Like Minds Ch. 01

Like Minds Ch. 01

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This is a work of complete fiction, and any resemblance to real persons or events is unintended and purely accidental. All characters are over 40.

This story series contains descriptions of male bisexuality, hence it begins catalogued in Gay Male. Where it will go from here is anyone’s guess. I do hope you enjoy and follow the storyline.

Story Tags: gay first time, bisexual male, cum eating, ass licking, prostate massage, sodomy, sexy spit play. If you find any of these disturbing, please detour now. Approx. 11,000 words.

~ . ~

Dateline April 2000. Chicago, IL

It was a good time in life for me. At age 43, I was high-flying and successful – that is, in all aspects but marriage.

Newly separated, I had taken a position out of state to ‘start a new life’ as they say. I was relatively young and healthy, no slave to a time-clock, and had life by the tail. Thankfully there were no children left behind; otherwise leaving my marriage and home state of Missouri would no doubt have been more difficult if not impossible.

I look back upon that time now with the benefit of hindsight as the best years of my life.

The building in which I lived in downtown Chicago was somewhat upscale, and had an Olympic-size swimming pool as well as an extensively outfitted weight room I was most interested in, located on the second floor. I was no bodybuilder, just an active guy who wanted to stay in shape.

It was there, that fateful day – a Saturday morning – just a couple of weeks after I moved in, that I met Alex.

I finished pumping iron, had a shower, then decided to cool off by swimming a few lengths. When I entered the pool area, there was only one person there doing the same – a man, wearing the skimpiest ‘speedo’ I think I’d ever seen. It was green and black and had the appearance and pattern of, how shall I say, a fish’s scales, that reflected the light and changed patterns and colours depending on one’s angle of view.

As I approached the lane on the other side of the pool, it appeared that his body, apart from his head, was completely hairless. And boy could he swim. One and a half or maybe two lengths to my one, easy. I had never seen anyone move through the water with the speed and grace that he did, seemingly effortlessly.

I did four lengths, then stopped, sat on the edge, and just watched him until finally he pulled himself up and sat on the edge just a few feet away from me. He did not appear the slightest bit winded for his efforts. I introduced myself.

“You’re good. My name’s Rick.”

I got up and walked over to where he sat, and offered my hand to shake.

For the briefest instant of time we checked each other out – I felt his eyes on me as I panned mine over him. It was as though we both felt an unmistakeable mutual attraction, and that attraction was transparent to both of us. It was not the sort of thing I was used to experiencing with men.

You see, up until then, I would have classified myself as – practically speaking anyway – straight.

One other thing I noticed about him in my limited but unabashed leering was his hairless chest. He actually resembled a woman there – practically flat chested, mind you – but nevertheless, very feminine in appearance with larger-than-normal areolae and nipples more prominent than on any man I had seen before. Had there been no evidence to the contrary from the bulge in his suit, I might have guessed that I was looking at a woman’s body.

As I grasped his slender hand – and I always offer a firm handshake – it just seemed to disappear into mine. I instinctively backed off on the pressure, giving in to a warm embrace and held just a bit longer than a conventional handshake.

I took the liberty of sitting down right beside him, not too close, but close enough to let him know I was interested. Very interested.

“Sorry,” he broke the silence, “My name’s Alex. Do you live in this building? I haven’t seen you here before.”

While not effeminate, the pitch of his voice was slightly higher than I might have expected; a gentle voice that in the absence of overwhelming visual evidence to the contrary, could be mistaken for female.

“Yeah, nineteenth floor. I work out every other day in the gym next door. This is my first time checking out the pool though.”

“Yeah, I can tell.”

He hesitated a bit before chuckling and adding, “That you work out a lot, I mean..”

“And I can tell you spend a lot of time in here too. You’re an awesome swimmer. Are you, like, training for the Olympics or something?”

Alex laughed, seemingly amused by my glowing assessment of his skills.

“No, a bit over the hill for that, I’m afraid. Just working off tension.”

He looked like anything but over the hill, and had the lean and toned body of a world-class swimmer.

“Well,” I said, patting him on the back, “you’re looking good, man. You can swim circles around me.”

