Ladies First Ch. 02

Alex’s tongue is teasing my mouth open while one hand is tracing a line along the top of my panties. I nibble her lip and I hear her moan lightly. Her juices are drying on my face but I can hardly think of anything more than my sweet angel kissing me; something I had only imagined happening in my deepest fantasies.

“Mm, Cass, you taste so good,” she murmurs against my lips.

“It’s only because you taste yourself, baby. And let me tell you. If I could stay forever between your legs, I would,” I reply, feeling a shudder run down her spine.

My hands creep back around to cup her ass, squeezing her cheeks gently and slightly parting them. She pulls her face away from mine, takes me by the hand and lays me down on the bed with her. Her slim body is pressed to mine as we lay on our sides. The twin peaks of her nipples are playing with mine, her soft skin is lightly coated with sweat.

In a matter of seconds, she has me pushed on my back, straddling me. For a minute, I’m momentarily distracted by her beauty. Her blond hair is framing her beautiful face; her blue eyes are pools that I wouldn’t mind drowning in, and her body… Just thinking about that body has my pussy damp.

My hands reach up to caress her breasts and tweak her nipples a bit. Her hips move against mine and she lets out a moan that reminds me of a cat in heat. I lean up to gently suck on her breasts and she winds her fingers in my hair. Slightly pulling the strands, her head rolls back as I nibble along the curve of her left breast. I can feel her juices leaking out onto my body and all I want to do is throw her on her back and taste her again. She has different ideas, though.

Just when my right hand starts to creep down between our bodies in search of her wet heat, she pulls her body away from mine and giggles when she sees my confusion.

“I told you, baby. It’s your turn,” she says, smiling quite wickedly. She straddles my body once again and bursa escort leans down to kiss my lips. Her hands are tentatively running across the tops of my breasts, down to my stomach, and gently teasing the elastic waistband of my panties. My hips begin to buck against her and I hear a deep chuckle.

Her mouth leaves mine and she begins to kiss her way down my neck, to my collarbone before she finds a home in my breasts. Her tongue flicks out, curious to know the taste of my body.

“Ohh, Alex, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted you this way… Please, babe, don’t stop… I think I’ll die if you stop,” I say to her, amazed that I am capable of saying that much.

“I want… I want to taste you… The way you tasted me…,” she whispers against my flesh, causing me to get goose bumps.

“Then do it, Alex. I won’t stop you,” I say to her, looking down at her face. Her eyes start to get a little worried and I see the familiar wrinkle in the middle of her forehead.

“But what if I’m no good at it? What if I can’t make you come?” She asks me and it takes me a minute to remember that Alex, my beautiful love, has never been with another woman before.

Sure, she’s had her share of frat boys that chased her, used her, and left her but never before has she been with someone that would love her and stay with her.

I pull her face back to mine, look into her deep blue eyes and lean in to kiss her lips gently.

“Alex, I love you. Because I love you, I can guarantee that being with you and having you do to me what I did to you will bring me nothing but pleasure. So, don’t worry and just do what comes naturally to you,” I tell her, hoping to ease some of her worry.

But when she looks at me with tears in her eyes, I can only think the worst. Maybe Alex doesn’t feel the same about me? Maybe I just made a complete fool of myself in front of the most perfect person I’ve known.

“You love me?”

I escort bursa lower my head to avert my eyes but I find myself drawn back to them. I see a spark that I’ve never seen before. “Of course I love you. I’ve loved you for the last 7 years. I just didn’t think I could tell you.”

“You should have told me because that was about the time that I fell for you. It was actually at our 14th birthday party, when you wore that red dress. I thought that you were an angel and I wanted to stay with you forever.”

I’m shocked by her revelation and our sexual tryst is momentarily over.

“Well, why didn’t YOU say anything, Alex? You’ve known I was gay ever since then. You should have told me,” I whisper to her, in a state of euphoria.

“I didn’t think that you felt the same. And I didn’t know how I felt about it meaning that I was a lesbian. Either way, it’s in the past now, right?”

“That’s right, sweetheart. And now, you’re mine,” I tell her before capturing her mouth in an aggressive kiss, darting my tongue inside her mouth. I let my hands fall to her hips and move one slowly around her front to let my fingers slip into her pussy.

“Uh-uh,” she says as she removes my fingers. She softly pushes me back down on the bed, grabs my wrists, and places them above my head. She begins to kiss her way back down my body, stopping at my breasts to tease the nipples back into hard pebbles. My body trembles under her inexperienced touch. All I can think is how I want more of her, more everywhere, more everything…

As she’s teasing my breasts, one of her hands moves down my stomach and into my damp panties. I feel her fingers fumble for a second or two before slipping inside my nether lips. I moan at her touch and my hips instinctively move against her hand. She realizes that what she’s doing feels good to me and begins to rub her finger over my clit.

I can feel the tension begin to start in my toes and I bursa escort bayan know that I won’t have much longer if she’s not careful. Just when I think that I need to hold off, she removes her fingers. At my startled gasp, she giggles and runs her tongue over her lips. Her hands grab the edges of my panties and begin to pull them down. As they slide down my legs and over my ankles, Alex places herself between my legs.

Her mouth begins an assault on the tender skin of my thighs and I moan out my appreciation. I can feel her hot breath on me and then I feel her tongue on my lips. I almost piston off the bed as she begins an in-depth exploration of my flavor. My hips move against her mouth and my back arches, pushing my breasts into the air. She places two fingers inside me as her tongue continues massaging my clit and I run my hands over my body. I let my fingers play with my nipples as Alex drinks down my juices.

Before very long, my hips move faster, her tongue licks me harder, and her fingers are practically slamming into my body.

I can feel the orgasm beginning and I nearly scream from the pleasure Alex gives me. I can hear her busily licking at my pussy as the walls contract around her fingers. When I finally float back down to earth, I see Alex looking at me like this is the first time she’s ever seen me.

“Ohh, baby, don’t you ever worry about not being able to please me again. That was the single best orgasm of my life. I still can’t feel my legs,” I tell her, half whispering, half moaning. She climbs on the bed beside me and lays her head on my shoulder.

“Cass?” she says to me after a few minutes.

“Yes, Alex?”

“I don’t think I ever want to be with anyone but you,” she says in a little voice I can barely hear.

“I don’t want to be with anyone but you, either. I love you, Alex,” I tell her, wrapping my arms around her body and holding her close.

“I love you, too, Cass,” she says as she snuggles closer to me and falls asleep.

As I look down at her sleeping face, I can see our future together stretched out before us. The road will be difficult but with the woman I love at my side, I know that we will get through anything.

Alex’s tongue is teasing my mouth open while one hand is tracing a line along the top of my panties. I nibble her lip and I hear her moan lightly. Her juices are drying on my face but I can hardly think of anything more than my sweet angel kissing me; something I had only…

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