Linda, The Babysitter Ch. 02


Being eighteen, a car was the only thing I lusted for nearly as much as getting with Linda again. As a reward for successfully completing high school, my parents helped me buy a car. It was big old Buick, which we had gotten a good deal on from an elderly lady my dad knew. I cared for that machine like it was a baby, and I loved it. One of my favorite features was the spacious, comfortable interior.

Having purchased it over the weekend, I spent the next few days cleaning, washing, and waxing every inch of it. The next time Linda came over to my house, I was itching to show it off to her. I waited until both of my parents had left for work until I came downstairs. Linda soon asked me to show her the car, as she knew how much I valued it. If only she knew what else I had in mind. We both walked out to the driveway, where the car was parked, and I opened up the front passenger side door for her. After closing it, I hustled around to the other side to take a seat in the driver’s seat. I proceeded to show her all the cool features and little nuances of the car. However, my mind was not really thinking about the car. As I was talking, I was glancing up and down Linda’s body and nervously anticipating about what I was going to do next. As I finished my mini-tour of the car, I locked the doors and said, “There is one more thing.”

I pulled my shorts down, allowing my now hard dick to pop up. She started shaking her head and said that what happened was a onetime thing and that we really shouldn’t do it again. Wanting her so badly, and knowing that the more she talked and thought about the situation the less likely she was to do anything, I put my hand on the back of her neck and guided her head down towards my penis. Once it was right in front of her face, I did not even have to force her down onto it. She went the rest of the way herself, opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around the head of my cock.

I instantly moaned out in pleasure, as her moist mouth felt indescribably good on my manhood. As she started to suck on and lick my cock head, my hips naturally started to slowly pump upwards into her mouth. Her blonde head look gorgeous bobbing up and down in my lap, and she felt even better. The fact that I was in her mouth again was almost surreal, as I had fantasized about such a moment innumerable times.

After bobbing her head a few times, she moved her mouth up and started to caress my cock head with her moist tongue, sensuously licking all the way around it. She then went back down on my dick, taking it deeper than before. Now she was sucking on it like a vacuum, and it felt amazing. I then put my hand back onto her blonde head and gently guided her to take even more of my meat every time she went down on it.

She once again went back up to the top of my penis and started working the head with her skilled tongue. She briefly pulled her head gaziantep escort bayan numaraları off for a moment, but before I had the chance to object she went back down on it and took almost the entire length into her mouth. She held her head in place for a few seconds, bobbed up and down a few times, and then went back to deep throating my cock once again. I just laid back in my seat and relaxed while in a state of ecstasy while watching this beautiful blonde MILF go to work.

After deep-throating me to the point that her nose was almost touching my crotch, she pulled her head off again. Now she began sliding her lips and her tongue up and down the underside of my bulging penis, which felt amazing. I was in heaven. After a few seconds she took my entire dick in her mouth once again. As she progressed to bobbing her head, her pace began to quicken. I think she sensed that I was close to cumming, which was true, and was getting ready for the money shot. As her pace continued to accelerate, I couldn’t help but start moaning in pleasure. Now she was just focusing on the sensitive top part of my cock with her skilled lips and tongue, seemingly begging me to explode in her mouth.

Finally as her head went up and down, her tongue hit just the right spot in order to send me over the edge. As I started breathing heavy, my hips thrust up to force my penis even farther into her mouth. Obviously knowing what she was doing, she needed no guidance and to what to do next. She continued to feverishly bob her head on my meat and started to take me even deeper while my cum started to erupt. She didn’t miss a beat as several streams of hot, sticky man juice flooded her mouth. She continued to suck on it like a champ. While some cum dripped down my cock, she kept going until every drop had left my balls. She then pulled her head off, slowly cleaned up any loose jiz with her tongue, and then got out of the car without saying a word.

The next day, Linda was back at my house again like she normally was during the week. My thoughts were filled with thoughts of yesterday. I was rock hard from the moment I awoke, and wanted to rub one out with the vision of her blonde dome bobbing up and down on my cock in my head. However, I decided to hold off and see if I could get some more of the real thing. After my parents left for work, I went downstairs to where Linda was washing dishes in the kitchen. The first thing I saw when I walked into the kitchen via a back stairway was her mesmeric ass, which looked astonishing in her tight blue jeans. After admiring it for a few moments, I sat down at the table and opened up the newspaper. However, I could not concentrate enough to read more than two words. All I could do was stare at Linda’s sweet body and wavy blonde hair out of the corner of my eye as my mind was flooded gaziantep escort pornoları with images from the day before. I could not take my eyes off of her. While one hand held the newspaper, the other one slowly stroked my cock through my pocket. As she finished washing the dishes, she turned around and realized that I was there.