He did not answer, but just looked at me, smiling.

Now, I didn’t Escort Pendik just get up that morning thinking I was going to go out and pick up some guy. I will admit to a latent bisexual curiosity, of course; the thought does occur to most men as they attain a certain age of maturity, I believe. But the last thing I ever thought of was actually following through on it.

Well, let me tell you, there was a connection with Alex, an intense attraction unlike any other I had felt toward anyone of the male – or in recent memory female – sex either. It was personal, transcendent of gender. And I felt compelled to make my move, no matter the consequence; and to do it before any sober-second-thoughts took hold.

“Hey, you want to, like, go for coffee, or something?” I nervously stumbled through the words as I asked. I had a repertoire of opening lines for women buried in my memory somewhere, but nothing I’d ever thought of trying on a man.

“Yeah, I would,” he answered directly. “After I finish my laps?”

“Of course!” I nodded with an elated grin, and watched him stand, once again revealing his sleek body and hairless muscular thighs, and dive into the water without making so much as a splash; gliding almost a third of the way like a fish before surfacing and resuming his strokes. I had a feeling he was showing off a bit, but I was nonetheless flattered that he would do that for me.

I did maybe four more leisurely lengths to his eight, before we emerged and headed for the change room. As luck would have it, the one guy in there was just finishing when we entered, leaving us to our own devices. That gave me plenty of opportunity to get a good look at him while we were scrubbing and drying, without being caught staring by anyone.

We were indeed opposites.

I was and still am somewhat muscular and fairly hairy – a shade of dark brown as close to black as one could get – though not to the extent that would qualify me as a ‘bear’. I did not shave my pubic area back then and have always had moderate hair growth on my chest, arms and legs.

Garret’s hair, what little he had that I could see, was jet-black, and on his head and nowhere else. Everything else was smooth as a baby’s bottom, presumably for speed in the water, or so I thought at the time.

I wondered as he turned away and bent down to wash his legs, giving me such a good view of his sexy ass, how he managed to trim that closely without cutting himself. I made a mental note to ask him, if I ever got that far along with him.

And – did I mention that he had a very sexy ass? Planted on top of those muscular thighs of his, it beckoned me, making me want to grab it right there and then. I could feel the testosterone surging in my blood, which redirected much of it to guess where, before I did my best to suppress it. In my past life, to be seen with a hard-on in a men’s locker room shower would have been a terribly embarrassing prospect.

As we dressed I suggested to Alex that he come up to my apartment so I could quickly change into appropriate attire. All we wore down here were sweats.

“I need to do the same. What floor did you say you were on?”

“Nineteenth. How about you?”

“Twenty first. I need to change too. Can I meet you at your place in twenty minutes?”

“Sounds like a plan. I am in 1903. I will wait for you there.”

We chatted casually about our careers as we rode up the elevator. Alex was a paramedic, and being one in this city, no wonder he had tension to work off, I surmised.

Alex tapped on my door precisely twenty one minutes later, and I was ready to go. Of course, I wanted to grab him, drag him in and jump his bones right there and then, but thought it best to move slowly. I’d never ‘picked up’ a guy before and I didn’t want to scare him off, nor did I want to convey the false impression that I was just looking for a quick fuck. What I wanted from him was more than that.

I would bide my time . . .

~ . ~

We walked the two blocks to a cafe he suggested – discovering a mutual love of fine java – and found a corner table with a modicum of privacy. We both ordered a light lunch, which was absolutely delicious.

Conversation flowed freely and easily – Alex was intelligent, educated, and well spoken – and we opened up to each other for what seemed like only a few minutes but in reality was over two hours.

I told him of my upbringing and education, as did he, and began telling him the sordid tale of my recently failed marriage. Eventually, the topic that was floating between the back and the front of our minds came to the fore.

“I’m of the impression this is a new experience for you,” he said, smiling wryly at me. I knew exactly what he was talking about, just from the look in his eyes.

“As a matter of fact, yes it is,” I admitted, and continued “I’ve never asked a guy on a date before. Is it that obvious?”

