Kim’s Training

Kim’s Training


Kim entered the elevator and headed up to the room her master waited for her in. She was nervous as she had not been allowed to see him for ages as punishment for being held over at work to finish a due project. He was displeased with her inability to get out of it.

She approached the door. It was ajar as he said it would be. Kim’s breath caught in her throat as she heard her master’s voice inside being answered by another unknown male voice. Frozen with her hand on the door handle, almost panicked by knowing they would not be alone. Her mind going over his last detailed text, ‘enter the room. Disrobe at the door I want you naked but for your collar which is on the shelf in the closet on your left. Your leash is already attached Position the collar so the leash hangs down your back and between your butt cheeks. Then on your hands and knees you will crawl to me and sit at my knee. No exceptions to These rules or you shall be gravely punished. ‘

But he never said anything about someone being with him! We’ve never played like that! This is too much! Red flag! Red flag! All the while she was holding the doorknob and moving from foot to foot. This made Kim realize suddenly that although she was terrified about this new situation, her panties were sopping wet…’I can’t do this. He can’t make me. Walk away. ‘ her shaking hand turned the knob…!

She went in quietly like always and closed the door. Heart raging in her chest. Breathing heavy and shaky light at the same time. Kim is shielded from the rest of the room by the closet on her left. There, on the upper shelf above his hanging suit, her beautiful collar.

Reaching up, Kim reverently takes it down, catching the fine gold chain attached to the golden ring sewn into the black leather collar. The inside is of the softest velvet. When Kim places it around her neck and fastens it, she becomes much calmer. ‘I am my master’s property. His slut. His beloved whore. His wishes and demands are mine to obey. ‘ this little mantra takes all her stress away. But still,, there’s a corner of her brain that screams of fears of giving up control. Of not trusting. This secretly gets her so much more wet. Makes her feel alive. Off her clothes come. Placing them neatly on the shelf.

Making sure the leash is as her master wishes, enjoying the coolness of the metal chain on her ass crack, Kim lowers to all fours.

As she rounds the corner of the closet, the friendly banter stops. ‘Ohmygodomygodomygod what the hell am I doing???’ Races through her mind. ‘I’m not supposed to be like this! this guy shouldn’t be here!!’ Inside she cringes as she crawls toward her master who is sitting on the couch. The stranger sits in the matching chair which faces in Kim’s direction. ( gulp! I’m dying!! But my master looks very pleased) both men are dressed casually in jeans and tees. Scotch on the rocks swirling around in her master’s glass at the end of the arm farthest from Kim which rests on the back of the couch. The other in the same resting position is empty. Stranger has a glass of something with coke She thinks, It’s hard to determine with her eyes cast down like always.

As Kim crawls obediently to her master she feels the heavy strap- like handle of her leash lightly/ teasingly tapping against her already swollen pussy lips. It feels as though her pussy is trying to reach out for more solid contact with it. Sweet torture!

“Ah there’s my little slut! On time and dressed perfectly! Very good girl” master is pleased to see his slave braved this little test so far… He winks at Ben, his best buddy. There’s not much they don’t know about each other. This game is nothing new for the two of them. But as for his beautiful whore in training,, ‘she’s doing so well!’ He thinks as she positions herself at his knee, kissing his shoes and then laying her head against his thigh.

Kim is so happy to hear her master’s praise. ‘But who the hell is this guy?? I wish master would tell me what’s going on!!’

All Kim can do is sit as she is until her master makes a command. She wonders if it will involve this strange man??( these thoughts cause her juices to slowly drip onto the multicolored carpet) Furtive glances at the man’s shoes, ( eyes down! No eye contact!) tell her nothing about him. His voice and their mundane conversation give nothing away either.. Damn!

During their conversation, master pets her long silky hair and takes up the leash in his empty hand.

Kim is almost asleep on master’s thigh when he jerks firmly on the chain which jolts her out of her doze. The fear returns as well as moisture between her ever swollen lips.

‘Come now. I’m ready. ‘

Kim’s eyes flew open wider! ” in front of…” He yanks the chain roughly. Choking her words off…

” NO WORDS SLUT!!” He growls quietly at Kim. She cowers. ” yes master” Kim scurries on all fours to a position between and facing master’s knees. He opens them and she moves in closer quickly undoing his belt, button, and fly. Deftly Kim’s now xslot experienced hands have her master’s beautiful big cock out of his pants. ‘Im really going to do this? Stranger has full view of my ass and glistening muff! Oh god I feel wetness on my inner thighs now!’ Is racing thru Kim’s mind as she starts to worship master’s cock. She soon forgets the viewer watching as she puts her all hungrily into her task.

