Jessi’s Wild Birthday

Let’s face it, I had lived a sheltered life… I was about to turn 26, I had never done drugs (never even tried pot), never travelled outside the U.S., never been to a strip club. My roommate in college told me more than once, “If you weren’t so damn sexy, Jessi, I would think you were a nun!”

So for my birthday, my friend James decided that I needed to go to a strip club, just so I could say I had been. James and I work together, but we often spend time together away from work. James is gay, and he and I love to go dancing at the gay/bi clubs. I tell him which guys he should dance with, and he picks out girls for me.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Jessica, or Jessi to my friends. I just turned 26. I am 5’5″ and around 115 pounds, brown hair to my shoulders and brown eyes. I like to think my ass is my best feature, I spend a lot of hours riding my mountain bike to keep my body fit and slim.

I am bisexual, although lately I have found myself less and less attracted to men and much more to women. I have been bi since my best friend seduced me the summer we were 16, although I had been attracted to girls as long as I could remember. I broke up with my last boyfriend about a year ago (after three years!), when I found out he was cheating on me with his secretary. Since I broke it off with him, I have been exploring my bisexuality and loving it, and I have not been with a man since.

At this point I am single, although I would love to have a steady girl friend. I just haven’t found her yet, I guess.

When James told me his plan for my birthday, I was excited. I have “chatted” online with a number of strippers, and they usually tell me the same thing. That they love dancing, but that the men get to be a drag real quick. The men all say the same things, and act the same, and it gets old in a hurry. But every single one has said they love dancing for a woman, that most dancers are bi (or lesbian,) and they especially love to dance for a woman who hasn’t ever been to a club before.

So on the big night, I dressed sexy. I was in a little white tank top and no bra, and a mini skirt and a tiny thong. The shortie top showed off my flat stomach, and the tight skirt displayed my nice tight ass.

James picked me up and we had a nice dinner then it was off to the club. James had obviously set things up, because even though it was crowded they brought us to a table right by the stage with a “Reserved” sign on it.

The girl who was dancing saw me and gave a big smile. I smiled back, and sat mesmerized by her movements. She was in the middle of her routine, and was down to just a tiny g-string, gyrating her hips and sensuously stroking her own body. She was a slim blonde with large, obviously “bought” breasts with large pink areolas. Her nipples were erect and her tongue was darting in and out of her red lips, in rhythm with her dance. Soon she tugged at the bows at her hips and the g-string floated to the floor. She had a little strip of hair on her mound, but was otherwise shaved.

She stood right in front of me and spread her legs wide. She was thrusting her hips forward and running her hands all over her mound, close to but just missing her pussy. She kneeled in front of me, spreading her shaved lips open. I could see that she was wet, and her hips were thrusting against her hands. She was looking straight at me, running her lips all around her mouth, as she teased herself.

The guys were going crazy, throwing money on the stage. She stood and moved around the stage, gathering up the dollars, but spent most of the time looking directly at me. I was getting damp, knowing this girl was dancing for me.

She came back and knelt in front of me. Her hand was directly on top of her mound now, sliding up and down. I could see that she was wet, and could smell her arousal from where I sat. She stared at me, rubbing herself faster and faster, flicking her tongue at me and moaning. I could only stare at her, not believing what I was seeing. Finally, she arched her back and collapsed backward on the stage. The guys cheered, then she gathered up her things and ran off the stage.

“How about it, guys! Let’s hear it for Kaeri!” came the announcer’s voice. The guys cheered and clapped again.

James leaned over and asked, “You liked her, didn’t you?” All I could do was nod.

The music began and the next dancer started up, she was a stocky brunette, again with obviously fake breasts. Her routine was similar to the first girl’s but not nearly as fluid, and not as sexy to me.

“Do they all have fake boobs?” I asked James.

“Yeah, most of them do… I guess that’s what most guys want to see.”

“That’s too bad… I think it looks pretty ridiculous, almost a parody of what a woman should really look like.”

“Suit yourself, Jessi. But I think that last girl liked you.”

“Go on, James… She just liked that there was a woman to dance for instead of just a bunch of horny guys.”

A soft voice in my ear said, bursa escort “Actually, you’re both right…”

I turned to see Kaeri standing next to me. She was wearing a little top that showed her deep cleavage and a tiny mini skirt that displayed her long, tan legs.

