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Naresh got on to the bus that was going to the small town that he had been posted to. Lakhanpur, a place he had never heard of, was eons away from the urban environment inhabited by him prior to his present course in life. Naresh was going away for the first time from his parents who were in Delhi, a place he had spent a good part of his life in. They had provided him with a reasonable amount of money in order that he never felt any immediate need for it till his first salary. Naresh was excited and apprehensive all at once. This was his first job and the posting in Lakhanpur was for a period of 6 months in the nature of apprenticeship where he would learn the nuances of his job in a small branch of his company. His only encounter with small towns was when he went past them on bus journeys from Delhi to nearby places or on the trip he made to Goa from Bombay. He had to report only on Wednesday, but had come here on the previous Saturday to acquaint himself with the place and search for suitable accommodation.

There was no reservation on the bus and he went to a seat next to that occupied by a middle aged grey haired lady with a pleasant face, who made place for him. Naresh got into his seat and waited for the bus to start. The seats were not very wide and he could feel the lady’s body as he sat next to her. The journey was for around 3 hours and the lady asked him his name. Naresh struck up a conversation with her easily and soon they were chatting away.

He found out that the lady was also going to Lakhanpur where she lived in her own house. Apparently her husband had died about five years ago and had left her enough to live comfortably. When she learnt that Naresh was going to join a job there, she was happy. Naresh started calling her aunty and she referred to him as Beta (Son in Hindi). Aunty suggested that he stay in her house, in the spare room with bath, while he was in Lakhanpur. It was big enough and nobody else was there anyway. Aunty had no children and no guests came to her place. The only person who came to her house everyday was the maid and she was away till Monday. Naresh was happy to accept, especially since the hotels in Lakhanpur were not known for comfort or cleanliness.

Soon enough the bus came to a halt at Lakhanpur and they got off. Naresh hailed an autorickshaw and they got on to it and the driver took them to Aunty’s place. Naresh helped aunty off the rickshaw and carried her luggage and his into the house, ignoring her protestations. Aunty was around 54 years of age and around 5’5′ in height, tall for an Indian woman. As she led the way into her house, Naresh noticed that she was a little plump although not to the point of being fat. She showed Naresh his room and suggested that he could shower and get changed, while she prepared food for both of them. Naresh had travelled a long way, by train followed by bus and was happy to bathe and cleanse himself of the grime from the journey. He also shaved and felt much better.

After changing into a loose Kurta and Pyjama, he came out of the room. Aunty had made a nice lunch of chapattis and some vegetables and dal cooked with spices. Naresh was pleased that he was getting a home cooked meal in Lakhanpur, a luxury he never expected. Aunty insisted on serving him and then she served herself. While he was being served, he felt her breasts against his shoulder once or twice. Naresh complimented her on the meal and he could see Aunty was pleased though she insisted that it was nothing.

After they finished eating, he helped her clean up the table and to keep the food in the kitchen. Aunty told him to come to her room after the meal. She had since removed her sari and was clad only in a petticoat and a blouse. Naresh was a little nonplussed but did not comment. As if reading his mind, Aunty told him that she normally dressed like this at home, as it was a little hot. Naresh noticed that her breasts and backside were quite prominent and that she did not appear to be wearing a bra. She asked him to sit on the bed and even lie down if he felt like it.

She enquired about his studies and his job. She asked him whether he was married and he shook his head.

She said, “Aap kab shaadi karna chaahte ho? (when do you want to get married)

Naresh said, “Teen saal ke baad!” (after three years)

She asked, “Tab tak kya karoge?” (what will you do till then)

Naresh answered somewhat naively, ” Bin Shaadi ke rahoonga. Akhir jaldi bhi kya hai?” (shall stay unmarried. What’s the hurry anyway?)

But she persisted, ” Arrey Naresh beta, shaadi ke bina life kucch nahi hai.” (There is no life without marriage son.)

Aunty then asked him, “Kya tumhari koi khas hai?” (do you have someone special?)

Naresh said, “Nahi, abhi nahi.” (No, not now)

Aunty said, “Kabhi kisi ladki se ishq kiya hai?” (Have you loved any girl?)

Naresh blushed and nodded.

“Arre beta, isme sharmane ki kya baat hai?” (What is there to be shy in this matter)

“Accha yeh batao, tune uske saath kuch kiya, matlab gaziantep escort bayan haberleri picture le gaye ya kahin ghumne gaye..?” (did you take her out to a movie or somewhere else?)