“Yes it is,” he answered with a raised eyebrow over his smiling eyes. “A virgin then?”

“Well, I suppose in the way you’re asking, yes. I have never been with a man.”

“So, just curious about the lifestyle? Looking to give it a test drive?” He asked, with the hint of playful sarcasm obvious in the inflection of his voice.

“Absolutely not. From the moment I saw you, there was instant attraction. It was personal, Alex. I can’t explain why. I’ve never randomly met another guy and reacted the way I did with you.”

I was all in now, so continued to confess my feelings to him openly. It was the very least I could do, especially with the way I felt about him.

I hoped he felt the same about me.

“Back at the pool, I found you, well – I don’t know how to put this any other way – but sexy, and I must confess that I began .. thinking..”

I paused, looking for the right words to continue, as Alex sat in silence, watching me squirm in my seat.

“This is new to me. I’m being as honest as I can, I swear. I don’t blame you a bit if you want nothing to do with me and after lunch you just walk away – that’s fine. No hard feelings. I’m just sharing mine with you, because I’ve never had feelings like this before, and to tell you the truth, I feel more exhilarated than I have for years right here and now, being with you.”

My words were true. I was glowing with joy, my attraction to him being so imperative as to immerse me in a blanket of euphoria.

“And besides,” I added, looking around us to make sure we weren’t within earshot of anyone else; “I don’t even know if you’re gay.”

That brought a smirk to his face, but he quickly regained his composure.

“Never had feelings like this before? So, you have never felt even a fleeting attraction toward another man?”

Just as I started to enunciate the first letter of the word ‘NO’, I hesitated, then recalled, and confessed a brief instance from my youth. Something I hadn’t truly even thought about for years.

“Well, maybe once, but that was like thirty years ago, in high school. I was attracted to one guy, but I never followed through on it. I just wasn’t confident enough to express that attraction back then I guess; and of course, the fear of rejection. Dating women was always easier, safer, and besides, I’m generally attracted to women more than I am to men,” adding, “present company excluded.”

At that point, I suddenly became aware of the vague resemblance between that young man, all those years ago, and Alex, here and now.

Alex’s fingers twirled around the rim of his empty coffee mug as he continued to listen and regard me with a mixture of curiosity and cautious evaluation. I felt humbled and was craving for a sign – any simple gesture – to show me that I had a snowball’s chance with him.

Finally, he broke the silence, and I started breathing again.

“Are you looking for something long term, or just quick and dirty?”

I took another deep breath, as though trying to gather all of my thoughts in one gulp.

“Well, once again, when I woke up this morning, I had no intention of looking for anything. But when I saw you, well .. my head’s been spinning all day. I’ve been single for a long time, and celibate for nine months – since I’ve been separated from my wife, in fact. I’m just taking one day at a time. But I have the distinct impression that you are someone I am going to want to know for a very long time – romantic or otherwise. I realize that doesn’t answer your question, but that’s as close as I’m going to get to answering it.”

Alex looked at me, pondering his next move, but the glow in his face hinting at the truth. I felt reasonably confident that the attraction was mutual and, taking a chance, turned things up a notch. I looked around once more to ensure that I couldn’t be overheard before speaking even more candidly with my lunch date.

“I want you, Alex. And yes, ultimately, I want you in my bed – however long it takes me to do that. I’ve never said those words to a man before, nor have I experienced intimacy with someone of my own sex. But I am being sincere, and I’m damn sure I’ll figure it out.”

Just then the waiter showed up, asking if we needed anything else. I paid the cheque, in spite of Alex’s meek objections.

“Nonsense,” I told him, as we got up to leave. “I asked you out. It’s my treat.”

We started making our way back to our building, the sexual chemistry between us so strong that I barely kept my cool. As we walked, I steered myself as close to him as possible, and when we touched, it was like magic.

Then, a thought occurred that stopped me in my tracks.

“Oh, I suppose I should have asked earlier if you’re in a relationship already?”

Alex stopped and looked down, as though he was deciding whether or not to answer my question. We had discussed a lot of things over coffee and lunch, but while I had opened up about my previous love life, he had been more cautious and steered clear of any personal details of that kind.

