Kissing the Butterfly Pt. 03

Kissing the Butterfly Pt. 03


This part of Kissing the Butterfly was never originally intended for publication. I received many requests for a part 3 but Katrina felt she wanted to forget the traumatic events described. When I heard of a young girl about to blindly sign up for a spank video I pressurised Katrina into telling her story, and almost a year later, here it is for all.

If you haven’t already done so then I suggest you read parts 1and 2 before this one. All characters are over 18, some details altered to protect identities.



As the train pulled into Hamburg station I looked out of the window at the massing crowds. This was a very busy place, so many platforms and so many people, I wondered how I was going to find whoever it was that was meeting me. I needn’t have worried, after I exited the barriers there was a man holding a large sign with the name of the production company on it. The man saw me approaching and called my name. I confirmed that he was here to meet me and he asked for my ID. After showing it to him he asked for my mobile phone and seemed put out when I replied that I didn’t have one. I don’t think he believed me.

I followed him out of the concourse and into the car park where we got into a large car, there were already two girls in the back so I got in the front and we drove away. I’d been to Hamburg before but I had no idea where we were going as we left the city and drove around warehousing and industrial buildings but it seemed to me that we had passed some of the buildings more than once before we pulled up outside a huge warehouse. There was a large banner on the side of the building proclaiming the company’s name.

The three of us girls followed the driver into the building, we hadn’t spoken all the time we’d been in the car and we maintained our silence now. I think we were all just too nervous.

I didn’t know who the girls were but assumed that they were like me, a whore, working in a whorehouse, and contracted out to make a video. This wouldn’t be my first video, in fact it would be my third, but it would be my first on this scale, an actual production company, and an American one at that. My first two video shoots had been small scale affairs, turn up at an hotel, have sex with a customer while either he or a colleague films it. This one was going to be different, on a much larger scale, more men, more sex, and I had been warned that there would be ‘discipline’ . It wouldn’t be my first disciplinary video, one of my two previous videos had involved spanking and paddling, followed by sex, no big deal, it didn’t hurt too much and you soon got over it, the money was good too.

I hadn’t signed up for this shoot myself, my employer simply told me to come do it, they will have been paid already, and anything I was given today I got to keep. That was standard practice, I’d done pretty well out of the last two and this was a bigger deal, so maybe I’d get real lucky.

Inside the warehouse I could see that it had been divided up into sections, separated by screens on wheels. I didn’t have much time to get much of a look as we were shepherded into a side room. Once into the room we were met by a man who handed each of us a bundle of papers and told us to read and sign the bottom page. I started to read and found that the papers were in English, or American, one of my companions couldn’t read a word of it and I wasn’t given much chance as we were told to hurry up, time was wasting. We all signed.

We were taken to another room and given costumes to wear. The driver had vanished and we were now under the charge of a woman, she spoke mainly in English with a few German words here and there. The costumes were varied and I was dressed as an American schoolgirl, with little ankle socks, a checked miniskirt and white shirt, along with a tie to match the skirt. It was a costume that I was very used to wearing, my young looks made me a natural for it. With my hair put up in twin pigtails I was led out of the room and over to a screened area of the warehouse.

Inside the screens an area had been dressed to look like a living area, it looked very authentic, it even had a door and windows with fake scenery behind them. I met a man who was going to play my father, he explained that I was to play his daughter, I had failed some exams and he was going to punish me. I was simply to play along and accept my punishment. The man looked to be in his forties, he was about the same height as myself, slim, and with a full head of black hair.

The man sat on a sofa and the filming began. There were two cameras placed in the corners of the room and another man was using a hand held camera as well. ‘Daddy’ called to me and I stood in front of him as he berated me for not working hard enough and failing my exams. After he’d said his piece he asked if I agreed that I should be punished, I agreed. I was then given a choice of being grounded for the rest of the year or taking a spanking right Escort bayan now. I played along and said he could spank me.

