L’il Sis

L’il Sis


This story will be told in a series. The next parts will be longer. In part 1 I give some background. Hang in, it heats up.


It is another painfully hot day in the south, typical for the beginning of the summer, at least where I live. Although I graduated from high school last month, I have been asked by the band director to work with the band over the summer. I am a very good drummer, and played in the drum line all through high school. I also played competitively with a local team, so I have plenty of experience. With several of us graduating, there is a desperate need to rebuild the line, so I agreed to work with the band, especially the new members, over the summer.

This morning I drove to practice at 7:30, along with my sister, Ally, who is a rising senior. She and I are what some people refer to as “Irish Twins.” We are not really twins, but were born in the same year. I turned 19 in January of this year, and she will turn 19 in December. As kids we moved around a lot, with both parents being in the military, and we were both held back a year in middle school. We moved from a crappy school system to one that was much more progressive With the start date for school years back, we were put into two different grade levels, even with our being born the same year. That explains the age difference and how she is still in school while I have graduated. Ally thinks this sucks, but that is just the way it is. I have rather enjoyed being a grade level ahead of her, especially when she first started high school. I was able to help her get assimilated, and was also a grade ahead, which allowed me the opportunity to sort of look out for her. I am a bit protective, but have gotten better through the years.

Our first day of summer band practice went well. Both Ally and I were beat at the end of the day. It was hot, we were sweaty, we were worn out. As soon as we got in the car, Ally started griping about the air conditioner.

“Turn the AC on, Ryan! It is too fucking hot in here!” Ally said.

“Give me a minute, will you?” I replied.

“Well, hurry up, I am about to die in here!” Ally shouted.

It did not take long for the car to start cooling off, which was a good thing, as we had nearly thirty minutes to drive before we reached home. I did stop by a country store on the way and got each of us a drink.

“Thanks for the soda, Ry,” Ally said.

For as far back as I could remember, that is what she called me. Ry. My full name is Ryan, but she normally calls me Ry, especially when she wants something.

“No problem,” I replied.

We continued to drive home, with very little conversation. Ally was drinking away on soda while at the same time leaning into the AC to cool off. She also had the radio blasting. We do not share the same taste in music, but I have found that it is much easier to just let her pick the music she wants to listen to rather than insisting on my own stations. She does not give in very easily.

We reached the house. We live in a small country town outside of a larger city. We don’t live on a farm or anything like that. We have neighbors, but our yards are between three and five acres. That puts a little distance between us and the people on either side. We also have a deep back yard that backs up to a wooded area. There is a farm on the other side of the woods, but it is a long ways back there. I like the location of the house because it does give us some privacy. Where we used to live we had neighbors right next to us, and they could see everything going on in our back yard. This is different. We have a private back yard, with a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. We make good use of both.

As we got out of the car, I felt a sharp pain in my back, like a nerve or muscle or something. The thirty minute drive home made my back tighten up, Escort bayan and shit it was really sore as I tried to move.

“God, what the hell?” I shouted.

“What’s the matter Ry?” Ally asked.

“I am not sure, but I think I must have pulled a muscle or strained something during practice. I don’t remember it hurting like this, but it has been a while since I used the drums, and carrying them all afternoon has really put my back out of sorts.” I replied.

“I know it is hot, but it might help if you got in the Jacuzzi for a while. That is what I do when I have a sore muscle.” Ally suggested.

“I might do that after dinner. It is too damn hot right now.” I replied.

“Whatever,” Ally said.

We both went into the house and sat down in the family room absorbing the nice cool air.

“Would you like a glass of ice water?” Ally asked.

“Sure.” I replied

Ally returned to the family room with the ice water. She also had a ice pack from the freezer in her hand.

“Lean forward and put this on your sore spot and then lean back into the couch,” Ally suggested.

I leaned forward and told her where to put the ice pack. She did, and then I leaned back on the couch.

“The ice does make it feel better. I don’t understand why it hurt so much today. It did that years ago when I first started playing the drums, but it hasn’t for several years now.” I said.

“Well, it has been several months since you have worked out like you did today, and it was a long day. We normally only work out for two hours, but the summer is different,” Ally said.

