Jim’s Jock Ch. 02

Jim’s Jock Ch. 02


It was the weekend after we got back from California. I was still reeling from the hot three-way we had with Jim’s temporary girlfriend, Lydia. I was invited along to double team with Jim and fuck Lydia before she got married. The sex was amazing. Being this intimate with Jim while the three of us were naked was beyond anything I could ever imagined. Even though I was playing the role of straight Chris, sharing Jim, during sex was awesome.

I had been quiet and reflective after our return. I felt so in love with Jim. I felt in awe of him. He was such an alpha male that he made me feel safe around him. He seemed to be in control, and that was okay with me. I was overwhelmed with feelings that Jim could not return. I didn’t know how to go about letting Jim know how I felt. Unfortunately Jim was a homophobe so I needed to remain in the closet. He did like having me around though. That seemed to make up for much of my discomfort.

It was Friday night and Jim was going out to the bar. He said, “Tonight I’m going to pick up the ugliest girl I can find. “Ugly girls will do anything you want. They’re so grateful for the attention that they do what they are told and are glad to do it. I’ll bring home one and share her with you if you want.” The idea of looking for an ugly girl was abhorrent to me. Why did he have to be such a jerk! He had no respect for anyone! I mean, I would love to double team her with him, but still it didn’t seem right.

I remembered the last time we had a three-way, I got a chance to taste Jim’s saliva and lick his thick cock and best of all, got to suck down some of his hot sperm that shot on my face. It was really hot! I could do ugly. As long as it is with him.

A couple hours later Jim comes stumbling in with a skinny woman with a big nose and stringy hair. He sits her on the sofa and comes into the kitchen to make a couple drinks. He puts a shot of vodka in each of our drinks and pours pure Vodka into Gina’s glass. “What do you think Chris?” he said. I got a real ugly one for both of us. She is a pig and we can make her squeal,” he laughs. “She will be happy to have both of us. Ugly girls can’t be too choosey.” He really believed what he was saying. They’ll do anything. The thought that he actually went looking for an ugly chick was insensitive. But here she was, not pretty, but ready to do whatever Jim asked of her. If it meant that I would be near this straight hunk and his gigantic man meat, well, I was okay with it.

We both went back into the living room with a drink. Jim asks, “What’s your name again? This is my friend Chris and he wanted to watch me have sex with you.”

“I’m Gina,” she slurs.

“Drink this down Gina. When you finish, take off your top so Chris and I can see your tiny titties.” Gina chugs her glass of vodka as if it is water. She looks at both of us with a drunken stare and takes off her top and her bra. Out pops these two tiny titties. They look like little tiny bumps in the road. “Look Chris. I think your tits are bigger than Gina’s!” My face turns bright red. Jim is making fun of me for being a little overweight. I’m pissed and I’m getting ready to leave when Jim drops his jeans and out pops his fucking monster cock. I hear Gina gasp at the size of his dick. I tried hard no to stare at his massive meat.

I kept looking at Gina but thinking about Jim. I knew Gina’s pussy was going to be stretched open wide when he shoved that thick tube into her skinny pussy. “Both of you take off the rest of your clothes,” Jim demanded. I jump up and shuck my clothes and so does Gina. I instantly have a hard on imagining what is going to happen next. I’m hoping that somehow I will get a chance to eat some more of Jim’s potent sperm juice.

Jim tells me to sit on the chair and spread my legs wide. He leans over and whispers to me he wants to fuck her and get her out of there. He wants to talk with me about something important after we both get off.

He then brings Gina over and has her hover her pussy right over my cock and then he pushes her down and I feel my cock slide into her warm tight pussy. Gina moans. My first time ever fucking a girl and I’m not happy about it. I would never have picked Gina to be my first fuck and I’m not too excited that I have this girl stuck on my dick.

Jim then tells me to grab Gina’s legs and hold them up. “Now keep them spread apart Chris.” I am now holding Gina on my lap. She is facing away from me with her legs held wide and high so her pussy is situated between my legs. The back of Gina’s head is against my chest. I figure out that I am holding Gina in this position so Jim can slide his cock into Gina’s twat too. Once we are in the position that he wants, Jim comes over, stands in from of the chair with his cock pointing straight out.

