Keeping in Practise

Keeping in Practise


A quick note to the spelling police — I’m English, I write with English spelling, not Americanisms. I apologise in advance if this gets your goat, but please, don’t complain about it, instead ask yourself why language is such a beautiful gift, and wonder at the complexities in it. I do. Practise / practice is one example. In modern English they’re interchangeable, and I’m afraid the English in me means I stick to my own country’s preferred traditional spelling.

Please also read “Just Practising” to understand where this story starts. I’m sorry for the long delay between these two parts, but my partner doesn’t know I contribute to Literotica so I have to wait for those rare times when I’m alone with my thoughts. I promise the next part will appear quicker!


It was a week since Richard had had his lesson in love from his sister. He’d done his best to put into practise all he’d learnt from her, culminating in the wonderful evening he’d just spent in his girlfriend Lucy’s bedroom while her parents watched TV downstairs. He’d managed to keep his cock in his underwear while she’d been left in just a skirt and T-shirt, and he knew from her reaction to his hands that he’d aroused her totally — she’d been very wet when, after what seemed a lifetime of caressing her heavy breasts and nipples he’d finally reached up her skirt to tease her pussy lips, and just a few minutes rubbing had pushed her over the edge, her ragged breathing hoarse against his neck as she’d orgasmed on his hand. He’d realised that to get pleasure, one had to give it first, so was happy knowing that he’d laid the groundwork for more fun in future, even if he now had to wait till he got in to relieve himself, which made for a painful walk home.

Ann was at home as his key turned in the lock. She’d been waiting up, studying in part but mostly daydreaming, long since her parents had gone to bed, to see how Richard had got on. She’d dressed for bed in a button-up nightshirt and dressing gown, and was on the verge of calling it a night when she heard him.

Smiling to herself, she packed her books up as she listened to Richard make his customary late night toast snack downstairs, and, leaving her lamp on and door open, lay on the bed with some light reading, a Wilbur Smith classic, ‘Sunbird’. A few minutes later Richard tiptoed toward his own bedroom door, opposite hers.

“So how was it?” Ann whispered.

Richard turned, grinning inanely. “Great, sis!” he whispered back.

Ann patted the bed next to her. “Come in. Tell me all about it.”

Richard looked at her. She looked radiant, beautiful and extremely sexy, partially covered by her sheets, but still managing to have one shoulder half out of her nightshirt, her collarbone accentuating her slimness in the shadows cast by the small lamp.

He couldn’t resist. They’d crossed the line a week ago, and there could be no secrets between them any more. Richard tiptoed into her room, closing the door behind him. As their rooms were the other side of the house from their parents, there was little chance of Ann & Richard disturbing them. He sat Escort bayan on the edge of the bed.

“What do you want to know?” He teased.

“All of it. Tell me — where did you go, what did you do, why are you so late?”

“We went to the Duke Of York for a couple of drinks, ran into some friends, and then we left early to spend some time at Lucy’s, listening to her U2 albums.”

Ann rolled her eyes. Lucy was a U2 fanatic, right down to the graffiti on her pencil case. ‘I love Bono’ wasn’t really original, she thought. “Then what?” she demanded.

“Her parents were watching TV, so we ended up in her room, and we listened to U2” replied Richard, in a non-committal voice.

Ann punched him gently in the kidneys. “You know what I mean.’

She was lying in bed, on her side, propped up on one elbow, while Richard sat in the crook formed by the curve in her body, with one hand over her balancing him as he whispered.

He replied. “Well, we started kissing, and I remembered what you said about letting her set the pace, so we kissed for a while.” As he spoke, Richard leant over Ann, letting his lips graze hers lightly. As he’d half hoped, she responded, parting her lips as she sought his too, and he let his tongue remain touching hers for just a moment before leaning back a little. She could taste brown bread and peanut butter. He could see the gentle rounding of the top of one breast, the milky white skin contrasting the blue of her nightshirt, and felt his cock harden further, if that were possible.

“I held back for as long as felt I could, but I had to take it to the next level, so I went to feel her breasts. I was a bit surprised when she told me to stop because she needed the toilet.”

Ann was surprised too — it sounded as though Richard had gone in text-book style so far, and she wondered why Lucy had left him hanging. Her question was immediately answered.

“She came back, and lay back on the bed with me, and pulled my hand up. She’d only gone and removed her bra!”

Ann giggled, relieved that Richard had managed to control himself.

“So we were kissing for ages, and her hand was on my jeans while I was stroking her, and finally I had to go for broke, sis.”

Ann raised an eyebrow. “Do go on” she encouraged him.

Richard was giggling himself now. “Well, you know you told me that girls like to set the pace, and to hold myself back?”

“Yes,” Ann sighed. What had Lucy done to let the side down, she wondered.

“So I went to put my hand up her skirt, and she’d got no panties on either! I’m not kidding, Ann, she was so hot I could’ve fried an egg on her, and she came so quickly it was as if I was Rasputin!”

Ann reached round Richard with her free arm, to hug him. “I’m so glad that went well, bro. So happy for you. Looks like my little lesson helped.”

Richard leant across and kissed her on the lips again. “Thanks, sis. If I need more practise I know where to come.”