Again Naresh only nodded.

Aunty told him, “Beta, aise sharmaoge toh tumse kuch nahi hoga!” (If you are so shy, you will not be able to do anything!)

Naresh said “Chodiye na aunty, kuch aur baat karte hain.” (Let go aunty, let’s talk something else.)

Aunty said, “Baad me baat karthe hain. Beta mere liye ek kaam karoge?” (Let’s talk later. Can you do me a favor son?)

“Haan Aunty, kya karna hai?” (Yes Aunty what is to be done?”)

Aunty said “Mere kamar aur pair me me todi dard hai, zara maalish kar doge?” (I am having a little pain in my waist and legs, can you massage me?)

Naresh agreed and Aunty lay down on her stomach. She hitched up her petticoat a little so that Naresh could access her legs. Naresh started with her feet and massaged them. Aunty asked him to go a little higher and he massaged her ankles and then her calves. As he kept going higher he could see her thighs and glimpses of her pubic area as well as her vast backside. Naresh was getting aroused and his prick started hardening. Aunty also seemed to be enjoying his ministrations and asked him to massage her bit higher each time. She lifted her petticoat almost upto her ass and Naresh continued massaging her.

Aunty then said, “Beta ab mere kamar ko bhi daba de.” (Now massage my waist)

Aunty loosened her blouse and asked him to rub her waist and Naresh complied. Aunty was still lying on her stomach and Naresh started massaging her midriff. Aunty asked him to go a little higher and he was now massaging her shoulder blades and her shoulder area. She had unbuttoned her blouse and Naresh could rub her bare flesh in the back area. However, since she was lying face down, her breasts were not exposed. Shortly afterwards Aunty told him to stop and turned around and was now on her back. As she had not buttoned up her blouse, Naresh could see her breasts and her nipples.

Aunty did not fail to notice him looking at her tits and said, “Beta, tumne kisi aurat ko nanga dekha hai?” (Have you seen any woman in the nude?)

“Nahi Aunty” said Naresh

Aunty did not say anything and sat up and removed her blouse. Naresh was by now totally transfixed and he stared at Aunty’s form. Aunty may have been more than 50 years old but she appeared very attractive to him. Her breasts did have a little sag but were quite big and still mostly firm. Her nipples were dark and surrounded by aureoles at least an inch in diameter. Her midriff had a few inches more perhaps than when she was younger but was still not officially a pot belly.

Aunty now removed her petticoat as well and was now completely nude. Her hips were wide and her thighs were a little plump but her legs were long and that made them appear proportionate. Naresh’s attention was drawn to the triangle between her thighs and he saw a growth of hair. He was definitely fully erect and the bulge was showing in the front of his pyjamas. She saw his arousal and patted the side of the bed beckoning him

Naresh went as if hypnotised. He was unable to do anything but stare at her. Aunty took his hand and put it on her breast. Aunty asked him to remove his clothes and he obeyed. He came near her after climbing on the bed. She put her hand on his prick and rubbed it slowly.

Aunty asked him to kiss her and Naresh did so tentatively. Aunty pulled him to her and brought her lips to his. She inserted her tongue into his mouth and kissed him passionately. She smelt of perfumed betelnut, which she had had after the meal. Naresh was now responding and he kissed her back. He started pressing her tits and tweaking her nipples. Aunty asked him to suck on one of them and Naresh went for it like a starving infant. By then Aunty was also aroused and was making mewling noises. She asked him to suck the other nipple as well and she was getting more and more aroused.

Aunty asked Naresh to kiss her body downwards. Naresh started kissing her waist and her stomach but seemed to hesitate when he encountered her cunt. Aunty told him not to hesitate and guided him to her triangle. Naresh slowly and haltingly sniffed her pubic area. Aunty encouraged him and Naresh continued kissing her there. It was not unpleasant. She asked him to suck her clitoris and he did it. Aunty was now squealing with pleasure and Naresh encouraged by her sucked her even more. Finally Aunty shuddered and came accompanied by screams. She asked Naresh to come next to her and showered his face with kisses.