“You are going to have a long day tomorrow if it still hurts,” Ally said.

“I think I will take your suggestion and get into the jacuzzi after dinner,” I said.

“If you think it would help, I can give you a back rub. You did that for me when I twisted my back on that damn horse last month,” Ally reminded me.

Sure, I remembered that. The neighbor behind us has horses, and every once in a while Ally, some of her friends, and I go horseback riding on their farm. It is usually a lot of fun, but the last time Ally’s horse was acting up. It took off running ahead of us. We think something in the grass spooked it, at least that is what it looked like. Anyway, it took off running and Ally twisted her back either by the force of the horse running or trying to get it to stop. Either way, she was sore for a couple of weeks, and I did give her a couple of back rubs.

“Let me try the jacuzzi first and we will see how my back is this evening.” I replied.

“Just let me know, I may sit in the jacuzzi with you, if you don’t mind. My legs are cramped. My back doesn’t get sore, but my legs sure do with all the marching. That is about all we did today, march formations. I didn’t get to play the trumpet that much. I was just march, march, march.” Ally said.

Just then mom pulled in the driveway. That meant it was about an hour until dinner would be ready. It was already five o’clock. Dinner would be at six. That meant that I could hit the jacuzzi around seven or seven thirty. That wasn’t too bad.

“I am going to my room and lay down for a while. Call me when supper is ready.” I said to Ally.

“I will tell mom, I am going to lay down too.” Ally replied.

With that I made my way to my room. My parents’ room is on the first floor, and Ally and I each have a bedroom on the second floor. My back was still in a lot of pain. When I got to my room I pulled off my shirt and shorts, leaving me in only my boxers. I grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom Ally and I shared. As I walked into the hall, Ally came out of her room at the same time. She was wearing a large T-shirt with, I assume, just her panties on underneath. This was her normal attire for the house, T-shirt and panties. Bayan escort Mom and dad have told her for a few years that she needs to wear more around the house, but, as usual, she does what she wants.

“Where do you think you are going?” Ally asked me.

“I am going to take a quick shower before I lay down,” I replied.

“Not if I beat you to the bathroom,” Ally shouted as she rushed past me into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

Shit, now I will have to wait on her. That will take forever.

I walked back into my room and flopped down on the bed. Lying on the bed, my right hand went to my crotch, made it’s way inside the fly, and grabbed my cock, which was getting harder by the second. I pulled it out and began pumping it slowly. I lay there with my eyes closed, thinking of Ally.

She never used to have this effect on me. For all of these years she has just been my little sister. We have always been close. Sure, we fought from time to time, but I think we got along better than lots of other brothers and sisters. My parents think that is because we have moved around a lot and we grew to depend on each other rather than friends, because we never had friends for very long. We have moved something like seven times or more, and with that frequency of moving you don’t stay anywhere long enough to develop really close friends.

For some reason, though, things have changed. I began to realize this ever since I gave her those back rubs. Ally, like I said, always runs around the house in a t-shirt and panties. Never before has it bothered me, but now, she doesn’t quite look the same. Her legs are much thinner and shapely, her ass is perfect. There aren’t any girls in my class that have the shape that Ally does. She has a perfect ass, and I think she knows it. Her breasts are still pretty small, but they are pert. I notice this at night because she never wears a bra. My mom is always on her about that, too, but she continues to go braless. Ally is short, maybe five foot one or two; has long blonde hair, a tiny waist, nice ass, and the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen on a girl. I have always thought she was pretty,

While I was aware of her physical changes, I was not aware of how much the affected me until that back rub last month. After Ally had that scare with the horse and strained her back, we spent a lot of time together, and got into a nightly routine. After dinner we would get into the jacuzzi and soak for thirty minutes or so. That seemed to help her back a lot. This one night, our parents were running late, and Ally got a couple glasses of wine for us to drink while sitting in the jacuzzi. Our parents were pretty liberal about this. When home with just them, they would often let us each have a glass of wine with dinner. Something we picked up while living in France, where this was customary. They would not allow us to drink if we had company or if we had friends over, but when it was just they wouldn’t mind.