This was a scenario that I’d played many times, in the two brothels I’d worked in, men frequently wanted to spank young girls, I wasn’t that young, but I looked it so often got the gig.

This was no different, I knelt down by his knees and put my body across his lap. Up came my skirt and he gave me a couple of real hard cracks across my ass.

“Stand up!”. I did as I was told and we played out the scene. I took off my panties and bent down over his knees again. This time he spanked my bare ass, about a dozen hard hits before he started to gently rub my now very hot, burning buttocks.

As he stroked my ass he told me how sorry he was to have to punish me that way, his strokes beginning to push down between the cheeks and across my pussy.

Pretty soon he was openly masturbating me and when he once again told me stand I did so to allow him to unfasten his trousers and drop them to his ankles. The scenario was playing out as usual as I knelt in front of him and gave him a blow job. He was a good size, probably eight or nine inches long but fortunately not massive around. I deep throated him fairly easily. As well as deep throating him I licked around his head and sucked his balls into my mouth, he was quite wet and slippy as I rubbed him up and down.

“Oh daddy what a big cock you have!” Just part of the scenario.

All the time I had his cock in my mouth he kept on talking, I wasn’t listening, just going through the motions. I think he had to tell me more than once to stand up again before I did so. By then his cock was pretty hard and when he pulled me to him to straddle his lap he slid into me with ease.

I rode the guy, he sucked on my tits, I mumbled “Oh daddy”, in English.

It was nothing special other than the length of his cock and the length of time he was taking to cum, which was pretty impressive given his apparent age. When he suddenly told me to kneel down on the floor at his feet I knew he was about to shoot his load, I also knew how he expected me to take it. I knelt there as he stood and wanked himself in my face until he came, all over my face and in my mouth. I sucked him dry, and after showing my open mouth full of cum, swallowed it.

When ‘daddy’ pulled me to my feet and asked if I was going to be a good girl in future I replied “Oh no daddy, not always!”

We both smiled and someone said “Cut”. I knew how to play the game!

That was only my first shoot of the day. I was taken back to the room I’d been in earlier and told to relax and have a drink. There was a girl I hadn’t met already in there, she was sat on a towel which was laid over a large bag of ice, a common way of reducing the reddening of a spanked ass. She introduced herself and suggested I grab a drink from the selection on a table in the corner. I knew better, at least I thought I did, with the benefit of hindsight maybe I should have had a drink. The bottles of water all looked to me like they’d been opened, and the alcoholic drinks definitely had, I’d heard about girls being drugged and dumped so I didn’t touch anything. I did however grab a towel and bag of ice out of a large cooler box and sit on them.

I had been in the room maybe ten minutes when a man came in and looked at the two of us and told me to follow him. As we left the room he asked if I’d been to the toilet yet, when I said “No” he pointed me at a door and told me to go on there and try and have a good shit. That could mean only one thing, Anal. I went into the toilet and found it was obviously a male room, there were urinals along one wall next to half a dozen wash basins, along the other wall were six or seven cubicles. I used a cubicle and then cleaned myself up at a wash basin.

On leaving the toilet I was taken to an area made up to look like a school room. There was a large desk, a blackboard on a wall and a large map of the USA on another wall. There was a couple of chairs and an American flag in the corner.

The scenario was similar to the previous one. This time there was a schoolteacher behind the desk who was telling me that I had to leave the school because of poor grades, unless… No spanking this time, just a long blow job followed by me being bent over the desk and anal fucked, at least the guy used plenty of lube, pretty easy money so far.

After that shoot everyone took a break. Back in the room there was a selection of delicatessen sandwiches, sealed, so safe, and yet more drink. There were six girls in there now, we didn’t talk much, mainly because most of the other girls were too busy drinking and looked like they had been for a while. One girl was different though, she seemed very young and looked kind of scared to me.