James said, “Kaeri, this is Jessi. Tonight’s a big night for her, it’s her birthday plus it’s her first time at a strip club.”

Kaeri reached for my hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Jessi. And Happy Birthday!” She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “Can I give you a private dance as a birthday present, Jessi?”

I looked at James, and he smiled and said, “Go ahead, Jess. I was going to offer to get you one anyway…”

I looked at the sexy blonde and smiled. “I think I would like that, Kaeri…”

She took me by the hand and led me toward the backstage area. There were other dancers, all with men. There were a number of small rooms back there, and she led me into one. It was softly lit, and the furniture consisted of a small cot and a straight back chair. There was a sink and mirror in one corner. She sat me on the edge of the cot, my feet on the floor, then plopped down next to me. She turned my face to hers and took my hands in hers.

“Okay, Jessi, here’s the rules… You don’t touch me unless I tell you. If you want to touch yourself, that’s fine, I hope I make you feel that way. If I ever tell you to stop, though, you stop immediately. Got it?”

“Yes, Kaeri, I understand…”

“Thanks, but my name is really Barbara. I just go by Kaeri on stage.”

“Okay, Barbara, it’s nice to meet you!” I hugged her close, and enjoyed the feel of her breasts against mine. “Oh, that was okay, wasn’t it? You’re not going to get in trouble, are you?”

She laughed and said, “No, not even. We have quite a bit of freedom here in the private rooms, but sometimes the boss watches through a peephole so we have to be careful… But it’s better with a woman, they give us a lot more latitude than with a guy.”

She went on to explain that by law, they really weren’t supposed to touch their own breasts or pussy, and definitely never let a customer touch them there. The reality was that on stage, by themselves, almost anything went. And especially if two girls did a “special” together, they usually ended up nude and eating each other right on stage.

Once in a while, the local PD would send undercover officers in to see if the dancers were soliciting for more. That was a big no-no, and the dancers were also not allowed to meet with customers outside the club. She also laughed and said, “Besides, you can always tell the cops, they won’t open their pants!” Barbara also said that the “no fraternizing” rule really applied to the male customers, that the owners knew that most of the dancers were bisexual or lesbian and so turned a blind eye if they wanted to go home with a female customer.

“So what brings you to a strip club, Jessi?”

“Well, James is like my best friend. He’s very gay, there’s nothing between us, we just have fun together. He knows I appreciate women, and that I had never been to a strip club before tonight. He thought it would be a good birthday present.”

“What a good friend… So are you gay, Jessi?”

“I’m not sure, I think I am getting that way. Lately it seems like I have less and less interest in men. And I definitely love being with women.”

“Well, you are certainly sexy, woman. I know that just about every dancer here would love to dance for you.”

With that she stood up in front of me. She moved so she had one leg between mine, holding my knee between hers. She began to move in place, swivelling her hips and stroking her hands all over her sexy body. She leaned forward and rubbed her breasts across my face, and I could see her erect nipples through the filmy top she wore.

She reached for my hand, and placed it on my breast, leaving her hand on top of mine with her fingers between mine. She moved our hands back and forth, rubbing my breast, and I could feel her fingers gently flicking my nipple. It was hard, and I couldn’t help but moan softly.

Barbara leaned in and ran her tongue around my ear, then whispered “You like that, don’t you, baby? You like my hand on your breast, teasing your nipple, don’t you?”

I moaned again, “Yesssss… I love it, love the feeling of your soft hands on me…”

Barbara then stood up, and skinned her top up and over her head. Her large breasts stood out from her chest, and the nipples were very hard. She leaned back in and rubbed her bare breasts across my face. I caught her nipple in my mouth, but she pulled it out after a second and said, “Uhh-uhh. Remember, no touching…”

I said, “Sorry, got carried away…”

“It’s okay…. Just relax and enjoy the show…” Her hands were cupping my breasts, flicking my erect nipples with her thumbs through my thin top. She was sliding herself up and down along my thigh, the sensation of her smooth skin against mine was escort bursa getting me very wet.

Then she stepped back and removed her skirt. She was standing there in a tiny thong, even smaller than the one she had worn on stage. She took her breasts in her hands and cupped them, pinching the nipples and leaning forward, offering them to me.

