Laney’s Deflowering Pt. 02


When Julie and Nadia got home, Tony could see the excited gleam in Julie’s eyes, yeah, she was primed for it. Nadia made herself scarce, heading to her room, she had been their daughter long enough to get out of the way when Mom and Dad were horny. They were pretty loud, and she’d have the buds in her ears, listening to her iPod while they got down to it.

In the bedroom, Julie shimmied out of her clothes, she stripped Tony down, took to her knees, and nursed at the head of his cock, before sliding her mouth down, until he was totally wrapped up in the heat of her wet mouth.

As her head bobbed back and forth, Tony had a vision of Laney on her knees, sucking his cock, his hot little niece in the classic subservient cocksucker position. He looked forward to taking care of that virginity, soon.

Julie released his dick and jumped on the bed, spreading her legs and urging him on.

“Cock, cock, need that cock to fuck me NOW,” Julie growled.

In just a few moments, she let out a loud moan as he drove in his prick, she was furnace hot, slick with juices, she wasn’t kidding when she said she was so horny she couldn’t see straight. He rode her hard, which inflamed her lust even more, Julie’s squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom as Tony power fucked her pink hole.

As his hot little niece Laney had predicted, all he could see as he fucked his wife was the way he had fucked Laney, shearing through the tight virginity of her 18-year-old pussy, deflowering her incredibly sexy body. He could feel his balls start to churn.

Julie was a mass of writhing lust, mmmm, her husband was Tony the Tiger tonight, and she crested to three orgasms, shrieking and howling, and Tony roared as his dick reached the release point, and as he visualized the way Laney had looked as he flooded her tight, teen cunt, he blasted his hot, creamy payload, inundating Julie’s cervix with a thick, juicy rush of hot spunk.


The next day, Tony was coming in from a grocery run, when Julie met him at the door.

“Hey baby, how’d you like to go to a family barbeque next Saturday? My sister Jill just invited us over. She said it was Laney’s idea. I took the liberty of saying yes, I hope you don’t mind.”

Tony was happy to agree. Laney’s idea, mmm-hmm. Tony was willing to bet that sweet little Laney also had an idea to get together with him, a private corner where they could spend some time, and relieve her of her cock sucking virginity. Again, he had another vision of Laney, naked and on her knees in the classic subservient cocksucker position, ready to have his cock take her mouth virginity.

Thinking about it had brought a stiff erection, and Julie saw it, she never wanted to let a hard cock go unsatisfied. With Nadia out with her friends, they were soon naked in the center of the living room, sucking each other wildly. Just before the explosion, Julie pulled off, spread herself out, and grunted, “Now, fuck me now, finish off both our passions!”

Tony quickly did so, plunging in with the full length, letting out a loud growl as he bottomed out, his balls smacked her ass. He couldn’t resist it, and as she started to fuck Julie, his mind cued up his hot fuck with his sweet niece Laney. With that mental fodder, he really picked it up, powerfucking Julie’s cunt, driving into her with all he had.

Julie was taking everything he had, loving the power-packed plunges. A part of her mind was wondering, why Tony had gotten so excited just after she mentioned her sister Jill’s upcoming barbeque planes. She wondered if Tony was turned on by Jill, ever did any fantasizing about fucking her sister. No harm in that, to her, the thinking was not the same as doing. She did wonder, however, what it would be like to watch her husband fucking her sister. Jill was very doable, and her husband Trevor, always seemed to have a gaziantep escort reklamları smile of sexual satisfaction. Even though she discounted the idea of Tony and her sister fucking, she couldn’t get the image out of her mind. It drove her arousal up, and she felt orgasm grab her and shake her with teeth-rattling force.

As they exploded, and Julie’s silky cunt rippled around Tony’s cock, bringing that hot rush of spunk to paint her snatch, she didn’t know it was not her sister who got Tony so wound up.


A few hours later, his smartphone let him know that Laney was still primed up.

She texted, “Good day my sweet Uncle. I heard that you and my sister and cousin were happy to accept our invitation to a family barbeque. I hope that you gave your wife a good, hard fuck last night. I gave myself a good hard fucking, my 8-inch dildo got the honors, it’s first fuck. I was not going to use it until my virginity was out of the way. Mmmm, the way I relived in my mind, our glorious fuck, while ramming my needy pussy made me explode!”

I texted back, “Oh yeah baby, flooding your tight little pussy with its first rush of cum, I kept thinking about that all the time I was fucking my wife!”

Her reply, “Mmmm, that makes me so wet! Saturday, I want to suck that big cock, and get my mouth virginity removed. We’ll find a way, a nice quiet corner, or even better, take a walk in the woods behind our house. Lots of big trees, perfect to suck the load right out of your balls! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Lots of love from your sweet Laney!”


