Knock Twice Upon The Door

Knock Twice Upon The Door


She knocks twice upon the door. Her rapidly beating heart reminding her mind as to which is in charge. She is soaring mightily on endorphins. As per His instructions, at the designated time, she enters; kicking away the shoe He has placed there to keep open the hotel room door. The door lock engages, an electronic ping, behind her. In her overcoat, swell shoes, stockings, skirt and blouse she keeps her eyes downcast as she makes her way across the room. Difficult because she knows that He is in the room and she instinctively wants to seek Him out. Instructed to not do that, she determinedly makes her way to the ottoman placed in front of the bank of windows.

Her clothes now neatly placed beside the ottoman, she inhales deeply. Naked our girl picks up the leather collar in waiting. She kneels. Smiles as she fondles the thin collar. At one point in the torrent of their email exchange she had mentioned that she found collars too restrictive. They held her most sensitive part covered from her Master. Though she adored the idea of being “collared”, she felt constricted in a physical way by the girth of collars. This collar was thin and lovely. An intricate lace of metal and leather. With the same old trusty ring in the centre with which to lead one’s submissive. Quite touched, she gratefully and happily places it upon her neck.

Position One: She faces the windows and waits for her new Master. She ensures that her knees are at the width of her shoulders. Her hands xslot behind her back, she has found it most comfortable to lace her fingers. She hopes that He won’t find the luxury objectionable.

She waits. Her wanton pussy pouting for attention. She waits. Knowing the power of the pleasure her holes can give. She waits. For Him she will wait like this. Exposed, humbled, relishing in thoughts of His pleasures. Worried that she might soon faint, she is delighted when finally His fingertips trawl her hair. “This is for real” are the last words her mind has to say to her as He takes over her body and commands that she assume the second position. Her mind reels. How can it be that she is struggling to recall it? There were only three positions…

Position Two: On her back she centers her body on the ottoman. Spreads her limbs. Ensuring that her pelvis is in the highest position. Her legs, though splayed are still able to lift herself toward Him should He command it. Again she waits, her breathing hardly controlled. She is afraid and excited at once and it is a swooning delicious sensation. She feels His presence approaching, her eyes steadfastly remaining closed as He places a blindfold over her eyes. She feels a light sweeping, beginning at her feet, sliding up her legs. It stops just shy of her sex. He resumes along her arms. At her neck he deftly strokes the collar. He drapes her face, she can smell the leather flogger. It makes her smile. He circles over xslot Giriş each of her erect breasts gently. Continues down and teases her pussy. Her rapid breathing belying her resolve to remain calm. Smack. He whips her exposed and swollen clit. Smack, smack, He flogs her soft pink nipples. She gasps audibly. Transgression number one. He slaps her thigh with a heavy hand. With effort she composes herself. He resumes his pleasant torture. Increasing the intensity in measured degrees, resulting in an exquisite blend of pain and pleasure and as her endorphins surge, remaining perfectly silent and still becomes impossible for her. Her body has won out, she is truly out of her mind. Her body tightens up. She moans. Then blurts “I’m sorry Master”. He stops His ministrations. Transgression number two. She waits, unmoving, regaining control of herself. Oh god, what might He do?

Roughly, He flips her onto her stomach. Positions her pretty much in the same way she’d been on her back but in reverse. He begins to massage her ass with His powerful hands. Then pulls her hips, she raises herself, keeping everything but her ass as low as possible. He starts the spanking. First a gentle smack. Then two strong spanks. She wriggles and squirms in his grasp but remains silent. Now he is alternating between light almost playful slaps and stinging sharp ones. She wonders what he sees. Does he admire the crimson pattern against her creamy skin? But now he teases her ass with the xslot Güncel Giriş flogger. “You can move or make noise now if you need to.” He says and delivers her an enthusiastic example of the possibilities in this fine smelling implement at His hand. She screams. She absorbs it. Time presumably passes. Then His hand again rubbing softly. She can’t help herself; she is bucking into him. Inviting his hand to indulge her needy pussy. He laughs, enjoying her need. Kindly, He obliges and slides a finger along her slit. It is taking all of her resolve not to release all the pent up excitement inside of her and onto His fabulous finger.

Position Three: With His assistance she raises herself from the ottoman and kneels. She can feel Him standing before her. She feels His hands in her hair as He guides her toward His engorged shaft. Having not been provided instructions on what to do exactly, she begins to lick and circle the tip of His penis teasingly. She increases her tempo, sliding, wetting His shaft, keeping her hands behind her back as instructed. She takes all of His length into her mouth, introducing herself to His cock. Up and down, sucking and sliding. She wishes she could see His reaction to her ministrations, but His stillness leaves her unknowing. It drives her to work harder to break His resolve. She tastes His pre cum in her throat. She concentrates on not cumming.

His hands entangle in her hair and He slowly guides her mouth away from Him. He raises her to her feet and removes the blindfold. Her eyes adjust to the light and she gazes up at Him. He smiles, kisses her forehead. “Not bad. Now get over to the bed where I can return the favour and then fuck that ridiculously wet pussy of yours.”

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