“Oh, good morning, I didn’t even know that you were there,” she said as she turned around and started to tidy up a few other areas of the kitchen. We continued to make small talk for a minute or two until I decided to change the direction of the conversation and see how interested in continuing what we had done yesterday she really was.

“You know, I never did get to give you the complete tour of my car yesterday,” I said.

“Oh really, what do you mean? I think that I got to experience just about everything,” she replied inquisitively, as she organized some papers on the desk by the phone.

“Well, you didn’t get to experience the big, comfy back seat.”

She turned her head over her shoulder and looked right into my eyes. I was already looking lustfully at her, and she then realized what I was implying. I rose out of my chair and stood right behind her, with my hips gently rubbing up against her sweet behind. My hands slowly found their way to hers, and I know that she could feel the erection in my pants.

After glancing at the ground momentarily, she looked back up at me and said, “Well okay, I guess that you can show me that part of your car too.” She grabbed my left land and slowly started to lead me towards the side door. I could already feel the tingling in my balls as we made our way across the patio to the garage, where my car was parked. Once we were standing next my trusty Buick, I grinded up against her from hind once again. I moved her hair off to the side and began to tenderly kiss her neck while slowly caressing her stomach.

As we both continued to get more aroused, I whispered in her ear, “I want to go all the way with you today.”

After taking a moment to catch her breath, she whispered back, “Go ahead and take me.”

That is all I needed to hear. We both started to get underdressed as our minds raced with anticipation of what was to come. Once we were both completely naked with our clothes lying in a chaotic mess on the garage floor, I leaned in and kissed her again while I opened up the rear door with one hand. Once the door was open, I placed my hand on her beautiful ass and I guided her into the back seat.

She looked even better naked than I had imagined. Even though she was certainly a mature MILF, the years had certainly not done much to erode her beauty. It was going to be a struggle to last long enough to fully enjoy all that her luscious body had to offer. At this point in my life, the number of occasions gaziantep escort portalı upon which I had been able to enjoy a woman’s pussy were few and far between, so I was chomping at the bit.

Once she was inside and lying on her back, I quickly followed right behind her and nestled in between her long, tan legs. Our lips found each other once again as our warm, aroused bodies rubbed against each other in the heat of passion. After my hands hungrily fondled her breasts and hips, they soon found their way to her waist as I held her in place as I prepared to enter her. I could tell that she was already wet and that my cock was already dripping with pre-cum, so I plunged right in with the lustful enthusiasm of a teenage boy. As my hips thrust forward and my bulging penis entered her, my eyes closed and my breath felt like it had been taken away at the feeling of her warm, mature pussy wrapped around my manhood. I pushed into her even deeper and began to slowly plunge in and out of her as I fully enjoyed the moment I had fantasized about during countless masturbation sessions.

Her moans soon began to reach a pace that was similar to mine as my thrusts began to quicken. By this point, both of our bodies were dripping with sweat as a result of the summer heat, the relatively cramped quarters, and the intense passion of the moment. As the sex continued to heat up, our bodies passionately rubbed and grinded up against one another in the late morning heat. My lips and tongue found their way to her breasts and neck as I continued to make her mine with the long, deep thrusts of my cock. Fully relishing in every crevice of her body, I then moved my lips back up to hers as I pushed forward and held my meat deep inside of her. After taking a moment to grind my hips in a spherical motion right up against hers, I once again picked up my pattern of deep, sensual thrusts into her waiting pussy.

My pace quickened, and I started to feel the tingling in my balls. My thrusts began to get faster and faster, and Linda loved it. Anyone could tell that she loved the feeling of getting impaled and ravaged by a young, horny stud. We were both panting and moaning so loud that there was no point in trying to kiss anymore, as the heat of the moment was just becoming too much. As my lips moved down to her neck one more time as I passionately licked and sucked on her sweaty skin, I began to erupt. I plowed into her as deep as I could one more time and held it there. Linda threw her head back and filled the air with zealous screams as I felt stream after stream of hot cum shoot through my cock and unload into her waiting hole. My breathing grew heavy and it seemed as if every muscle in my body tightened as I continued to deposit my spunk as deep in her as I possibly could. My hips continued to powerfully thrust forward every couple of seconds until every last drop of cum had left my cock.

As our breathing began to gradually slow and our bodies came down from a state of sexual ecstasy, exhaustion started to set in. We were both physically spent, but completely satisfied. I continued to lie on top of her for several minutes as we both recovered, with me fully enjoying the fact that I was on top of her gorgeous, naked, and glistening body that was still full of my seed.

Being eighteen, a car was the only thing I lusted for nearly as much as getting with Linda again. As a reward for successfully completing high school, my parents helped me buy a car. It was big old Buick, which we had gotten a good deal on from an elderly lady my dad knew. I…

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