On Saturday, Tony did his best to appear calm, when he saw Laney, he immediately visualized her on her knees, slurping all over his dick.

It only took a little time, before Laney gave him a look and it was a non-visual prompt. Jill and Julie were happily discussing their lives, and Nadia was in the patio hot tub with her Uncle Rob, enjoying the hot, bubbling water.

Tony mused, “Think I’ll take a walk before dinner.”

Jill said, ”Laney, why don’t you go with Uncle Tony, and show him the nice woods we have? Got the whole land parcel for a really low price, we like having some forest, like our own private nature reserve.”

Laney smiled and cooed, “Wait up Uncle Tony.”

She came towards him. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a white T-Shirt that said Property of Alcatraz, with a silkscreen of the prison just below the slogan. Tony could see the excited gleam in her eyes.

She slid her arm through the crook of his elbow and said. “Let’s go, Uncle!”

They followed the path that led into the woods, and she was leading the way. It only took a minute, before she stopped, and whispered, “Right here!”

She grinned, and she started to strip, saying, “This is the perfect spot. We can’t see the house, so they can’t see us. I staked this out, so we would have no missteps.”

Down to just her tight red thong panties, she reached behind a tree, leaning against a tree was a bag, she took out a blanket and shook it out. Laying it at his feet, she shimmied out of her panties and gave him a lust-filled smile.

“I want the whole treatment, being in the proper subservient cock sucking position, and naked for your visual pleasure.”

She picked up her panties, and cooed, “Would you like to sniff my panties, honey?”

Tony was spellbound, he nodded, and her red thong was under my nose, she purred, “Sniff it, smell how hot I am, Uncle.”

The scent of her hot spicy juices patterning the crotch of her panties drove Tony up like a rocket, she looked down, seeing his tent pitch, giving him another eager grin.

“Oh yeah, that’s for me!”

In a few moments, she was on her knees, Tony looked down, enjoying the sight of his sweet 18-year-old niece eager gaziantep escort bayan reklamları to suck him off. Her hand lightly gripped his cock, pulling down the foreskin, he saw her head come forward, and when he felt her mouth slip over just the head of his cock, it brought a groan of pleasure from him as her hot wet tongue circled, tickling at the sensitive underside of his glans.

Laney looked up, meeting his eyes, then Tony felt her head move, hot wetly sucking lips sliding down his cock, until she swallowed him whole, he felt his balls bounce against her chin. He grunted, fuck that felt nice. She pulled back and drove forward again, for a first-time cocksuck, she was incredible. She knew how to suck cock very well, as she was deep throating him on every thrust. She put her hands around his ass cheeks, almost like she was holding him in position while she gave him the best blowjob he had ever had. Her tight, true cocksucker lips gripped him with a tight cling, her mouth a swirling hot vortex, tongue swirling around his prick on every plunge. Tony looked down at her blonde head bobbing back and forth, he could see his cock shaft, shiny wet, appear them disappear between the tight grip of her crimson lips.

My niece is sucking my cock, I’m going to flood her mouth with a loud of incestuous spunk, ran through Tony’s mind, and when he felt a hand around his balls, squeezing gently, that did it.

“Gonna cum baby, fuck FUCK!”

She sucked harder, and his cock went off, Laney felt her mouth filled with the first two spunk laden pulses, she swallowed quickly and continued to milk at his dick, this time, less forceful shots, mmmm, they settled all over her tongue, she loved the taste, and she nursed at his prick, wanting every delicious drop.

When she released him, she looked up, smiled, and he could see her throat muscles working as she swallowed every drop.

“Mmmm, that was so yummy! How did you like it Uncle, did you enjoy taking my mouth virginity? I sure did!”

“Laney, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had!”

Laney smiled and said, “I wanted it to be good. I’ve been practicing, giving blowjobs to my dildo. I didn’t want to fumble around and give you a bad blowjob, I wanted to know what to do. And I think I learned well!”

She stood up, and before she could reach for her clothes, Tony said, “Not just yet, baby.”

Taking to his knees, he gently nudged her legs a little wider apart, and said, “One good oral deserves another.”

“Oooh, my sweet Uncle, this will be my first time getting my pussy licked! Virginity I hadn’t even thought of!”

Tony was looking up at the sweet triangle, covered with a sparse, wispy bush of blonde, her crimson furrow was visible, the lips were slick and wet. Her scent wafted over him, that unmistakable scent of very aroused teen pussy, he was going to enjoy this.

