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My work takes me to Washington where I see the sights.

A firm in Washington DC had contracted my services and after a couple months of work I had yet to spend the weekend there despite the many attractions the city held for me. I had just broke up with my girlfriend about two months before my contract began, but I was still making the 4 hour drive back home each Friday, mostly to tend to my house and make preparations for the coming week.

The good news is that I found the employees of the firm, like many people across our great country, to be warm, hospitable, and friendly and more than willing to try new approaches after their fears regarding job stability were assuaged. Too often companies betray their associates’ trust by conducting ‘experiments’ that destroy careers, or co-opt changes that result in greater innovation and efficiency which translates into lay-offs rather than growth and prosperity for everyone. No one wants to be a participant in their own destruction.

So when a colleague offered to host my stay in the city for the weekend whenever I felt inclined, I jumped at the chance. Mike was a generally helpful fellow and perfect for middle management; trustworthy, honest and empathetic, which more than made up for his unawareness of current management technique. His emotional stance was far more important than any IQ test or natural lack of curiosity, and his team members rewarded him by giving him their loyalty and best effort. His team members genuinely liked each other and seemed all to be good friends, and I ascribed a good portion of that camaraderie to the helpful culture Mike’s generosity engendered. Mike was the kind of guy that made accepting offers easy. He was the perfect host untarnished by artifice or calculation.

In a style true to his nature, Mike insisted on throwing a little get-together on my behalf the weekend I accepted his offer. As he said, there are few enough reasons to celebrate people’s company, and so we might as well take advantage of every one that comes along. He lived with his girlfriend in a mid-sized condo on the outskirts of Georgetown, and he had a spare bedroom, and I felt comfortable as soon as I entered the main hallway.

Mike told me he had invited the team members and also some other folks from work that were integral to my project, and that I shouldn’t be surprised to find other guests as well, since people felt free to invite friends in these situations, and of course close neighbors often dropped by as well. I was excited by the prospect of meeting an eclectic group in a relaxed atmosphere and Mike set the mood by launching a long play-list mix of jazz, blues, reggae, and soft rock. The kitchen was set up for drinks and the dining table was covered with hors d’oeuvres, chips, cheeses, cold shrimp, cold cuts, dipping sauces, breads, and vegetables. Mike had thought of everything. The late spring weather provided for a warm and comfortable evening, with a slight breeze coming in off the Potomac. I felt I couldn’t be luckier to begin a weekend in DC in such laid back surroundings.

As the guests began to arrive, I found myself out on the patio enjoying the night air and the music wafting out through the open doorway. I was soon surrounded by some of Mike’s team members and we enjoined a light hearted conversation regarding our work. Everyone was well into the project and there were no longer any recalcitrant emotion, and so the conversation was fun and born of a common dedication to excellence that for me, defines the exhilaration of working on a team.

Bright attitudes in a relaxed setting are attractive elements, and I found myself appreciating the many open and appealing faces and bodies moving in and out of the patio. Several times I noticed a particularly attractive girl moving slowly from conversation to conversation. She was about 5’3″ tall with an inviting smile and her hair back in a pony tail. We caught each other’s glance a couple times, and I was surprised to see what I considered a look of recognition in her eyes, because I was sure I had never met her. Her top was a deep green which went well with her eyes, but she wore no make-up or jewelry other than a slim, no-nonsense functional watch. But as an ass man, it was her plump and beautiful bottom that really caught my attention. Its bounty hardly belonged on her otherwise slim body, and the way it was encased in a pair of rather tight white shorts which clung to her cheeks gave her a provocative pose even while they outlined her deep and inviting crack. Her legs were slim yet sturdy, and she wore expensive, comfortable sandals.

At one point Suzie, one of my colleagues standing at my elbow, interrupted the conversation to say, “Oh Karl, you finally made it to talk to the guru.” She then touched my arm and I turned to see who had joined the group. It was the delightful smiling face of the ‘girl’ I had been noticing. I smiled; inwardly embarrassed to have been ogling a boy, and Karl and I shook hands.

He seemed even more delicate up close, and his hands Pendik Fetiş Escort were smooth and soft and slender.