Ann felt the need in his kiss, and, sliding onto her back, she palmed his face in both hands, tugging him toward her so she could kiss him Bayan escort in earnest. Conversation was forgotten as they snogged, her tongue seeking his as his lips opened hungrily and he kissed her back.

Richard managed to twist his body so he was lying on the bed next to his sister, and his arms reached to clasp her close as she put hers around him, holding him to her.

“Mmmmm” was the only noise either made as they enjoyed the moment.

After a minute or two, Richard freed one arm, and caressed Ann gently, starting at her side and ending with his hand covering her left breast. He squeezed gently, then lifted his hand so his fingers could play with her nipple through her nightshirt. Ann broke the kiss.

“You can practise touching me if you want.”

Her words electrified him. He kissed her again as his hand moved to the buttons on the front of her nightshirt, and he made a good job of the first two before fumbling the third.

Ann was too aroused to want to wait longer. She broke off again, and leant across to the bedside table to hit her lamp switch, throwing the room into darkness so that the only light came from the streetlamp outside. She reached down and undid the remaining buttons, throwing her nightshirt to the floor and lying back naked on the bed. Her hands went to Richard’s T-shirt, but he was one step ahead as he drew it over his head and off. Together they attacked his belt buckle and jeans buttons and he stumbled out of his trousers, his dick swinging free close to Ann’s face. Finally he was as naked as she was, lying next to him.

They kissed once more, revelling in the feel of skin on skin, and Richard’s hand again went to her breast, this time to cup its nakedness and tweak the hard bronze nipple exposed. He loved the feel of her nipples, which stood proud against her small, firm 34A breasts, barely a mound on her chest as she lay back revelling in the sensation.

Ann could feel his hard shaft pressing into her side and reached to grasp it as she had before. The only difference this time was that now both of them were nude, the stakes raised somewhat. She slowly wanked him, her small hand barely encompassing his thick cock, as his mouth left hers and wandered down toward her nipple, his tongue circling before his lips fastened around it. A hand cupped her pussy and slowly a finger inserted itself into her open, wet lips, finding little resistance on the way.

“Oh, that’s good.” Ann moaned. She was feeling very sensitive in that area, and the combined kissing and finger fucking were driving her wild. Suddenly she knew what she had to do, and she gently pushed him away, back onto his back as she shuffled down the bed, grasping his cock before lowering her head onto it and taking him into her mouth.

She gently kissed his head, enjoying the twitch she got as a response when he realised he was about to get a blowjob. Taking him in her mouth, she quickly bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, using her mouth like a cunt to bring him off. Richard groaned, and the night of pent-up desire with Lucy took its toll as he couldn’t hold back, Escort despite (and probably because of, he ruefully admitted) the wonderful sensation.

“I’m going to come.” He moaned.

Ann redoubled her efforts, one hand reaching down to cup his balls, and that was all Richard needed to explode, firing jet after jet of hot salty semen into his sister’s mouth. He was surprised to hear her swallowing as he exploded, and as he finished, she was still sucking him dry, till his tender state made him push gently on her forehead to stop the now painful licking.

Ann sat up as Richard did the same.

“Not so keen to kiss me now!” she whispered as she wiped her lips.

Richard took her and laid her back on the bed.

“Not before I return the compliment!” he replied.

Ann lay back, and brought one hand down between her legs, exposing her pussy lips from behind their curtain of pubes, and Richard crept in between her legs.

He’d never done this before and Ann sensed his indecision.

“Just be natural” she whispered. “I’ll tell you if you need to do anything different.”

Richard kissed her swollen lips, using one hand to separate them as she’d done for him. His tongue probed her vagina briefly as his mouth closed over her mons. He could smell her sex, a heady aroma to match the musky taste in his mouth from her wetness.

Ann tousled his hair from above.

“Concentrate on my clit, Richard.”

He realised what she meant, and directed his tongue upwards to flick across the little protusion at the top of her labia, gently grabbing it with his teeth as he did so, then concentrating on sucking it in and licking it at the same time.

Ann lay back enjoying the oral attention. Again she thought “he’s a natural!” as she remembered his kissing the week before, and their dry hump to orgasm. Richard’s hands found their way round her slim hips and she drew her legs up over his shoulders as he reached to cover and manipulate her breasts and nipples, adding to her desire. She began to lose herself and reason as Richard’s lovemaking hit all her hot buttons.

At that moment Richard pre-empted her next request, and a hand left her breast, then a probing finger found its way back inside her dripping pussy, followed by another, which Richard pumped in and out, seemingly in of time with his sucking and licking. It was only moments before Ann found herself echoing her brother’s earlier call.

“I’m going to come!” she groaned as her legs locked round Richard’s head, and his tongue and fingers sped up to fulfil her prophecy and she stifled a moan with an arm across her mouth. The neurons in her brain fired their chemical message from the warmth of her groin and Ann was briefly on another planet.

Richard had stopped as she climaxed, and as her world returned to normal, she realised he was lying over her.

“Keen on kissing me now?” he smiled.

Ann realised he was hard again, his penis pressing her stomach as he supported himself on his elbows.

She tilted her head up and sought his lips, tasting herself as he must too.

“Thanks, bro. You were wonderful”

Gently, not quite ready for the ultimate in intimacy, she pressed against him till he lay beside her, not so threatening or close. He seemed to understand, and they caressed each other slowly till she fell asleep and Richard tiptoed to his own bed.

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