Jim leans over the chair. His head is just inches from my face and I feel him trying to get his massive cock into Gina’s pussy so that she had both of our cocks in her. I feel him forcing his big dick into Gina’s hole and it is a tight squeeze. I feel his cock begin xnxx to slide into her twat and slide up against my trapped cock. Gina starts to moan having two big cocks into her little cunt. Jim pushes harder and I can feel the big purple head of his dick, slide up my shaft until it rests against the head of my penis. Both of our cocks are stuffed into the squishy insides of Gina’s cunt. I feel the hardness of Jim’s enormous cock pressing against my stiff meat and both our cocks are surrounded by the insides of Gina’s stuffed vagina.

The feeling is confusing and amazing. Sharing a pussy with Jim’s fat cock is hot! I feel pre-cum slip from my dick.

Then Jim slowly starts to fuck her Gina. As he slides out I can feel him withdrawing from her cunt. His dick head slides down the shaft of my cock and it leaves me mixed up, but turned on. It leaves a void were the thick shaft should have been. My dick feels lonely inside Gina’s pussy and then he pushes in again and my cock is forced against his magnificent shaft as it slides forward and his bloated head rubs the head of my cock. Having Jim’s hard cock sliding against my own is going to make me cum. Jim’s forearms are resting on the back of the chair and I get a good look at the deep shadows of his armpits. I want so bad to lean over and bury my tongue and nose in his pits. I want to smell the wonderful smell of a man’s man. Then Jim slowly pulls his huge dick almost out of her cunt leaving me wanting and craving to have it back inside next to me again.

Jim’s chest is over me and leans over and whispers, “You are one ugly woman. I bet you never thought you would have two fat dicks in your twat tonight.” I look up and Jim is looking directly at me. All of a sudden I’m not sure if he was talking to Gina or me. He has this devilish grin on his face. I can’t tell if he is fucking with my mind or not.

He slides into her again and I lose all focus of what is happening. It was a spiritual awakening. Gina disappears from my reality and it leaves just Jim and me. I feel Jim begin to slowly push in and suddenly its my cunt that his pushing his cock into. Out of the blue I feel that Jim is fucking me and it is my cunt that he is invading with his oversized meat. Every time he slams his cock into Gina’s pussy he jolts both of us as if he is some alpha animal fucking the hell out of his mate. When he withdraws his mighty cock, it leaves a hole that needs to be filled. He is fucking me!

The next time he shoves in his thick dick to the hilt, his balls slap between my legs. I can feel him in my pussy, I can feel his balls slap between my legs I hear each masculine breath he takes. I can feel his weight on me as he continues to pound into my cunt. I am staring up into his eyes and I can’t believe how beautiful his face is. I would give anything to have Jim lean in for a kiss. I would swallow his tongue and suck in his spit if only he would let me. I feel like Gina’s pussy is my pussy. It feels like it is annihilating my pussy.

My cock is going to explode! My mind is totally mixed up. I can’t tell if I’m a man or a woman. I am the one under Jim’s muscular frame. His meaty biceps frame my head and slam! He’s shoved his dick in me again. I feel like I am nothing but a cunt that truly needs the hot sperm from Jim’s mammoth cock.

On the next thrust my cock gets ready to explode and I gasp, “Oh my God! I’m going to cum” Jim retracts one final time and pushes in hard. His balls slap between my legs. Jim grunts and I can tell he is going to cum inside of me. I can feel each individual jet of sperm as he ejaculates his male essence into my cunt. My cock explodes and I lose control. “Oh Fuck!” I start shooting rope after rope of cum into my pussy. Jim’s mouth is so close to my face as he forces the last of his cum from his thick cock. I can feel his hot sperm mixing with the cum that exploded from my dick.

Both of our cocks are coated and swimming in our sperm. Both our cocks are stuffed into Gina’s pussy. It was now impossible for me to tell where Gina’s pussy stopped and my cock began. It was if my cock had disappeared and I was nothing but pussy clinging to Jim’s alpha macho cock. We remained entangled inside Gina’s pussy until we both began to go soft.

Jim hauled his whale cock out of her pussy and I felt like my pussy was voided except for the warm cum that had filled me. Jim had just used me. He had just fucked me, but, I never felt so fulfilled in my life. My emotions were confused, my body was spent and I began to feel tears roll down my cheeks. I have never felt like this. I never felt so emotionally connected to a man. I never felt so vulnerable, laying here with my cock shrinking inside a woman’s pussy.

Jim sees my tears and tells Gina, “Gina, get up and get dressed. We both have to work tomorrow.” Gina slides off my cock, grabs her clothes and gets dressed. Jim grabs a piece of paper and pen and writes his name and number on it and gives it to her. “Give me a call in the morning. Maybe we can go out again sometime.” Gina is so drunk brazzers she does what she is told and leaves.