“Hello Jim,” he said with a glint in his eyes, “I’ve been telling everyone how much I wanted to meet you for so long, and I’m so happy to finally be able to do so.”

“Karl works over in Tech Services, and so I’m sure you’ve talked to him on the phone a few times,” Suzie explained. My brain quickly caught up. I had talked to someone in Tech Services quite often in fact, but the name had been ‘Carly,’ and from the feminine voice I had always assumed it was a woman. It also dawned on me that I was the ‘guru.’ Sometimes I can astound myself at the wayward meanderings of my seemingly unconscious assumptions.

“Ah, Karly,” I stumbled. “Your voice now rings a bell. It’s a pleasure to meet you. You have been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of our project, and I am happy to finally offer my heart felt thank you in person.”

Karly looked at me with a combination of embarrassment and gratitude while Suzie remarked that she didn’t realize we knew each other so well. “Karl has been gushing about your approach to teams for over a month now. I think he considers you a genius.” This induced a blush from Karly, and it was my turn to smile.

“Well, those are kind and undeserved words Suzie, and I feel uncomfortable with them, to tell you the truth. Teams get where they are going because they work together.”

“I just think your assimilation of psychology and science is absolutely creative. And the changes it is making to our approach is already giving us a huge pay-off, Jim,” Karly told me in all earnestness. He was obviously as dedicated to my ideas as I was.

“Karly has volunteered to be the first transfer to embed into the product team,” Suzie volunteered, “and I believe given his track record that management feels he is perfect for the assignment.”

Karly was obviously pleased to hear this information and moved to Suzie to clasp her hands. “Oh Suzie, that is fantastic news. We need a quick win to accelerate our rates, and I’m sure I can find a way to do that.”

“Oh Karly, you’re so smart and engaged that you inspire everyone around you. Management would be silly not to approve everything the team proposes, especially when you are concerned.”

Suzie and a number of other people were obviously impressed with this slender young boy. He couldn’t have been more than 23, and at 40, anyone under 25 was beginning to look like a child to me.

“Oh my God, that is fantastic news Suzie. What do you think Jim?” Karly asked. I had been unaware of exactly who was volunteering for the next stage, and so Karly’s admission was new to me, as was Suzie’s assertion that management was already moving.

“I think it is perfect,” I said. “Your grasp of the concepts is superb, and from our phone conversations I have no doubt about your willingness to work hard.”

That wasn’t the only thing that was hard. When Karly moved to Suzie, his bottom had brushed across my thighs, and now we stood with our hips touching. My cock began to jump despite his gender.

“I’m going to get a drink and celebrate. Can I freshen your drink Jim?” Karly looked up into my eyes with almost a puppy dog expression. My heart melted for this honest, open, and earnest, slender boy. What was I thinking? He was at least 23 years old!

“I’ll have a Crown on the rocks,” I replied, and Suzie decided to go with him so she could locate her husband.

I had some thinking to do. I had never been so startlingly attracted to someone of my own gender. And although he was incredibly delicate and feminine in his demeanor and approach, he just didn’t fit any gay category that I had met before. All my gay friends were if anything, overly masculine. I had met a number of exasperatingly feminine gay men, what many consider ‘flaming.’ But I had never met a beautiful male that was obviously more feminine than masculine without an iota of artifice.

While Karly and Suzie were fetching the drinks, George from Accounting told me that Karly (what his friends called him) was somewhat of a progeny at the firm. He was not only engaged, he had an innate combination of common sense and intellect, and he had made a huge impression not only in IT, but throughout the ranks of management staff. I quickly agreed that my experience with him in my phone conversations was the same. More than any other person at the firm, he had taken to my ideas immediately, and had obviously spent a considerable amount of time considering the implications of where I was attempting to lead the company in our first pilot.

Karly returned with my drink looking up at me grinning from ear to ear. There was no other way to say it, but that his face was aglow and sparkling. “I am so happy to be able to talk to you,” he said. “Your ideas are so fantastic. I never considered that business could be so, well, integrated. You’ve made me look at what a business does in a whole new way.” He came close and Pendik Gecelik Escort handed me my drink.