So, Ally brought me a glass of wine, and the two of us sat in the jacuzzi for about thirty minutes drinking our first, and then our second glass each. As we sat in the jacuzzi, Ally stated that her back was still very sore, and asked if I would be willing to give her a back rub. I told her that I would, and we went into the house. As I got out of the jacuzzi I began to notice the effect the wine had on me. I was a bit dizzy. As Ally climbed out of the jacuzzi, stretching her right leg over the side, I was able to get a glimpse of her crotch area, with her legs spread. ” “God she looks hot.” I thought to myself. She is no longer a little girl. “

“What the hell and I thinking?” I remember saying to myself. “This is my sister and I am staring at her crotch!” As he exited the hot tub and made her way to her room for the Escort back rub, I then could not keep my eyes off of her bikini clad ass. It was more of a thong with a wide back in it, and I could see both of her ass cheeks as she walked away from me. Then it happened, I reached down and could feel my cock expanding. I was getting a hard on thinking about my sister. I knew this was not right, but in the moment, I really didn’t care.

When we got to her room, Ally gave me a bottle of lotion, and then lay down on her stomach on her bed.

“Could you put some lotion on my back and just rub it in for a few minutes, Ry?” she asked.

“Sure, no problem,” I replied.

I placed my knees on either side of her legs, and leaning over, squirted some lotion on her back and began rubbing.

“”Fuck, that feels so good,” Ally said.

I just kept rubbing her mid back area, pressing harder and harder. As I was just a couple minutes into this, it happened. My erection started growing. I was throwing a major woody while giving my sister a back rub. “This is sick,” I thought to myself. I continued to rub.

“Could you rub a little lower?” Ally asked.

“I could, but do you want me to get lotion all over your tiny bikini?” I asked.

“It is not so much a tiny bikini, as it is a big ass,” she replied.

All of this talking about her ass was making me harder by the minute.

“Your ass is not big,” I told her. “It is perfect!”

“Quit making fun,” Ally replied.

“No, honestly, it is a beautiful ass. Even if you are my sister, the truth is the truth. You have a nice ass, and a nice body.” I said.

“You really think so, Ry? she asked.

“Yes, I do.” I replied. “All of the guys I know think you are beautiful, and have the nicest ass in the school.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Really,” I replied, “At least they used to say that. After I just about beat the shit out of Tommy two years ago for saying something about you, they don’t talk around me much anymore.”

“I remember that,” she said.

“Please, if you don’t mind, would you rub a little lower on my back? You can turn down the top of my suit if you need to.” she said.

So I did. I pulled the top of her bikini thong bottom down a bit, to about the middle of her ass, and continued rubbing her back and the top are of her ass. I avoided her ass cheeks, because I really didn’t think I could control myself to go there. I had a raging hard on, was leaning over my sister, and running my hands all over her back and the top of her ass. My mind was racing. I was getting excited over my sister. I wondered if she knew the effect she was having on me.

It didn’t go any further than this. I finished the back rub and left to go to my own room and change. I did rub her back a couple more times, but had to stop because I didn’t want her to discover the fact that I got a major erection over her. When I got back to my room, I immediately dropped my swim suit and began beating off, thinking of her ass. As I was beating my cock, I was thinking of her. What a nice ass. She is so perfect. Her ass cheeks are so round and firm. Shit, she is so hot. But she is my sister, I can’t be thinking things like this. With every thought I pounded my cock harder and harder until, thinking of her, I went over the edge. I shot my load all over my cum rag, which I always kept handy. I fell back on the bed with my hand still on my shrinking cock. In my mind I carried the vision of Ally in that tiny bikini, laying on the bed, right before me. I remembered the feeling of her skin on my fingers as I rubbed her back and ass. Shit, it felt so good, but it wasn’t right. Soon, my cock was getting hard again.

That was then. A month ago. Now it was my back and Ally was offering to give me a rub down after dinner and a soak in the jacuzzi. I am not sure if I want to do this or not. At least she wont be able to see my erection if I am laying on my stomach. I just might let her God she is so fucking pretty. Would I fuck her? FUCK HER?” What the hell am I thinking now?

To be continued…

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