. You pull me up by the collar, take my lead and I follow you through to the next room, cum running down my legs.

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