“I am,” he finally said to me, as we started walking slowly again, “though not one that would prevent me from exploring my own romantic endeavours. It is a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, with a couple.”

He paused again, before continuing.

“They’re both nurses I met in my line of work about a year ago. We’ve been very close and intimate since. Hans and Rita are their names.”

I would have assumed a gay couple – Alex was full of surprises.

“So, am I reading that you are bi, then?”

“Well, not really, but with Rita I make an exception. Very few women would interest me the way she does. They’re a really funky couple .. the three of us have been sexually exclusive partners for well over a year now. We share some kinks too. But we all knew a day would come when I might meet someone. We’ve talked about that a lot, what it would be like to bring another man into it. But I must warn what you’re getting yourself into – we’re a little out there.”

I laughed, if slightly nervously, wondering what kind of kink they might be into. Perhaps one day, I might be lucky enough to find out, I thought optimistically.

We walked up to the elevators and I pressed the call button. Before the doors opened, Alex spoke up.

“I think we should both take some time to .. think about things. Don’t you?”

My distraught look must have revealed my disappointment. I just wanted to take him up to my apartment and fuck the daylights out of him right then and there. But, perhaps, he was just being rightly cautious. I had to silently admit to myself that that was probably a good sign.

“When can I see you again, then?” I asked as we started our ascent.

“Well, just about every day in the pool. On my days off I usually go just before the lunch hour. On working days it varies, of course, depending on what shift I’m on.”

After a short pause, he continued, knowing I was silently requesting more information. The doors opened at the 19th floor – my stop. I turned to face him as I got off.

“I’m taking an overtime shift tomorrow, but I’m off Monday. I’ll be doing my laps then – same time.”

The doors started closing, but not before we both had shit-eating grins on our faces.

I was about to start down the hall to my apartment, but then heard the elevator door opening again. Alex poked his head out, and handed me his card.

“Lunch is my treat next time.”

The card he handed me had all of his contact information. Maybe, just maybe, I had a chance with him, after all…

~ . ~

My line of work back then, the ‘good ole days’ as I look back now, allowed me certain flexibilities; one being the hours I kept. I had two appointments on Monday, one in the morning at nine and one in the afternoon that I postponed. With any luck, I’d be finished by 11, do a few laps with Alex, and then take things from there.

But concentrating on anything other than him in the intervening 48 hours was becoming a challenge, and my infatuation with him was starting to affect my productivity.

As my thoughts kept drifting back to Alex, the familiar lump in my pants would return, bringing with it the inevitable side-effects. My underwear and outerwear bore the stains of these cycles of arousal to the point where I feared it would be obvious to the casual onlooker.

I pondered these new feelings; was I turning gay? Probably not, I surmised – at least not completely. Alex was only the second man in my life experience to turn my head, but still I had not lost my attraction to the fairer sex.

Yet my yearning to be close to him trumped everything else.

~ . ~

Monday morning, after I had wrapped things up with my client, I sauntered down to the weight room to do my routine, glancing through the glass door to the pool to see if the object of my desire had made an appearance yet – he had not.

There were several others there, of course, and I stole discrete glances whenever an opportunity arose as if to test my own responses. None of the three men there did anything for me, in spite of their many physical attributes. One young women, a ‘regular’ I’d seen several times and who always remained aloof to any unsolicited attention – likewise.

I remember thinking at the time that I must be getting fussy in my old age.

I finished sooner than I would have on any other day, given my anticipation for what might lie ahead. I hit the showers, and proceeded to the pool. There were two older people – likely a retired couple as they swam in adjoining lanes – doing the breaststroke in slow, methodical laps.

But no Alex.

I took up the lane at the opposite side, and began mine, taking my time and trying not to over-exert myself. After all, I did not want him to find me out of gas and just loitering there, breathing heavily and waiting to ogle him – that would not likely be perceived as kosher.

As I was midway through lap 11, I felt the ripples of someone riding the next lane over – and sure enough, it was him. I stopped briefly to tread water and glanced around. The couple who’d been in the far two lanes were just exiting, and no one else was around.

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