I went over to her and we chatted for a while. Gracie was eighteen, unlike me and probably the other four girls she wasn’t a full Bayan escort time sex worker, she cammed a couple of times a month and had a profile on some sort of modelling website, looking for occasional photo shoots. She worked full time at some sort of catering job. Gracie explained that she had accepted this video shoot for the money, but hadn’t realised what it really meant. I could only sympathise so far, she had signed up for a ‘spank video’, what did she expect would happen? She had already been spanked, hard, and fucked by half a dozen guys, and there was more to come, she was putting on a brave face but I could see right through her.

I told her to drink some vodka, there was plenty of it available and I thought it might blur the afternoon’s activities for her. I thought it was probably drugged as well which was why I went to the toilet and drank water from the faucet in there.

When the woman came back in she had several sets of clothes, she gave me a nun’s habit and wimple thing for my head, I was told not to wear anything else under it. We all got dressed, a couple of schoolgirls, a couple of can can girls and gracie, who was wearing very nice lingerie.

I was taken to a small area that was decorated to look like some sort of nun’s cell. There was very little in it except a bed which I was told to lay on. The scenario was explained.

I was a young nun, I would be caught masturbating and taken to the priest for punishment. There would be several scenery changes so the shoot would be extended, if I played along with everything that happened I would get a good bonus.

The shoot started with me laid on the bed masturbating, my habit was up around my waist, I was rubbing myself when two older nuns burst through the door and started shouting at me. We had to do that bit again because when they opened the door the whole wall moved!

When they were happy with that scene I was dragged by the two nuns across the warehouse while a third person paddled my ass with something large and heavy, I couldn’t see if it was a man or a woman because the nuns had told me to keep my eyes down to the floor in penance. Then there was a break , maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. For the first time I was able to hear other scenarios being played out around me, they were faint because the warehouse was so huge but I could definitely hear someone crying as well as pretty obvious sounds of sex. Someone was actually shouting for more and harder.

My next scene involved a man sat behind a desk, dressed as a monk, or friar or something. I was stood in front of him while he berated me for evil sexual practices. I was told to bend over the desk and the man pulled me across it and pushed my arms down his side of it. He lifted his habit and stuck his hard cock in my mouth. As he fucked my mouth two other ‘monks’ came in and pushed my habit up over my body and then pulled my legs open to either side of the desk. Fingers played with my pussy and pushed into my anus.

I felt something placed in the middle of my back and was told “The Lord’s candle is on your back, move too much and you will burn!”

With the candle still burning on my back the first monk was fucking my mouth and throat, he wasn’t being gently about it but it got worse when I was suddenly belted across the top of my legs and buttocks with a strap of some sort, it felt like leather at first but soon became so painful that I couldn’t tell at all. The draught from the strap hitting me blew the candle out a couple of times and it had to be re-lit, then they just kept beating me.

They seemed to be waiting for something, I was beyond caring, I was so in pain that even if I’d been burned I wouldn’t have known the difference. The beating stopped and the candle taken off of my back. I was very unceremoniously turned over and watched in horror as the candle was tipped over my breasts, hot wax coating both nipples. It hurt horribly for a second or two and then eased as the wax hardened.

They weren’t finished with me. I was pulled off the desk and my habit was taken off me, naked I was dragged out of the scenery and taken to a bare area of the warehouse. There were large concrete blocks on the floor with ropes attached to them, I was made to lay on the floor between the blocks and my hands and feet were tied to them, I was then spread-eagled. There were at least half a dozen cameras around the area, each with a man or woman operating it. One of the men came over and put a metal frame in my mouth, like a dentist might use, then backed away. I didn’t know what was going on, what was coming next.

One of the cameramen was wearing a monk’s habit, he walked over to me, pulled the habit aside, took out his cock and pee’d on me, making sure to get my face and mouth. I had no choice but to swallow some of his piss. He was the first of many as probably every member of the video company pissed on me, my body, my face and my open mouth, even the women. they Escort took turns swapping the habits around. I was gasping to get my breath when they all backed off and I saw one of the girls from earlier walking across to me, she was wearing another nuns habit and high heels.

