Lights, Camera, Romance 08

Lights, Camera, Romance 08


Author’s note: Hello everyone who reads my story. I know that the chapters are long so you could stop complaining about it. I don’t have a lot of time to be sitting writing long chapters, that’s why I try to write them quickly (that’s where the spelling errors come from) and try to post fast.

I can’t get an editor because you guys are complaining about how long it takes to post these updates, so how long would it take if an editor were to look over my stories and get back to me? Even I don’t look over my own stories (which is kind of embarrassing to admit actually). And it takes approximately three days for the story to be put up on the Literotica after I write them, so do you see what I have to go through? I know that most of you do since you are also writers.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the support on this story, and I know that it seems very child-like, (it does, even to me) but, I’m new to the writing thing (as you’ve probably noticed) and I do it as sort of a hobby, not as anything serious, so you shouldn’t take it as anything more than a time filler. -Candi


“You should have seen him. Honestly it was so cool. He was pledging his love to her and stuff and everyone else had to keep straight faces and try not to disturb him, but Eddie burst out laughing during this particular line causing everyone to laugh — even Daniel. So they had to do the entire scene over. And the director was yelling his throat hoarse at Eddie who gave him the finger. It was hilarious!” Ella squealed as she dried the dishes that were being handed to her.

“I’m glad that you had so much fun.” Jenifer replied bitterly scrubbing harshly at an already cleaned plate.

“Thank you. I don’t understand why you’re so angry, but you don’t have to take it out on the dish.” Ella grabbed it from her.


“Seriously, what is wrong with you? You’re being all moody tonight. Is it because you missed the studio thing today?”

“Of course it’s about that. I mean, why didn’t you work instead of me? I mean it’s my boyfriend, isn’t it?”

Ella sighed. “Jen you know that I don’t work on Mondays. Besides, I just couldn’t go into work and demand a shift.” She added when Jen showed signs of argument. “You know that there wouldn’t be any jobs there for me. Now tell me the truth, why are you really so ticked off?”

“You know me so well,” her friend said in a voice that sounded a bit wary mixed with accusation. “I guess it’s because he never even called to see why I didn’t come or something.”

“Why would he? I told him you were working.”

“Did you tell him about the—”

“Of course not. I don’t want Daniel Pierce Logan thinking we’re poor.”

Jen giggled. “But we are.”

“He doesn’t have to know that.”


“Just call her you fuck-head.” Eddie said, one eye closed, his mind focusing on the target in front of him. His hand extended slowly, and then pulled back. Extended slowly, and then pulled back.

“What the hell are you doing?” Daniel glared at his friend who was completely oblivious to his mood.

“I’m trying to practice.”

“What for?”

“Ballerina class. Basketball you idiot. What does it look like?”

“It looks like you’re running mad. You haven’t even got a ball in your hand.”

Eddie sighed and picked up the ball before shutting one eye again and continuing his arm exercise.

“Just shoot the fucking ball already!”

He extended his hand slowly, pulled back, and then extended again, faster this time and allowed the ball to sail from his hands into the net.

He smirked as Daniel rolled his eyes. “That’s Betturkey how it’s done biotch!” He bounced around the room, grinning at pretend people, giving the finger to imaginary haters, and bowing down to the un-hearable applause. “And Eddie shoots and scores bringing the tigers to victory!” He commented into his fist. “And the crowd goes wild!”

“Would you cut that out?” Daniel snapped.

“Just call her already!” Was the retort.

“Do you think I should?”

“No Danny, I’m just telling you to call her for my own enjoyment.”

“I hate it when you make sense.”

“That must be the reason that you’re so bitter all the time.” Eddie sat in the chair he was in before, and ignoring the ball on the ground began his concentration exercise again.


“Should I answer it?” Jen eyed the phone as if it were about to blow.

Ella rolled her beautiful blue eyes. “No Jenifer. That’s just the sound the phone makes when it’s hungry.”

The brunette ignored her and continued to look at the phone nervously.

“Answer the god-damn thing!”

With a sigh and shaking hands, she reached for the receiver; bringing it slowly to her ear.




More silence.

“Is anyone there?”

A faint noise made itself to her ear.

