Judy, After The Shower

Judy, After The Shower

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If you can read Judy part 1 and 2. It might help you understand what has happen. Judy is my niece, 20 years old. Judy is staying at my house as she is going to school to become a nurse. My wife passed away 5 years ago so it is just the two of us. I fell the other day and have been told to stay in bed for a week. Judy has now become my lover. Part 1 and 2 tells you how we got to this point.

Judy stepped out of the shower. As I stepped out she held her hand out to help me out. Judy handed me a towel and I started to dry off. She took the other towel and did the same. I was watching her and she knew it. I watched as she dried first one breast then the other. A cute little smile came to her face. She was now down to her stomach and as she rubbed the towel her breast bounced and bobbed around. She put one leg up on the side of the tub and started to dry it. I watched as her breasts moved back and forth. Then I watched her take the towel and rub between her legs. Judy moved her hand and I could now see her pussy, it was dry. I swallowed hard. Judy’s foot was still on the side of the tub. She took her index finger of her right hand and started to masturbate. A soft moan came from her as her finger dipped in.

“I have always loved to watch a lady do that! It is so private, so personal. Do you enjoy doing it if front of a man?” Judy had one finger rubbing her clit. Her eyes half closed. Head back some. I watched as her finger moved up and down, left and right. I could not take my eyes bursa escort off her. Watching her do that was making me hard all over again. A soft moan came from her throat. Then an exhale of air. A deep breath and then her legs closed around her hand. Judy just made her self cum! Standing in front of me I could see her shack and then cum. Her breathing was fast and then it slowed down. A smile came to her face. Looking at me she licked her lips and then said.

“I love doing that in front of someone! It is such a turn on. You did please me in the tub. But having you standing in front of me, I had to! I hope you not mad. Are you? Uncle Bob! You liked watching, right? Just like last night when I did you. I liked watching you cum. And I thought you might like to watch me.”

What can an uncle say. If his niece wanted to masturbate in front of him. Why would I care. “Judy I could watch you do that all day. But it is getting cold in here. Would you like to go to my room?” Without thinking I was stroking my cock. I had my fist slowly going up and down. I was looking at Judy’s pussy and jacking off and didn’t realize I was jacking off. Judy licked her lips and put her foot down. She bent over and picked up her panties. I watched as she put them on. She pulled them up to her knees. Then stopped. Before she had them all the way up she turned towards me and with a grin said.

“Kiss it good bye for now! Please!” I knelt down on she stepped forward. Looking me right in the eye gürsu escort was her shaved pussy. I was looking right back at it. I bent and she placed her foot back on the tub. I was leaning forward. I was now six inches from her. Her pussy looked so tight. I could not see lips hanging down. I could not see lips at all. Just a smooth mound. I smelled the soap that she had just used. I bent more and then I felt her soft skin of her thighs on my cheeks. I could hear my breathing through nose. I licked my lips and kissed.

I bent my head to one side and push forward. I met to pussy lips. Soft and smooth. I took a deep breath and pushed more. I felt her hands on my head and could feel her pushing with her hips. My tongue came out and I licked. It went in some and then I pulled it back out. My hands went to her ass and I felt her soft flesh.

“Yes! Yes Uncle Bob! Lick it and kiss it! Push your tongue in. Suck my pussy! Now!” And with that Judy came once more. I was only licking her for less then two minutes. I felt her push her thighs together, squeezing my head. I felt her hands push my head in deeper. I could hear her moaning. I felt her fucking my face with her hips. Then I tasted her. A soft taste. Not a deep hard pungent taste like some woman I have sucked. But more of a soft and wet taste. I sucked softly on her. I felt this was the best way to start her off. If she came that fast, I must be one of the first times anyone has done this.

I was orhangazi escort now standing and watching her pull her panties all the way up. “Did you enjoy that?” I watched as her panties hid her pussy from my view.

With a smile on her young face and with her eyes all bright. “Yes I did. That my dear sweet Uncle Bob was the third time anyone has kissed my pussy. And the first time! The first time I ever came that way. You are great! I think I’m going to enjoy you being laid up.” Judy kissed me on the lips and then went back to dressing. I just stood and watched as her bra went on then her sweater and then her pants. Looking at me with a cute smile on her face. “Uncle Bob? Are you going to stay like that all day? Or do you think that you should put something on? You might get cold!”

I bent down and started to pull my shorts on. Then my pants and shirt. With that on I walked back to my room. With Judy’s help I got back to my room and sat on the bed as she sat in the chair across from me. She looked so young sitting across from me. I felt kind of bad for what I had just done. And for what I was thinking. I knew that if she stayed I would ask her to my bed. Or just bend her over one day and fuck her. Judy spoke first.

“Uncle Bob. I know I told you this already. But last night was a first for me. I have kissed a few guys… You know what. But I have never really had one in my mouth. That is why I used my hand. And as for letting a guy fuck me. Yes! I have but only a few times. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m new to this. And I hope you can teach me more. And that we go slow. OKAY?” The look on her face. I wish I could put it to words. My niece was asking me to teach her how to suck and fuck! That is what it all comes down to.

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