Letters to Nicole 30

(Note to all readers but especially to my loyal followers: I am ending Nancy’s story with this letter; some of you might be disappointed, and I will admit there are at least a dozen more ideas in my imagination for this character. But I do want to concentrate on some of the other works I’ve started. I would ask a one favor from you all; if you decide to click on a 1-5 star rating, please do so only if you have read all thirty letters. I would love to see your overall rating for the whole novella. Also, it would be great to hear from you, Literotica provides for that on a writer’s profile page. Thank you, I hope you enjoy Nancy’s final encounter!)

Dear Nicole,

My, my…what a long journey this has been! So glad you enjoyed it; I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it was to remember and write down all these adventures for you! Jason knows I’m writing these letters, and someday he will get the chance to read through them all. Over the years there were many times when I would wake up and just lie there in bed outlining each story in my head. I’m giggling to myself right as I’m typing this because there were some mornings where the remembrance was such a turn-on, J wouldn’t know what hit him! Oh my God! Well, when this letter is finished, you will have an up-to-date record of my fascinating life! Perhaps there will be more to add at a future time; we’ll see.

After that first encounter with Matt, I believe I told you he suggested we meet alone sometime. I said to him, “Do you mean with J’s permission?” He stared at me blankly. “You really don’t know what you’re saying do you? You men! As much as I loved the fun we had, (and I definitely wouldn’t mind doing it again,) you just aren’t thinking straight…tell me, besides the fun, why did we do it? Do you remember?”

“Sure, to show me what passion and possibilities are all about!”

“Right, where does a sexual relationship with me fit into that?”


“I’m going to forget you asked me, Matt. What are YOU going to do?”

“I’m sorry, Nance; I’ll do the same.”

“That would be wise.”

Matt’s a great friend, Nicole; he never mentioned it again, and we did have two more threesomes together in the next five months. However, I’m sure you would like to know, the following spring (eight months later) Jenny Traynor and I put together a block party. It was a big bash and long story short, Matt brought a date to the event! Her name was Carrie; they met in Pineville about a month before when he had business there and they hit it off right away. Our Thursday night dinners ended that day, and a year later they were married. What a story THAT is! I will for sure tell it to you someday on the phone!

But for now, as I revealed to you in the last letter, Jason and I quickly became best friends with the Traynors. One of the things that cemented it was that J, Bill, and Matt loved golf. I never really told you this before, but every time we moved, J’s golf clubs went with us. I asked him one time, “Why don’t you sell these?”

“No way! You’re my ‘Babe,’ but those things are my ‘babies!'”

“You don’t even play!”

He kissed me on the forehead, “Priorities, Sweets! I’ve been busy.” I still remember the day he came home and said, “Hon, if we don’t have plans on Saturday morning, I’m gonna go play golf with Matt.”

“Wow…okay!” We talked about him playing again after four years off, and I teased him by saying, “Well, you and Matt go play with your toys…I’ll stay home and play with mine!” The look on his face was priceless!

Anyway, it didn’t take long to discover that Bill was a golf enthusiast as well, and pretty much every Saturday morning (from then on) the three of them took off for some golf course somewhere! This is where the story gets interesting again, my friend! Invariably, when they played golf, Jenny and I would get together for coffee, breakfast, shopping, whatever. Even our household chores were a lot more fun because we did them together; what had been routine and drudgery to me became one of the highlights of my week!

I know what you’re thinking though; and you are correct…eventually we became lovers, but you do need to understand it didn’t happen immediately. In fact, it didn’t happen for almost eleven months; that’s the story of this letter. You might be wondering, do I still spend time with Felecia on the phone? That will never change; but the time came when I told her about my friendship with Jenny. (And of course, Jenny knew that Felecia and I talked a lot; as you keep reading, you’ll see what happens.)

Anyway, that Felecia! She is so uncommonly naughty; when she realized that this new friendship was for real, she asked, “So tell me, Nance; are you attracted to her?”

“She’s a beautiful woman, Felecia, want to see her picture?”

When I texted a picture of Bill and Jenny, Felecia said, “Wow, yes! You weren’t kidding! She’s lovely!”

“Yes, she is; she’s a lovely person too!”

“That’s wonderful! Are you going to answer my question?”

“No, I don’t want to.”

Felecia şişli escort laughed, “That means you are!”

I laughed as well and teasingly said, “Fuck you!”

“Don’t you wish! But so, is Jenny attracted to you?”