Jim comes over in front of the chair. He leans over and says softly. “Why are you crying?” I panic; I don’t know what to say. I think I was crying because I was in love with the guy and I could never tell him. I think quickly and say, “Jim, I have never had sex as amazing as that before. I am afraid I was overwhelmed. That whole experience was fucking hot! Having both our cocks inside Gina was something I had never tried before. I hope she knows how lucky she was. Sorry about the tears. When we both came inside of Gina, I just lost it!”

“Don’t worry Chris. This is between you and me. I got your back buddy. If you’re alright I’m going to jump in the shower and clean all that Gina stink off me.”

“Jim I don’t understand why you gave Gina your phone number. I wouldn’t think you would want to see her again.”

“Hell, Chris, I signed my name as Nick Clause and wrote a fake phone number down and gave it to her to get rid of her. Believe me, she is not my type!” I smiled at him. He was a heartless son of a bitch. But what a fucking alpha stud! I hope I kept my straight demeanor while we were fucking Gina. I don’t want Jim to know that I am gay. I am afraid if he found out I would lose his friendship and I would be crushed.

“Jim, earlier you said you had something important to talk with me about. What is it?”

“Chris, go take a shower and we’ll meet back here in 15 minutes. I’ll make us another drink.”

I finish my shower and put on a pair of shorts and have a seat on the sofa. Jim comes out of the kitchen with two drinks that he had made. Of course, Jim is wearing his most comfortable outfit, a worn out jock strap. As he walks toward me his stuffed jock moves from side to side in time with his strides. Fuck what I wouldn’t give to be inside of that jock strap. I don’t how many times I dreamed I was so small that I could ride in Jim’s jock all day. I would wrap my arms around his thick cock and hold on for dear life. The smell would be over powering. The smell of an alpha man’s crotch would make me dizzy. Fuck, I’m starting to get hard. Concentrate on Jim’s face, I tell myself.

Jim hands me a drink and sits on the chair directly across from me. He leans back and spreads his legs wide. I can’t help but notice that one of his balls is slipping out of the loose fitting jock strap. I quickly look at his face again. Jim has a big grin on his face. Jim reaches down and cups his package as if he is straightening his bundle. I find myself watching his hands and I watch as the cloth stretches and clings to Jim’s beautiful meat. Jim says, “Did you like what we did with Gina? I bet she never had two big cocks in her pussy before. It was pretty hot. You looked like you enjoyed it.”

“Hell yes I enjoyed it. Fuck that was hot!” While I am talking Jim lets his hand caress his jock strap and I see one of his balls fall out. He lifts his hand away and I get a full picture of one of his nuts hanging below his jock strap. Jim has beautiful bull balls. I would like to get my lips around that ball and lavish kisses on it for hours. His sperm makers deserve to be worshiped.

I look up and Jim is looking at me with this knowing smile on his face. I blush bright red at being caught staring at Jim’s low hanger. “Chris, I think you are a faggot. I want you to admit it to me. You are a homo and you really want to suck my dick.” While he is speaking he reaches down and releases his other nut from the jock. Now they are both hanging out between his legs. His plum sized nuts are pulling his sack down toward the floor.

My thoughts are to drop between his legs and suck his balls into my mouth. I bet those sperm producers would fill my mouth completely. I would swirl my tongue all around each ball getting them wet with my saliva. I could be Jim’s personal nut sucker, ball washer and sperm lover. He could call me what he wanted, I just need to be between his legs so bad, but I’m frozen in my seat staring at the tasty hairless sack. I look up at his face. I am so in love with him, but right now, I’m afraid if I admit that I might be gay, that would be the end of our friendship. He might even beat the shit out of me.

Jim continues, “Lydia told me you were more interested in me than in her pussy when we were in California. I told her, “No way! Now I’m not so sure. I think you might like cock.” With that Jim reaches down and pulls his jockstrap aside and lets his cock fallout and hang over the edge of the chair. I am totally confused but totally drawn to the massive package hanging before me. My eyes are drawn to Jim’s crotch. He cock is not hard, but it is thick. It looks heavy draped over his bull balls. I want to drop down on my knees and worship his fat tool. I want to inhale his masculine sent, I want to taste his meat, kiss his balls and let him know he is my alpha male. I am only there to serve him.