Tony as an old pro at licking a hot pussy, he’d been hooked on carpet munching since his first time, when he’d licked Ellen, the 18-year-old neighbor’s daughter, when he was home from college. He started to kiss along the pink, slick lips, bringing mmmm’s of pleasure from Laney. Encouraged, his tongue came out, and he started delicate licks along the pink seam, tasting the juices that were bubbling up. Eager for the full-on taste of Laney in heat, he brought his fingers up, gently parting Laney’s lips, and slid his tongue inside as deep as possible, letting his tongue wriggle around the smooth tunnel of Laney’s fuck-hole.

“Mmmm, oh yes, feels so good, keep licking me Uncle Tony, it feels amazing.”

Tony felt a huge rush of fresh juices cover her tongue, he got a full-on taste of Laney’s musky sap. The spicy, musky taste made him hunger for more. Tony pushed his face up tight against Laney’s pussy, and ate her ravenously. escort gaziantep reklamları He was eating the tight teen cunt he had fucked a week ago, that thought made his prick stiffen quickly, the lust gripping him was crimson red. Eager to make her first pussy licking the one to remember, he brought a finger up and speared it into Laney’s dripping pleasure well, searching for the right spot.

Laney was letting out moans of pleasure, god, the sensation of being licked, so concentrated on her pussy was so amazingly good. She purred as she felt a finger slip into her pussy, sliding around and around, it was HOLY FUCK, she felt her Uncle’s finger start rubbing at a spot, she’d heard talk of a G spot, but thought it was something of a myth. Feeling her uncle working over that point, she could feel the building up, god, the feeling was intensely delicious, and she felt her uncle swabbing at her clit at the same time, she was going to explode like a supernova. There was no way she could hold back the vocalizations that started to rise, and she grabbed her shirt and held it against her mouth to muffle her verbal expressions. The rush of orgasm grabbed her, she felt a huge, wrenching spasm fill her pussy, and a shot of her cum gushed out, right into Tony’s face. She screamed into her shirt, another spasm filled her, another rush of juices being expelled, and another scream, her body was pounding as spasms racked her tunnel, and Tony’s face was deluged with the rush of her girl cum.

Tony smiled, he knew from experience with other lovers that it had a big, brilliant, blissful impact on many women. Laney had just discovered it, she was a real squirter, and Tony felt a glow of pride. He had been the one to unlock her ability, and her girl cum covering his face felt like a badge of honor.

Laney looked, saw Tony’s cock had soared back up, and took to her hands and knees, cooing, “Take me, Uncle Tony, let my tight little pussy have its second fuck!”

In a few moments, Laney was moaning as Tony rammed his 8 inches into her. She liked the heady sense, her body, her feminine charms had brought Tony back up, she was eager to take care of that hard stiffness, another pussy stuffing charge of that 8 inches should do nicely.

“Mmmm, mmmm, just like that, ram my pussy, I wanna feel you squirt all over my tight little pussy, I want your hot cum to paint my womb!”

As lust-driven as possible, Tony was happy to do so, gripping her hips and driving in with fierce wet thrusts. The feel of shafting his sweet niece for the second time was just as heady as the first time, her teen tight cunt was gripping at him, making his spunk sizzle.

Laney was racing towards orgasm, she had not come down completely, and the feel of her loving Uncle’s prick taking her like she was his little live sex doll made her body tremble. She felt her Uncle’s hands gently parting her cheeks, then a spit slick finger…OH GOD, it was rubbing right along the tight rim of her virgin asshole. Oh yes, oh fuck, she felt the tingles starting up, she felt her ass cheeks tighten up, then the glorious tumbling sensation.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming!” she squealed, “Yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes! YES!!”

Tony could feel his cock swelling with a massive urgency. As Laney’s tight, twitching asshole trembled under his fingertip, her tight snatch closed around his cock, pulsing with orgasmic spasms, he drove forward one last time. Laney’s grunt of pleasure rose as he wedged open her cervix, and his cock erupted. Their moans and growls of orgasmic pleasure melded as the silky walls of her tunnel pulsed around his shaft, bringing forth gouts of spunk to fill her pill-protected womb.

They lay sprawled for several minutes, both of them in that glorious afterglow.

Laney cooed, “Two down, and one to go.”

Eventually, they got up and made their way back. Laney took them through the side entrance, so Tony could hurry off to the bathroom, and wash his face down. Laney had really washed spayed a face washing load, and he removed the essence that she had deposited on his face.

At the grill, Laney kept giving him little glances, and secret sexy smiles. They both knew what was coming, and both of them looking forward to it very much.

When Julie and Nadia got home, Tony could see the excited gleam in Julie’s eyes, yeah, she was primed for it. Nadia made herself scarce, heading to her room, she had been their daughter long enough to get out of the way when Mom and Dad were horny. They were pretty loud, and she’d have…

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