Kayleen’s Apartment Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

I still couldn’t believe that Kayleen was old enough to move into her own apartment. She was actually twenty, but I could still remember when I started working with her dad and we became friends with their family when she was only about six or seven. I never expected to see the place, either; after all, what twenty-year-old wants her parents’ friends stopping by for a visit? As it turned out, though, I did spend some time there once I was drafted to teach her a few things that her dad apparently had issues with teaching her himself. Get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about maintenance.

I learned from my wife by way of Dave’s wife and Kayleen’s mom that Dave’s philosophy was to fix things for Kayleen when they needed fixing rather than show her how to fix them herself. Maybe he was concerned about not being needed anymore now that she was so grown up. Whatever the case, I was asked if I would surreptitiously help her out with a few things at her new place and maybe take a look and see if there was anything else there that she might need to keep an eye on. It wasn’t the first time I’d been asked to put my handyman skills to use, so I threw my toolbox into the trunk one Saturday and headed over to her place.

She’d picked up a second-hand washer and dryer set since she had laundry hook-ups in her apartment, so the first thing we had to look at was how to get them hooked up and running. I explained as I looked them over how we would need to connect both of them and what we’d need to do so. We’d definitely be taking a trip to the home improvement store for a few things, so I asked her what kind of tools she had in case we needed to pick something up while we were there. She showed me her “All-By-Herself” toolkit, which had the basics and was okay, but I wrote down a few more things she would need in addition to washing machine hoses and a dryer vent tube. I then had her show me around the entire apartment and it turned out that she would have to change her furnace filter, too, and she complained that her shower head was pretty crappy. We had a pretty substantial list by the time we headed out the door, but she seemed more pleased that I was going to show her how to accomplish a few things and less concerned about the potential expense.

We spent some time at the closest home improvement outlet so that she could see what was available there and to determine whether she would be inspired by anything she saw to consider any other improvements to her place. We picked up what was on our list along with a few other things and left pretty loaded down. I told her there was one more thing we’d need but that I’d pick up the cost of it then pulled into the parking lot of the Liquor Barn. While she waited in the car, I grabbed a couple of twelve-packs of some good beer, which I’m not sure she would have splurged on even if she was legal.

“You can’t get out your tools and do a job without a beer either in your hand or waiting for you in the fridge,” I explained as we were on our way back to her apartment. If I was going to explain how to do things, I might as well give her some DIY philosophy to go along with it.

Back at her apartment, we went right to work on the washer and dryer, replaced the furnace filter and carefully removed the crappy shower head and replaced it with a nicer one that Kayleen had picked out. After all of that, we got her tools put away and each grabbed a beer from the fridge. She sat on escort bayan her couch and let me relax on her recliner as we savored the feeling of accomplishment.

“So do you find having your own place to be peaceful or lonely after growing up with two sisters?” I asked.

“It depends,” she replied, “Sometimes I’m grateful for the peace and quiet but other times I wish there was somebody to talk to.”

“Must be nice to have your boyfriend over whenever you want, though,” I suggested.

“I’m sure it would be if I had one,” she replied, “but I’m single with no prospects at the moment.”

“What?” I asked, “I can’t believe that. You’re cute, you’re smart, you’ve got a nice figure, you’re funny and now you’ve got some great tools, too. What is wrong with guys?”

“Actually,” she responded, “it sounds as though you might be interested.”

“Trust me,” I confided, “if I was twenty years younger and single.”

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” she suggested.

I just looked at her for a moment to see if she was serious, then set my beer down and went over to kneel in front of her. We leaned in toward each other and kissed then quickly progressed to making out. I had rested my hands on her knees at first, but soon was sliding them up her legs while my thumbs caressed her inner thighs. She had given me the impression that it had been a while since the last time she’d gotten a little, so my instinct was to give her an orgasm before anything else. As we continued to make out, I unfastened her shorts and started to slide them down. She raised her ass and allowed me to remove them then, once I’d cast them aside, I kissed my way up her inner thighs, alternating sides. When I reached her panties, I started to slide them down and she raised her ass up again. Her bush was trim and light brown and my cock throbbed as I prepared to eat it.