Jim reaches down and cradles his meat in his hands. His package is too sikiş izle much for his hands and his balls hang over his fingers. Jim offers his massive meat up to me. “You want this don’t you Chris. You want to get down on your knees and put your face right in my crotch. Don’t you Chris?” Jim’s sexy voice is hypnotic to me. I feel a force pulling me toward him. This is something that I have thought and dreamed about over the last two years. I have secretly thought of having my face in Jim’s lap. Why am I so scared to act? I look up into Jim’s eyes and they are not soft and caring, they are sexual and demanding.

Jim coaxes me forward. “Chris get on your knees in front of me. Come over here in front of my chair and drop to your knees!” My eyes remain locked with his as I get out of my chair and fall to my knees in front of him. I feel so scared. Is he teasing me, or is he offering himself to me? I feel so drawn. I feel totally vulnerable. Jim reaches behind my head and pulls me down so my face is now pressing against his meaty bundle. “Chris, you are no different than any of the other girls who want my cock. I know you want my meat. I know you can’t help it. I know you have been thinking about my big dick for a long time. I know you can’t stay away from it. Most important, you need it! Now, give in Chris. Now is your chance. Show me what you really are! Its okay Chris. Its okay to be a girl around me.”

His masculine scent was permeating the air. I began taking deep breaths through my nose, as I immersed myself in Jim’s crotch. I was so afraid, but, I wanted to worship him more than anything. There was no turning back. I am here between his legs. I feel the heat from his crotch on my face. I decide to give in. I decide this is where I want to be. This is where I was meant to be. I tentatively stick out my tongue and slide it under his large left nut. I feel the weightiness of his massive testicle as it rolls onto my lips. I suck it into my mouth and savor the meaning of having the heart of all macho maleness lying between my lips. The taste is amazing. I want to suck it down my throat. I want to eat his nuts. I want to love his nuts. I literally want to be his big beautiful balls. To live in his jock, to become part of Jim’s masculine body. I am finally giving in to who I am.

I let his ball slide from my lips and move to his other big orb and suck it in relishing the taste and smell of his crotch. I slide my tongue around his ball getting it wet with my spit. I’m worshiping it, because it represents who I am. Who I want to be and who I am becoming. I take both balls into my hand and roll them around with my fingers. They feel so big. I know that right now in my hand these alpha testicles are producing more sperm for me to enjoy. I am beyond words by having Jim’s balls in my hands. I push both balls into my open mouth and suck them down as far as I can get them. I try hard to swallow them choking on his heavy sack.

Jim leans back in his chair. His legs spread farther apart leaving me more room to get my greedy face between his thighs. Both of his balls are getting a thorough tongue cleaning from me, a needy homo. I am finally a fag who is coming to terms with whom he is and where he needs to be. Jim says matter-of-factly, “There we go Chris. No more games. No more lies. You are a cocksucker, you are a faggot. You are here to service me. Now, you are going to show me how much you want my fat dick?” Jim is right, no more games. I let his balls drop from my mouth and look at Jim’s handsome face. He knows something about me that I haven’t completely comprehended. He knows what I crave, he knows what I need.

I turn my attention to Jim’s thick cock and begin to lick the length and girth of his male tool. I feel his dick filling up with blood. It is growing thicker.

I gently lift up the thickening cock and greedily put the head in my mouth. It feels so right. I run my tongue on the underside of his dick head and I’m rewarded with a grown from Jim. I suck on the head and stick my tongue down his pee slit as far as possible. I run my tongue around his loose foreskin. The feel of the velvet skin and the masculine taste explode in my mouth. I suck the shaft deep between my cheeks and work my tongue around it. I can feel the dick getting harder. Quickly the ballooned head of his dick reaches the back of my throat and I gag. I pull my mouth away. Jim looks at me, “Are you giving up? You don’t want to try again? I thought you have been waiting for this chance for quite a while now. Are you are going to give up like a little girl?”

Jim is right. I don’t want to disappoint him. I open my mouth wide and slide it over the purple helmet of his considerable cock. It is now so thick, so bloated, that my cheeks are bulging and my lips are stretched to the max. “Come on Chris. You can take more. Don’t be a pussy. Relax your throat and let my cock pass into your throat.” I will my mouth to open wider. Jim grabs my head and forces it unto his thick dick. A little more is shoved into my mouth and the head begins squeezing through the back of my mouth into my throat. I start to panic, but Jim coaches me. “You almost got it Chris, relax boy. Let me in. It’s not right you keeping my cock out. We both know my cock is at home down your throat.”

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