Aunty asked Naresh to lie down on the bed and brought her body above him. She slowly impaled herself on him and started moving up and down with her body against his. Naresh was completely overcome by the myriad sensations in his body and could not hold on very long. Aunty also came with him and both of them collapsed on the bed. gaziantep escort hikayeleri Aunty now held him to herself and would not allow him to go. She thanked him for making her feel like a woman after such a long time. He could feel her body next to his and the sensation of her nakedness against him felt good. Aunty told him to be where he was and went and washed herself. She walked to the bathroom naked and came back after some time.

Naresh also went to the bathroom and washed himself after using the toilet and came back. He looked at Aunty again and saw her form. Seeing her in the nude got him aroused once more and his prick started hardening. Aunty noticed the beginnings of his arousal.

She said, “Beta, dubara taiyyar?” (Ready once again?) Accha ab tum mere paas aa jao. (Come next to me.)

Naresh went to her and this time took the lead in kissing her on the lips. He inserted his tongue in her mouth and Aunty responded readily. Both of them continued kissing for some time and Naresh then started kissing her neck and ears. He had read somewhere that these are erogenous zones. Aunty was getting more and more aroused. She again pulled his face to hers and kissed him on his mouth. Her tongue danced in his mouth and Naresh felt her hand on his prick. By then it had grown some more and aunty started rubbing it up and down. Naresh went for her tits and sucked on her nipples, one after the other. Aunty held him close to her and started moaning.

Finally she told him, “Naresh beta ab andar daal hi do.” (Naresh, now just put it in.)

Naresh put his prick at the entrance to her cunt and pushed. As Aunty was wet, he went in easily. Aunty opened her legs wide and asked him to push some more and he started going up and down. Once his prick came out of her hole but he quickly pushed it back in. Aunty was now lifting her body to meet his thrusts and judging from the sounds she was making, enjoying herself hugely. After about ten minutes of activity, both came together and were now totally spent. Aunty held him tight and they slept together till the evening.

When they got up, Aunty looked at him with affection and in an almost maternal gesture, she ruffled his hair. Aunty told him to sleep in her room itself at night as long as he was in Lakhanpur. She kissed him once more and asked him to wash and get fresh while she made tea. By the time Naresh came out of the bathroom, Aunty had dressed and was making tea. Both had tea together with some biscuits. Aunty got busy making dinner for the two of them.

At night, Aunty and he just cuddled each other and went to sleep. The next day was Sunday and they were both free. Both got up at 8 and washed and brushed. Aunty made some tea for both of them and served it to him in the kitchen. She smiled at him shyly. Naresh asked her to sit next to him and told her that he was really happy that he was staying with her.

Aunty told him “Main bhi bahut khush hoon! (I am also very happy!”)

Aunty said “Beta tum kya chahte ho nashte ke liye?” (What do you want for breakfast?)

Naresh asked for Poha, a snack made with beaten rice that is light and tasty. Aunty got busy making breakfast. As she was working in the kitchen, Naresh went behind her and snuggled up to her. He put his hands around her waist. Aunty told him to be careful as she was working on the stove. Naresh brought his hands up to her boobs and toyed with her nipples through her blouse.

Aunty was pleased but in mock anger told him ” Arrey tum bahut badmash ho gaye ho!” (You have become very naughty.)

Naresh continued and also put his hands inside her petticoat from her waist and stroked her cunt. Aunty told him to wait for some time. Naresh was again aroused and so also Aunty. She told him to wait till they ate. Both could hardly wait for breakfast to be finished and they retired to the bedroom. Aunty took off her clothes and so did Naresh. Aunty asked him to suck on her boobs. Naresh complied happily and sucked hard on one nipple then another. Aunty was feeling really horny and spread her legs for him. Naresh went down on her and sucked at her clitoris until she came twice. She asked him to put his prick into her cunt. Both went for slow strokes and started building up speed gradually. Aunty was now lifting herself up to meet his thrusts and making noises that reflected her pleasure. Finally Naresh and Aunty came together and just collapsed in a heap. Aunty was catching her breath having got exhausted with all this activity.