“Of course, I’m drop dead gorgeous!”

We both had the giggles now, “No really…are any of the signs there?”

“I’m not looking for the signs, Felecia; I’m not the horny slut I once was!”

She burst out laughing at my choice of words, “I don’t know if the ‘slut’ part has changed, but the “horny you” I’m sure of!”

Thankfully we got off that subject quickly. Truth be told, Nicole, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route with Jenny. She and Bill were five-plus years older than us, and at the time our friendship was in the beginning stages. Bringing something up about my bi-sexual background could make things very uncomfortable. However, that phone call with Felecia did wake me up to one thing; I began to watch for any signs that Jenny might be interested. Perhaps I should take a moment here and describe my new friend. I’ll send you the picture also; it’s on my P.C. She’s taller than me by two inches, but we’re built about the same; so much so that we can wear each other’s clothes. We even wear the same size bra, albeit my boobs sag a bit more than hers. She has silky smooth, caramel-colored hair (with blonde highlights) that’s longer than mine; and her eyes are amber. When she looks at you, those eyes are so friendly! I hope you know what I mean; it’s hard to put into words. She’s very much like a “girl-next-door.”

When the men get together for Saturday golf-outings, they usually have a 7:00am tee time. Jenny and I decided to meet up on the first of those golf mornings; she made a fancy breakfast and set it up on her patio. She had this incredible back yard with a swimming pool and an eight foot privacy fence.

“I just love being in this yard!” I enthused, “You must spend a lot of time out here!”

“We do; you’re in luck because Bill loves to grill…he’s quite the show-off!”

“That’s great, J’s an awesome grill facilitator…meaning he loves watching others grill!”

Jenny laughed, “His skill set is elsewhere, right?”

I winked at her, “You MIGHT say that!” My meaning couldn’t have been more clear!

She blushed but didn’t hesitate to reply, “Oh my God!” She held her hands up like a scale, palms up. “Let me think for a second.” Her palms moved up and down, “THIS skill set…or THAT skill set. Uhh…hmm… This is a hard decision!”

I patted my tummy, “One of them adds calories; the other subtracts calories. If done correctly, it’s the perfect balance!”

“You’re funny, Nance!”

I laughed some more and said, “Tell you what, you and Bill add them; then Jason and I will go home and burn them off!” Nicole, we always had fun bantering like that!

It only took about six weeks before our friendship had progressed to the point where we were inseparable. We had lunch together twice a week and hung out with her and Bill on Sunday afternoons. On especially nice nights they’d walk Sporty over to our house and set with us on our porch. (As nice as their backyard was, our front porch put theirs to shame!) But those Saturday mornings were special because our conversations opened up and became increasingly intimate. I’m not saying they were all about sex, but nothing was off limits.

One example of that was the day we met for lunch and first discussed why neither of us had children. Without going deeply into the medical details, my situation was in my fallopian tubes; theirs was (and this was a discovery) because Bill was diabetic and it had messed up his sperm count. That was a sad conversation, Nicole; there were some tears, but we cried on each other’s shoulder and then talked about our options including adoption.

Two days later was a Saturday morning, and together we hustled our way through cleaning our houses and then settled down on her patio for a rest and a lime margarita. The guys were planning on their own lunch after golf, so we had about two hours before they got home. This was the day when the “signs” began showing up.

“So Jenny, the other day we were discussing children. Can I be a little nosy?”

She playfully stuck her tongue out at me, “No.”

“I guess we could talk about football then” I deadpanned.

“Oh my God, I’d rather shoot myself! You DO want to stay friends, right?”

We got the giggles and spent a couple minutes mocking our men who could talk football for hours. “Okay, back to my question; does Bill’s condition mean you can’t have children, or it’s more difficult?”

She looked at me carefully, “Well, that’s not the only issue. We’ve been together quite a while, and certain things have steadily declined.”

“Oh no! Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

She nodded, “I don’t think he would like me telling you this.” I made the motion of zipping my lips so she continued. “He can still get hard, but not like before and maintaining it is a problem.”

“God, taksim escort that sucks!”

She smiled, “It messes with his head, so he avoids it quite a bit.”

“Is it messing with your head too?”

“A lot, I really don’t know how to encourage him.”

“What does his doctor say, like maybe Viagra or something?”

“Taking pills messes his head up too; the whole thing is messy! But hey, now that I’ve described our shitty sex life, what about yours?”