Always amazed at how much she loves to suck this magnificent phallus, Kim breathes in his scent which wets her even more as her lips are moistened with his precum. Kissing and licking, Kim happily makes her way down his ever hardening shaft. Rubbing it all over her face. Marking herself with his musk she buries her face into his scrotum, nuzzling, licking and suckling at his tender balls. Kim feels his strong hands in her hair and moans with pleasure at his generous touches. Working her way back up leaving a wet trail of spit, Kim wraps both of her hands around his thick cock and licks at the stringy ooze at the opening of the swelling head. Pulling back and watching it stretch between her lips and masters tip. Sighing with satisfaction, Kim presses her lips tight together. Placing them against the hot slippery silkiness of master’s sweet mushroom head, she pushes down using his cock to force her lips apart to allow him into her drooling mouth.

With just the head inside her firm lips, Kim rotates her own head one way, then the other as her slimy spit covered hands work oppositely. Tongue swirling around and round at the same time. She’s greatly rewarded with master’s groan of pleasure. His fingers entwined in her hair. She sets to with more enthusiasm.

Pulling off of him, she opens her mouth. She flattens her tongue and extends it out as far as she can and cradles his shaft with it.

Slowly, Kim slides her wet mouth down his length till his tip is at the back of her throat. Wrapping lips around his thickness she sucks hard as she retraces her delicious path.

Kim challenges herself by trying to push him deeper and deeper down her inexperienced throat. Striving to reach and lick masters balls with her greedy tongue. Trying as always to further please master.

Ben slowly sips his rhum and coke. Silently taking in the erotic view of his buddy spread eagle on the couch fully dressed. Right hand which has the leash wound around it in his bitch’s long hair, she’s on her knees which are spread wide. Remaining in contact with her master’s insteps. Pussy juice slowly oozing out of her and down her thighs. Some drips straight down onto the carpet. Her back arched and she’s actually straining for some invisible touch with her engorged cunt. ‘ very tempting..’ He thinks as he again sips his drink. Watching her ass hole pucker with the same yearning. There’s obvious pleasure on his friend’s face and concentration as he controls his responses to her eager and hungry attempts. He watches her technique. “It’s good to see how she’s trying to train herself to take that fucking monster. You’re right. She’s a natural slut. ” praising from his buddy makes him laugh as he looks down on his hard working whore proudly. Ben shifts in his chair noticing, not for the first time, his own throbbing cock.

Kim’s eyes pop open in surprise as she hears stranger’s voice. She was so into her task she forgot about him. Her pace is interrupted. ‘He likes how I’m doing!!’

Master growls at her miss-pace. The rhythm thrown off. Yanking again on the leash her pulls her off his cock. “Clumsy whore! Get off my lap!” Kim whimpers her protest not wanting to give up masters cock. She sits back on her heels as master stands. He places his big hand on her neck. Grabbing a fistful of hair he pulls her back up onto her knees and forces her to bend over, face planted into the couch where he was just sitting.

“Hands..” He orders. Kim immediately puts them behind her back.

“I’m sorry for displeasing you master. Please!” She pleads with him knowing what’s coming because of her distraction.

CRACK! “Aaoowww!” Kim screams as the leather handle of her leash lashes across her pretty ass. Squirming a little, she moves her knees closer together.

Ben has opened his own fly now and idly pulls on his rock hard cock which he’s set free of his tight jeans.. Sips his drink again. ‘ now the fun really starts..’ He thinks to himself and grins at his bud.

“Open those fucking knees slut! I’ve given no permission to do otherwise.” His shoe roughly kicks at the insides of Kim’s knees till they’re wide apart. He hears her soft cries and pleas. ” I (CRACK!) Said (CRACK!) No (CRACK!) words.(CRACK!)

Each lash on her ass elicits a scream into the couch cushion from the insolent little slut. Both he and Ben feel a powerful excitement build in their groins as they watch angry red welts rise up from her pale flesh.