What could I say to such a compliment? Luckily I didn’t have to respond. “Oh look, there’s a shooting star!” George exclaimed, and Karly and I turned to look. Luckily there it was flashing across the whole skyline, and we caught a glimpse of it before it disappeared. Luckily Karly’s shapely bottom brushed across my left thigh where it remained while the three of us considered the bright night sky. It was soft and plump, and Karly’s deep cleft naturally separated to perch on my leg. My cock jumped again.

“Just think,” I observed, “today’s generation will grow up seeing a totally man-made space station in the sky. I hope it will give them the confidence that with will and determination, anything is possible for them.”

At that, George turned from his star gazing and Karly moved slightly back to give him room, her crack separating even more firmly around my leg, while George intone, “I follow the space station whenever I can. It is an inspiration to me as well. Perhaps we can incorporate its symbolism into our project.”

“That’s a great idea,” Karly gushed. “I can put some pictures up on the project wiki and ask for new ideas for a motto for the next project stage.” She pantomimed hanging pictures while she talked and arched her back, sliding her delicious bottom up and down my leg while she talked to George. My cock was becoming a snake, and it was attempting to fight through my pants leg to get up and over to her pretty bottom.

“I love it,” said George, “but why not get Advertising involved?” Jean has said she can give us a real CMS website using templates she already has, and Annette told me she’d love to spice up our project with a little design PR. I’ll ask them what they think right now. They’re both here at the party.” And with that, he walked off with a purpose.

That left Karly and I standing near the railing in the shadows of the patio. She turned to me and put her hand on my chest. “I was a little shocked when I first saw you. I didn’t realize you were so big.” Our bodies were touching from belly to knee.

“6’4″ isn’t all that tall,” I whispered. “And I’m not fat or anything.”

“I didn’t mean fat. You’re just huge everywhere; your arms and legs, and your chest is like a barrel.” She moved her hand into the valley of my pecs, and then back again.

I laughed. “I hope you’re not intimidated.”

“Oh no. You’re much better in person than on the phone. Even more impressive. And I didn’t imagine your kind face.” She looked into my eyes, searching for something or so it seemed.

“Thank you. So are you.” I put my left hand on her little waist, above her hip. The rest of the patio was to our right, and the shadows hid my indecent foreplay.

“What brings you to DC for the weekend? The team tells me you always go home.”

“I decided to stay and take in some of the sights. I’m a sucker for the Smithsonian, where I could stay for days, and there’s a couple museums I haven’t been to.”

“Oh, I love the Smithsonian. When I first moved here, I spent every weekend there for 2 months. It’s my favorite place in all of DC.”

“Really? I thought I was the only nerd here. Would you consider being my guide, so I don’t just stumble around?” I moved my hand slowly up her ribs, and back down to her hip.

“You mean Mike is leaving you all alone? I’d love to be your guide. Where are you staying? Are you here with Mike and his girlfriend?” Karly moved her hand down from my chest as more people crowded into the patio, and took hold of my side just under my armpit.

“Yes. Mike said I could crash here at his condo whenever I wanted to stay for the weekend. It was easy to agree given his kindly nature.” And while she looked up at me with those beautiful, adoring eyes, I kissed her forehead.

“Well, if I’m going to show you around DC, why don’t you stay with me? I live alone not far from here, and then we can leave in the morning right from my apartment?” She moved closer draping her slender body against mine, and my hand naturally slid up her back.

“That’s a great idea.” And with that, in the shadows of Mike’s patio, I leaned down and kissed her.

It was just a short peck, our lips touching only briefly, but as I straightened a thrill went through my body as I stared down into her eyes. She was smiling, and turned just as George came bounding back into the patio through the sliding glass doors.

“We are definitely on,” he emoted. “They are excited to be involved. With those two, I’m sure our surprises will be good ones.” He took a large gulp of his beer and Karly moved out of our embrace to face him. Her bottom moved across my thigh again and touched my straining cock as it made its journey to the other thigh. As she congratulated him on his foresight, she moved first away from me, and I noticed her bottoms were now much higher than before, clinging deeply and tightly into her luscious cleft, the Pendik Genç Escort bottoms of her cheeks now peeking out from under her shorts.