I reached out and put my hand on top of hers, “I’m too sad for you; maybe I could tell you another time.”

“Don’t be silly, Nance; if we’re going to be friends it seems to me that comparing our sex lives will happen all the time. True?”

“I suppose so.”

“All right then, what’s with you and Jason?”

I smiled, “We have sex regularly,” and I sat back sipping my drink.

Jenny was grinning at me…and shaking her head, “I find it hard to believe that you’re bashful.”

“Me, bashful?” That struck me as very funny!

“Well, if you’re not bashful, and you don’t want to give any details, then it must be that you don’t want to hurt my feelings, right?” When I shrugged, she put her drink down and added, “Did it ever occur to you that I might enjoy hearing all the details of your sex life?” Nicole, I looked her in the eyes and saw it all. The way she said that, I could see it in her face; this woman was horny, out of her mind horny and nowhere to go with it. Her hands were kind of gripping the arms of her chair; and I’m not positive, but I thought I saw a shiver ripple through her.

I decided to push her a little, “Yes, regularly, like three or four times a week!”


“More than nice,” and leaning forward in my chair I added, “he fucks my brains out, Sweetie!”

The next thing I saw was definitely more than a ripple; she blinked hard at my choice of words, “Oh my God!”

“Did I hurt your feelings?”

“Uh, no…not in the least!”

Pushing a little more, “So then you fill me in, when WAS the last time you had sex?”

Without hesitation she said, “Three weeks.”

It was my turn to blink, “Really? That long huh?”

“Yes, if you don’t count solo.”

“That’s a different category; but since you mentioned it, when did you do that last?”

Jenny blushed, “Uhhh, this morning?”

She said it so cute I burst out laughing! “Ohhhh-Kayyyy! That speaks to a lot of my questions,” and I pushed a little further by adding, “You horny thing!”

Her eyebrows shot up when I said the word horny, “Let’s see, I get off most mornings…and Jason makes you lose your mind four times a week; just which of us is the horniest?”

I laughed some more, “Good point, Jen! Since I can’t answer that, I’ll admit it’s a tie!”

That kind of sexual banter kept escalating every time we were alone. We were the perfect neighbors and friends out in public, but Saturdays were special! It was about a month later that the topic of the privacy fence came up.

I said to her, “I love how quiet and isolated it feels in this yard with that big, tall fence there.”

“That was there when we purchased the house,” she replied. “It was one of the features that influenced our decision to buy it.”

“I can see why, it feels like nothing else exists on the other side…other than trees and such.”

A faint smile appeared, “Yeah, for the first couple years we were here, Bill and I would do it out here on that futon over there. Those were fun times!”

“Oh my God, personally I would have trouble keeping it quiet if J and I did that!”

Jenny grinned, “I get that!” She held her index finger up to her lips, “You just incorporate a ‘we must be quiet’ game into the mix. I remember one time I had to smother his face with a pillow when he came, or he might have woken up the neighborhood!”

“What about you, are you quiet?”

“Certain things set me off, like when he’s fucking me doggie? If I rub myself at the same time, it’s pretty hard to be quiet, yes?”

Thinking of the times when I had threesomes, I decided to push this a little, “Oh yeah, some encounters are like that, and sometimes an extra hand comes in handy!”

Jenny giggled at my small play-on-words, but then the realization of what I was saying hit her. “Wait, are you talking about a third person here?”

“Well, yes…I am!”

Jenny studied my face; she was just about to say something and Bill came through the back door. She quickly said, “To be continued…Hi Honey!”

That afternoon J and I spent two hours sucking and fucking; partly because I was so turned on by the direction my relationship with Jenny was going! Later, I took a good deal of time to think about how much of this to share with him. Our friendship with them was only three months old, and I don’t think it occurred to him yet that there might be anything sexual to it.

One week later (the third week of October) it was unseasonably warm. Jenny and I cleaned together; first my house, then hers. She made us a couple beşiktaş escort glasses of sparkling water on ice and we took our usual seats on her patio. “Wow, we’re really becoming a good team with this cleaning thing,” she said, “that only took us a little over two hours to do two houses!”

“You’re a good teacher,” I offered, “us doing this together has shown me how to build an organized system.”

“I think I need a nap though.”

“10:30 in the morning?”

“It’s been one of those weeks, too busy, not enough sleep…blah, blah!” And then…another sign, Nicole. Jenny quickly finished her drink and said, “Know what, it’s hot out here; I’m going to jump in the pool.”