‘Ooh fuck god! He’s soo mad! I’ve embarrassed him in front of stranger! Fuck it hurts!! I have to use my red flag I can’t take this! xslot Giriş It’s never been this hard!’ Kim frantically thinks. She wants desperately to cover her ass with her hands and pull away but as terrible as this punishment is, it’ll be much much worse if she tries to avoid it. She’s starting to panic as her master roughly grabs her wrists in one of his now brutal hands. He pulls tightly on the leash so kim has to raise her head up and back to breathe decently. Keeping that tension, master wraps the chain painfully tight around her wrists. If she rests her head, her air is cut off and her arms are painfully pulled up higher on her back. If Kim tries to cover her ass from further punishing, her air is again cut off. ‘Holyfuckholyfuckholyfuck!! Too far! Please no it’s too far! Can’t you see that master?!? Too fucking far!!’ Her mind screams. This is the most terrified she’s ever been. Thoughts of distrust exploding in her mind. Heart pounding loudly in her chest. Breath rasping in her restricted throat. Cunt juices flowing freely down her thighs from her desperately engorged pussy.

Ben watches intently as the master of ceremonies gets down on bended knee. Kim in between the two of them. One hand gently helping to support her neck or close off her air completely depending on his dangerous mood. The other hand doing what Ben wants to do. It’s caressing those beautiful purple welts standing in proud contrast against her sweet tender white ass cheeks. Kim flinches involuntarily to the touch.

“You should never (slap!) become distracted from your duties. (Slap!) Kim screeches and wriggles madly with each stinging/burning slap of her ass. Annoyed by this, master’s supporting hand moves to clamp over her mouth. Tears and snot trail down over his hand as she continues to cry. Her eyes staring forward wildly. He knows he’s pushing her farther than he had intended. More than he figured she could take. But here she was. Taking it. Barely, but taking it. His caressing hand slides down her ass crack paying attention to how she unconsciously tries to push up into his exploring hand and fingers… ‘ fuck she’s the best slut yet! How much farther to her edge can I take her I wonder..’ Thinks master.

His fingertips slide down into the slick mess of her puffy cunt and the bitch melts under his hands. Kim’s hips uncontrollably start moving trying pathetically to fuck his teasing fingers. Pushing back so far that the hungry slut chokes off her own air groaning as well as crying now. Looking at Ben, they both laugh at this display of sheer depraved lust.

Pulling his now wet hand away, he brings it back down hard in a striking slap on her pretty red and purple ass and Kim screams against his hand still covering her mouth. A few more and she’s trying to rear off the couch. Master harshly shoves her down. At the same time shoves two thick fingers into her sopping hole forcefully up to his fist.

Again the men have a laugh as the whore madly humps his fingers. Sucking squishing wet sounds emit from her cunt as she shoves back and forth on her master’s fingers. Hacking animal grunts come from behind master’s other hand.

Kim is lost to the crazy sensations going through her like lightning bolts. Insane fear heightens everything. The pain of master’s hand brutally spanking her and his fingers,,’ohhggghhoddd yess please fuck my pussy pleeeeaase yesss!’ Even the next smack of his hand makes her pleasure that much more intense. She rises only to be pushed back down simultaneously as her pussy is filled with master’s fingers. Helpless to control her own body she mindlessly tries to climax before he takes them away. Nothing enters her mind as clear thought. Only one goal consumes her now no matter what. ‘ pleaseletmecummmnnn’

Ben is surprised that Kim hasn’t cum considering how much fluid flows out as her master pulls his hand away. Fascinated at her behavior. Kim is absolutely uncaring at this point that she’s fighting her master and causing herself her own damage to her delicate throat. It’s amazing how much of a slave to her own cunt she is. ‘So much better for us because right about now, she’ll take whatever we hammer her with.’

“I think I’m in love with your slut my friend. Look at her! She’s incapable of denying you anything!” Leaning over Ben reaches out to that air grinding ass, grazing his fingertips through that gleaming wetness causing Kim to cry out and push her ass out to try to prolong contact to no avail. Bringing his fingers to his nose as he leans back. Ben tastes the musky sweetness. Savouring the flavor like he would a good, full bodied wine.

“Well Ben? Feel like fucking my hungry slut’s mouth?” Kim hears her master say ‘Ben.. He has a name!’ Master roughly pulls her upright on her knees again and sets her arms free. Pulling on her leash, master forces Kim to extend her tingling arms behind her to support her weight to prevent her from falling.

“Open your mouth whore. Do not fail me or you will have to be punished xslot Güncel Giriş yet again..” Master commands as he pulls Kim’s head back.

“Well thanks! I thought you’d never ask. “Replies Ben who quickly drops and kicks his pants off and away. He positions himself above and behind Kim’s outstretched head as he pulls off his shirt and tosses that too.