And then she moved back against my thigh again, and as George recounted his conversation with Annette and Jean, her bottom swayed between my cock and my thigh a few times before settling squarely on my triumphant cock, moving deeply the last time to envelop it in her pretty ass. Fortunately I didn’t need to say anything since the other two found the conversation easily without me. I had nothing to say, other than pulling slightly on Karly’s pony tail. Her ass moved slowly against my cock, her cleft massaging and squeezing me with sensual slowness.

Sensation was running up and down my spine, and the explicit naughtiness of wanting this pretty little girly-boy was driving me insane. I wanted to lick her pretty pussy ass and take her.

I had a couple more Crowns, all delivered by Karly, and we chatted with party goers for another hour before explaining our plan to Mike and making our departure. When we got to her car, she opened the door, and as she turned I caught her and kissed her again. Again, the huge thrill went through my body. I bent and kissed her again, and this time it became passionate, our tongues entwined and our hands searching. Her arms found their way around my neck and one of my hands found its way into her cleft where it longed to be. “You beautiful boy,” I whispered, as we finally parted.

“You gorgeous big man,” she whispered back.

We left in her car, and her apartment was not far at all.

I carried my bags into her apartment, and then I only had one thing on my mind. I wanted to ravish this little girly boy and take her over and over. She smelled like lilacs and I wanted to taste her everywhere.

I picked her up and carried her down the hall until I found her bedroom. It was pink and pretty. I skinned my clothes and sat on the bed while she went to the washroom. When she returned, she had turned on some soft music and was wearing a little black half-shirt with black garters and fishnet stockings, and a little black g-string with black high heeled shoes. She was so sexy I just drank her in.

Karly was a little bashful. Having dressed herself, she was unsure of my reaction. I responded by telling her she was beautiful. “Would you dance for me?” I asked.

She smiled and relaxed, and then began a slow weaving of her spectacular body. She slowly undid her pony tail and shook her head, allowing her hair to fall loose, and I noticed she had put on lipstick and shadow to accentuate her feminine features. Her hands moved up and down her sides, and she slowly wriggled out of her half-shirt, revealing puffy, large plum sized nipples atop pooched out breasts that took my breath away.

She moved slowly and rhythmically, turning and twisting to the music while my cock and my heart throbbed as one. As she came closer, her perfume drifted to me, a combination of lilacs and sensuous pheromones. And as she turned her bountiful bottom beckoned my hands and mouth like the moon to a bio-rhythm. I wanted her.

She danced until her journey took me between my legs, then bent over and we kissed again. I cupped her chin and stroked her hair, and then, overcome with emotion, I grabbed her sides and rolled her onto the bed.

Our bodies came eagerly together, our tongues lashing as her tiny hands found my big searching cock and I pulled her close while a hand went deep into her luscious cleft. She drank my saliva and explored and tugged on my maleness as I pulled gently on her big plum nipples with one hand and with the other pulled her cheeks apart only to run my fingers into her crack.

“I’m going to take your pretty pussy sheath all night,” I whispered as we briefly came up for air.

“You can take me however you want me,” she breathed back. “But can I drink your juice first? It’s all I’ve thought about for weeks.” We went back to kissing and licking and sucking tongues as she stroked my cock, drinking my saliva as it poured into her waiting mouth.

I eventually moved back, pulling her little g-string down as I went, and shifted my big body on her little bed so my back had some support on the pillows. I spread my legs and guided her little body between them, her waist barely larger than my thigh.

She collected herself into a kneeling position, both hands on my throbbing cock, and looked up into my eyes. “You big beautiful man,” she said, and then began licking the head of my penis before taking it into her warm, tight mouth.

Almost immediately she was the best cocksucker I ever had, and after hundreds of girls, I have some experience. Her little hands held just the right pressure, and her sucking, no nursing, mouth was so caring, so thoughtful, so adoring, that another thrill ran up my spine.

Her tongue explored the under-cleft of my cock head while she sucked, and then she slowly began to bob just a little, and her mouth began a slow, sweet descent down my shaft, wetting it with her mouth juice and her tongue as she went down and then withdrew. My hands slowly stroked her head while I kept her hair away from her face. I felt no need to control her movements as with many other girls, but to return her sexuality with caring strokes as she made love to my cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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