Once I’d cast her panties aside and she’d spread her legs wide, I ran my tongue up her slit, tasting the nectar that had collected there. Kayleen moaned and grabbed my head as I slurped up her juices before slipping a finger into her. She was quite snug but my finger slipped easily in due to all of the lubrication she was producing, which made me think that slipping my cock into her would feel outstanding. When I started to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her hot pussy, she started to moan even louder and was pushing her pussy toward my face. It occurred to me that, given her age and what I knew of her dating history, there was the potential that she may not have had very many faces buried between her thighs and, those that she’d had, might not have necessarily been that skillful. I’d never received a complaint about my pussy eating, so I was resolved to give her the most pleasure she’d ever experienced due to a tongue and finger.

My pleasure had essentially become secondary, at least in my mind, from the moment she said that she had no boyfriend and no prospects. Well, maybe not right at that moment, but soon after that moment when I found myself kneeling before her with my head between her thighs. I did everything I knew how to prolong the pleasure that she was feeling without torturing her by keeping her from cumming. Once I started eating her pussy, though, it didn’t seem to me that it was going to take very long for her to cum, regardless of what I did to draw out her pleasure. She started moaning louder and rocking her hips toward my face while her pussy continued to get even wetter the longer I licked and sucked her clit. It was clear that she was pretty pent up and looking for release, though it seemed important to me that she experience an intense wave of pleasure as she did.

I was glad that any guests coming to visit would have to be buzzed in because I can’t imagine if her parents showed up and heard the noise she was making, then found only me inside trying to look innocent. I was also glad, however, that she was experiencing such pleasure that she couldn’t contain herself. She was starting to tense up some as she approached her orgasm escort bayan but I kept on driving her closer and closer with my finger and tongue. Finally, her entire body started to shake as she came. I continued to eat her while she rode out her orgasm, then raised my head once she’d gone completely limp and still.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked without opening her eyes as I was sucking her juices off my finger.

“No. Why?” I asked.

“It’d be difficult enough to explain to my parents that I got pregnant as soon as I got my own place,” she said, opening her eyes, “but naming you as the father would likely result in multiple murders.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that,” I assured her, “It would be physically impossible for me to get you pregnant.”

“Really?” she asked, brightening visibly.

“Really,” I confirmed. I’d been shooting blanks for more than a dozen years thanks to a simple outpatient procedure.

“I’ve never had sex without latex before,” she disclosed, “I’m so excited!”

Taking this to mean she was ready for me to fuck her, I pushed my shorts and underwear down, allowing my rigid cock to spring out. I guided it into her pussy and moaned as I felt it engulfed in her snug, slippery confines. As I started to slowly slide it in and out, we began to make out again and I decided to go ahead and caress her petite titties. I could feel her hard nipples pressing through her shirt and bra so I slipped my hand up under her shirt, caressed her tits through her bra then unfastened it. Feeling the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples under my hands only made my cock harder as it slid in and out of her hot, tight pussy. As I fondled her tits while making out with her and fucking her, I figured we might as well just go all the way, meaning to just get naked and go wild.

I pulled my mouth from hers so I could remove her shirt and bra, which left her naked, but I was still mostly clothed. I slipped my cock from her hot pussy then stood up and stepped out of my shorts and underwear. As I peeled my shirt off, I suggested that she turn over and kneel on the couch so I could take her from behind. She did and I had to admire her ass and run my hands over it before guiding my cock back into her pussy. I took her by the hips as I slowly eased my throbbing cock all the way into her then watched her ass jiggle slightly each time my hips tapped it as I started to fuck her. She was bracing herself against the back of the couch, just receiving my thrusts without doing much else. I got a nice rhythm going, then slipped my hands up to caress her petite titties.

Her tits were small, in part I’m sure because she was thin, but they were quite perky and her nipples were nice and hard. I hadn’t sucked her nipples yet, but it was definitely on my “to do” list. I was relishing the feel of her pussy as my cock slid slowly in and out and the feel of her tits against my palms as she moaned softly. It occurred to me that, based on my experience, I just expected her to start caressing her clit as I fucked her but, for whatever reason, she never did. When I realized that she wasn’t getting as much stimulation as she could have, I let one of my hands slide down over her flat abdomen and through her trim bush. As soon as I started to gently stroke her clit, she started moaning louder and pushing back against my incoming thrusts.