“Who’s there?”


“Hello!” she said more aggressively. No answer.

“Fuck you!” She yelled into the device. “Don’t you know that it’s rude to be doing this? If you guys call again, I’m calling the cops.” She hung up.

“Who was it?” Ella asked automatically shaking blonde hair from her eyes.

“Take a wild guess.”

“Prank calling kids?”

“You can bet your life on it.”

Ella sighed seeing the disappointment that wasn’t so thoroughly hidden flash in Jen’s eyes. “Maybe he’ll call later. He’s probably busy.” She said.

“Yeah, probably. Listen, I’ll just head upstairs to take a little snooze before another day starts over. If the phone rings, I’ll take it in my room.”

“‘Kay hon,” Ella watched Jen drag herself up the stairs thinking about killing Daniel the next time she saw him. Sure she worshipped him and all (who in their right mind wouldn’t?) but she would let no one treat her friend like that. Her mind was flashing through with the million and one ways to torture him when the phone rang and her spirits were up again. ‘I bet that’s him.” She thought.

“I got it!” Jenifer yelled from somewhere above her. By the happy tone of her friend’s voice, she had no doubt that she thought the same thing.


“Hello?” Jen said eagerly.


“Seriously, not this again?”

No answer.

“Please, I am expecting a very important call, so can you lay off of pranking this house for a bit? I would appreciate it, thanks.”

She hung up.


Ella hung up also, her spirits down again. Her conscience was trying to battle with her over how wrong it was to listen in on someone’s phone call, but she ignored it.


The phone rang for the third time. Jenifer paced the room practically seething. Her anger obviously didn’t shut the thing up.

“What the fuck is it now?” She yelled at the phone when she picked it up.

“Well, I expected for you to greet me better than that Jenifer.” A strong voice came from the other end of the call and Jen felt the heat quickly spread to her cheeks.

“Daddy! I’m so sorry. Some kids have been prank calling me all night.” She told him.

“That’s quite alright dear.” She could clearly hear the note of disapproval in his voice, Betturkey Giriş no doubt from her cussing.

“So what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong darling, cant I just my baby just to check up on her? My only girl all grown up in the city.” He sniffed.

Jenifer smiled. “I missed you too hunny bear. How long’s it been since I’ve picked up the phone and gave you a ring-a-ling?” She knew how much her father loved her calling him pet names and still pretending to be a little girl.

“An entire week. It’s like you been ignoring me.” He accused.

“Oh Daddy, don’t you even think that. I would never ignore you. How are things over there with the business?”

Her father cleared his throat out of habit, a clear sign she learned to recognize that there was bad news. “My beautiful pearl me and your brothers haven’t been doing so good. The economy is catching up on us quick. We had to loan from a bank and it really hurt our finances to give the money back.”

“Oh damn daddy. Why didn’t you call me earlier? I could have sent you a little bit of cash to straighten out yourself—”

“Don’t even come with that darling. I know how hard things are for you and Ariella out there. I would never dream of asking you for anything. Seriously.”

“You’re the proudest man I’ve ever met. And that’s bad.”

“Last time I checked, I was the parent and I won’t receive no scolding from my seed. Now, enough about me how’s school? You still on that pathetic waitress job?”

“School is great daddy and that waitress job isn’t pathetic. It pays the bills around here. I applied for a librarian job last Thursday to work on Saturdays and Sundays. I haven’t heard back from them yet.”

“That’s gonna make it seven days a week that you’re working, plus school, plus homework, plus studying. Sugar, you can’t do that. Eventually all that pressure is going to fold you like origami.”

“I know daddy. I’m trying for as long as I can.”

“I know baby.”

Jenifer thought back to her days in New Jersey with her dad and three older brothers, all playing in the back room at the shop. Joseph, the oldest was now thirty two and married and had two beautiful girls, Sasha, who was seven and Rowena who was four. Joseph helped their father run his store. John-John, the second was thirty years old, and was the local banker. The last was Jonah who was twenty seven and also worked with his father to build furniture.