She told Naresh, ” Beta ab saath me naha lete hain. (Let’s bathe together)

Both went into Aunty’s bathroom together. Aunty turned on the shower and the water that came was quite warm due to the summer heat. Both went under the shower and washed each other. Naresh soaped Aunty and she soaped him paying attention to his prick and balls. Naresh soaped her tits and her ass as well as her nether region. He shoved two soapy fingers in her cunt and washed it well. Needless gaziantep escort bayan ilanları to say, both were quite excited and Aunty became wet, not because of the water. Naresh started getting erect again and wanted to again fuck her. Aunty bent down against the sink and asked him to screw her from behind. Naresh had not heard of this position but did so and from the noises emanating from Aunty, it was obvious that she was very excited. Aunty asked him to take her hard and Naresh went for it with the kind of vigor that a only well built and young lad could provide. Aunty also matched his thrusts and they came together after about ten minutes of furious activity. Naresh was fascinated by her big ass and the way her tits bobbled about when they were screwing. Both again washed up and dried each other.

Aunty and he rested for some time after their bath. They had clothed themselves and were lying next to each other on the bed. Aunty cuddled up with Naresh and rubbed his chest slowly. Both shared vignettes of their lives. Naresh told her of his background, his school and college life and how he had come to this town after being selected by the company against tough competition. Aunty told him of her life, of marriage at 18 and living with her husband who was 18 years older than her. Of how he passed away a few years after retirement but left her well placed as he had some ancestral wealth as well as some savings from his job. They had lived frugally as was the norm with the Indian middle class.

Aunty also told him that she had not had sex with any man other than her husband, until Naresh that is. Her husband had stopped having sex with her after retirement and even the sex they had before that was sporadic at best. Aunty told him that she had kept her sex drive suppressed and somehow was tempted when she saw him on the bus and found that he was going to Lakhanpur. She asked him not to tell anyone about their affair. She also told him that while she would not collect any rent from him, he should tell anyone who asked him that he was paying a thousand rupees for the room and bath. Naresh promised and intended to keep his word.

Aunty also told him that when the maid came the next day, he should stay in his room and even muss up the bed for adding verisimilitude to the deception. Apparently the maid lived in a small portion just outside the main compound which also belonged to Aunty.

Naresh helped Aunty to prepare lunch and they ate it together. Naresh told Aunty that she was a very good cook and that pleased her no end. After lunch both rested and slept but had no sex. At night Naresh lay next to Aunty who had her back to him and started playing with her boobs.

She giggled like a schoolgirl and said “Badmash!” (Rascal!)

She turned around and faced him and asked him to suck her boobs after removing her blouse. Naresh asked her to remove her petticoat as well and she did it readily. He wanted to see her whole body and examined her from top to toe. He put his hands on her ample derriere and stroked it. He made her face away from him and continued doing so. Aunty seemed to be enjoying the attention she was getting. Aunty lay down on her stomach, placed a pillow under her tummy and asked him to play with her pussy. Naresh found that she was getting wet and shoved two fingers into her cunt. She got more excited and asked him to fuck her with his fingers. Naresh went back and forth with his fingers and Aunty came at least twice. She asked Naresh to lie down and sucked him. Naresh had never experienced anything like the blow job she gave him. When he was about to come she stopped and impaled herself on him. She asked him to play with her boobs while she was on top of him and french kissed him. Naresh had a fleeting thought that for a small town lady, she was definitely a PhD in Sex. She contracted her pussy and he could feel the tightening and loosening of her vaginal muscles. Naresh was carried away by a torrent of sensations that engulfed his prick and the tactile sensations of her body touching him in several places. They were both pumping away energetically and Aunty suddenly stiffened and came with a shudder. Naresh also came and both were completely spent. Aunty turned her body and was next to him in the bed but did not let go of him. The bed was awash with their body fluids and yet neither of them wanted to let go of the other.

Aunty clung to him and told him that she had never had sex with such a lot of pleasure. Apparently she and her husband had enjoyed much sex in the first years of marriage but after she was unable to conceive and slowly he also lost interest in her body though he was a loving and affectionate person and treated her with respect, not allowing anyone to say a bad word about her for not bearing a child. Aunty was now beyond the child bearing years and yet after menopause her sex drive had increased, maybe the effect of keeping it suppressed so long had uncoiled it.

Aunty told Naresh that the maid would be coming for work at 8 in the morning the next day and so he should go to his room and sleep there by 7 or so. Both got up at 6 the next day and Naresh staggered sleepily into his room. He sprawled on his bed and went to sleep clad only in his boxer shorts. Around 8 he heard the bell ring and vaguely heard some sounds that signalled the maid’s entrance. The maid went to Aunty’s bedroom and was talking to her. Naresh could hear them talking and giggling.

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