Ladies Smoking Fetish

Ladies Smoking Fetish


My first sexual feeling I can remember was watching an old black and white television programme in which a secretary was sitting on her bosses lap and smoking a cigarette. From that day on I have always associated females smoking with sex.

My next association of sex and smoking was when I was at secondary school. I would go to collect a friend on the way to school and as he was never ready his mum always asked me in. She always had a dressing gown on and had a cigarette alight. I would always see quite a lot of thigh and if I was really lucky a glimpse of breast, although I could quite clearly see the outline and shape of her tits. I often wanked at the thought of her letting me see her naked and smoking a cigarette.

After a family party my eighteen year old cousin gave me my first wank and as she smoked this was yet another association between sex and smoking. The thing that really got me hooked was one summer I had been invited to stay for a couple of weeks at friends of my parents. It was there that the female friend of my parents who I called Auntie Maureen seduced me and introduced me to sex. Auntie Maureen introduced me to a friend of hers who I was told to call Auntie Jean. This is what happened.

Auntie Maureen, Auntie Jean and I were sitting in the garden. We had already been talking about sex when I watched in amazement as Auntie Jean took out a cigarette and put it between her bright red lips. She lit it and sexily blew the smoke out through her bright red lips and stared at me. I noticed at the same time that she had bright red nail varnish on. Auntie Maureen said, ‘Watch Auntie Jean sexily smoke that cigarette and imagine that was your cock in Auntie Jeans lips, don’t you wish that Auntie Jean was sucking the spunk out of your cock.’

Auntie Maureen was now stroking my cock while talking to me about Auntie Jean. Auntie Jean looked very sexy as she inhaled on the cigarette and blew the smoke towards me through her lovely red lips. Her other hand was playing with her cunt and then with the cigarette in between her straight fingers she put both hands down there and pulled her cunt lips apart. The cigarette was only inches from her cunt. Auntie Maureen knew I was going to come soon and said, ‘You mustn’t cum until your two sexy aunties say you can.’ I couldn’t take my eyes of Auntie Jean and she knew it. She stared into my eyes as she stored the smoke inside her mouth and then pursed her lips and exhaled through the wonderfully red sexy lips. Auntie Maureen said to Auntie Jean, ‘You’d better come over here quick Robert’s almost ready to cum.’ I watched as Auntie Jean put out the cigarette and lit another one. I loved the sight of Auntie Jeans red painted nails with a long cigarette between them being put in between her lovely red lips and then seeing the smoke blown through those same lovely red lips. Auntie Maureen was now rubbing my cock very slowly as Auntie Jean knelt between my legs.

She sucked on the cigarette deeply and while the smoke was still in her mouth put my cock in her mouth. The feeling was sensational görükle escort bayan as the hot smoke swirled around my cock. Auntie Maureen was now wanking me off into Auntie Jean’s mouth who was smoking at the same time. I felt the heat from the cigarette as she sucked on it again and drew the smoke into her mouth. The heat was incredible and I loved it. I looked down to the most amazing sight ever as I saw my cock and her cigarette side by side clamped between the sexiest red lips. Auntie Jean only managed three inhales on the cigarette before I was pumping my spunk deep inside her mouth. I have to say the feeling with the heat of the smoke was indescribable.

Auntie Jean sat up and blew the smoke out of her mouth and as she parted her lips my spunk dribble out. Auntie Maureen leaned forward and licked my spunk off of Auntie Jean lips and took it in her mouth and loved the taste.

Auntie Jean told me later that she didn’t always smoke but knew how good it felt when a cock was being sucked off. This happened again on two other occasions during my stay there. Each time Auntie Jean sucked me off into her mouth while her mouth was full of cigarette smoke and then the sight of her exhaling and my cum dribbling out over her delicious bright red lips still has me wanking many years later.

When I started work and travelled by train I made sure I sat in the smoking compartment so I could watch as many females smoking as possible. At about this age I tried cigarettes myself but didn’t like them, but this didn’t diminish my desire to watch females smoking.

In the factory where I worked an office girl in her late twenties used to come down every morning to collect time sheets. First you would hear the clip clop of her high heel shoes on the concrete floor closely followed by the smell of her cigarette. She knew she looked sexy and obviously knew that every pair of male eyes was on her.

As she walked through, the cigarette was held in between her straight fingers and held at her side. But on her way back after she had collected the time sheets, she would inhale deeply and then with her head held high and for everyone to see she would sexily blow the smoke out through her red lips. She knew what effect she was having on everyone and she loved it. Again I had many a wanking session on these images.

My next, and at the moment latest, smoking experience came with the wife of a work colleague of mine. She was a very sexy lady who I shall call June. She had large tits and would do anything as long as it gave her sexual pleasure. We flirted constantly and said almost anything to each other.

I knew she smoked occasionally and although we hadn’t had sex except from a grope and quick wank one afternoon as I gave her a lift home, I asked her to smoke as she sucked me off. She laughed, but a couple of days later said she would. She only worked part time and as we knew her husband would be at work all day we decided one afternoon would be best.