Stepping across me she squatted over my face and pissed down directly into my mouth, then I watched in unbelievable horror as her sphincter moved and a long sausage of shit descended, straight down into my mouth.

I vaguely heard someone counting to five then then the ropes were removed from my arms and a bucket was placed by my head along with bottles of water and mouthwash. I don’t know how long it took me to get cleaned up, the girl who had shit on me helped. She explained that she had been told that I had agreed to what had happened, and she was getting extra bonus for doing it. I was too busy vomiting to take much notice of all the activity around me but when I was ready to go back to the changing room I noticed that the warehouse was almost devoid of men, scenery, and cameras.

Back in the room as I got dressed I found that three of the girls had already gone. Gracie was still there, whimpering, she’d apparently been whipped with a cane and still had marks on her legs to prove it. I was feeling too sorry for myself to give her any real sympathy as I could barely walk myself.

Dressed, the three of us got in the car outside where we were all given envelopes with our names on by the driver. Gracie and the other girl were given their phones back.

As I look back on that day I shudder; all six of us were so naive, we could all have easily ended up dead in a dumpster! As it turned out we were all fucked and beaten, some I think worse than others, then we were paid off and taken back to the station, we were lucky. Gracie got off the train two stops before me, she could hardly walk, by the time I got off my legs and buttocks were cooling down but I certainly knew I’d been beaten.

My next real discipline session had turned out to be even worse, it was in the ‘special room’ of the whorehouse I was working in. That room contained a huge four posted bed as well as other ‘apparatus’ for bondage play. I’d been strapped to a special table a few times and fastened up on a cross once or twice while my client had his fun but it was the luxury bed that caused my problem. I’d been tied up to the end of the bed and whipped with a cane while a woman masturbated in front of me. Her husband or partner was beating me as the woman orgasmed to the sound of the slashes when the cane split, he didn’t stop hitting me immediately and I was cut by the split cane. I was covered in blood and the pair of them just left me hanging there with a ball gag in my mouth. I left that brothel the same day and never went back.

After a short time working in a proper licenced brothel I found myself working the streets for a time, that didn’t work out so well for me, I just wasn’t ‘hard’ enough to compete with the girls already there. I had decided to move on and not having a lot of money I went to a local truck stop to try and hitch a lift. I was in luck, the first driver I approached was going to Holland and agreed to give me a ride. While we were driving we talked and I gave him a bit of my history, he offered me €20 for a blow job so just before we got to his destination we pulled into a layby and I gave him a good blow. He must have liked it because he gave me 25. The driver couldn’t take me to his drop off so at the next proper services I got out and watched him pull away. About quarter of an hour later I was back in another truck heading more or less back the way I had just come!

I spent that night in the truck, I had never realised that those trucks had a bed in them, or cooking facilities. After eating bacon and egg sandwiches we both slept in the little bed, but not until after the guy had come in me twice!

So that was how I started out on the roads. My first female driver was straight forward, she gave me a lift in a very large van, shared her flask of coffee with me and dropped me outside the docks in Calais. She had been nice, some of the women were not. I got in a huge truck one day in Belgium, the driver was a big woman, not quite as tall as me but probably half as heavy again. She was going to southern Italy and offered to take me all the way, she said she had a four day layover when she was there so if I wanted her to she could bring me back as well. I agreed, it seemed like a great deal, she admitted that she was a lesbian and I had no problem with that, or with the requested payment of giving her a couple of hours with a dildo.

That night in the sleeping compartment of the truck I used a huge dildo on her, attached to a harness so it looked like I had a big cock. It wasn’t the first time I had used a pegging set, but before I fucked her she insisted I eat her out. We were only in the truck and she’d been driving all day, no chance to shower or even wash properly, she was hot and very sweaty. To be honest she was more than just hot and sweaty, she was rank! But beggars can’t be choosers, I licked and sucked that woman’s cunt as though it was the sweetest cupcake and then I fucked her into next week!

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