“I didn’t bring my suit.”

Jenny stood up and stripped off her t-shirt. “The guys won’t be home for at least an hour; we won’t need a suit.” She unhooked her bra and tossed it on the chair behind her, and for the first time I got a look at her boobs. I tried not to stare but Oh my God, they were so beautiful! I already told you she was a “D” cup, but when she shrugged the bra off and her boobs popped into view, I froze! It was clear they were completely natural and slightly cone-shaped. But her nipples! MY MY! The areolas were the largest I’d ever seen, at least four inches in diameter, and her nips were placed perfectly on the points of each tit.

A surge of hormones raced through me as I visualized what it would be like to suck them! Jenny’s eyes were on me; it was clear she wanted me to comment but she was too polite to ask what I thought. It was difficult to remain calm, but I took a deep breath and said, “Those boobs! Wow…just gorgeous, so sexy…Oh my goodness!”

She turned sideways and did this peek-a-boo look over her shoulder (with her left breast jutting out) as if she were posing. “Why thank you!” She paused, “Are you going to join me?”

“For sure!” As I was rising, she dropped her shorts. I held my breath to see if she was going to remove her panties, but she didn’t. At that very moment, a sneaky thought occurred to me; so I took off my shorts first and then my top, but left the bra on to see how she would react.

She stood there for a second with her hands on her hips…waiting. Then she made a slightly funny face, “I guess I have to ask again, are you bashful?” When I burst out laughing, she realized, “Ohh Youuu!” and then she laughed. When my bra dropped onto the chair she said, “Ah yes! Those are quite amazing too, Nance! One look at you, no wonder Jason wants you all the time!”

Then came another sign. I said, “You think I’m sexy, huh?”

“Oh yeah! Totally!” Typing the words is insufficient, Nicole. You had to hear how she said it!

I decided to tease her, “Maybe someday I’ll tell you about the wet t-shirt contest I won in college!” A surprised look swept over her face, but before she could answer, I jumped into the pool and swam underwater to the other side.

She was right behind me; when we surfaced, she wiped her eyes and pulled her long hair back in a pony-bunch behind her, “I think you should tell me now!”

“Nope, not gonna!” I laughed, “You just let that thought set there for a while.”

She stuck her tongue out at me, “When you’re ready, we’ll share; I have a few college stories myself!”

“With THAT body, I bet you do!” I cooed.

Jenny put her hand on my forehead and gave me a playful shove, “Soooo, you think I’m sexy too huh?”

We locked eyes, “Oh my God, seriously sexy!”

We splashed around and teased each other for the next thirty minutes until she said, “Maybe we should get dressed; Bill should be home soon.” As we climbed out of the pool and grabbed some towels, Jenny said, “Can I be especially nosy today?”

I made a “what?” face at her, “Today? You’re always nosy!”

“That’s true,” she agreed, “but this question is way ABOVE nosy!”

Pulling my top over my head I answered her, “I don’t mind, as long as I can be nosy too…if I want!”

“Last week Bill came home right as we mentioned threesomes. Have you and Jason had a threesome, or was that before you were married?”

I looked at her and pursed my lips, “Um, pretty recent…like three weeks ago.”

Jenny’s jaw dropped open so far it almost hit her in the chest, “You’re kidding, Oh MY GOD!”

Her facial expression was so funny! I shook my head, “No…not kidding! But to head this off a little, we don’t do it very often, this was only the second time since we’ve been together…we’re never going to be swingers or anything like it.”

Jenny was thoughtful (almost wistful,) “Wow…that’s kind of fantastic, so fun to think about! But my situation, well, you know.” When I gave her a playful touch on the arm she added, “And on top of that, I wouldn’t know how to find another guy for something like that.”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Of course!”

“No, I mean REALLY REALLY keep a secret?”

“Like sign it in blood, right?”

I think I surprised her when I said, “Yes, sign in blood; I’m good with that! Anyway, Jason wanted to do that for my birthday present, so when I said I’d love to do it…he found the other guy for us!”

Jenny was open-mouthed again, “Really? Oh my God, who did he find?”


“OH MY GOD!” and right then we heard Bill walking in the door; what incredible timing! “We will be discussing the details later!”

(Note to all readers but especially to my loyal followers: I am ending Nancy’s story with this letter; some of you might be disappointed, and I will admit there are at least a dozen more ideas in my imagination for this character. But I do want to concentrate on some of the other works I’ve…

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