I took a half days holiday and called round to altıparmak eskort her house and she invited me in. I was disappointed as she was still dressed in what she wore to work that morning but was pleasantly surprised when she showed me she hadn’t been wearing any underwear at all that day. As she hoisted her skirt I could see her pussy was decidedly wet.

She said, ‘Right, I know you want to cum in my mouth as I smoke a ciggy but what do I get in return.’

‘Absolutely anything you want,’ I replied. She thought for a couple of seconds and said, ‘OK you can lick my cunt while I have another ciggy.’ The thought of this almost had me cumming before I had started. We went to a spare bedroom. I played with her tits as she undressed and eased a finger inside her. Her cunt was soaking wet.

Needless to say when I took my pants down my cock was standing to attention. She told me to sit on armchair with my legs draped over the side and she knelt on the floor. I reached forward and played with her nipples. She reached for her make up bag and took out her lipstick which she then proceeded to smear thickly on her lips.

She took a cigarette and placed it between her lips and put her arms down beside her. She gave me her lighter and I lent forward and lit it. She inhaled deeply and exhaled down her nose. The cigarette was still clamped tightly between her bright red lips.

I waited for her to lower her mouth to my cock but she didn’t. I looked inquisitively at her and she could see what I was thinking. The cigarette kept burning in her mouth as she inhaled and very sexily exhaled.

She said, ‘Show me what effect I am having on you, show me what you do when you think about me sucking you off, I want to watch you wank yourself off while you’re looking at me smoking and then when you have cum all over my tits you can suck my clit and then I’ll have another ciggy and suck you off.’

I needed no further instructions as I started wanking my cock. I stared at the cigarette hanging out of her mouth. I stared as she inhaled the smoke deep into her mouth and I stared as she sexily exhaled it through her lips and nose. I wanked furiously as she lit another cigarette as the other burned about a quarter down. She blew smoke in my face as my orgasm neared and finally I came over her tits as she sexily exhaled the smoke through her lovely red lips. I lay back recovering when she said, ‘I knew you would cum quickly that’s why I got you to wank so when I suck you off you should last a lot longer, but now its my turn.’

We changed places and she draped her legs over the arms of the chair. Her cunt lips were now wide open and soaking wet. I dived between her legs and heard her light another cigarette. I wanted to watch but knew I had to give her the orgasm she wanted. I licked slowly around her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside her.

I felt the smoke over the back of my head and neck as she blew the smoke over me. I nibbled her clit and as I reached up to squeeze her nipples nilüfer escort I felt her hands and realised she was already playing with them herself. As I felt her getting wetter I knew her orgasm was almost there. She quickly lit another cigarette and smoked furiously as I sucked her clit to the orgasm she needed.

I was amazed as her cunt juice actually squirted over my face. I looked up at her and saw she was still smoking. She looked amazing sexy with her cunt wide apart and soaking wet, one hand still twiddling with a nipple and a exhaling a deep mouthful of cigarette smoke. She admitted afterwards that the smoking had actually increased the strength of her orgasm and that she had only squirted cum juice a few times. I let her recover, as my erection got larger at the thought of what I was about to experience.

I kept remembering Auntie Jean and desperately hoped it was going to be as good as that. I needn’t have worried. She put some more lipstick on and I lay down on the bed and June lay beside me. My cock stood to attention and I watched as she lit her first cigarette. She exhaled through her wonderful red lips and blew the smoke into my face.

After her next inhale she put her mouth over one of my nipples and opened her mouth and I felt the heat from the cigarette on my nipple – it was an exquisite feeling and something I had not thought of before. She did this to the other nipple and then descended down to my cock. I sat up against the headboard and had to watch her in action. With the cigarette dangling between her lips she used both hands and pulled my foreskin back and exposed the sensitive helmet.

Then after a very long inhale she impaled her mouth on my cock and I felt the back of her throat. Her lips clamped tight around my cock so no smoke could escape. The heat on my sensitive helmet was unbelievable. I have never felt anything so good.

I almost came there and then.

She exhaled through her nose and I felt the smoke around my balls – absolutely wonderful. Now yet another deep inhale and again the heat was incredible. Her other hand was now wanking me slowly and I told her to slow down. She was right earlier when she said I would cum too quick if I hadn’t wanked myself off. She repeated this three more times before deciding she needed a new cigarette.

Now she stopped wanking me and put the king size ciggy in her mouth and then my cock beside it. She carefully lit it and I instantly felt the intense heat. She left it in her mouth and just kept inhaling until her mouth was totally full of smoke. She was wanking me faster and I knew I was almost there. I had to cum, the pleasure was unlike anything I had ever experience before.

My orgasm was so intense I thought I was never going to stop cumming. June continued inhaling as I pumped all my hot spunk deep inside her mouth. Eventually it subsided and I collapsed on the bed. My last sight as I fell asleep was June exhaling as my spunk dribbled over her lovely red lips.

We repeated this several time over the next few months. June would never let me fuck her but we did almost everything else. Although I ALWAYS came in her mouth as she smoked.

Unfortunately, up to this time this has been my last experience with sex and smoking but if there are any Jeans or Junes out there who find this as exciting as I do please contact me.

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