“Do you like my breasts, Jessi? Don’t you wish you could be touching them now, doing what my hands are?”

“You know I do, Barbara…”

“So show me, Jessi… Lay back and show me how much you like my dance… You know, you can take some of your clothes off if you would be more comfortable, baby…”

Barbara was squeezing her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples. She was moving her hips, pressing her thighs together then opening them. I was getting very turned on, watching this sexy girl perform for me. My hand moved to my breast, and I was imitating her actions.

I stood up, pulled my top over my head and then unzipped my skirt and slid it down and off my hips. I lay back on the cot in just my thong. Barbara cooed, “Isn’t that better, baby? Much more comfortable?”

I could only nod. My hands were back at my breasts, pulling at the nipples. I was moaning, and my tongue was darting in and out of my mouth as I watched Barbara perform. She lifted her breast to her mouth and sucked on the nipple. I did the same, and she moaned softly.

“Ooooh, baby… Soooo sexy…” She leaned forward and kissed me, our lips barely brushing, then stood back up in front of me. Our eyes locked, and her hands returned to exploring her own body. One hand was on her big nipple, tugging, and the other hand was under her red satin thong.

She was tugging at her thong with a finger, tracing her slit. All the while, looking seductively into my eyes, licking her lips. My hands following hers, stroking my mound through my now very-damp thong. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked it. Then, just as quickly, she returned her hand to her sensuous slickness and rubbed frantically…. Then, she took her hand away from her body and brought it to my face, where I began to immediately suck and lick, cleaning every drop of her juice from it.

She began to moan with pleasure, and so did I. Then she began to strip out of her thong so I can see her neatly trimmed bush. I removed my thong at the same time she did, and at that moment my scent lingered in the air. I could smell my own arousal, and it made my head spin. I can’t believe I am here, nude, with a sexy dancer. I lay back, with my legs spread wide.

Barbara looked between my open thighs and says, “Mmmmmm…. Shaved, I like that!” She ran her tongue around her lips and darted it in and out.

Then she ran a finger between her legs, separating her lips, and I did the same. All pretense of a “dance” is now gone, we are performing for each other, only there to show off, to give each other pleasure.

Barbara slipped a finger into her pussy and I followed her lead. We were both moaning, and she stepped closer. She stood in front of me, using one hand to spread herself open and the other to tease her clit and slide into her obviously wet pussy. My fingers were dancing over my clit, and my other hand was twisting and pulling at my hard, puffy nipple.

Barbara climbed on the bed, straddling my shoulders, on her knees. Her pussy was right in front of my face, I could smell her, I could also see that she was very wet. My tongue reached out, but she shook her head and backed her hips away. Her hands were still busy, fingering herself, bringing herself closer to orgasm. I could hear her breathing, as ragged as my own. I was moaning as my fingers were sliding in and out of my own pussy. I leaned my head forward, darting my tongue in and out, mimicking licking her with long strokes.

She reached down and took my breast in her hand. Still fucking herself with her own fingers, now pinching my hard nipple. I moan louder, and she took my hand and placed it on her breast. The feel was a little strange, different than the other girls I have been with, but I liked it. I took her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and begin to pull and twist it, stretching it away from her body.

We are each fingering ourselves, while we play with each other’s breasts. This is incredibly hot, and I can tell I am close to cumming. Barbara is moaning, and her fingers are sliding across her clit only inches from my face. I can hear how wet she is, her fingers making sloshing noises as they slide in and out of her pussy. My tongue is still darting in and out of my mouth, imagining sliding between her lips, tasting her, fucking her.

She looks down at me and asks, “You ready to cum, baby?”

I nod my head, and she says, “Okay, baby, me too…”

She leans her hips forward so her pussy is next to my mouth. I slide my tongue out and over her clit. She moans, and arches her hips. I slip my tongue deep inside her, and she moans again. She starts thrusting with her bursa escort bayan hips, fucking herself on my tongue, grinding her wet pussy on my face.

I couldn’t help it, and I exploded in orgasm. Barbara was right behind me, and my face was covered with her juices. She spun around and lowered her face between my thighs. She started licking me, then lowered her hips so her dripping pussy was once again at my mouth.