Her pussy started to feel even more snug and slippery the longer I fucked her, so I suspected that she was building up to another orgasm, which really pleased me. Typically, I might be thinking that, the more pleasure she experienced, the more likely I’d be invited back, but in this case I was not expecting this to be more than a one-time thing. Regardless, I wanted to make her feel good because she’d apparently gone without anyone giving her an orgasm in a while. My efforts seemed to be having the desired effect, because she continued to push back harder and faster until her entire body began to shake as she came again.

I kept fucking her until I was certain that bayan escort gaziantep she’d fully experienced her orgasm, then pulled out and sat beside her on the couch so she could just move over slightly to straddle me. I guided my cock back into her hot pussy, then slipped my hands around to caress her ass while she started to ride me. We made out a little bit at first, but the harder and faster she rode me, the more difficult it was. Ultimately, while I was squeezing her ass and enjoying the feel of her pussy sliding up and down my cock, I also watched her titties bouncing with a smile on my face. I leaned down a few times to lick and suck her hard nipples, but that proved to be just a bit awkward in this position, so I didn’t keep it up. I did slide my hands up occasionally to caress her tits as a change of pace from squeezing her ass and ended up alternating because I appreciated the feel of both. I was pleased when she took matters into her own hands, as it were, and slipped a hand down to caress her clit as she continued to ride my throbbing tool.

I could feel an orgasm beginning to build more in earnest as her pussy continued to feel hotter and wetter the longer she rode me, though it had been gradually building from the first moment I’d slipped into her. I was enjoying the slow build and the feel of her pussy while also making sure to appreciate the feel of her body under my wandering hands because I was still assuming that this would be my one opportunity to do so. I was pleasantly surprised while my attention was thus focused when Kayleen started to cum yet again. It was almost as though her orgasms had just gotten backed up and once they started to flow, they flowed easily. My hands were on her narrow waist as she came and I could feel the goosebumps on her skin as her body trembled. When she’d finished cumming, she just sat on my cock for a moment to catch her breath, then kissed me hard before climbing off to kneel before me on the floor.

“I hope you won’t mind if I suck your cock,” she said, looking up at me while taking it in her hand, “After all of the pleasure you’ve given me, I want this to be all about you.”

I smiled as wrapped her lips around my tool and slid them down, engulfing as much of my shaft as she could in her hot mouth. With her hand around the base, she was pumping it slowly as her lips moved up and down my tool and I could feel my orgasm beginning to build even faster. Though she wasn’t as skilled as some of the more experienced cocksuckers I’d had the pleasure to encounter during my life, she was by no means a novice. From the get-go, she demonstrated enough talent that I was immediately moaning softly while running my fingers through her hair. She did pause when she needed to give her jaw a rest and licked my balls while continuing to pump my shaft, so it wasn’t long before I could feel my cock beginning to swell in anticipation of cumming.

She did a passable job of drawing out my pleasure for longer than I was expecting, so I was more than pleased with the blowjob I was receiving. As my cock swelled more when I was right on the verge, she didn’t pause but just continued to suck me off even when I started to spurt into her mouth. As I moaned with pleasure, she swallowed my load and continued to blow me until I was completely spent. When she let my cock fall from her mouth and looked up at me expectantly, I told her how incredible she’d been then invited her to join me back up on the couch. We lay naked together, our skin rubbing together as we relished what had just occurred.

“I think the things that you helped me with today were just the tip of the iceberg,” Kayleen said at one point, “I hope you won’t mind coming over and teaching me again…and again…”

“Really?” I replied, surprised.

“Are you kidding?” she asked, “I have never cum that many times so close together. It was mind altering.”

“It would definitely be my pleasure to do this again and again,” I responded, “but we’re going to have to be careful about how we go about this so no one gets suspicious.”

We discussed some potential repairs and lessons and other reasons that I could end up over at her place with no one the wiser before I had to get dressed and take my toolbox home. I asked her not to get dressed until I was gone so I could continue to admire her naked body until the very last second then I kissed her hard and went on my way.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who…

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