Jenifer was the youngest. Sugar plum, the entire town called her and everyone treated her like a baby since not only was she the youngest in her family, but the only girl. She never had a boyfriend until when she started college because her brothers had a knack for scaring off any boy who came in a mile range of her physical being. Sticking to books as her only alternative, Jen had been smart and quick witted her entire life, which gave her a scholarship to the best school in New York where she met Ella.

She smiled back to the days when she worked in her dad’s shop as a cashier, and her prized cherry wood chair. The one she had made all by herself, somewhere still in her old room which her dad kept clean for whenever she came home for Christmas, normally bringing along Ella, who everyone loved, especially Jonah who had a rather obvious crush on her.

Her father cleared his throat and brought Jenifer back to the future. “So, any boyfriends?” He asked as awkwardly as possible, the very question that he asked every time they spoke.

She felt the blush return to her cheeks. ‘Come on Jenifer.’ She coached herself. ‘You’re twenty two years old now. You’re entitled to a boyfriend.’ Then why the hell did she feel so guilty? Taking a deep breath and letting it out shakily, she responded ‘Yes.’

“WHAT?!” What sounded like a chorus of voice erupted from the other end of the line.

She let out a groan. “Daddy please don’t tell me that you put me on speaker.” She pleaded although she already knew the answer.

“Jenifer, I want to know his full name so I can run a background check.” Said a voice she recognized as Joseph’s her older brother.

“Jo don’t even go there!” snapped his wife Carol. Jenifer heard him mutter something in reply.

“Jenny girl I support you with whoever he is. Now, to important matters — is he cute?”

The groans of protest of the subject by every male in the family met Jen’s ears.

She ignored it. “Yes. Super sexy!” She squealed to her sister in law who gave a shrill whistle to break through all the noise that the males were making, insisting on Daniel’s address and phone number, no doubt to tell him off.

“Now you guys listen. Jen is a grown ass girl and I’m sure is pretty capable of handling her own affairs. You guys screwed up her life enough.” Carol told them.

“Baby we’re just trying to help her. Heaven knows who this guy is. I mean he could just be using her for God knows what.” Joseph’s voice spoke.

“What could a guy be using Jen for?” Carol challenged.

Jen squeezed her eyes shut knowing that this conversation was going to come sooner or later. She was praying for later.

“Sex!” All the men erupted at once and Jen prayed again this time that her nieces were nowhere near them at this moment. She loved the girls, but they couldn’t keep a secret if their lives depended on it, and if they went out and blabbed, the entire neighborhood would know about it in seconds.

“I’m sure that Jenifer hasn’t reached that far in her life.” Carol defended, purposely leaving an opening for Jen to jump in and plead her case, but it never happened.

“Oh my God!” Everyone said at once.

“Sugar plum; please say that you’re lying. For the love of God, please.” That came from John-John.

Once again, Jenifer’s end of the line was quiet again which caused everyone to get riled up again. “I think I’m about to have a heart attack.” She heard her father say through the noise.

She made out Carol who sounded like she was having the time of her life by the volume of her laughter. “Hold on everybody, hold up! Let me ask her a question.” Everyone died down. Jenifer already knew that she wasn’t going to like this. “Is he any good?”

The silence told them all they needed and back they went.

“I’m about to mess that motherfucker up!” Jonah said, his voice clearly saying that he wanted to commit murder. “He took my little sister’s cherry!” This sentence seemed to make the guys fiercer.

“Would you guys shut the fuck up?!” She screamed and once again, they died down, only because they’ve never heard her cuss. “Now, listen carefully. I never answered any of your questions. You don’t have a clear answer on anything. I met this guy two days ago. Nothing is official yet, so don’t start planning your torture on him yet. And for your information Jonah, my cherry was popped when I was eighteen when Travis Dumphey and I went to the prom together. We did it in the back of his van!” she yelled at them and then hung up, breathing unusually hard. Glaring at the phone, she turned it off, not in the mood to hear anyone else’s voice. Not even Daniel’s.


“AAH!” Daniel threw the phone into the wall, causing it to break into to pieces.

“What’s wrong?” Eddie asked casually.

“The phone is either off or busy.”

“Well, at least you tried right? You could always call back tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay.” He looked down at the pieces of what used to be his cellphone. “I need a new phone.”

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