Her tongue is dancing over my clit, licking, sucking, darting into my wet pussy. I am sucking her clit, and I reach up and slide a finger into her wetness. Her pussy is so hot, so wet, so delicious… I add a second finger, and she moans “Yessssss…” as I begin to move my fingers in and out. Separating my fingers so I can insert my tongue… adding pressure to her clit, licking deep within her. She is moaning and her juices are flowing. I wet one finger of my other hand and press the tip to her ass. She moans again and presses back with her hips, telling me that she wants more.

Barbara is sucking my clit, fucking me with two fingers, I am trembling. She begins to flick her tongue across my clit and my trembles are deeper. I insert a third finger and tug at her clit with my teeth. I am so close. So very close. Then I reach around her ass and insert my finger. I was fucking both her holes. She bore down on my face, wanting to take it all in.

Then all of a sudden she begins to scream in orgasm. “Jessi, please, fuck me”. She is SOOOO intense…. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me harder”. I push harder with my fingers, tongue going in deeper and deeper. She fucks my face and tells me she wants more. I continue to give it to her hard, the way she so clearly loves it. The trembling walls of her vagina surround my fingers. Her ass is so tight with her climax that it is almost painful. My tongue is deep in her, licking, sucking, loving this incredibly sexy girl. Her moans and spasms are making me feel so wonderful, and I cum along with her, moaning into her pussy. Her bucking begins to subside…. the panting easing.

As we return to earth, she turns around and lies next to me. We kiss tenderly, and I can taste my juices on her, as I am sure she can taste herself on my lips and tongue. My face is covered with her juices.

“God, baby, that was amazing…” Barbara panted. “I’ve never cum like that with a customer before. Can I see you again? I need more of that incredible tongue of yours…”

“Oh, I bet you say that to ALL the girls!” I laugh.

“Not even, baby… Usually all the further it goes is maybe a little nipple sucking and if they are really nice, I let them lick my juices off my fingers. But you… WOW! So sexy, baby…” She leaned forward and kissed me again, hungrily this time. Our tongues dancing together wildly, hands exploring each other, hips beginning to move together.

Then after a minute she broke the kiss. “I would love to stay here all night with you but I have to dance again soon. That’s my last one for the night, though, you wanna wait for me?”

“Yes!!! Do you have somewhere we can go?”

“Yeah, we can go to my place. It’s nothing special but I like it.”

I straightened my self up as best I could, and returned to James who was still sitting patiently at the table. When he saw my disheveled hair and flushed face, he laughed. “Ooooh, Jessi, did you enjoy your private dance?” and winked.

“Oh, God, James, that was incredible. And I’m sorry to leave you out here alone for so long by yourself, this can’t be much fun for you.”

“That’s okay, girl, it’s your birthday. Besides, I have had fun, watching the guys watch the dancers. Seeing their pants tent up with their hard-ons. Wishing I could get my hands on some of them…”

“James, you are insatiable!”

“Yeah, and you aren’t? I mean, which of the people sitting at this table just got their brains fucked out by someone they just met?”

“Okay, okay, so I am a slut…”

“Yeah, Jessi, but that’s a good thing. You keep doing exactly what you want to, girl. Too many people worry about ‘what’s right’ and what they ‘should do’. You’re special, baby, always remember that.”

“Thanks, James, you know I love you!” I hugged him close.

The next dancer started, and it was a gorgeous redhead. Almost as soon as she hit the stage, she was looking at me and smiling. She was very tall, and more slender than most of the dancers. In fact, I doubt if she had been “augmented” at all. She had very long nipples, and as she pulled on them they got longer. She had a sexy slender body, with a light tan. Her erect nipples were poking through the filmy top she wore, and soon I was getting wet again, watching this girl obviously perform for me.

She continued her sexy dance, looking only at me, caressing herself, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth. By the time she was nude, on her back in front of me, I was dripping again. Her fingers were slipping in and out of her shaved pussy, and I could see she was very wet, too. When her routine finished, she stood and blew me a kiss, then gathered up her outfit and her tips (there were a lot!) and ran off the stage to loud applause.

“How about it guys, let’s hear it for Kristi!!!!” came the announcer’s voice. We all cheered again.

Let’s face it, I had lived a sheltered life… I was about to turn 26, I had never done drugs (never even tried pot), never travelled outside the U.S., never been to a strip club. My roommate in college told me more than once, “If you weren’t so damn sexy, Jessi, I would think you…

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