Just Jean


Who would have thought Jean in the next flat could have heard me in the bathroom?

It didn’t occur to me until I heard her sneeze in hers. Our bachelor flats are back to back you see and so are the bathrooms.

Me thinking now if I can hear her sneezing she can hear me doing all those things a guy does in the bathroom! But surely not, but I was wondering – s’posing she heard me talking to Pat on the mobile like I do – and all the other things Pat likes me to do and hear on the phone!

Inadvertently one day I left the front door ajar, I had a delivery due but the idiot of the postman left it outside the door, be that as it turned out his negligence led to me enjoying the most beautiful shower ever

You see Jean being the sort of woman she is, very thoughtful and considerate, brought the parcel in for me. It was then I realised my notion about her hearing me in the bathroom were confirmed.

“I heard you ion the bathroom, so thought I’d better bring in the parcel in case someone nicked it!” She said and I replied thank you.

With that the bathroom door which was ajar anyway opened and in peeked Jean’s head, seeing I guess something she had not bargained for.

“Oops sorry Joe” she said but still didn’t close the door, instead she came right in and suggested I “need ateşli gaziantep escort bayan some help with that” in looking at my full grown appendage which, just before she entered, was being seen to with great ardour . “In fact I need a shower anyway so do you mind if I join you, Joe?”

It was like a fantasy some true, but you know how some women are, so very logical, practical and outgoing as Jean definitely was, like it was just one of the usual daily happenings.

But the thought of that happening between me and Jean was something else.

We had often chatted in the hallway if we happened to bump into each other coming or going, but I never ever imagined I would be ‘cuming’ with Jean. It had crossed my mind sure enough but with us both being over fifty the notion was not sop apparent.

Anyway , there she stood, facing my walk-in shower with such ambiance she was certainly a sight for sore eyes, her figure still attractive and slim, that back tight skirt doing wonders in my groin, especially after I had just been enjoying a firm you know what!

Certainly Jean knew what and she hade no qualms about telling me that she’d heard my grunts and groans ion her bathroom and thought I was just having problems bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan on the loo.

We both chuckled heartily as she progressed to remove her skirt in that certain sexual way women do and then I knew I was on a promise.

“Don’t take it off, Jean” I asked, “it looks so good on you.

“Don’t you want me to shower with you then, Joe?” she said looking upset.

“Yes, but with your skirt still on” I replied

“Ahh! So you are a wet vest man are you?” she continued stepping into the shower.

“More like a wet skirt man” I said taking her all in, her femininity was abounding and I had really grown a fine urge for her.

Oh! It was s lovely sharing a shower with Jean. And she made it so special too, when she first touched me I thought it would be just a short gesture to feel me, after she’d said she had yearned for the touch of a real man again, and wondered why I had made no advances, that didn’t I think she was attractive.

She wasted no time in sharing her credentials with me, rubbing that wet skirt up against my throbbing appendage in such a way she knew just what she was doing.

“That is lovely, Baby” I said getting the mood for her and she said that I was lovely gaziantep bayan escort too and asked if I enjoyed oral, even from a girl in a wet skirt” she went on with that certain look .

To be sucked and balls teased lime that was a dream, with the shower still in motion, me stood there, pushing it out for her to enjoy to the full, and did she so! I felt the need she wanted, the way she sucked and explored ever crevice below,. Complementing me on my fine stature, then more sucking like she couldn’t get enough of it,

Now I wanted under skirts, I told her so, she immediately disrobed to reveal a very sexy red thong and those plum red to match hold -up stockings, just right to impress and just right to tempt I thought as I started to tease her through her underwear with very teasing fingertips, getting the feel of woman I had missed so much, the lovely touch of erect nipple and the moistness of warm and very willing pussy.

She whispered that the feel of me was a quintessential and I replied that in my case it was a ‘cuntessential’ – something that was to become a private saying between us in the weeks to come when w would be sharing each others beds for fabulous sex.

For the moment we simply enjoyed touching, feeling and exploring each other between those very hot wet French kisses made all the more thrilling under the shower head with the steaming hot water smothering out togetherness, and when at last I felt her fuck standing there in the shower, her thighs so wonderfully wrapped around me to receive the deep fullness inside, I relished her so much and I was so glad that I the postman didn’t deliver the package, since I had now well and truly delivered mine into Jean’s post box!

Who would have thought Jean in the next flat could have heard me in the bathroom? It didn’t occur to me until I heard her sneeze in hers. Our bachelor flats are back to back you see and so are the bathrooms. Me thinking now if I can hear her sneezing she can hear me…

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