Looking down at Kim’s ready and wet mouth, Ben takes ahold of the back of her head and grabs his throbbing cock. “stick out that tongue slut” Kim obediently does.

‘Ohhh fuuuckk!! This is happening!!’ Crashes through her mind. And she feels herself pushing her starving pussy upwards and spreading her knees out even farther. A strong wind would pleasure her right about now.

Master is still standing beside his fuck toy and looks down at the scene. He takes in her whole body. Head back, hair cascading. Eyes wide open and dilated. Fear and absolute lust fighting for prominence in them. Red, wet mouth open. Tongue out and ready for his buddy’s thick cock. Vulnerable neck and collar exposed. Tiities proudly standing out in her chest. Nipples rock hard. ‘Damn! Forgot the nipple clamps..’ Her whole chest heaving with her heavy panting breaths. He reaches down and scratches his nails across her taut stomache. Hears her moan as she twitches from the rough touch. Her smooth bald mound pumping the air between her slick thighs which are beautifully spread out. Pussy drool oozing down her raised asscheeks.

‘Fuck! I think I’m in love with this devil’s slut. Her willing body is fucking intoxicating!’

Ben slaps Kim’s face with his hard cock a little. He laughs watching her trying to reach for his head with her mouth.

Pushing into her mouth, he groans. “Ah fuck yea!” Soft warm tongue lips cheeks. Hard teeth scraping slightly along his shaft as he seeks the back of Kim’s mouth and then pulling back out. Watching, he goes in further.

He continues to fuck her mouth deeper and deeper, cutting off her air supply and stretching her throat. The feel of the unyielding tissue around the head if his dick almost doing him in. Fascinated by the way her neck expands as his cock slides past Kim’s gag reflex, he puts his other hand around her throat and squeezes. He can feel his cock inside her neck as he is finally able to plunge balls deep down Kim’s abused throat. He stays that way, reveling in the fantastic sensation, oblivious to the wench he’s using as she struggles for air and fights her gag reflexes. Her struggles even heighten his arousal even more. But he backs off and let’s her gasp for air. After a few breaths, he shoves himself back in her face and pumps away as deep as he can get.

Master watches this scene and his throbbing cock actually hurts, he’s so hard watching Kim get used by his best friend. The gagging sounds, the rasping breaths she desperately takes. The wild eyes full of terror he won’t let her breathe next time. All the while, her cunt fucking the air.

He bends over and slaps her straight on her cunt and Kim’s body jolts like it was electrocuted. He slaps it again. Harder. She jolts again and somehow manages a groan. As he roughly caresses her sloppy twat, he looks up at her cock stuffed face. Amazingly, she’s shoving her own mouth even more furiously into Ben’s scrotum. Breasts heaving, back arching trying to fuck his hand as well as swallow Ben whole at the same time!

Kim is mindless to everything but How far she can get Ben down her throat and keep sweet contact with master’s hand. Her fear of not having enough air to breathe completely disappeared as soon as her master’s first slap on her slippery mound. ‘Ohh! Oh yesss!!’

Master decides he’s got to feel the swollen tissues of her hot cunt around his precum dripping cock.

“Up on your feet my little whore. Don’t make Ben stop his rhythm while you do it. ” he commands.

Kim eagerly puts more weight on her aching arms and pulls her knees up to bring her sleeping feet out to hold up her lower half. Ben doesn’t miss a beat humping her face like it’s just another delicious fuck hole. She feels master’s hips moving in between her widespread quivering thighs. She moans and whimpers excitedly around Ben’s pumping cock. Master slams his huge cock fully into her sopping wet hole and she’s sobbing with pleasure. Ben is thoroughly enjoying how the vocal vibrations feel around his swelling dick.

“What a fucking view!” He says to his generous host.

Master grins and agrees as he painfully grips fists of Kim’s flesh in his hands and pumps himself in and out of her. There’s so much wetness, even his hips are lubed as he thrusts in between her trembling thighs. ‘Shes a masterpiece! Even in this awkward position she’s giving it her all! Working Ben’s shaft for all she’s worth and smashing her wet cunt into me almost harder than I’m giving to her. ‘ master is truly impressed.

Ben feels it coming to an explosive climax. Forgetting what hole he’s fucking at the moment (or remembering exactly which one it was,) he grabs Kim’s neck tighter, crushing the collar into the soft flesh of her now bruised neck. Cock filling up with his huge load, he pounds into her face harder and faster. ‘Icantbreathe! Ohmasterfuuuckkmeee!!’ Ripping through her tortured mind.

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